Houston Area Synthetic Cannabis Warehouse Raided By DEA

DEA Busts Houston Warehouse With Synthetic Cannabis
DEA Busts Houston Warehouse With Synthetic Cannabis
Photo By Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle

In Houston, Texas, almost $700,000 worth of synthetic cannabis was confiscated by Federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents.

According to Chron.com, the agents seized around 6,500 packages of herbal incense with names like Mr. Nice Guy, Mega Buzz, Serenity Now, Head Trip and Klimax.

During the search, the DEAalso found barrels of acetone, herbal product and chemicals which are commonly used in the production of Spice.

Synthetic Cannabis has been illegal in Texas since 2011 but some people are still taking the risks with banned chemicals and some are just using chemicals that aren’t included in the latest ban.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”center” width=”40%”]”It’s a major hit,” – DEA agent[/pullquote]

This is a great job by law enforcement to try to get this junk off the streets. The only problem is for every one caught, there are probably a few more still selling the fake pot in convenience stores.

As with anything though, some progress is better than no progress.


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