Need Help Quitting Spice/K2? Call our hotline at (855)447-0724 to find a treatment program near you.

“I felt it hard, I got so paranoid”- Christine

I was 16, got invited to go camping with my boyfriend who was older than me at the time. We were camping with his friends, I didn’t know anyone, and they were passing around a joint. It was K2, but I was told it was the weed.

I smoked weed a few times before that so I didn’t think it would be a big deal. I was doing wrong.

After two hits I felt it hard, I got so paranoid, I tried to walk back to the tent that was so close to the fire, but it took me 20 minutes. I couldn’t even stand.

When I finally got to my tent, I tried to call my brothers because I thought I was dying. It was horrible. I’ll never touch that again. I do smoke pot regularly now, but it’s been ten years since I tried K2.

Need Help Quitting Spice/K2?

If you or a loved one is addicted to spice, call our hotline at (855)447-0724 to find a treatment program near you. NOTE: these programs accept PPO and HMO insurance only (for now).

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