Australians Start Petition To Ban Synthetic Cannabis

Synthetic Drugs the threat is real

Synthetic Drugs the threat is realIn a petition published on May 25, 2013, Brad Morrison asks the people of Bendigo, a city in the state of Victoria, Australia, to show the local government that they want synthetic cannabis banned and taken out of stores.

It was, apparently, written by one of the staff at which has a very good article written on the effects herbal incense is having the residents of Bendigo.

Here is the petition:

Petition Background (Preamble):

At present synthetic cannabis also known as “herbal incense” is being sold over the counter by at least 5 shops here in Bendigo and also being delivered after hours by another service.

This drug/poison is 10 times stronger than THC and carries with it a much higher risk of physical and mental damage to the user, yet is legally being sold to kids as young as 15.


We, the undersigned, demand immediate action from our local government to ban the sale of synthetic cannabis also known as herbal incense.

This product causes immense damage to our community and innocents whjo are watching thier family, friends and loved ones legally kill themselves.

Let Bendigo lead the way in saving 1000’s of lives and what will be millions of dollars in healthcare for this drug of dependance.

 We would like to wish the people of Bendigo the best of luck with this petition. If you would like to add your signature, click the box below.

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