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  1. need hope says:

    My Husband has been using this on and off for the last year. He nearly died 9 months ago from having a seziure. Tonight he almost had one again. Both times in front of our 7 year old daughter we also have a 4 month daughter. I am so heart broken right now knowing he chooses this drug over us. I can not stand my daughter having to witness this it is so scary. I am also so angry that he chooses this drug over us. It is destroying our family. Idk what to do besides leaving. I am so sad right now idk what to do.

    • here is hope says:

      I know what you mean im a recoverying addict from this the way it makes you feel you dont care about anything instead of getting high it sucks took along time for me to realize what i was doing it sucked i soent so much money and my life using this sh*t please undersrand its not your husband anymore using this its the drug that is taking over him one day if he realizes give him the chance im begging you dont give up on him he needs you now more than ever it is super hard to get off of it i will let you know now i was an a**hole excuse the language i was cold hearted i would feel super depressed and super anxiety it killed my sex drive so dont think he is cheating on you etc please do alot of research on it read peoples story’s reply back if anything i will give you my number if you wanna talk im here for you

    • Spice addict says:

      I was addicted to this stuff for 3 years and quit about 4 months ago. This stuff is highly addictive and pretty much turns you into a zombie to the point where nothing else matters. It makes you do things like steal from your famly and my kids and wife pretty much could not stand to be around me. What your husband needs to do is get himself into a rehab center and a controled detox being that the withdrawls are pretty extreme, it took me about 1 to 2 months for me to get back to normal and alot of depression but if he doesnt get help soon this stuff will likely kill him or cause him to have a stroke and end up in the ER like myself. I am still currently in an outpatient rehas program to learn skills to stay clean and have the support of people like us. Trust me it helps

  2. deeply hurt says:

    I completely understand. My husband has apparently been smoking this stuff since high school. I only recently found out a year ago. I keep finding the little Ziploc bags, and he keeps lying to me. I finally told him that if I catch him again that I’m taking or son and leaving. He has stolen money from his piggy bank, he has lied about moneygrams his father sends him, he has said he has lost or had money stolen from him. I’m so tired of it. He thinks he is sly, but I know the smell, and I know the taste on his lips. Its a very sad day when your husband us no longer the man you fell in love with. I don’t want to leave him, but if it comes down to it… my son comes first.

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