One thought on ““Everything In My Life Is Against Me, I’m An Over Thinker” – Loran

  1. Marlene says:

    I am definitely an over-thinker. I have always been told that. I either over analyze or think the worst will happen in situations. But, using drugs makes this worse. The drugs will have your brain believing things in a negative way. Once under the influence, it’s hard to realize that the drug is doing this and what you perceive becomes your reality. Spice is a very difficult drug to quit because of the intense anxiety in withdrawal not to mention all of the physical aspects. It can be done, though. I fear ever touching this drug, or any drug for that matter, again. I fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop, again, and will ultimately commit suicide. This site helped me to quit. Someone suggested just getting in your room and tough it out. After about 4 days it starts to get better. It was a good suggestion for me. It got better and I am now almost 4 months clean. It feels good to be reporting that.

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