How To Tell When You Need Spice Rehab

Road To Recovery From Spice Addiction1

There’s one tell-tale sign that it might be time to get help for an addiction to Spice or K2.

If you are actively seeking to learn whether or not you need treatment for addiction to synthetic marijuana, then you probably need help.

If you are questioning whether or not you need help, then you may want to learn about Spice / K2 rehab programs.

These are inpatient and outpatient programs that last from a week to 90 days, where trained addiction counselors work with you daily to get clean for good.

The good news is that thanks to the passage of Affordable Care Act, Spice & K2 Rehab is now covered by many private insurance plans – so you may pay little to nothing for treatment.

7 Clear Signs You May Need Rehab For Spice / K2 Addiction

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether you need rehab for Spice Addiction:

  1. you are psychologically dependent: do you crave the drug 24/7?
  2. you’re physically dependent: can you sleep without using it?
  3. you’ve built up a tolerance: do you need to use spice, just to keep food down and to stay sane?
  4. loved ones are complaining about changes in your mood, productivity or hygiene
  5. you lack a support network of people who can help you through the withdrawal and counseling process (a rehab facility can provide this)
  6. your home environment is not suitable for quitting: are there people living with you who use Spice? (if there are, it may be really hard for you to quit without outside assistance)
  7. you are firmly committed to getting clean, for good.

If you answered “yes” to most of the questions above, then you should probably consider entering a spice rehab program.

Helping A Loved One Overcome Their Addiction

Convincing a loved one they need to enter a spice detox center or find an appropriate rehab facility for their synthetic weed addiction is a whole other ball game. You may see the signs of addiction as clear as the day sky, but getting them to see that they need help can feel almost impossible sometimes.

Approaching the situation of getting a loved one into chemical dependency rehab can be a dicey scenario.

Shows like Intervention have brought this difficult conversation mainstream, but they’ve also made it a bit cliché which makes certain people feel uncomfortable.

Guess what? It’s not going to be a comfortable conversation, it’s not supposed to be. When someone’s life and livelihood are on the line, you’ve got to forget about comfort or social awkwardness.

If you want to get treatment for a loved one, and you aren’t sure how to talk to them about it, it is a good idea to call a treatment center first to get all of the details.

This way, when you’re bringing up the idea of rehab to the person you care about, you will be well-equipped to answer any questions they may have.

It’s important that they make the choice to turn their lives around, because you can’t force that onto anyone.

Getting Past the Stigma

We hear from a lot of people who are having trouble with synthetic marijuana who don’t get help as soon as they should, because there’s a bit of stigma around these “legal” designer drugs.

As consumers, we’re taught to feel safe using something that comes off of store shelf. In fact, many spice users don’t even realize that treatment and rehab exist for their drug of choice, but the truth is that many of the best rehab centers around the country and around the world are well aware of what the latest trends are in drugs, and they’re also well equipped to deal with just about any addiction.

A similar phenomenon happens with abusers of prescription drugs. They think that just because it comes from a doctor, that they might be ridiculed or ostracized at rehab but make no mistake about it – a drug is a drug, and an addiction is an addiction, and there is help available for you or your loved ones.

Finding The Right Spice Rehab Center

As with any major decision, it can be a tough choice to choose the right spice rehab center. If getting off drugs is a matter of life and death, it’s obviously not a choice to take lightly.

Here are the things to consider:

  • Price
  • Insurance
  • Methods used
  • Location
  • Staff

You’ll want to make sure the places you’re considering are certified and able to accept insurance if you have it. This can alleviate a great deal of the financial burden you’re worried about right now. In many cases, spice rehab is fully covered, so you won’t have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses.

Don’t just call one facility and give up due to cost. These facilities understand they need to work with you. Find a place that will accept your insurance or that is willing to work with you financially, if you can’t afford the costs up front.

Different rehab facilities will use different treatment methods, with the 12 step program or a variation thereof being the most popular. Some rehab facilities have stronger religious affiliations than others, some are sponsored by religious groups but most won’t practice religion as part of the rehab.

Location is obviously something else to consider, but it shouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker. Convenience, of course, is usually a plus but sometimes getting away from familiar territory can be beneficial to kicking an addiction. Does the rehab clinic offer a program for detoxing from chemicals?

It’s also important to make sure the staff has experience and knows what they’re doing. Sometimes, the best suited people to treat those with addictions are people who have overcome their own addictions. They can serve as role models and proof that one can come out the other side and live a normal life. Not to mention they’ll know exactly what the patients are going through, and often receive more respect from the patients because of this.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

You might pay nothing if you have private insurance.

Thanks to Obamacare, most private health insurance policies now cover treatment for all addictive drugs. Some programs also now accept Medicare and Medicaid.

The “street price” for a synthetic drug rehab program varies widely depending on the treatment services offered, the level of luxury provided, the location and the length of stay.

Taking The Next Step Towards Sobriety

Now that you know a little more about rehab programs for Spice & K2 addiction, whether for yourself or for a loved one, the next step is to pick up the phone and make the call.

You don’t have to commit to anything today, but it’s a good idea to learn about your options and to get the answers you’re looking for.

Taking action now can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

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    9 thoughts on “How To Tell When You Need Spice Rehab

    1. cindy says:

      I believe my daughter is using this drug. A couple of days ago we witnessed a change in her than was unbelievable! She had been incarcerated for two months and during that time she had clear thoughts and was emotional and ashamed about the choices she made that landed her there. She is 26 and mother of two. Actually she gave birth to a third child before going to jail and gave that child up for adoption. She is married and her husband uses also and was on board with giving the baby away. The lack of emotion through it all was insane! She actually hid her pregnancy. I believe she thought she could have it and give it up without anyone finding out! The evening she was released from jail, she and her husband were AWOL for 19 hours!!!! She had not seen her two children, (3) and (2) for 8 weeks and had been telling them on the phone how much “mommy missed them” and she would see them soon and she would cry about being away from them for so long and expressed such remorse. When she finally showed up she didnt even act happy to see them!! They ran to her and hugged but she just sort of stood there like a zombie! Her demeanor was so wierd!!!! Her husban finally shared that they did that stuff but he never let on that they were regular “users”. I wish I knew how to get her to see what she is like when under the influence and help her get over this. She is very likely going to end up losing her children if she continues to make the foolish choices she has been making. I am very concerned and frustrated.

      • yessai says:

        I’d suggest if I were u I’d take charge and take all the negative away from my daughter. Cuz family Sri together. Straighten her out. That’s what a good father would do and I kno u jav it in u

    2. lopez says:

      I’d like to thank who ever wrote this article. I agree that if we did search “how do we knon if we need spice rehab. Its obvious since we searched it. But honestly when I smoke spice. I am not violent . It just feels the same like weed but stronger high. I have my self control .. I stoped t akeing bong rips of spice. N now shmokeing pinnas. Thanks 🙂

      • Wasted time says:

        I’ve been off this stuff for a month now and I find myself still bursting into verbal rages.
        My head hurts so much inside I want to physically hit it and sometimes do.
        This stuff is so so dangerous.
        I was a pothead for years and it helped me hide from any upset – now I daren’t smoke either-
        Years and years of issues are clear now.
        I’ve been an idiot and now I’m still paying.
        When will I feel normal ?
        Will I ever feel normal?
        I hate feeling like a freak

    3. Chelsea says:

      I am the mother of two and my husband is addicted to spice. He has asked for help kicking his addiction and I’ve tried an tried to help but I just don’t know what to do anymore. For the past couple of weeks we’ve tried helping him quit and I can’t do it. His way of quitting is slowing down and eventually not needing it. Well the past couple days he had gotten much better and instead of smoking all day he was only smoking to help him sleep this stuff was less potent than what he had been smoking. Then he came into se stronger stuff yesterday and ran out last night and puked all night then today he was achy and sick but went right back to his old habit when he withdrawals he will just scream and put me down and this happens in front of our one year old and 4 month old. He completely goes crazy. He threats to hit me even though he never has and says he never would it’s scary. He also rationalized locking me in our daughters room today because it wasn’t clean and he wasn’t going to let me out until it was clean to his standards. I just can’t take it anymore but we don’t have the money for a rehab. Someone please give me advice!!

      • April says:

        I know what you are going threw my husband is dealing wotht he same thing….I am to the point idk what to do anymore…it has gotten so out of hand I am fixing to leave and we have been married for only a month

    4. Wasted time says:

      You can only stop by stop buying it!
      Don’t “cut down”!
      Don’t put it off!
      Start to rebuild before you waste anymore time!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Janet says:

      If you quit smoking spice a year/two, but are having psychotic episodes as a result, are there treatment places to help?

      • SpiceAddictionSupport says:


        If you’re experiencing psychotic episodes that long after quitting, then you should seek professional help.

        Find a local board-licensed psychiatrist trained in drug addiction. They may not know everything about legal highs, but they’re trained to learn and equipped to help (writing prescriptions, etc.).

        Good luck!

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