2 thoughts on ““Hi, I Don’t Use Spice But My 18yr Old Son Does” – rorubalc36

  1. Oz says:

    Hi sorry hear about your son, Synthetics almost took me the withdrawals lasted (myself) 7-8 days the first 2-4 days i dont remember but i did find this site and in a way it saved my life (thank you crew).today is day 10 without and im feeling better than i ever have… hold tight get him through 7 -10 days then its like a new world starts…one last thing ask him to read these posts we know the hell he’s going through .. all the best from Australia.

    • rorubalc36 says:

      Thank you so much. We are giving him a lot of support and with your response it reassures me even more. I will definitely tell him about this sight. Thanks again and glad your recovery has been a success. I wish you the best.

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