• ImHereToDiscuss

    He’ll never change. Spice is his girlfriend now and you don’t matter. Nothing does, not even his own life. All he cares about is the next fix.
    Either leave or prepare to take care of an addict for the rest of your life.

  • BBdaTaurus

    If you really love him (and don’t have any kids with him) RUN. I’ve been with my bf since May 2015. He’s been on this spice bit for about the last 3 years. Before this he used to smoke real weed, but his preference has totally changed. He does work (under the table) consistently but being 5 months pregnant by him is scaring the crap out of me…he smokes outside (cuz I’m preggo of course) and will be out there for 2-3 hours after he comes home from work. By the time he comes in the house I’m sleep, he’s got the munchies and I could possibly wake up to him having started to eat something and pass BACK out on the bed..crumbs everywhere. (This has happened a couple times in the last month). He gets disoriented and has poor speech and it makes me furious! He’s preoccupied with this stuff. I bet the only reason he works so hard and so much is to have money for this now $20-$25 a day habit. BOOOOO. RUN RUN RUN if you can…