3 thoughts on ““My 25 Year Old Daughter Smoked Spice Daily For A Year” – Concerned Parent

  1. SpiceAddictionSupport says:

    It’s really hard to say how the spice is going to affect her because they change the chemicals so often, you can’t be sure which one she was smoking. Not only that, they really haven’t done much testing on it’s effects. In all honesty, that really helps the manufactureres.

    It’s great that she has quit and you are seeing doctors about it. Hopefully, they will find something to help her. I know that I wasn’t the same for months and months after I finally quit. Every day I got a little better though and I now feel better than ever.

    Good luck to her and thank you for writing in. Please update us on her progress.

  2. Kathy says:

    The same thing happened to my son. Over 2 and a half years ago, he smoked spice all afternoon long and then had a breakdown that sent him in to wandering and taking baths or laying in bed for a week. He hasn’t smoked it since but a few weeks later he had a psychotic breakdown and began hearing constant voices. He is taking a low dose of anti-psychotics now but he still lives in another world half the time. He throws up sometimes and he gets headaches too. He cannot work or think. He does little of anything. He can talk most of the time and he does know that he is sick. He calls his problem, amnesia. He lives at home with us and really forgets to do the basic chores in life. His stress is through the roof. It is so very sad. I believe all of it was a result of the poison called spice.

  3. Mydnyte Moon says:

    This happened to me. I smoked so many varieties of the fake stuff. Daily. several 3 gram bags a week. I only had 2-3 bad trips, so it wasn’t a big deal. Until one day I woke up and i felt different. I became super paranoid, anxious. I felt like I was on a stage, constantly every movement I make is being watched, judged. I started feeling like the tv would broadcast my thoughts, as well as began to experience so many “coincidences” a day from people reacting to my thoughts i knew it had to be real. I quit in march/april of 2013. To this day I experience the negative effects, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. this makes life especially difficult. even hanging out with friends has become a stressful “task”…. I don’t want to go to college, or find work outside the house. watch your kids. this seems like a fun legal drug at first, but it has serious consequences you don’t just bounce back from :/
    Ps I have not gone to the doctor. I smoke natural daily to ease my anxiety but sometimes it does increase my feeling of being “on stage”….
    I do not feel any better, its made my stress worse daily (though the first 3 months were extremely difficult, now I have learned to live with the burden and stress but it is not easy by any means of the word.) If it wasn’t for my very understanding boyfriend I don’t know how I would be handling this situation…. Being pregnant now makes me even more worried i might pass this curse to my baby, or the stress could cause me to lose it like i did just 9 months ago… This is a terrible thing to experience, and I feel really bad for your daughter. I feel her pain. no one can understand except the person its happening to, people who have gone through it, or the open minds who have “listened” to their thoughts and understand what they feel. and trust me it IS possible. sounds insane, but i learned just over a year ago the world is not as it appears to be.

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