4 thoughts on ““About day 10 of quitting HeadRush, you go through withdrawal one more time” – hereigoagain

  1. Heather says:

    My name is Heather I am seeing my boyfriend go through this terrible scene with spice.. I am 7 months pregnant and seeing him keep doing this to himself kills me because I love him so much. He uses spice because he can’t smoke weed so he chooses this method. I’m so tired of seeing him smoking it and the smell of it had been terrible. One day last week he ended up in the ER and the doctors there was so clueless that they told him he has a stomach bug but really I knew what his problem was he was withdrawing because he stopped for a day or 2 and it about killed him. He started throwing up and shacking and sweating really really bad till he had to buy some more just to calm him down…. He has been coming in late all hours of the night hanging with his friends which is fine and all but when he’s with his friends he’s always using and it’s getting to the point where I’m just done with it and him. I hate saying it because I want him to be a good father and not do spice period. I get so mad at him for doing it and it just seems pointless trying to help him when he doesn’t listen at all. It’s like the drug has became his best friend over his family. I need to get him help bad for him to see what he really is doing to himself with this spice. If somebody could help it would be a great life savor…..

    • billy says:

      Leave… For the sake of your child.. Have him go back to the er and tell them it fake weed

  2. billy says:

    Your awful and so is this drug.. You really created an account Billy’s hater, are you ten??

  3. getoffurazzslazyobamabums says:

    I am totally with you. This guy is a joke. Like yeah, dont work your problems out with the father of your child. Dont give him a chance just leave and ensure the child grows up without a father. Billy you’re an idiot.

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