2 thoughts on ““Can’t feel empathy, lost all most passion in life” – Richard

  1. Alive says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and keep your head up it can only get better, all you need is a tiny amount of hope to carry you. It could have been way worse.

  2. Josh says:

    assuming this is permanent and broadcasting this as fact is a bit reckless and reactionary (when this is actually relatively standard discontinuation syndrome, most likely, as I believe most any addiction specialist would say). for those who are now scared that they are permanently damaged – please be aware this is just one persons wild guess- a simple guess built on direct causal relationship inference and thus should be seen as such a potential fallacy.

    i’ve been here. this is not to disrespect the post or author. my experience is the same, but after further time it became clear that it was rebound depression, self dissapointment, and lack of self care for an extended time period that led to this. and it was absolutely not permanent. further, there is almost nothing that is permanent in the brain, psychically.

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