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  1. irishangel says:

    Smoking anything is hell on the lungs, smoking spice is (overloading your body with hundreds of different chemicals) if your strong and resist it, you have the chance to help someone else. if your weak and give in, you will only do so until your body becomes unable to filter the toxins from your blood and you die from a form of suicide. Do it for you, Do it for God.

    • Toe says:

      Yesss I was the same way and my girlfriend would stress that in my head but I wouldn’t listen until one day I decided I have to better myself r I was killing myself… I’m proud that u stop and congratulation and I know ur wife is proud of u.. ur blessed

  2. spice says:

    This is all vey true ive been smokeing since 2010 and its 2014 and im still smokeing this crap to this day never thought i would need it to feel like im person our to even eat anything this stuff is no joke and no one takes it serious! I have tried many times to quit and thought i was going to die every time our had computations without it. It makes you do things you wouldnt normaly do to get more. I hope one day me and my wife can stop smokeing this crap also but ive a smoked so much i have to keep smokeing just to feel normal!

    • SPICYYY says:

      yeah i get what you mean just to feel normal but what i did when i was tring to quit and was going through withdrawls i would buy a small 2.5 bag and ONLY SMOKE when i NEEDED TO like when i start to sweat like crazy or cant eat or throwing up and take one hit your brain will stop panicing thinking its about to get high and you lower the amount of every bowl till you dont need it anymore , well thats what i did hope it helps

      • Nelly70 says:

        I’ve smoked 20gm 4 bags of K2 for two months now. I haven’t smoked for 14 hours now the only symptoms I felt is not eating much and sleep. I just want to know if it’s going to get worse for me and what to expect

  3. CH says:

    I cant believe the similarities in this article to my own life. I have recently got off spice. THE ABSOLUTE WORST WEEK OF MY LIFE!! I am still in the battle. the only way you can do it is with help, support from people that love you. if you are on with kids, you need to start asking questions to yourself. what are you gaining out of it? ( a quick high to make you feel better). in the same breath ask what you will loose?(your wife, your kids, anybody that loves you, your job because your work performance has sucked.) if your deep(like i was) pawn all your valuables. if i didnt have a wife and kids i wouldnt have a car, 55″ 3dtv. it would all be pawned. however if i didnt get off of it i would have pawned it all, because the only way i realized i was an issue is when my wife pack up my kids and herself and left me, talk about a rock and a hard place. i needed spice to survive (i thought) but now I was alone. after a day of smoking away my problems, i had an incredibly hard decision. spice or my family (for non spice heads this seems like a no brainer) but at this time family was uncertain, so spice was the winner. the next day my wife call asking how i was.(i was high) i couldnt even talk to her. the feeling that shot through my body and that exact moment changed my life. i had put my family through hell for 3 years and she was going to give me a last chance to change. she had said it before, but this time was different. because she had the kids at her moms house and refused to let me see them. DONE!!! I WILL NOT LOSE MY FAMILY OVER SPICE. please do it for yourself. Quit for the love of your loved ones

  4. blondiblue says:

    Hello, this is the first time i have wrote about my life that i hide from eveyone. I don’t even know if I am on the right site to ask for some deeply support. My is a great man and father, until he someone offered spice. We just had a newborn and he was so involved with him in the begining and now I feel like a single mom. My feelings towards the person who even created the stuff is I would like to whoop the sh## out of him for destroying so many lives around the world. Just like many stories I have read,he kept from me until i got caught on to that disgusting smell.Once he admitted it to me then he wouldn’t hide it no more. I didn’t know how serious this could get. We have been evicted from our house and now stay in my friends family camper. I am so greatful to her, but he to comfortable and messed up that it doesn’t bother him, or motivate him to get us out. I have been thinking that for 3 weeks he has been going to work. But then i realized there was no money coming in. At least he was honest with me after sometime and admitted he has a problem. In the morning i can talk to him and he will ask me to help him stop, but i acn;t go with him to work and babysit him. He don’t come home until 11pm at night and don’t help with kids. All he does is annoy me, I can’t stand the smell or the way he acts and picks fights with me over nothing. I am a person with a big heart and loves so much that i want to save him. I have tried to support him, make him feel like shit, ignoring, telling him I’m going to leave him, and even told him o call me when he has that feeling. Nothing!!! I want to save him, but heart can only soak up so much. I have read that he needs 3days just to start the process and have told him to stay home cause there is no money coming in anyway. I want to give up and then i dont. I am slipping into depression and crying every day, and maybe taking my stress out on my kids and not wanting to be bothered, and i know that’s not fair to them. I do put saving him at the top of the list but why? How can i let go of someone i love so much and stood by his side through everything? I hope that i can get him back just like the success stories i read. But damn’t how much more can i take and my kids endure before i mentally break down? And do we suffer the effects since we are breathing it in,is this worth continuing? I don’t ever put myself first always my family and when i do i feel guity. He hasn’t been on it for years only a a few months but that to me is long enough. Someone please give me advice or hope. The last thing i want to do is give up on a man i love and can be that better person again.

    • zane says:

      This will really hurt and i mean really ask how much a day he spends on it then times it by a year i had a break down when i did this ive spent over 80000 on this sh*t i feel so bad about it too but u will need to support him through cramps throwing up everything he eats or drinks for at least two weeks im starting my second week off of it i Havent got bad cravings but i was a little suicidal with out it remind him of the family he is in an that it loves him

      • DEACON says:

        its hard i battled this 2 years off and on now and finally quit. i found that detoxing can include some things to make it go quicker phsycally. the spiritual and mental side of becoming free can be more complicated depending on what kind of person you are psychologically. phsycally you just stop, stay away from the stuff, exercise enough to sweat, alternate between a pool and jacuzzie or hot and cold shower. liquid diet as much nutrients as possible until you can build up to regular meals. little at a time. bread expands in your stomach, increasing appetite over a few days. plenty of water. push yourself it wont be easy. psychologically i believe that if you find something to fill your time so your day has an endless reel of things to keep it off your mind. again, the psychological varies baised on who you are in your head simply. im Christian and seen GOD’s power so this is the TRUTH from my expirence. anything ive ever tried to quit on my own i failed. praying asking GOD for help was the deciding factor

    • Anita R says:

      I came across this site by chance looking for info on incense for my 18 yr old son and came across your story. My heart breaks for you. I’m not in your shoes or can’t imagine your struggle but know your not alone. Be strong and keep in faith. I will keep you and family in my prayers.

  5. DreamWeaver says:

    My roommate and I must be different. We can only afford to partake for approximately 2 weeks a mon of constant smoking of spice and neither of us have any withdrawal symtoms at all. Been doing it for years now. We pay bills and then buy as much as we can afford. When its gone, its gone. No big deal. I realize everyones different, but thats the other side of the coin. We have absolutely no problems not having it. For us its a treat. Not a way of life. We recognize the difference as adults and act accordingly. There are ways of enjoying things without going hog wild. Just the same with alcohol,food,chocolate,etc. Moderation guys.

    • Candace says:

      Thank you! You are so right. Everyone is different, some people can’t go one day without beer or even coffee or soda. Dr pepper is a bad habit for me. I’ll get a bad migraine and moody if I try to go through a day without dr pepper.

    • Bryan says:

      In a way,your right,but one thing no one’s mentioned, it’s not the drugs that are addictive, it’s the person, addictive personalities are passed down generation to generation,some people just can’t help it.break the chain,after all,we are all different.

  6. Rockstar9027 says:

    thank you for putting this up I never realized how many similarities this has on my life and my boyfriends. Its ruining our family and everyone around us. Congratulations on quitting

  7. denoned1010 says:

    I’ve been smoking for over 5 years. started with serenity now and on to whatever they would sell. my wife has left me over it . it is all I think about. I’ve tried to quit. I can get about three days before the sweats and vomiting or (dry heaves) start. i shake and cant articulate my sentences well. it has ruined my life. I leave to a state tomorrow where they don’t have any of it. if i am able to get it i will. I feel guilty over it. It has become my main priority in life. my wife, my kids and even my job have suffered over my addiction.

    • teethintored says:

      Hey man, how are you doing now? That stuff is no joke! You have to MAKE yourself quit. My best friend’s addiction led him to prison. He just got out and started smoking again. Now that I don’t, I completely hate the guy, my best friend for about 15 years.

    • amber says:

      ByThis is me in short so sad how were all so simillar .. im 5 plus years in and cant go longer than a day 🙁

      • bcw says:

        I been smoking for going on 15 years. original k2 and authentic mad hatter when I first started and I’ve been perfectly fine Except spending all that money I have had a spell where I smoked some twilight and threw up for days and days (bad batch) I quit for 6 months but started up again. I’m sorry everyone is having problems quitting. Maybe one day I’ll quit fuck idk.

  8. Dave says:

    You guys should stop smoking spice and start smoking weed instead. It’s natural and not bad for you. Super easy to get and you’d be surprised by how many people smoke it. Or eat it, shit you don’t even have to smoke it. Eating an edible will last you all day of feeling amazing. And no harmful side effects or withdrawals if you really need to quit someday.

  9. ios18 says:

    christ I just smoked a bowl of this and now I’m nervous! I think I’m going to stop smoking this stuff all together.

  10. Charlie says:

    spice isn’t the only the only thing that does this i had similar problem with marijuana people say Yeah it’s natural yeah it’s healthy yeah it never hurts anyone it does.. and it happens to the best of us.. and it led me to spice too but i only smoked that like 3 times before i realized wow this is too much for me i had never felt that way before my heart was going 90 mph i was fighting to stay calm i felt like i was on acid and i had never even done it before i felt like if i wouldn’t of calmed myself down i would have died i was on the worst trip of my life but even that didn’t teach me a lesson i have always been a hard headed person and never learn from my mistakes i always learn 3 times or more before i get slapped in the face or scared out of my mind 3rd time i smoked it i literally felt like i was going to die the world was slowing down around me and i was fighting to stay awake fighting to keep myself calm enough to not have my heart beating 100mph and fighting to not have an anxiety attack and die it was the worst experience of my life. but that’s just the spice side of the story Weed THE REAL STUFF isn’t any better i had become to addicted too it that i couldn’t live without it EITHER i smoked it every minute almost all day smoked it before i ate smoked it after i ate smoked it before a shower smoked it before i sleep smoked it when i woke up and if i didn’t have it just as the story above i was scraping pipes looking through my empty bags and OR jars i kept it in trying to get just 1 hit and i pawned and sold shit just so i could get more stole stuff FROM MY family too did horrible things got so bad that if i didn’t have it i would threaten to break things i once punched down a door till it was to peaces and my hands gushing blood because i couldn’t get any and it didn’t help that at the time my Gf was just as bad as me a part of me wanted to quit but she didn’t and i loved her so i kept doing it, it got so bad at one point we did cocaine a few times at that moment i looked at my life and realized i had to stop it was going down hill faster than it could ever go back up i couldn’t speak proper sentences i stuttered almost every sentence i spoke i grandfather threatened to throw me out on the street i was so bad and did so bad i stole the car in the middle of the night just so i could go buy it and i didn’t even have a license i was 15 years old going on 16 when i was at my worst
    me and HER broke up she was my world and i became worse than i had ever been completely relying on it to live by that time i had dropped out of high school at the age of 15 i was a complete delinquent i just hadn’t gone to jail.
    i should have tho maybe i would of quit sooner so my life went on i got worse and worse in-till i met HER My wife now she changed my life she was a clean person she didn’t smoke weed she didn’t do anything smoke drink nothing
    i’m still surprised to this day she went for me but she did she saw me for who i really was her love and support changed my life i would have never stopped without her im 18 now my life is great i got a good job making 16.20 an hour she is pregnant with our first child and my life is going up hill The moral of my story is Any one drug Spice Weed Crack Meth alcohol Etc can ruin your life it all can if you let it i wish i had never touched any of it, IT set my life back so far that i had to climb my way back up i’v never been stronger you have to make up your mind are you gonna let something control you or you going to control it. anything is harmful weather it is mentally or physically. it all hurts you, you have to be strong enough and smart enough which i know you all are to tell yourself .SLAP UR SELF INTO REALITY AND SAY THIS ISN’T ME! i’m the shadow of what could and used to be. and search for the light beneath the darkness. you don’t need These Good FEELINGS to live IF YOU LIVE YOU,YOURSELF Create IT KNOWING THAT YOUR LIVING THE RIGHT LIFE A LIFE TO BE PROUD OF, A LIFE TO GO SOME WHERE WITH AND A LIFE TO BE REMEMBERED BY LOVED ONE’S, some one your son/ or daughter would say i wanna be just like Dad/mom one day be the person your supposed to be not the person the world has made you to be.

    Give me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the Difference.

    I’v learned the difference the hard way.. i’m sure there’s worse people out there, but even for them weather it’s the hard way or the less painful smart way, Will learn one way or the other life is what you make of it and what you allow it to be you can make it anything you want it too be all good or … you just have to try and know what your fighting For. Remember being healthy is reward enough. 🙂 If anyone ever need’s to talk to me message my email [email protected] thanks you, for reading my story and hearing me out Be strong 😀

    • Candace says:

      Very inspiring story. I am happy you have been able to change your life. Also thank you for pointing out that real weed can be just as negative, harmful and addictive as the fake.

    • Mad Hatter says:

      I quit spice 3 days ago because my parents found me in my room freaking out screaming at the top of my lungs “They are going to kill me!” I can only remember taking a hit and playing my game Smite on Xbox One. When I woke up the next day I was in a massive puddle of puke bc my parents feared I would try to kill them. I’m 6″3 270 pounds and it’s not all fat. Though I refuse to get help I’ve been head strong so far and I do pray. As far as withdrawals go, I can’t stop throwing up unless I have my promethazine tabs, I have to take xanax for my nerves or I go into rage mode, and the hot flashes and horrible. Also the stomach pains go away after I eat pickles? Guess it’s the acid. I’m going to get through this for my daughter. No Child should have to be fatherless. Please don’t do k2 smoke weed or something just make sure it isn’t laced or just grow your own. I’ve never been addicted to weed nor do I know any weed addicts going through withdrawals. But man this k2 may seem like the best high of your life but guys it made me try to cut my wrist, it can make your privates not work, your face will become numb, or worst case scenario you take a hit and die. I used to tell everyone I’m invincible I always felt unstoppable. I’m 24 years young and I’m going to shoot for 90 now. Also the withdrawals can kill you. Don’t believe me? well your on the Internet look it up! Good luck to all you good people out there keep your head straight and let’s all get right together!

  11. Jovie says:

    I really wish one of you could talk to my husband. He’s been addicted to this for a year and a half, were about to have a babygirl in may, and he doesnt even care, he hasnt helped me buy anything for her. Im literally crying while typing this, im so ready to just let go and take my little girl with me, but i just love him so much. He hides it from me and he knows im going to find it, he smokes it in front of me when we’re in the car. Im so scared it will affect my daughter. He starts arguments with me and doesnt even care about what he tells me. I just dont know what to do anymore. Im just ready to give everything up….

  12. anonymous says:

    I’m not condoning the use of alprazolam (xanax) but the way I finally broke my addiction was using xanax bars when I was going through my withdraws. Xanax addiction is possible. But xanax is way easier to quit than k2 incense.

  13. B says:

    I literally cried reading this story. Its as if my boyfriend (of 5 years) was writing this. Word for word is his life. He has been addicted to this stuff for nearly 3 years now adding up to almost $60,000 since he started. Its to the point he is using our money for rent/electricity/cable any bill we have. I have tried everything. Im depressed and last week almost left him because of it. But then i thought if he ever needed me its especially now that i need to be by his side. But im drowning in broken promises, unpaid bills, depression, anger and frustration. This stuff makes a person like a zombir and trying to have a conversation with them while their high is absolutely pointless. I dont know what else to do. He knows he has a problem but he is unwilling to listen to advice. He tried to quit a couple months ago and went 3 days without it. He literally was stuck in bed, sweating, depressed, constant vomitting, and shakes. He couldnt stand it anymore and he went behind my back and bought more. He cant go more than 10-15 min without the stuff. He will leave me in a restaraunt to go out to the truck and smoke. We have to pause a movie numerous times so he can step outside and smoke. I dont know what to do anymore 🙁

  14. WB says:

    Was taken to emergency room the other day for rapid hb. Had not smoked incense for a week (had an episode similar and threw it away). Smoked a cigar that day and got the same symptoms but they wouldn’t stop. Now day 4 and still off and taking meds. Haven’t been to a dr I. 20 years, now on heart meds. Steer clear of this trash. Anyone dealt with the same? Any long term damage?

  15. Nelly70 says:

    I’ve been on K2 for about 2 months now I’ve smoked about 20gm. Can anyone tell me if I’m going to go through a bad withdrawal. I havent smoked for like 14 hours i haven’t felt withdraw symptoms only I’m not eating as much.

    • Candace says:

      Personally I never had withdrawal symptoms like some of these people describe. I had withdrawal symptoms like marijuana. Loss of appetite, hard to sleep, anxious. Not any diarrhea, throwing up or body aches. I admit this stuff is very habit forming, but so was actual pot. Anything can be addictive, cigarettes, coffee, even food or shopping. Not everyone has the same negative or weird side effects or hallucinations when they smoke. I am not trying to say these people are over exaggerating though. I have known it to seriously mess some people up by blacking out, having a seizure, heart palpitations. At the same time though everyone has different tolerances. In high school the first time my best friend and I smoked a joint ( of real weed) she ran down the road screaming until she got home. She never smoked again because it made her feel so strange.

  16. amber says:

    Ive been smoking spice for 5+ years, out of anyone ive know in my Poisson I smoke the most n conistant.. waisted too much money to think about. ive literally been the most successful spice head youll ever meet only going mbye a handful of 5 or 6 days without it in the entire 5 years.. all through losing my job and selling everything I could to make money. I’ve been to so many ups and downs and I’ve been a lot worse but Every day I live to get high I have almost nothing to show for all my hard work except for burnt lungs and the car just sitting in the driveway. I dont know how many spice users noticed black phlem when they cough or mabye thats just the bronchitis part but im convinced that not just cigarettes but the spice severely damaged my lungs. Last year I got an answer to the phlegm weezing and constant coughing I had moderate cronic obstructive pulmonary disease then 1st now second stage copd, its life long progressing life disease meaning even quiting smoking the damage done cant bee reversed and will still get worse over time. I have not quit smoking either I smoke all day everyday.. except when working but the cravings are so bad especially when I have none 🙁 makes you really wanna die and physically feel sick. I would compare it to heroin in many ways. My story goes way back and I could truly . Write a book. Im gonna be 24 soon and im not religious but I pray for recovery.. soneone to understand and care and push me to get help. Its killing me everyday. I know if I keep like this ill end up killing myself one day with my history Im scare I just know and dont trust myself and ive pushed everyone away at this point. Im working to smoke smoking to live. Is this ‘m umber real.. I have no idea where to go for help. I cant just quit and still function and live normal.

    • Jonathan p says:

      Ive been smoking spice for about 2 months now. The spice i smoke is called EXODUS DAMNATION. This was the one i prefered. It made me feel alive again! A bit like the first time i smoked weed. I loved it BUT……..ive already had sickness problems and next to no appetite when i wake up in the morning. And although ive quit weed and cigarettes now, my chest seems worse. In my eyes spice is too good to be true. The same as most drugs unfortunately

      • Help says:

        This is literally me but spice has messed up my mind to the point I don’t even know how to desceibe how I feel into words. I’m going through crazy withdrawal if anyone can help me out

        • Geoffrey says:

          You can quit! I smoked for 3 years. Started in high school and kept going through after I graduated. It ruined so many chances I had. I can tell a difference in how I think, it’s harder for me to process stuff. Now I’m in the Army. I feel much better. I still deal with the thoughts being messed up, I can HONESTLY say if you are craving it. Go for a run. Go lift some weights. Working out helped me stomp it in the curb. Don’t let it control you. You can do it. It’s a mental game.

  17. gray9187 says:

    Well we’re do I start I used to smoke weed and I came across a shop In Birmingham selling Thease legal highs called sweet leeef obliteration so I tryed a purchased a pack thinking it was Safier then weed I was wrong,! What I look back now is when I purchased the item the man selling said don’t smoke this in a bong cause you will get addict but its fine in a joint when he knows that first puff you are addict. I didn’t even know I had a problem I currently changed from days to nights so when it came to 9pm my shift hadn’t started and I was withdrawing like mad I manged some how to do my withdrawls at work I only had too. The next night I couldn’t go to work as I was sick black acid it’s horrible. ITs embrassing at work knowing they know I use drugs. I had to come clean to my family which helped so much my I am now 4 days clean but the cravings are bad how long will this last and how can I deal with it at work it’s hard. Sorry forgot to add only used the stuff to help me sleep every 2 hours. When will I feel normal

    • Taffy covdove says:

      Excellent response mate, similar experience here. LMFAO.Don’t ever over do phenibut either. Trainspotting cold turkey x 6, if over used.

  18. CajunGirl says:

    My nephew was found dead in a car from using SPICE. His body was horrible looking immediately after death. Get help and get off this stuff. It is destroying your body and killing young kids.

  19. quit spice says:

    Hi guys I’m going through withdrawals but quitting for real this time. I’ve stumbled onto something that’s really helped get rid of the dreadful feeling in your stomach and sweats within 5-10 mins.

    creatine monohydrate powder 5g mixed into concentrated fruit juice with water. Down it fast as you can, it gave my body the much needed boost Im lacking due to food being so hard to eat. I used this 3 times yesterday and everytime its made me feel better. I had no food or anything this morning to test it out agaiin and its worked again. I’d seriousily try this.

    I stumbled onto it as about to start a phsyical new job and thought I’d creatine load as dont want to feel weak and not get the job after my trail. But really fast after taking it started to feel much more myself.

    I know how hard this is for people, all i used was the pure creatine monohydrate powder, mixed in 5g on a spoon into the drink and downed it.

    I think when your cold turky and not eating right there is help there in gym/health suppliments to put things back in your body you are seriousily missing (which just adds and makes it worse)

    if you struggling and have some in the house I’d try straight away. Please can anyone who tries feedback to me if it works or not for you too as I dont see many people mention it online and I’d love to spread the word if it helps everyone then maybe it makes ya whole expeierence with this shit worth it for others 🙂

  20. quit spice says:

    another tip of mine, i would always go out back the house in bordum to light up another bowl again and again, when you feel the psycological need to do something in its place i suggest getting your phone out to keep your hands busy and just read more stories on here. I read ones from addicts and accitcs partners, think to yourself how you would feel if this was your partner or family actually writiing this. I guarantee even if they havent told you they will be feeling all the same things.

    Spice numbs you – as you come off it you will change as a person and feel the real person come back after 2 days, this stuff made me a much more colder persoonality where before I was much more happier and emmiotional (in a good way) and can see the emmotions coming back.

    But what really helps me on is telling my wife everyday ive done another 24 hours without and seeing her smile, seeing the way she smiled at me when she is proud im doing this for my family makes me wanna cry because i never noticed she stopped looking at me the same way and i love seeing the difference in her now.

    my wife let me smoke it she just wanted me to be honest and not lie and smoke behind back , but she never knew it was as bad gear as it really is and just treated it like real weed. but i dont think she wanted to stop me from doing it as i would of probally lied to her again and just did it in secret, this time though its in my own head, my own ideas to stop.

  21. BTRFLY says:

    I have a friend that I’m getting ready to help them detox. I’ve never done this stuff before, never wanted to, I don’t even smoke marijuana. The one thing, he’s got money and buying and in large amounts has never been an issue. He’s got more toys than one man could ever dream even with this sick habit. But, it’s also killing him. I just cried because I haven’t seen him in a while and when I do it broke my heart. He’s also been diagnosed with cancer. He is sitting on 14 bags of the stuff. I told him today, we clean out his house, bags, pipes whatever is used to smoke it. Then I’m giving him a project to start that I’m going to help. I also read about the creatine, I’m sure he has plenty of that to get him those 3 drinks 3 times a day. Anything else that anyone can think that may help. I’m only going to assume the withdrawls are going to be like anything else and it’s going to be hard for a couple of weeks.

    • John Foytek says:

      CBD OIL! its legal and everything, get it off the internet! it will help with EVERYTHING!

  22. Nashpita says:

    wow reading what he went through reminds me of many things. I’m really proud of your good desicions that shit doesn’t get you anywhere. I have told my boyfriend to stop smocking but weed because i didn’t like the way it made him and he did and it makes me feel better for helping him and myself. stay of, of it. about k2 that’s another bad thing that will kill you bad and i could tell you this because i did it two times and in the first time i tried it i almost died in a sec if i didn’t know how to calm it down. This shit is not better than your important fam.

  23. obolasucks! says:

    Was looking too see if my ex commented about me. you described my life for the past two years. Im stopping . NOW.

    Ive lost everything. everyone.

    Its time to start over fresh and clean..

  24. Peter pan says:

    Absolute. Usless I told a very long story about my sturgglr and to help others out with this evil stuff but you ruined it not one tho f was mentioned I said and I have never had a wife or a car for that matter I want my original back so I repost it seems that it took me over a hour to write 🙁 not happy and this site at bottoms of my story did not help or the contact number I done it myself with the help of parents wow

  25. John Foytek says:

    GET SOME CBD OIL FROM THE INTERNET! it is completely legal and it actually helps you withdrawal off of anything synthetic as well as regular cannabis! Not only does it kill pain but it helps with any other type of ailments. just look it up and purchase it, I guarantee you it will help. Take some tylenol until it gets to your house in the mail! I Hope I helped someone out there, because CBD oil really helped me!! There is other stuff you can buy that will purify your blood and make you feel better to compliment the CBD oil like spirulina, goji berries, Vitamin C, chlorella, etc. but CBD oil is the main one, so get it and save your ass!

  26. Lj Lj says:

    Yea man sorry 2 hear about your struggle with this stuff k2….its the real deal ive done heroin and this shyt took my mind 2 where herion took my body ,mind , finances and legal life….im proud of u buddy and i wouldnt recommend any1 smoke k2…..it took 3weeks for me 2 shake the thoughts. Of smoking more…..i smoked atleast 10/20 blunts of the shyt daily and its destroying homes accross america cuz its so obtainable and fairly cheap…..but its something really wrong with it and the government knows its floating around they probably have theyre paws in it 2 but in all actuality nobody is perfect ???? and good kush was the only way i shook this shyt k2…..be cautious and careful legalize marajuana in all our states and ppl wont run 2 this shyt because of fear of being tested for pot.

  27. Monica Allen-Producer says:

    Hi my name is Monica and I work for the Dr Oz Show in NYC and we are doing a show on the dangers of drugs like spice/k2/Flakka and was wondering if would like to appear on our show to discuss with Dr Oz your previous addiction and your current recovery. If you are interested and available next week Wednesday January 11th, please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.

  28. Jessie Armstrong says:

    hi, my name is jessie. stopped for the first time at a smoke shop yesterday. got incense sticks, wasn’t quite sure how to use them (girl there was very unhelpful) and put them in the pipe to smoke them that way. Now i am scared I damaged my health. Can someone please help?

  29. Te'Aundra Watson says:

    I was given K2 by my friend and I thought it was normal marijuana I smoked it and behold I was freaking out my Gf saved me she put me in the shower and gave me milk , I was so scared ,it’s been two months now and I still feel the withdrawals like anxiety and headaches and I am always tired .I wanna know if these symptoms will stop I already lost two jobs because they said I don’t work with the required energy they need. Can somebody please advise me on what to do I am 29 years old. And I only smoked it once .I have this buzzing in my ears and the anxiety and restless Ness is just too bad it’s been two months I want my life back

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