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Quitting Spice & K2 may be harder than you think.

Over the last 6 years, I have personally witnessed the drug “Spice” – also called synthetic marijuana, synthetic weed, herbal incense, herbal potpourri, K2, fake weed, synthetic pot, noids, synth and fweed – go from relative obscurity to being sold at newspaper stands, head shops, online stores and convenience stores all around the world.

I have also seen it affect thousands of lives, including mine.

I was a heavy Spice user for over 4 years. I let it control every moment of my life. I had no idea what it was doing to me.

One day, I decided to read other people’s stories about their experiences with synthetic marijuana around the web. That was when I realized there were thousands of people out there just like me.

That’s why I decided to start this community of people helping one another overcome their addiction to Spice.

My number one goal with this site is to help inform people about the dangers of Spice – especially its addictive nature.

I want people going through what I went through to know they’re not alone in their battle to overcome synthetic marijuana addiction.

I have been working tirelessly to put together the world’s largest collection of information about synthetic marijuana, Spice & K2 addiction. You can browse this site to learn:

People from all around the world have shared more than 1,000 personal stories of spice addiction, withdrawal and side effects. Countless more have used the site to gain a new perspective about recovery and resources that are out there to help.

Unlike other forums, participation in our support group is anonymous. We use the Disqus commenting system to keep the trolls, haters and spammers at bay.

After helping hundreds of thousands of people who have come here looking for information about synthetic marijuana, I’m absolutely blown away by the helpful responses and the depth of compassion and support offered by the people who participate on this site.

Not only does this site provide useful and life-changing resources for users of Spice & K2, but we also try to help families, friends and coworkers of synthetic cannabinoid addicts find help for the people they care about.

I want to personally thank you for being here. Welcome! I truly hope that you find what you’re looking for.

I only ask one thing from you: if you find the help you need on this site, then please come back and return the favor by participating in our support group.

For some, there is no other place to turn.

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  1. Tammy 6748 says:

    My son is on day 5 of sobriety from spice…he was very sick …..but is today doing better…..just trying to pray and be there for him ….sending my love and prayers to all of you still on day one. Tammy st. Marys georgia

      • r says:

        Tammy that is great. I too have watched a child struggle with this but yet choose a path TOWARD sobriety. While Spice appears to be off the table at this time- addiction and use of alcohol is an issue but this too is something he is willingly addressing. While it hasn’t been easy a lot of hope has been restored as I have seen his desire to quit and passion for life reemerge. One statement of advice if you don’t mind. If there is a relapse just remember that it doesn’t mean that his desire to quit is over. It is difficult but stay supportive. Having been there (still in some respects) I have needed to do a lot of searching on how to take care of myself so that I could be there for him. Having this struggle and seeing him regain his life has led me to personal exploration and growth trying to make sure I’m leading my life healthy and a good model in many other ways. I truly believe that the him seeing my personal growth in this time has helped him as he made these choices to rebuild his life and see that I too am willing to make changes at my stage in life. It hasn’t always been easy. I know this is just one perspective. God Bless you. That may not have been something I would have chosen to say mo.nths ago but is now part of my journey. Thank you. I sincerely will be looking for future posts

  2. KellyS says:

    My daughter was on this junk and I had no idea at all until I found all of this information here. I got her into a drug rehab and she is much, much better now.

    Thank you so much for making this site.

  3. 4 years of my life says:

    I’m having a terrible time with this stuff. I can’t kick it. I don’t have insurance for rehab but I need help. Bad.

  4. ness says:

    my boyfriend is on day 2 of being sober and he cant eat or really drink anything i’ve been giving him water and pedialite is there anything else that he could possibly put in his stomach?

    • F* Synthetic says:

      Sorry for the late reply, Ness. I found that very simple fruits and vegetables would stay down. Bananas, apples, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, ect. to name a few.

      The first four or five days are the worst. I have been clean since the 27th of March and I can tell you that HE CAN AND MUST DO IT! Do not let him relapse! If he relapses all of that agonizing pain will have been for nothing at all! I know that a lot of people think this is a bad thing to suggest but, I smoked marijuana for a few days after I stopped the synthetic. Helped me cope with not having my long addicted synth weed. I was able to sleep a little too but, still not a lot. :/

      He will wake up every hour for a good 4-5 days and will be covered in sweat. I swear, man. That stuff was worse than kicking my Oxy habit from four years ago.

      I was addicted to a very nasty blend called “Mr. Kosh” and there were DEFINITELY more compounds in that blend other than synthetic cannabinoids. I assure you that. It is the same for many other blends… I think that’s why the withdrawals very from blend to blend and person to person so much.

      • ness says:

        Thanks for the reply…the day after I posted I ended up taking him to the ER he kept shaking and and dry heaving I was afraid of him passing out I really wouldn’t have been able to help him if he did(he’s 6 foot 7 and I’m only 5 foot) they gave him medicine for the nausea so he was able to eat and he’s starting to become the person I fell in love with again but its still a struggle for him. He started smoking this crap because he was put on probation and couldn’t smoke weed anymore or I would have tried that. The doctor in the ER even said marijuana was way better but he was not condoning it. Thanks again for the reply.

        • Sherri says:

          I was sick for a week and it was two months b4 I really started to look and feel like myself again. My bf and I both lost our jobs due to staying up all night smoking and then missing work next morning. After selling all the stuff we could sell he started stealing and got caught. The only way we could get more was if I visited our dealer alone and he would give it to me on credit in exchange for favors if you know what I mean. That quickly became a regular thing and soon started to include doing favors for his friends who he would invite over when he knew I was coming over so score. Just like a victim of human trafficking I think I became addicted to that in a way almost as much as to the drugs. Fortunately I managed to quit before I was found dead or became a full time prostitute. If you had told me in high school that in a few years I would be exchanging favors with complete strangers for synthetic weed I would have said you were crazy. Believe me it takes over your whole life and makes you do things your real self would never dream of doing. Stay off it and if you are addicted try to get help as soon as you can.

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        Lol an addict may relapse and there’s nothing u can do but educate yourself!

    • Annie Reily says:

      I could only eat chicken broth and soup . That is good with the water and pedialite cause he needs to stay hydrated.

  5. Shanna says:

    My husband is on day three of cold turkey quit. What should I expect? I just found out he’s had this problem for the last 2 years

    • Annie Reily says:

      Everyone is different but withdrawls will come if he has been doin it for over 2 years. Vomiting, diarrhea , and mood swings are the most common. Just make sure he stays hydrated and eats even though he may not want to.

  6. charlie says:

    Man I don’t know what to say. I’m a mother a wife a Sunday school teacher..and secret spice addict. I feel ridiculous and I’m lying to my smoking at least 5 grams a day for the last three years. I’m on day two of stopping I feel like I’m going to die. Never even did drugs thank god! But this has got me feeling like a crack head..i feel horrible any suggestions?

    • michael says:

      get a grade weed for 5 days straight smoke it nonstop until the end of the 5th day. ( I mean nonstop don’t quit unless your sleeping) that’s how I did it with a grade weed and god

    • Stubine314 . says:

      I am very very similar to you, though a man. There’s no shortcut through the withdraw, though real Marijuana can help. Also, Xanax or other benzos can help deal with the worst of the symptoms. In the end, though, you have to consign yourself to dealing with about three days of pure torture.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi “charlie” yes I am just like you, a hard working mom, I have a degree in computer science and work for a fortune 500 company. I unfortunately got hooked after the passing of my father 4 years ago, and it just kept on going. Stress after stress of my life I have turned to this stuff. I’m starting to feel the effects of this drug. Just about a month ago I started to just BINGE smoke the stuff due to a huge relationship break up and found myself losing weight because I could hardly eat due to the sickness I felt in my stomach, nausea would accompany me all day but mostly in the mornings and I threw up a few times just out of the blue. Did I stop? NO of course not, I just found another excuse for the nausea and started to smoke some again, now I just feel like crap, I have had nightmares, sleep problems, and one weekend I felt i was going to die because I started throwing up (nothing in my stomach) and just KEPT throwing up for 14 hours straight! I still bought ONE more batch. So stupid!
      Now I’m done!!! I just can’t do it anymore. After this last bag – almost about several hours after, I felt even WORSE, migraines, excessive (I mean excessive) sweating during the night, loss of appetite, hungry but when I start to eat I get turned off by the smell of the food or just my stomach starts to do flips.
      I do not want to feel this way any longer – and the smell!! That awful smell of that shit, it just lingers in my bedroom now and its making me feel even more awful about all of this. Why did I have to start on that stuff? I am sick to think of how much money I’ve wasted on the stuff for the past 4 years. I’ve been through a lot of hell in my personal life the past four years and I guess I thought it would be the thing that just keeps me “together” calm and not flip out on everyone due to the stress. I do NOT feel the use of other drugs weather they be prescription, over the counter or weed would be a good idea and I know I’ve gone through the sickness feeling before its just going to take a week or so. I can get through this. YOU can get through this. If you need someone to talk to , just reply on here and I will send you my contact information. Its a horrible thing to get through ALONE. I have someone here for me during this – ITS NOT completely horrible but I sure do feel like crap! Whats a few days of feeling ill when it will help your health in the long run. Especially if you have children, I have three daughters! The pain they would endure if they would lose their mother to this thing would be LONGER and GREATER for them. So a WEEK? That’s nothing! You GOT THIS. – I know this was a post from four months ago but like I said if you want to talk let me know.

      For everyone else I’m hoping this story helps you. I also hope I never go back to that drug (cocktail of chemicals we have NO idea about)

      • Robin Wright says:

        Hello, I hope all is well with you. My ex fiance is smoking this and has been for a couple of years. He has been accusing me of cheating with different people. I am curious to know how it makes you think. I am always home, we spend our days together, besides going to work. We were always together I don’t go to parties or clubs. We would’ve been together 17 years this September. He says I was having sex on my lunch break. I would just like to know your thinking process while on this. I am sure he is REALLY smoking now that this breakup has occurred. Pls email me at [email protected]
        I have lost the love of my life because he really feels that I have been cheating.

  7. IMANIDIOT2 says:

    I was on the same sh*t! Mr Kosh those f**king a**holes. I never had withdrawal symptoms until I switched to their product. They are putting amphetamines in their product! I know this because I had to be hospitalized when I ran out last week. Went through the same thing everyone else is. Almost died from dehydration! I couldnt believe it when the Dr came in and told me i had amphetamines in my system. I’m not that kind of person. I just wanted to find an alternative to marijuana. This company has to be stoppped!

  8. Stay-C says:

    Can anyone help me please. I’m struggling big time with this stuff. I’m laying here in bed crying. I’m so sick of this stuff. It controls me and my Life. My loved ones hate it and hate me on it But I still continue to do it even when I really don’t want to. It’s just become my way of Life now for the last year and now going into year two. This affects my Life with my husband and my kids. I hate that I’m addicted to such chemical bullsh*t. Please what can I do to make this easier on myself and my family? And How can I stay @ work thru this withdrawal??

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        Meaning NOT at a dispensary…. Also if u detox for 4 days ur cannabinoids start to come back. (Our bodies is made toproduces this molecule and spice kills the cannabinoids so u can’t get high on any weed.

  9. Nancy says:

    My boyfriend stopped smoking k2 after he started throwing up constantly. He threw up a lot for about a week, & now he can’t be In the sun because he starts feeling bad and getting dizzy. He constantly has migraines, and he just feels terrible. He keeps getting such negative thoughts. I just don’t know what to do ! Any advice ? Should I take him to the hospital ? Will he get in trouble for smoking it since it’s illegal ??

    • Billybob says:

      I was throwing up too when I finally quit. Probably get an anti depressant from dr during the withdrawals? You wouldnt get in trouble for going to a hospital, but im not a lawyer.

    • Sydneygoesrawr says:

      I just stopped myself and went through the same things IT WILL PASS HE WILL BE FINE JUST STAY STRONG AND PUSH THROUGH GUYS!!!

  10. RandomGuy099 says:

    It took me about three days attached to a couch and some nyquil for about three days before I was able to finally get through this. Also, I was way better off smoking the real thing.

  11. Kman says:

    Thanks for this site. This is not easy and most folks do not understand the addiction. Even addicts. New bad drugs. Fully capable of ruining your life.

  12. jen says:

    I’m looking for advice on how to help my son with his addiction to synthetic marijuana. He has been to rehab and has stopped and started on and off for the past couple of years. the longest he has been clean from it has been 3 months. He is a total zombie when he smokes and has passed out and his hands get really rigid and curl up. He becomes easily agitated and very angry. He says he wants to stop but doesn’t seem to be putting forth the effort. He has a support system that cares for him deeply we just have not a clue on how too. I have thrown away pipes and dumped bag after bag of it when I have found him passed out with it laying out, I have also taking it right out of his hand we have had argument after argument. I have tried tough love it doesn’t seem to work. We lost my oldest sonbrother to a heroin od last year and I feel that I’m going to loose him to this. So if anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hector r says:

      Mam I was an addic for 4 yrs smoking all day every day even at work. Until I finally told my parents I was addicted I suggested to them to lock me inside the house with locks n take away my cash fones. Wallet. N to let me a smoke s little marijuana to help with the the withdrawals… After 3 days I came down like a touched down to earth… N I promised I will never touch it again I’ve been sober for 7 month now n never again… hope I can help u

    • Richie “R.Z.” says:

      One day at a time. He’s got to want it. You shouldn’t be invited to ur son’s funeral. That’s not fair.

    • Richie “R.Z.” says:

      U got to stop the ENABELING and get him into some type of treatment,12 step program or yes u will lose him to not spice but eventually heroin. Seems like u have reached out for help here and that’s the first step

  13. Joe says:

    I really want to stop it’s really f**king with my financial stature, but it is difficult, with the withdrawal symptoms being extra hell and taking a puff can make that go away . Does anyone have remedies or
    Medicines to heal/mimic the spice cbs
    Im really worried I may have perminant damage started smoking about 4-5 years ago. Thank you everyone we can all overcome this sh*t.

    • Annie Reily says:

      Always no matter what stay off it I know the withdrawls are bad but just han in there. Staying hydrated and eating what you can will help I promise and they will go away and joe stay on here and talk to us we all know what you aer going thru.

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        Spice depleats not only serotonin levels but our natural cannabinoids. I mean I wasn’t able to get high on weed last year 4/20!!.

    • Sherri says:

      You can do it but it is so hard. When it effects your finances that is when you really have to stop or it will take over your life and land you in jail or worse. My bf got arrested for stealing and my life went into a spiral over trying to stay high without the money to pay for it.

    • Richie “R.Z.” says:

      I think u need to own up to ur addiction instead of getting pissed off at the fact that u can’t control something that has obviously taken over ur mind, body,and spirit. Get help instead of the exclamation marks and whining.

  14. John - let me suffer for you.. says:

    I am what we call an extra careless individual…..I felt invincible, like I know what I’m doing and would never be stupid enough to get into trouble…Wrong, after 13 years of regular pot smoking I decided to try 5 grams of the pure synthetic synthetic cannabinoid: AB- Chminaca. Within 2 weeks this substance nearly destroyed my life, my mind was blown at how potent it was and my body kept smoking it compulsively to the point where I consumed the 5 grams in under 2 weeks. Keep in mind 1 mg was enough to get me beyond stoned. While I had some troubling times smoking the chemical; comatose, feelings of psychosis paranoia, voices, extreme hallucinations that my hair was electrical and would shock me. Needless to say I was falling into delirium nightly, well the troubles REALLY started when I ran out of all the grams; starting with a migraine, a migraine to end all migraines, I was vomiting at and sight or sound. This persisted for 2 days all the while I began losing fluids and could not replace them, no desire to eat and my body flooded with sweat or shivering cold, depending on the situation. I felt as if I was going insane, deign, and I did this all alone without anyone helping me, I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS, I battled with extreme psychotic episodes, I thought of cutting myself just to see what would happen, I would hear people plotting against me and all I could do was pray, cry, and try and keep my mind occupied so time would pass. 3-4 days passed and the withdrawals finally began to subside, I cried for joy and thanked God, yet my troubles were far from over…. I have had a slew of after problems nearly 4 weeks since the incident; the most notable being what seems to be a damaged or frazzled Central Nervous System, I feel weak trying to use my arms and legs and I feel as if I did something to my CNS to cause this. My legs have progressively gotten weaker and feel as if muscle is almost dead inside. I am also suffering from coordination and balance issues, simple word recall, panic attacks that I didn’t get before, high blood pressure which is typically not the case for me. I feel it’s f**ked my hormones causing me to be overly emotional and weep and not be able to control myself….This is just a small sample of the new problems I’ve had to endure and for God’s sake if you value. respect or enjoy your body IN THE SLIGHTEST, don’t put this vile trash inside yourself and pay money to harm yourself. You may read this and go “Not me man, i’m not stupid, I can never get hurt, I know what I’m doing,” But I promise, Sometimes this spice sh*t lets you get two feet in the grave before you even know you’re there. Be safe everyone, I pray for everyone attempting to win the battle, Much love and Fight on!

    • Hal says:

      I have not smoked K2 for going on 3 years now. Unfortunately, I have suffered major muscle damage, most notably in my abdomen and legs. I went to Johns Hopkins at the first onset of problems and the neuro-muscular specialist there were perplexed. I had multiple EMG’s which were dirty…meaning abnormalities all over my body. I had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) which was normal. I also had a spinal angiogram which was also normal. The last test I had was a nerve and muscle biopsy which showed denervated fibers (weakness/atrophy). I had told my neuroligist about my K-2 consumption that lasted for about 2 years and he told me that there was not enough info on the use of the drug and he could not verify that the drug was the culprit. Every single day for the last 3 years, I experience muscle spasms to also include full blown Charlie Horses and the muscle relaxers that my docs have prescribed have 0 effect on me. I take Vicodin and Gabbapentin which help control the muscle burn and that is helping some. I have seen 10 doctors and none have any answers.

      • John says:

        I am so sorry Hal, I had shorter exposure overall to the synthetics and hope that it’s reversible I truly sympathize and pray that you recover; albeit not as quickly as you would like. The girl who was supposedly paralyzed from a stroke/seizure from spice has began to move again. This seems hopeful and I pray you will experience a full recovery. If you need someone to talk to let me know, I am happy to discuss it further.

        P.s I suffer from a nervous disorder naturally; an un diagnosable form of demylinating neuropathy, so I’ve suffered with this kind of thing most my life ( really week legs and arms and extreme atrophy, I am 30 and been compared physically to an 80 year olds body….in short I’m here if you need someone who understands to talk to, much love, prayers and positive energy your way. Keep your chin up and take it one day at a time.

      • Terra says:

        I got an answer for ya… Pray to JESUS!! I know that’s the only way that u won’t have to go through this ever again.. Read Mark 11:22-25

  15. Kiettas29 says:

    My boyfriend has been addicted to spice for 3 1/2 years. I’m so tired of it. At one time he was spending hundreds of dollars a month on it. I have tried being nice, firm, intolerant , and indifferent… None of those work… This sucks and I’m fed up. We are supposed to get married but I won’t do it if he continues. He’s lied about how many times he was going to quit. We’ve been together for 8 yrs but I don’t want to go on like this. He zones out, forgets conversations he’s currently having, he laughs for no reason, nobody likes him on spice. He sleeps all day… Please help

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG…I could’ve written this myself. I knew something was not right with my bf and I gave him every opportunity to come clean. I finally got fed up and went to his car. All I had to do was open the door and there were empty spice packets all over the floor. I knew it. He was behaving the same way you described. I tried to kick him out he wouldn’t leave. He wound up passing out and I called his family for help. We have him under house arrest right now. No car, no wallet, no keys. But bc he is over 18, he cannot be committed against his will. He is out of control. We have no idea how to help him. I feel like I betrayed him by calling his mom. But after looking into what this drug can do to a person, I would rather have him hate me than watch him kill himself. This was so hard for me to do. But I have to keep reminding myself that I did not do this to him, I did it FOR him.

      • Annie Reily says:

        Good for you to stand your ground and ofcourse he is going to think you betrayed him I thought the same thing when it was done to me but after the smoke cleared I realize there were a lot of ppl that careda bout me. You are right you did it for him and if he reacts in anger just know it is the drugs and not really him.

    • Annie Reily says:

      Girl there is no reason why you should hve to put up with it and I know you love him but you may want to think about leavin I know that sounds harsh butttt you have your own life to live and. trust me there is no life with a drug addict it will change. Be firm and tell him you are leavin who knows he may wake up and realize that he is losing a great person and quit if not well then atleast you tried and can o on with your life.

  16. Ty says:

    Holy f*ck. What plague is this? Been addicted since early 2011, a few months on and off, I figured I was in control of it but apparently I wasn’t. This continued up to February 2014, and I have been a daily user from February-July, in what I have noticed is the longest synthetic binge I’ve ever had the displeasure of going through. So now I am at breaking point, at the end of every bag I tell myself no more, that’s the last one, and f*ck me the last one really was. I’m tired of wasting hard earned money on the s**t. I’m tired of the fatigue, mood swings, and irritability. So I am in morning of day 4, and I haven’t eaten anything in these 4 days. I have has severe nausea, morning sickness, vomiting (which is impressive considering I have no sustenance inside me) severe lack of appetite, extreme fatigue, excessive sweating, fever and chills, shortness of breath with the most simplest of physical activity. I’ve gone to the doctor and they drew blood waiting to hear back, I told her I wanted my kidneys and liver checked for any kind of failure, I’ll update once I hear back on results. This is so awful, my family is concerned about my health problems and what is so sh*tty is that I literally have not one soul I can run to for help. I’ve been doing this behind closed doors and in secret for years, my girlfriend knows something is wrong, she knew when I was high, but I would just brush it off and tell her I just wasn’t feeling well. She doesn’t suspect I am secretly struggling with this powerful addiction.

    So I just had to take a break from typing to vomit again. Anyways, I’m going to try and eat some apples and bananas, fruits are probably the easiest thing to stomach. I hope I remember this blog so I may continue to update, hopefully I can find some peace. Just a quick question, how long will withdrawal symptoms keep going?

    • desperate mom says:

      I m SO sorry to read what ur going thru. PLS hang in there and DO NOT GO BACK. My 20 yr old son has been on a binge and i m terrified for him. He s had the horrible symptoms u des ribe and keeps goig back to smoking. He began stealing to support his habit and landed in jail for.4 months then was sent to a state run behavior modification run by the prison system. He s only 20 and used to be a basketball star … never even had a drink in his life but at 18 he My email: [email protected]. Thanks. GREAT talking to u. Have a nice weekend. :)got addicted to this poison. Upon release, they sent him toa halfway house and everyone therew as smoking k2. He stayed away from it for 2 months and then relapsed. Began smoking again and ended up in emergency room which he left. I found him several days later walking down a street very disoriented and looking like a homeless a person. Now he s home and destroying our home again with his smoking and. Stealing from me to buy the poison. He smokes 24 hrs day and no hospitaL or EMS will take him if he doesnt want help. What can i do to make him stop? I ve never even smoked pot so I m at a loss at to how to help him. I can only give him shelter and watch him and feed him when he will eat. He has no friends left. He s all alone except for me. His father doesnt care and we ve been divorced for 16 yrs. I m desperate. Desperate mom…

      • Chris Gentry says:

        my best advice for you is to keep telling him he is addicted and if he continues it’ll only get worse i’m on day 2 of detoxication and i can say this your son is being taken over by it it controls your mind to the point you can hardly function he is the 1 who has to make that choice cause you can’t just stop cause it makes you think your body and mind need it i hope i was helpful

        • Richie “R.Z.” says:

          If he had accountable people around him he would be clean still. Telling someone something they already know is not the smartest way of going about this POS drug…

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        You hang around a barbershop ur eventually gonna get ur hair cut. He’s got to realize he’s never going to be cured and he really wanted sobriety he would have left the 1st time he knew of people using in a halfway house. Not all halfway houses are equal. Maybe he needs a 12 step program. I know for me it changed my life and outlook on my future…

    • Terra says:

      Tell ur girlfriend!! I did the same thing and tried to hide it but guess what I got caught and I am at day 3 and I am going through everything u are anf some but man I’m so glad I told my husband the truth and addmitted I stole and everything but I tell u what if I didn’t have him I would be alone and that would suck

    • Annie Reily says:

      Just keep staying off it I know the withdrawls are terrible but they will stop belive me!!!!!

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        It’s easier said than surrendering to the fact that u are an addict.

    • Richie “R.Z.” says:

      CBD oil. Takes nausea away and sooooo much more. Also multivitamin and the more your honest with urself the more your going to get better at seeing not only what it’s doing to you but the people around you. I’m not no preacher just a former SPICE addict of 2 years! HMU Anytime…

  17. Rt says:

    Quitting was the best thing I ever did. The detox is so hard but it is WORTH IT. I have my life back! I have been addicted for several years smoking every single day constantly. Please be strong and quit. I promise you will feel amazing once the detox is over (which I know is complete hell) Please please please just stop, throw it all away and try to have a sober friend that you trust help you. This stuff destroys your mind and body. Drink lots and lots of water if you are detoxing try to stay hydrated and go to the hospital if you have to. I cant stress enough how much it destroys you and you cant even realize until you stop. The horrible fear depression and anxiety will go away, your memory will come back, you will have motivation to do things again! Food tastes better (when your appitie finally comes back) everything is better and clear again. Get out of the fog, I know its hard. I know how it hold you, it makes you think you NEED it but you are so much more than this drug. Be strong <3

    • Swheat Betty says:

      I smoked every day for a couple of years and I have been off of it for about 5 monts now… When will I feel normal again and when will I not want it any more?

      • Annie Reily says:

        I had someone tell me that spice is just as addictive as meth although I have never tried meth I do belive it. The sad part is you may never not want it but that doesn’t mean you should start back and bravo for the 5 months that is great. Just keep it up!!!!

  18. Hal says:

    I have been clean for 3 years. The damage done to my body is still with me. I have severe muscle atrophy in my left abdomen and have muscle weakness in my legs and to a lesser degree, in my arms. I have seen 10 doctors between Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland School of Medicine. None of my doctors can give me an affirmative diagnosis, as they have told me that there just simply is not enough research on the use of K2. I failed an EMG test, but passed the nerve conduction portion. I also had a nerve and muscle biopsy that showed denervated fibers (muscle weakness) and have passed all other test. I have been subjected to more needles than I care to talk about, some of which were up to 5 inches long.
    If my story is similar to anyone please post. I have not been seen by any Hopkins docs in almost 2 years and I am not having any luck finding many stories like mine. Most stories I have read, usually involve death and heart attacks from smoking K2. The only thing close to my situation that I have read are people suffering muscle twitched, which I wish were the case for me, as I experience full blown Charlie Horses every day and muscle burn and spasms.

    • Chris Gentry says:

      i’m experiencing this right now as we speak my elbows turn bright red and i feel my muscles in my forearms become stiff

    • kickinthisshizz says:

      I’m not sure if its the smoke that’s making my muscles tense up, lock up, throb, and just straight go into a twitching fit, but I’m assuming it is. I started smoking the fweed 2 years ago and probably about a month after starting till this very day ive had pain in my left hip and thigh muscle I can barely walk some days and sitting isn’t an option on other days. Running? Ha only in my dreams, and after coming off this, u don’t sleep much. I know I probably wasn’t much help but I honestly believe that the smoke is what has caused my muscles and what feels like my bones to just give up on me. Just wanted u to know u are not alone.

    • Terra says:

      Wow I didn’t even realise this but I get full blown charlie horses in my calves everyday to.. I was doing this stuff called H7 and I am at day 3 of withdrawls I can’t stop shaking or throughing up my nerves are all out wake I get sharp pains in my arms and all over then everytime I through up my whole body cringes up to the point u can’t even move its like my body can’t function at all

  19. weedwacker says:

    Hy guys

    I’ve been smoking this stuff daily for about 4 years. I was off 2 times for about 2 months in that time, and I thought it was fairly easy to quit, and I haven’t noticed any negative effects on my body, so I just kept on doing it. Last month I bought the new stuff AB- Chminaca, which turned out to be pure hell. No joy, just paranoia, anxiety and stuff like that. When I finished the 10g powder in 2 weeks, the withdrawals ware a nightmare. Vomiting, sweat, insomnia, depression. This lasts about 5-6 days, and if you go through it, it starts to get better. Yes, your muscles feel funny, you have no power, and no mood, but these are temporary. I write this to give hope and strength to people. Don’t worry, after the right amount of time you will be ok, without any long term issues. Right now I’m off for 2 weeks, I have about 3g of AKB-48 in my in my drawer, and I’m not throwing it away, just to know that I’m strong and I’m not going to smoke it. I feel getting better every day, and I think I’ll go back to smoking weed occasionally in a month or so. I’ll smoke in the weekends, like I did before getting hooked on this Spice sh*t 4 years ago. Also in my opinion, it is easier to quit if you have a weeks supply of weed, that makes the withdrawal a lot easier.
    So if you want to quit, don’t be afraid, it’s just one week of pain, and after that you’ll feel like a new man. Be strong!

    • Terra says:

      Oh my gosh.. I am 3 days into withdrawl.. I quit because my husband video taped me and showed me how out of it I was and I have a 5 yr old son who depeneds on me.. I can’t eat, cant hardly sleep, can’t even drink water without throughing up or Sh*t my pants when I cough or piss myself I have only been doing it for about a month and I stole to get more I have almost lost my family because of that stuff.. I was doing this stuff called H7 which is no joke that stuff makes u like a zombie but u don’t realize it at all u loose time by passing out.. I cant stop shaking, confussion.. I feel like I’m dying so what should I do now? Should I go to the hospital..

  20. blu says:

    Ive decoded so many times from this drug and it keeps bringing me back…ive spent so much money and time wasted on the delusion that this ”high” was just what I needed. But its destroyed me. I suffered a terrible concussion about two years ago…. not to long after I started smoking spice. Ive had every reaction including terrible trips that put me in the worst place. Today I’ve decided to change my direction, god I hope I can finally get the support and love needed to make it through such an experience. It is never too late to turn back….

    • Robin Wright says:

      Would you please be more specific about what you are going through. My ex fiance, also suffered from a concussion and started smoking this stuff AGAIN, prior to the concussion he would smoke just about every day. He stopped smoking for about two months later. Now he is accusing me of having sex with the guy who cuts my hair as well as the doctors I work for. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I left. Please go more into details so that I may understand what going on in his head. Thanks

    • Terra says:

      Well let me tell u about myself I started doing this stuff called Twilight 3 weeks ago which wasnt as bad but u still get sick from it u don’t realize what it does to u.. it makes u think u just got the flue or something then I got some stuff called H7 about a week ago almost it was stronger, too strong because u loose time u pass out on it and I left my 5 year old son at school all day so my husband ended up having to pick him up at 6pm because I was out of it.. That was like last week.. I got caught by my husband and he dumped out the new bag then I was like super sick throwing up all day & night crapping or pissing myself everytime I would cough.. I had to go steal money out of our bank to get more the next day it was horrible I then smoked some and felt better… So anyway that only lasted about 1 1/2 days $20 I still didnt know it was making me sick.. I just got my brother on it too now friday my last day smoking was a few days ago.. Sat early morning that was like one bowl that I got my brother to buy just so i could do some of it too.. Anyway what drew me to u blu was that u asked GOD could help u with loved ones and support well let me tell u something there is no way I could get through this without GOD because He is with me.. I was so sick I can’t eat I can hardly function.. today is day 3.. The first day was super hard that was like non stop all day & night long throwing up, sweating, not eating not keeping even water down, yesterday/today is a lot easyer except I cant sleep all day now because I’ve been praying non stop yesterday for the LORD JESUS to forgive me and take away this pain and u know what I’m way way way better yeah I still throw up a few times today like the most 5 but I can get up move around did some laundry and u know I couldn’t get out of bed at all… Just gotta believe that He will take it away and u will be better no joke okay!! BLU ur going get through this with me!! We can do this together okay u just gotta ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross and came back to life on the 3rd day and He is alive forever more.. U don’t happen to have a bible do ya? Read Mark 11:22-26 okay now what that says is u gotta believe without a doubt that whatever u ask for in pray believing that the LORD will give it to u.. Now if u pray and u believe with ur heart that he will give it to u then u will have it… Now I know this sounds weird to most folks but I am walking proof right here I feel like 10xs better now then I did.. THANK YOU JESUS this nightmare is over and I am back to my self again.. So PRAY RIGHT NOW!! Ask for forgiveness and u will be healed when u pray okay. Listen the devil is going to try to lie to u and tell u that ur to gone that u got given to many chances that’s a lie as soon as u feel that in ur mind u say ,”I rebuke u Satan in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!! If u got to scream it out.. U just keep praying all day and I am telling u cry to Him.. He will be there… GOD Bless Blu!! Love u!!

  21. Kerry says:


    I am not a spice addict. But I enjoyed JWH-018 for a while a few years ago. And nostalgically researched for the latest research chemicals.

    I read how potent AB-Chiminaca was. 12 days later I had to quit. And I did 1 gram of powder over 2 weeks not 10 grams like weedwacker.

    – quote –
    Vomiting, sweat, insomnia, depression. This lasts about 5-6 days, and if you go through it, it starts to get better. Yes, your muscles feel funny, you have no power, and no mood, but these are temporary.

    I went through all this. And loss of appetite. I am on day 8. I feel for you man, 10 grams. 1 gram and I am still in withdrawal.

    I am not addicted however, because I have no desire to ever touch this or any other synthetic cannabinoid again. EVER.

  22. Tyler12345 says:

    I’ve smoked k3 homemade for about 1 year. My friends puke blood and have bleeding ulcers. It’s horrible. I didn’t like it at first I tripped so bad I was scared. But I’m a young teen stupid an dumb. Didn’t a couple more times till I got used to it. Then started puking sweating getting withdrawals. Smoke like 4 5 grams a day. Today I am quitting. I promised my mom and grandma an friends I won’t do it anymore. Please don’t try k2 k3 or whatever. It’s like heroine! It takes your life away slowly.

    • John S. (Struggling K2 Addict) says:

      I totally agree. These so called “research chemicals” are made in pharmaceutical lab by pharmaceutical companies. I actually researched them and what I founf out turns my tummy. Anyone wantin to know the real facts can email me: [email protected]

    • Annie Reily says:

      Bravo for you for wantin to quit !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is the best decision and my advise to you is get as much info as possible on it and the withdrawls and stay on here cause we all know what you are goin thru and you can beat this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Tyler12345 says:

    I’m telling you people this now. If you can’t eat. Eat fruit. Whenever I ate food I puked it up fruit is the only option.

  24. Kerry says:


    Just want everyone to know. I made a full recovery from AB-CHIMINACA.

    I don’t believe heroin could be any harder to quit. I am so happy that I am healthy again. I though, at the time, that continued consumption would kill me.

  25. [email protected] says:

    I used for a long time, I havent used fweed in almost a year… I have a very long story, I almost lostvthe live of my life… my home my car… and my money, the worst of it all is i hurt those closest to me, my addiction to fweed knew no boundaries. ..

  26. John says:

    After more than two months from my crisis I am finally getting back to normal. I have regained my strength, sanity/mental clarity and the incident has inspired me to quit natural weed; It has also made quitting weed a lot easier. When I start having cravings or feeling down I just think back to how horrible my 5 gram pure AB-Chminca experience was and the cravings for natural weed feels so small and trivial in comparison. I’m practicing mindfull awareness and cognitive behavioral therapy, utilizing better eating, exercising and using my newfound sobriety to be productive. There almost always is a silver lining to horrible experiences, find yours and embrace it! I wanted everyone suffering through this hell to know that I am thinking about you; I pray you can get through it and find your peace and happiness. If you press on it WILL get better and remember you’re not alone in your suffering.

    • Joaquin says:

      Thank you for that, especially the God and prayer part! I feel ashamed to be a Christian doing this. I don’t go to any church, it would probably be a worse feeling if I did. I hate that I felt I needed this more than God at times. I found a roach of it yesterday and smoked it. I have to travel far to get it, so it’s been a week since buying it. Apart of me still wants it badly but I’ve had a lot of bad side effects from it, lost a job, the nausea and sweating is killing me right now. I’m getting better since I quit a week ago, feeling is coming back to me slowly. I felt like shell of my former self before using, life had lost a lot of zest and now it’s time I learn from my mistakes and turn back to “:The Most High”. Thanks for all the prayer people out there. God please help us!

  27. hopeful says:

    I have been addicted to spice for almost a year now. It is horrible I spend $30 a day and have lost everything to get it. I can’t go more than twenty minutes without smoking. I am currently trying to stop and I am so moody tired and just plain hateful. It is the worst feeling ever! I wish I would have never started. Everyone I know who does it is the same they just can’t stop. What is it that hasthe hold over us?

  28. shawn says:

    I’ve been sober for a month now and still have major attacks I refuse to brag about how much I did but it has taken its toll on me I get really depressed because it seems like the symptoms are haunting me it’s just not fair I quit I’m done why can’t it just stop I have trouble at work its disrupting my whole life it seems I was doing 20x better on spice but if I see it or smell it I puke and shake really hard instantly horrid withdrawals that last all day when I went to the hospital they put binds on my hands and we’re trying to send me to a mental hospital I’m 22 I cry every night because I feel so trapped my family is scarred of me they think I’m still on it I have no one but my girlfriend to talk to or comfort me I just found this website just looking for some emotional support hospitals want to lock me up parents are scarred to be in a room with me friends all left from before because I was a zombie just need some help

    • Darcy says:

      Your story really touched me. Just stay strong. Your mine and boby will connect if you know what i mean. I am a recovering addict from other stuff. Time will heal all.

    • wife says:

      this is what i was looking for. my husband was addicted hes on his third day quitting and i woke him up tonight ” hey wheres the phone…hey! i neede the phone!where is it. ” shaking him to wake up. he wakes up ,eyes real big , veins from his neck popping out , face real red,holding on to the bed,,screaming” NOOOO! pleaes e dont . IM SORRY IM SORRY! ” like if hes in a dream he was having this big panic attack like if he were high on that stuff . he was praying” please God please help me! . ” it was so scary he told me “please help me just hold me i feel like im dying! ” then after that terror stage he was real happy jumping ” i can walk! i can walk see!” then he was smiling laughing ( like if he were high, not real lol but just a gentle laugh) .
      i dont think he smoked it but i was just wondering if there was side effects after u quit that include hallucinating like that. and i guess there is. because i smelt his breath and it didnt smell like that ugly stuff.. which normally it would …

      hope this was helpful. i think only God can help you when your dealing with this devil drug.

      • Ms. Pat says:

        I am going through the same thing with my son. He has been talking for about three hours and there is no one in the room with him. He will be laughing and then he starts screaming at someone and it sounds like he is on the phone. It is going to be a long night.

        • scarednalone says:

          My boyfriend is going through withdrawls right now. I gave him some benadryl and a all natural sleep aid. He is asleep now, but its restless. And he has his head in my lap. Im uncomfortable, but if this helps him, just me stroking his head while he sleeps, i will do it all night.

  29. Worried says:

    I am a very worried mother… please could anyone tell me what the physical signs are if you are smoking ‘legal high’.

    • jhizzle says:

      The smell. The smoke has a very distinct smell and you can check by smelling breathe or clothes. It also lingers.

      • scarednalone says:

        Pretty much the same symptoms of heroin, slurred speech, nodding off, stumling, leaving every 20minutes to smoke more, it even causes gi problems.

  30. Joaquin says:

    Wow, I have been stuck here for hours reading. One point that really frightens me is the stories of health issues. I think it has to do with the intense body high you feel. I’ve tried a few things in my day but never anything as strong as spice, nothing really seems even close to describing how it makes you feel. Instantly straight to the moon in a hot air balloon. Maybe I can say it feels kind of like your so drunk, enough to pass out almost without feeling sick, but even that doesn’t do it justice.
    The instantness of it hits you like a ton of bricks, feeling as though you’ve been smoking good pot for an hour or something. It’s the intensity that gives me the rush, it allows me to instantly escape reality when life gets hard. That being said I’m not trying glorifying it but just so people can understand this drug. A lot of the entries are people who don’t understand it but would like to help those they love who are addicted. Let’s admit it we are using to escape reality not recreation or any other lie we tell ourselves. The problem is that this drug is very self destructive and forces you to face reality, If this drug was safe many of us would never even consider letting go. As a drug user sometimes we just wanna be stoned out of our mind and let everything else be, to let the cares of this life care about itself for awhile, while I’m over here thinking I’m taking a much needed break. Problem is the problems are still there, they just got even bigger while I was over there getting stoned.
    Lastly back to my first point of the health issues. The intense high MUST be frying our brain and whole body. Only God knows at this point. There is NO WAY a drug can get you as high as spice without taking a very heavy toll on you. I quickly realized that, many of the health problems and side effects described here I have shown symptoms of myself and it sucks. I work construction and need all the strength I can get too. I put myself through hell and for what, a cheap bag thrills leading to an early grave? It boggles my mind the prices I’ve paid so far for, I don’t even wanna make the grocery list of things I’ve paid thus far. I really needed to read this stuff to convince me that this isn’t over yet and I will be victorious.

  31. Cindi says:

    I can’t believe I found this site. What a godsend. I have been searching for this for almost a year. My husband was introduced to Spice in 2008 and it has slowly developed into a serious addiction and I sent him this link. I am considering divorce. I can’t stand the thought of him tearing our family apart but I can’t live with this craziness.

    • Joaquin says:

      It is crazy sista, I felt like I was about to go to hell the 1st time I took this drug. It was weird, my hands felt like they we’re on fire almost. I had pray just to get the panic attack off me. Why I kept doing it is beyond me? The Devil like man made drugs they destroy so quickly. Pray about it, it’s serious, it’s your life!

  32. denoned1010 says:

    i have been using spice since 2008, regularly everyday. as of 2 days ago my wife made me leave our home. i do not blame her. the rage, the lack of being aware of whats really going on while youre on it. the pawning the stealing and putting my family second. spice has consumed all priorities.i have been through all of the symptoms that people have described. the longest ive gone without it has been 3 days ( a very very hard 3 days). the sweats, anger, depression, shakes, not being able to eat and attempting to quit again. its day 2. tomorrow i will take a 26 hr bus ride to a state where it is not sold. i am dreading the ride but i have to get my family back. if it isnt too late. you will lose everything with this stuff, mainly your sanity and health.i get to where i cant articulate sentences. i feel very depressed right now but i have a very patient sister to help me. i hope i can mend my past mistakes. please dont let this stuff ruin your life . dont do it.

    • wife says:

      my husbands brother is going through the same thing . i hope u were able to quit. its a big deal . pray!

    • gsteph719 says:

      Your story sounds much like mine. Spice is sold all over Texas, namely Houston and surrounding areas. I moved in with my sister in Louisiana where it is TOTALLY banned, so as not to risk the temptation. I’m dealing with depression and all right now, suicidal thoughts and everything else people are writing about the withdrawals from it. Good luck with your recovery.

  33. relieved95 says:

    Wow! I’m so happy I found this website. Its been 2days sence I last smoked n I’ve been smoking for about a year now. I started because I got on probation for position of weed. I still wanted to get high so I started smoking spice so it wouldn’t come out in my drug test. I was on probation for 9months n now that I’m off of it I can’t stop smoking spice. Now that I see alot of ppl dealing with the same problem as me it kinda makes me feel like this wrld is nothing but sh*t. I lost everything I had n I got kicked out of two of my homes because of it. The way to get rid of the addiction is by detoxing urself. Right now its about to be 3am n i can’t sleep because I need to smoke. But how long does spice stay in ur system? The only thing I have in mind is going out to buy a detox now since I found out how to get rid of the addiction. Thank this website it has helped me get some shit outta my mind. U all take care n god bless

    • gsteph719 says:

      Go oneline or to your local health food store and buy a big bottle of Bentonite. It is a type of liquid clay-like substance that binds toxins and excretes them out of your system. BE SURE TO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER TO HELP WITH THE CLEANSING. You might even get a little nauseated, but that’s because of all the toxins coming out of your system.

  34. sugerbugger07 says:

    OI I am in the floor with my husband.I herd him laughing from our bed room and he slid off the couch in to the floor and curled up and was just laughing. I’m so terrified….. I finally go him calm. He’s sleeping with me sitting watching him right next to him. I asked him to never do it again after almost hitting me last year…….update hes moving around and he was able to say uh huh when I asked if he was okay.

    • dom says:

      Make him smoke some grade “A” marijuana. He won’t feel high but it helps with the nausea from the withdrawals.i was and addic for 4 yrs.. been sober 9 months. God bless u . Stay strong
      u can email me for tips. [email protected]

  35. Quitnow says:

    I have been a user of synthetic Marijuana now for just over 4 years now, I quit 2 and half weeks ago and am still struggling with sleep and anxiety, eating etc…. I’m am so happy that I made the decision to quit when I did, I had no idea how badly this drug was effecting me until I had stopped, constantly vomiting and struggling to even keep down water, food was definitely out of the picture for the first week due to withdrawals, I am still having a difficult time now 2 and half weeks in, all I know the amount of pain I been in and have put my family and friends through I never want to touch that sh*t ever again. Make the change sooner than later people the longer you leave it the harder this becomes to quit, it is an incredibly hard decision to make and there is a difficult road ahead of you however you’ll thank your self for doing so, good luck!

  36. Thought I was over it. says:

    I started smoking spice about 3 years ago, my was boyfriend on probation and couldn’t smoke real marijuana, So I suggested it to him. when we started living together our addictions collided, and we couldn’t stop. It is all we thought, dreamed, wanted, or cared about. We had tried to quit numerous times because we knew it was taking all of our money, and we couldn’t promise ourselves a future if we continued. But we didn’t stop. My boyfriend drives a trash truck for a living and on Nov 5th 2013 I got a call from his brother at home saying he was in the hospital and had had a seizure. His thrower was with him that day and there was a nurse that lived at the house he had it in front of or he wouldn’t be with us, he was two steps away from getting back in the truck to go to another stop when he had the seizure if he had gotten back in the truck, the 13 ton truck and him would have ended up in a middle school. That incident didn’t even stop us, well not for a couple of weeks. You see when he had the seizure we had been out of it for 3 days so we concluded that it was caused from withdraw. My boyfriend had two grandma seizures that day and his heart stopped, and we still didn’t stop. Any way we did end up quitting because I was pregnant, quitting the k2 so abruptly caused me to loose 38 pounds my first 4 months of pregnancy mostly because I was on and off of it, on it because I couldn’t handle the withdraw, off of it because the guilt.

  37. help says:

    My fiancee of 2 yrs just started smoking a month ago. He started out slow enough that I was unaware to smoking all day and just staring at the walls. He won’t eat or drink anything unless I force him to. I just found out I’m pregnant and it’s not good for me to stress like this. I want him in our lives but can’t handle this addiction much longer. I need help asap. 🙁

  38. Cindi says:

    We live in Texas can anybody help me find a detox for my husband. I found him at 6am parked in the drive way asleep at the wheel of his truck with the engine still running. Most places say he doesn’t qualify for inpatient treatment. if that doesn’t qualify as a danger to himself or others I don’t know what will, do we have to wait until he actually hurts someone?

  39. kman31 says:

    I caught a seizure from smoking fake pot and I stop and I was asking if this happen to anybody and did you caught another one even after stopping for a long period of time

  40. kman31 says:

    Has anyone had a seizure during the times you smoke and if u quit like I did, did u have another seizure or was seizure free sense

    • Thought I was over it. says:

      Me and my boyfriend where pregnant last year and quit three days later he had a seizure at work and he drives a trash truck thank god he was out of the truck but I believe he had the seizure from withdrawl, because we did start smoking it again after that, and he has never had another one, I don’t know exactly how or what causes the seizures because I had a girlfriend that always smoked it and, went to taco bell took a couple batties before leaving her car and she made it to the counter to order her food and collapsed? That’s why this crap Is so f*****g dangerous because you don’t know at all what its doing to your body or when something drastic like a seizure is going to happen

  41. europe93 says:

    Start smoking weed when you stop fakeweed. It greatly helps you with the withdrawals. Its my experience.

  42. ocdbrownie says:

    Does this stuff make you feel cold and have all over body aches and ear aches 12 hours after smoking it…? I’m honestly a true blue pot smoker but I am currently having to deal with DHS and can’t enjoy my favorite plant because they swear up and down “dope puts you completely out of it and there is no way you can care for your child”. Pot (I actually hate that word for it, put I can’t spell right now…) actually makes me want to get up and cook, clean house, and have fun with the baby. It calms my nerves, helps my depression and back pain. I took a hit of spice last night and it made me go over to my Bro in laws sink and clean one plate, the sink itself and the drain out. I didn’t know who the f*ck I was, where I was at, or what I was doing. I know that crap is addictive because even after I told him no more, I still ended up smoking three joints of it with him and rolled the roaches up and smoked them this morning… over 12 hours later, I’m feeling like total crap. I can’t get warm even sitting here directly in front of the heater with it on high and the vent to the central between my legs… every muscle in my body hurts, my throat and chest hurt, I have a pounding headache and both my ears hurt like crazy… this crap sucks, and even tho I have said before I never want to smoke the spice again… I realise how addictive it is… I have smoked it here and there throughout the years since it first came out and I’ve noticed how much worse it has gotten. I’m mnot sure what to do about my situation … I have antidepressants but I hate feeling like a zombie… I’m tired of taking pain pills for my back. I’m more for anything organic because of side effects of anything man made. However, they have not made medical ingestion legal in my state… anyway, I think I have completely trailed off my main point here… but any help would be appreciated …

    • keith says:

      If you suffer from depression STAY FAR AWAY from this crap. My gf suffers from depression and I have always been know to be the opisite. If she smokes it once shes a wreck for a week. And I used this for a year and it turned me just as bad as she is with the depression.

  43. John Henry says:

    Hey Ocdbrownie, I have to give you the honest truth if you don’t stop spice; its going to kill you or reduce your entire life to a smoldering wreck. My wife and I quit smoking this crap over a month ago and it feels like we are new people reborn. You are right the first few years were fun but the new stuff is an ugly powerful addictive beast. You must stop completely! Be aware you will have to commit yourself to the fact you will go thru Hell! You will suffer but you will not die. Winston Churchill stated once, “when you find yourself walking thru hell, keep going!” An amazing light is waiting at the end. My wife and I took two weeks off work and disappeared from the world. The violent convulsions, heart racing, vomiting, cold and hot flashes were never-ending. We both lost more weight from days of not eating, had intense heart beats, no sleep and fear of never being the same again. You cant “wean” yourself off this crap and you have to accept that you will be uncomfortable but that’s a part of detoxing. In reality, you are actually healing and your heart will thank you the rest of your life for quitting. After four days we slowly began to eat but everything in the world was dizzy and foggy. It felt heavy like heavy metal chemicals were in my body when I walked. I couldn’t even open my eyes outside or drive. I was off balanced. I was irritated, angry and crying for no reasons but don’t worry the disease is in its death throes. Just stay indoors and rest. If you work, you have to take time off for at least a week or go to rehab. A few days later it passed and believe me, once you accept the fact you are done and remove it from your system; you will have no more cravings! My wife nor I have no desire to ever smoke that crap again. Its so hard to believe because I use to look everywhere when I was out just to take another hit. We couldn’t even enjoy a movie without thinking about stepping outside to hit a puff in the car. I was such an idiot! I promise if you detox this crap from your system, you will not want to go back down that road. You will become involved in important things. I like the gym again and look/feel great. I have the sanity to take online school now. I never thought my appetite would come back but I eat at least six times a day now with a fierce hunger and enjoy eating again. I can now go to bed and sleep the entire night without waking to smoke, I know the drill. Trust me it can be done but you have to say enough is enough! You will stop wasting so much money and you will get that ugly cloud from around your essence. Trust me people see it even though you try to hide it. People will interact with you more positive because you look and feel better. I just recently stop beating myself up wishing I would have stopped sooner. This addiction put me in a choke hold and it was hard to break free. It hurts your entire family and people you love. But more good news! Don’t dwell on the past when you start this journey. Nobody cares about the past, its all about today and realize there may be no tomorrow if you keep smoking this stuff. I had to apologize to certain love ones for my actions because I was in denial and wasn’t bonding with anyone anymore. Guess what…people will think more positive about you, forgive you and respect you more because you had the strength to face it, confess your weakness, and beat this disease. You will be an inspiration for others. I feel sorry for people still on spice and wanted to share my experience because other stories helped me. My wife and I read other people stories on these sites to get the courage and strength to finally stop this self-destruction. We realized we were not the only ones going thru the spice experience. The seller and his sons at the smoke shop were buying new high end cars while we smokers were lined up every morning to shell out outrageous money for his luxurious lifestyle from hurting others. I would see people filling out personal “I owe you notes” just to get this stuff. Let this failure in life not be your ultimate downfall but one of your greatest achievements. Trust me, a former daily spice smoker…”Quit this stuff today and be a better man or woman tomorrow when you wake up, regardless of how you feel you will survive and you will be that amazing person again!”

  44. Lisa Bates says:

    Hello everyone – I was doing some research and I stumpled across this site and I’m really hoping for some help which I’m desperate to receive at this point – I myslef am not an addict my problem is with my 20yr old son who I believe has this addiction – I’m scared I’m lonely I’m frustrated and very angry because I can’t help or fix this and I don’t know what to do or how to do anything for him – I have seen him so high that he can’t even walk or talk he’s slurs his words and just falls all over the place – to me he looks very intoxicated on alcohol but I know that’s not the case – he is currently living back home with me since he has burnt all his bridges everyplace else and I just can’t stand seeing him this way – I don’t know where to begin – a desperate mom looking for help!!! Thank you

    • MamaI says:

      Hi first you need to go a good support group like Nar Anon. You need understand addiction and get support. My son has had an issue with K2 also. This is as bad as meth or heroin. It’s toxic chemicals that can kill. We have recently thrown out son out because of the lying and manipulation. You need to take care of yourself. Addiction goes against everything a parent wants to do. You can’t hrlp them until they want the help

    • scarednalone says:

      My boyfriend is on this poison and i know what its like to find him in the spare bedroom slumped over pipe between hos legs and when i wake him see the emptiness in his eyes. I feel so lost and lonley when he smokes. Everytime is the last time. Im so sick of crying, of the empty apologies, of the lies and doing without so he can “relax” (his excuse for using) that im torn between staying and running away as fast aa i can. This stuff is the devil. I wish i had advice to give. They have to make the choice to get sober amd once they put forth the effort all we can offer is support. My boyfriend needs physical contact, rubbing his head, or scratchimg his back. Just ask him what will help him when he is ready to quit. He may need to stay around you 247. I know thats nearly impossable, but as much time as you can give will help him to not think about it so much. I wish you all the best and will pray for yours and his strength.

  45. Chris says:

    My brother was found dead in his apartment because of Spice use. I had no idea how dangerous this drug is. If your using ..This stuff will kill you like it did my brother.

  46. Concerned Mom says:

    It has been both scary and a relief to read these blogs. My son is addicted to Spice and has decided to quit….. again. I have watched him sick as a dog lying on the floor shaking and vomiting from coming off this crap. He would make it through that but then because of not being able to sleep for days he would smoke it again. I don’t know how long he has been smoking it but I know he has tried to quit three times in the past few years. He has made the decision to quit again and I am hoping he makes it through this time. Reading some of the posts here give me hope!!!!

  47. Sarah Olivia Benson says:

    How can I help my gf who has been clean for 3 months today to get her life back? She thinks she’s fine but I see different. Help!!! I want to help her to be her again. So what Are some things I can do with her at home to help her. She won’t talk, eat, can’t sleep, pushes loved ones away, don’t want to do anything fun that she’s done before and enjoyed. She’s just not herself since quitting. Please help.

    • K says:

      It will take time. Just keep her busy and occupied with things that can at least somewhat keep her attention until she gets better.
      Once you get past the worst part, only good things to come.

    • gsteph719 says:

      I’ve been clean for only about 3 wks or so and I’m feeling the same sense of detachment exactly as your girlfriend. That’s what this stuff does, it robs you of all the good things you had in life. I’ve read other posts that with time people return back to their normal selves, but right now things are really hard for me just as I’m sure they are for your gf. She’s lucky she has you trying to help. I’m 60 y.o….way too old for this to be happening to me, but just goes to show you nobody is immune to the damage this stuff does. I’ve lost my job, house and even had to give up my precious dog I loved so much. Stay in touch with this site. I just found it today and it has really helped reading other’s experiences. Good luck with your girlfriends recovery.

  48. Robin says:

    I am also a concerned mother. My son started using this crap (that’s what it is) to try and pass a urine test. He became really addicted. He was sleeping in his truck for days on end. He smoked a bit, would pass out and wake up doing it all over again. I just returned from Edmonton yesterday where I am hoping my son will start some counselling and get some coping skills for this addiction. As he is an adult I can only support him emotionally as I do not trust to give him money at this point. He has sold things he loved for this crap and is on the verge of losing his house, job, truck and girlfriend. This crap has to be banned! It is killing him and his future.

    He showed me the two places that sell this to anyone no matter the age.

    The first place doesn’t even sell it in the over 18 head shop side but behind the counter of the convenience story anyone can enter:

    HIGHWAY 420

    The second one is STATION 420
    Station 420
    10413 150 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 5E5

    Third one is Purple City 420

    I do hope I can shame these places into not selling this crap to anyone. I will be sending this informatoin to the media and the police. It is discusting that people are selling this legally to our children

    • ennaerb says:

      Hey Robin, I’m really disappointed to hear these places are still selling the stuff. It controlled my life for well over a year and I was in a similar situation as your son. How old is he? Located in Edmonton still? All I can say is don’t give up, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the constant love, support and nagging (yes,nagging!) Of my parents!
      That’s where I am, if you want to talk privately we absolutely can. If you or your son ever needs support or answers from someone who has been in the same boat, I’d love to help.

      • Robin says:

        ennaeb, Thanks so much for your reply and message. My son is 26 and he is still located in Edmonton. Maybe you could email me your details ro [email protected]. I will pass them on to my son. I am sure he could use some help from a person who understands what he is going through. He seems to have stopped using spice at this point. Yes my constant nagging and threat of moving in with him seems to have scared him straight. Ha ha.
        I have sent each of the places selling this crap a letter and a link to this site to know the harm they are calling. I have also let the media and police know the places selling. I hope this shames them. Thanks for your message ennaerb, its great to know you are doing well and it was the love of your parents .

        • scarednalone says:

          I too am going through this with my boyfriend and this stuff is tearing us apart. He lies constantly, fakes being sick at work to leave and go smoke, lies about money, even denied me my own pain med for costrocontritis so he would have enough money to buy spice. Today he left work and got high and i busted him, he drove home in a zombie like state. He is now experiencing the withdrawal symptoms and is begging me to dig in the trash to get the foil pipe so he can take one last hit. I have told him i will leave if he ever smokes it again. I gave him two benadryl and a sleep md and he is finally asleep. I am now in control of his bank account and finances. I know that this wont stop him if he really doesn’t want to quit, but im willing to do anything to help him get through this. If i have to drive him everywhere and not let him have an extra dime thats what i will do. He has been so sick on this stuff he has had to go to the hospital. The man he is on that stuff is just a shell. I love him so much, but im making myself sick with worry. My costrocontritis id a result from sobbing daily to tgevpoint of having anxiety attacks ot has caused my soft tissue in my ribs to get inflamed. I know there is only so much i can do, that aupport is all i can offer. They have to want to be free from this poison and do it for themselves. Im no stanger to addiction, i was on pain killers for five years and have been clean now for three. I even refused hydrocodone for my illness and opted for tylonol 3. I still get cravings, but i love being sober more. All i need is support and encouragement from others who understand what we are going through, because i dont want my family to know, i dont want them to dislike my boyfriend. He is a good man who is sick and needs help. Sorry for the rambling, just needed to vent some how. I will help anyone in anyway i can. Feel free to email me for moral support, because we need it.
          [email protected]

  49. Kristen Soble says:

    My 30 year old brother was a spice user for at least 3 years. I believe now that he is could be clean, as he is involved in a mental health program where he is being drug tested monthly in order to receive free medication and counseling services.

    Though he was never diagnosed, my brother showed signs of being Bi-polar prior to his spice use, and since his addiction to spice, shows severe signs of psychosis. He is a delusional liar. He has always been one to stretch the truth, but after his addiction it is much much worse. He does not seem violent, but his mood swings and delusions are extreme and I believe he is living in his own world at least 90% of the time. I do not believe that he has spoken with his counselors about his drug addiction. In his mind, he has a high IQ and is a genius, and that is why he is seeking help from counselors– to cope with his genius. He does not admit to drug abuse, though he has been a drug user for a long time. My parents have spent years trying to help him. For so long we believed we were just waiting for him to grow up, but we see now that things are much more worse than we ever imagined.

    His health is still declining, even after moving back in with them and being more monitored. He is severely underweight. His teeth are rotting. His skin is a dull, yellow color. He has kidney problems, has sores on his skin… and I am afraid he is dying. He refuses to go to a doctor for a check up to start to better his health, and because of his age my mother has no way of enforcing it.

    Does anyone else have a loved one who is showing similar signs?? He is now on anti-depressants and we are not sure if they are making him better or worse, and fear that his counselors/psychiatrist does not know that he was on this drug for so long and if he is even being tested for it. We feel lost, and my mother often says she is living in “hell”, as it is very hard on her emotionally.

    If you have any information or can relate, please please respond.

  50. nope says:

    Im so tired of dealing with all these people in my family, only me and my brother are the ones who dont touch the stuff, everyone else is addicted to the shit. Other than my father whos kept in the dark about this shit is completely strung out on this shit. I wish that probation offices would make it normal practice to test people for this stuff…. they literally spend 30 dollars a day to support their habit…. they even go get food stamps and shit to supplement for the money loss. Of course they lie on paper work and everything else. They will argue tooth and nail about this crap for hours and hours…. It has made me completly hate being around all them… they use one another to hustle for this dumb shit…. Im actually hoping one of them ends up in the hospital so maybe some sence will come over them… Im tired of it and i hate it

  51. adam says:

    Had a very scary spice stint a couple times in my life. The withdrawals were hellish and even caused me to see things that weren’t there. I’m not here to talk about myself though. The second time I quit spice. I used marijuana for the withdrawals. Although the marijuana didn’t get me high, I wasn’t vomiting constantly and could keep water down. I had to smoke a really really large amount. I smoked over 3 ounces in a week. Then the second week didn’t smoke at all only due to financial issues though. At around 14 days I felt back to normal. If I were you and your beloved family member is addicted. I would get them weed, and explain to them that there using of synthetics will only make them suffer and get more worse as time goes by. Explain to them that if they smoke real weed for withdrawals they have a good shot at getting there life back and a smile on there face. The marijuana only helped my anxiety during withdrawal and my appetite, I was able to eat but was still highly affected from spice and could only take a few bites, never vomited though because of the weed. And I had to smoke a lot and smoke constantly. Its a better route to go though. Cold turkey withdrawa almost killed me the first time. The time with the weed I almost felt normal. The weed will make them feel almost normal. They will still be sick but it will be tolerable. And as more days pass the more the weed will work. Please I urge you to stop using spice immediately. And if you can’t tough it out get real weed. And use real weed permanently. Even if it means failing a drug test and going to jail like in my case. It was worth it.

    • hashsliningslasher says:

      You used weed even though you went to jail? I have a major addiction going on 2 years now

  52. KC says:

    How can I help my 20 year old son get help for his addiction to this stuff? Two years ago he started using spice, in that time he has totaled 3 cars, attempted suicide and spent last night in the emergency room after sever hallucinations following a “bad” trip. Each time he promises he will stop, but that time still hasn’t come. I have delt with addiction and been sober for 8 years, but this is is one drug that I can’t get my son away from. His laugh and love of life is gone, he quit hanging out with friends, and sometimes won’t leave the house for days. Treatment centers around Louisiana won’t take him because the drug test comes out clean. Can someone please help me?

  53. Chelsey says:

    Me and my husband need help we are considering weed and pain pills to get off. Somebody please help us!!!!

  54. Nico says:

    Can someone please help me! Ok I last smoked spice in February 2014 . Used weed for withdrawals even though I never felt or got high. I can say I smoke weed on an average every day and still don’t get high. I haven’t been high from weed since leaving the spice alone. 2014 is the first time smoking weed since 2010. I took a 14day break maybe two weeks ago and thought that would help with me getting high from marijuana again. And I was wrong, weed dose t even effect me or get me high at any rate. What do I need to do? Or is there anyone out there with a similar issue that has resolved it and are getting high from smoking marijuana? If you can get high or haven’t gotten high from marijuana after spice use please share . And if you had the problem but fixed it please share and give help how I can enjoy good grade A herb of marijiana. And yes it is Grade A marijuana strands . Loud. Thanks in advance for any help.

    • MuhngTuhng says:

      marijuana acts on one of the 2 canabinoid receptors in your brain, as spice effects both of them. Spice will burn out both receptors after some time. If you used it only once or twice you should not see much of an effect but smoking marijuana for a few years might be the problem. After using spice the one time might have pushed it over the edge. there are also many chemical imbalances that happen after drug usages. do some research to see what you use and what they do and take certain suppliments or food that will help your issue AND DONT SMOKE. wait a few weeks and try again. train your mind through meditation, exercise, drink water and basically get your inner ecosystem back up to par. there are many more things to discuss but being healthy physically and mentally is key to using drugs. Good luck

    • MuhngTuhng says:

      Sorry for taking up more post space but if you would like i can teach you a lot about these things. i didnt prove any of my info since it would take a lot longer but if youd like, contact me and i can help keep you away from spice and if you really really need weed i can help you use it with moderation to get best results. let me know if youd like more information.

  55. justin says:

    Man that drugs the devil, I was addicted to the strongest kind there was for over 5 years tryed quiting so many times but the withdraws scared the he’ll out of me, so what I did and it might not work for most people, if you have ever faked being sick at work to get to leave early, and after you leave you actually fell sick, if you convince yourself your sick when your not then u can convince yourself to fell fine when your sick I no it sounds dumb as hell but the mind is a very powerful tool, what I did was convince myself that there was no withdraw symptoms, I been clean 2 weeeks now and had no withdraw symptoms, I did drink a lot of water and take electrolyte, and eat eat eat, that’s the man thing is eat and drink a lot of water and you have to stay active don’t try to go through this sitting on the same couch u always smoked on , remember how strong your mind can be, trust me it will work

  56. Jason Matthew Hersman says:

    Guys I really need help. Look I can overcome every issue I have had except for one side effect. I cannot sleep until I break down and smoke again, or I stay awake for up to 4 straight days cause I can’t sleep. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! I have lost so much cause of this. I want to break free.

    • justin says:

      You will go to sleep I promise when I went through it I didn’t sleep for almost 5 days and nuthing will help you sleep, I tried it all, I finally fell asleep on the 5 day and it was amazing to sleep 6 hours straight if you push trough this I promise you will go to sleep, don’t give in to smoking, you can beat this bro,

    • justin m says:

      Hey Jason, I wanna help you bro I was addicted to this shit for 5 years and thought I would was gonna die , tried to stop a lot of time most of the time I would make it ahole day before I was sick and buying more, think about it this way that shit is going to kill you look at what it makes you do, if your anything like me you’ve prolly lost a lot of friends, lost a lot of money lost 30 pounds, would only sleep like maybe 1 hour then wake up and smoke more to sleep , what I did was took control of my mind the withdraws are all in your head, so I convinced myself there was no withdraw symptoms, and I never got sick or had any of anxiety, the only thing is I couldnt sleep for 5 days and that sucked but I didn’t give in to the temptation to smoke I just told myself I’d eventually go to sleep because and I did at the end of the and sleep bout 6 and it was awesome now I sleep all the way through the night and I even dream again, you can do this too bro and I’ll be more then willing to help you

      • motopilot322 says:

        Man… I start puking after 5 or so hrs… even if it’s just bile… 4yrs going now… lost a BEAUTIFUL fiance, daughter, job’s.. now I’m broke riding the bus..and just conned myself in to buying more..I’m a strong person. .I admit, I need help.

        • ennaerb says:

          I know the feeling – always considered myself to be a strong person!, I always promised myself each bag would be the last and that I would stop. Lied to my family over and over again. I had so many issues with being sick, I could hardly ever keep food down. Eventually I ended up in the hospital and it scared me into finally being able to stop on my own with support from my family.
          Part of the issue was confronting what made me start in the first place. Part of it was just realizing I was the only one who could stop myself. You can do it! You have to be open and honest with your family and friends. I think I spent every minute of my free time for 2 or 3 weeks at my mother’s to be sure I was being accountable. Your body starts feeling better, you start feeling better about yourself. It’s really, really hard but it gets a bit easier every day! I haven’t touched it in 8 months and I was smoking all day every day.
          Stay strong and positive. If you ever want to ask questions or need some positive support, we can talk privately as well.

          • monkee says:

            This is true. It took me getting so dehydrated I had to go to the hospital. They ran I.V. fluids thru me for over 24 hours. I had a CAT scan lung Xray. I thought I was going to die. I went into a seizure and bit my tongue and mouth. Guess what? It took almost dying to realize this might be bad for me. It ruined my life for 5 years. I thank God for a second chance and Im not going to throw this one away. The doctors were so worried and worked so hard to save me I won’t waste their time. Get away from this stuff. I never did drugs but when the devils make it taste like cotton candy or juicy fruit it kind of pulls you in. I won’t be so silly again. Get away from it. Turn the people in who are selling it. Let us fight together. We can save ourselfs and others. Let us join forces.

        • justin m says:

          Take control of your mind I swear it works I was addicted for 5 years and had no withdraws except no sleep believe me it’s possible, its hard but possible, I’ve been quit for a month and I was back to my normall self after 5 days I have no anxiety, and used no drugs to help and I wanna help everyone see that they are strong enough cause I was the same as everyone at first I tried quiting for 2 years and couldn’t I’m nuthing special, let me help

  57. Oscar Oliva says:

    Help me im on day 10 and my head feels crazy. I thought i was making progress but i dont know if i am. I feel more axious than i did yesterday. Help

    • keith says:

      Im quitting for the 3rd time and its different now that I found this site. Ive seen how this stuff has effected so many ppls lives that I finaly realized how much it affects mine. This is what hapenes it gets alot worse before it gets better. You are making progress, tough it out and itll all go away. If you can get your hands on some thc its a world of help. Ive been using oil for the withdrawals and it really helps alot.

  58. Morgan McKenzie says:

    My name is Morgan. I do not smoke but would like advice on how to help someone quit. My boyfriend has been smoking for over 4 years. We lost our apt because of it. We have 2 young kids and I feel like I raise them myself. He constantly has to be high, falls asleep in the car for hours on end and sometimes over night in the cold. Spends his whole pay check on it, takes the last of my money. Doesn’t spend time with his kids because he is too high or sleeping from being too high. He quit 2 times and went back to his normal self then relapses. He gets angry, mean, violent. I hate that I’m losing my family to this but he can’t stop on his own. If my 2 beautiful kids aren’t enough of a reason to quit I don’t think anything is. I have lost all hope. And ideas how to help him quit for good? I’m beyond over && tired of doing the 4+ years. Gave this man my life for him to throw it all away over fake weed. Any ideas?

  59. TrippySama says:

    Hey guys, so im not even sure how to start this. Legal has ruined my life and i need help and support the most right now guys. it started maybe a year and a half ago. my friends introduced me to tripple cs at first and that was amazing and even worse we started smoking mad hatter with it. God was it amazing. It was like downing a 5th of liquor and not being sick for 24hrs. that habit had almost took away my relationship with my gf and killed my best friends who did it more than me. it took them being hospitalized to scare us straight. so we were sober off cs and legal only because the shop stopped selling it thank god. we were sober smoking just real bud for maybe 8 months? Then we found out another shop had a different kind of legal something better than before. Its called dreamcatcher. we started out slow 1 hit would do us for hours on end then wed sleep like hell. it was good for awhile thought we had it in moderation. Well this shit just isnt like what we had before. The high was completely different and better and that was bad. we wanted more and more. we went from a small bag every other day to a big bag everyday which is 40 dollars. ive ended up selling so much of my shit its sad. So me and my 3 friends are quitting now and pretty much only because we dont have money to support it. Or thats what started it. Then we found out about the withdraws the hard way cold turkying. it put 2 of my friends in the hospital bc of dehydration from not being able to eat and vomitting anything they consumed. Well me and other friend wasnt worried bc we werent bad off like them. So we kept smoking it but trying in moderation. Eventualy the other 2 started smoking again just as heavy even affter the er. Just to keep the withdraws away, to eat and sleep. This shit has been controlling every point of our lives. Its been 1 day sence i had a hit but before that a week. i know that was stupid but im finally feeling like im better but not sober. Maybe its because i got to smoke some high grade today. All of us have been so deathly sick inbetween bags we finnaly said enough and been telling ourselves we will quit and been trying but its hard. so we all went in on 7gs and sat down for the first time in over 6months for a real smoke sess. And it was a miracle we all feel better. My friends ate for the 1st time in a week and kept it down. But as i find myself at this critical breaking point im loosing the other half of my world that made me want to stop. As i write this my gf is leaving me. she doesnt know about my habit i dont know how ive hid it. but its obvious to her bc thats why its ending. ive been so lethargic and just not myself that she doesnt love me anymore. she doesnt love me bc that shit made me someone else.The final straw was when she got off work again when I was at my friends house today getting high. but for the 1st time it wasnt legal(she dont know). she says shes tired of me putting weed infront of her. well i have been but not weed its been the other shit. Im sure yall know how that is. im not sure if i should finnaly tell her the truth like it will matter now. Its ironic shes leaving me because she thinks id rather be high from weed than with her, but its the legal thats done it and the marryjane thats finnaly going to help. im absolutely done with this drug now. i feel it with every certainty in my being that i will become the person i was before dream catcher took my personality. I know im not no where close to being over withdraws, and even though a blunt today helped us all to the point i cant describe how different i feel. its like i have a mind again. i know in the morning its going to hit the only person who i loved or cared for is gone. and its gonna make it hard. There will be other hard days to ill want to just go get another bag. But i know i wont. This is my pledge to myself that me and my friends will kick this shit. By the way im 19 and my friends are 19 20 and 21. So ill be checking back here much much more. hopefully with a lil more support from you guys i can make it through this lowpoint and ensure to never ever relapse or try anything other than real weed again

  60. You can do it says:

    To everyone trying to quit you can do it! I had smoked weed for around 4 years my friend had told me about this synthetic Marijuana so I tried it one day it was a big high, at the time I Thort it was great .I ended up getting addicted to synthetic stuff and would wake up through the night just to smoke it to get back to sleep I had smoked it for around 6 months when I started to feel like head/ brain shaking at the back if my head & hearing music when there was nothing on , also started to look at my eyes and noticed the white part to my eyes had started to get lines/wrinkles on them I than started reading up on it and watching YouTube clips of people on the drug and people you had dead from it. I than stopped smoking it that day and went back to normal weed which did do anything after smoking synthetic. Everyone noticed that I was back to normal not going to sleep all the time.
    My friend who I tried to get to quit but couldn’t came over and slept the night coz he couldn’t drive due to being off his face. Woke up to find he had eaten all my food spewed in my sink and bin:( I than had a cone of normal weed before getting ready for work and went in my room than started having a panic attack crying and couldnt move I couldn’t see all I seen was black I partner came home from night shift to me crying not knowing what happened I told him his put his synthetic weed In our with our normal weed. I was hoping my partner would call 000 coz i was thinking i was going to die my heart was going 1000 miles and hour all I could feel was my heart beating I was praying to god to please save me don’t let me die my mother would be so heart broken. I ended up passing out for a few hours and woke up to go to work. Since that day it has changed my life I stopped smoking all together it was a big wake up call I now wear glasses as my eyes are damaged from smoking synthetic weed but I’m just thankful im still alive and here today and now have a beautiful little baby boy:)
    Please get off this drug it could kill you in the end.

  61. Laurie Turner Schultz says:

    I realy need help on how to deal with my 22 yr old and 19 yr boys that are on of my boys i had to call the ambulance on last week because he keeps having seizures evertime he smokes it and the week before tbat he was in a bad car wreck that by the looks of the car he never should have servived..and the other one just got out from being locked up after fealing a drug test from his probation officer for k2..and here recently we found a crack pipe in his so sick from all the stress they have put me under..everyone keeps telling me to kick them out of the house we gave them but i know if i do that i will just worry more..i have cryed to them begging them to stop telling them my heath isnt doing good because i worry about them so much but they act like they dont care..i just dont know what to do anymore i love my kids so much and its hard for me to give up on any suggestions will help please

    • SpiceAddictionSupport says:


      So sorry to hear about your boys’ struggles.

      This weekend, we updated our article,

      How To Quit Smoking Spice

      Even if your boys aren’t ready to quit, you may want to consider attending a local Marijuana Anonymous meeting – often, many attendees have experience w/ Spice addiction. A local M.A. group can help you learn more about your treatment options and provide support through difficult times.

      If your boys are ready to quit, then another reliable option is in-patient treatment / rehab.

      All the best (we’re rooting for you).

      • Laurie Turner Schultz says:

        Thank you..i dont know that they are wanting help one of them has already been to rehab for it..and i have been looking into a support group around here but our town dont have much..

    • Terri says:

      I’m going through the same thing with my son. Paid thousands and thousands of dollars to put him in rehab for 50 days and then rent at a recovery house where someone offered him Spice and he started smoking again. Within 4 days of getting his car back he had an accident while high and got two tickets. He’s got a DUI arrest from November hanging over his head as well. Fell asleep behind the wheel of the car at a stop sign and the car rolled into the middle of the road. This stuff has ruined his life and I’ve had to watch it happen. I’ve done the best I can for him and now he’s in Gods hands. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety so long over this and I have to stop letting his choice to continue using kill me. Hes only 19 and is slowly killing his body and mind. Its a horrible thing for a mother to watch. I’ve begged him not to let me see him high anymore. I can’t bear to see it. Stay strong and start taking care of yourself!

  62. hector says:

    To everyone that wants to quit spice.. get a hold of some grade “A” Marijuana it I’ll really help with the withdrawal and helps to sleep at night. You won’t feel high but it helps been sober for 11 month and don’t even smoke Marijuana anymore

  63. JWright says:

    2 year smoker, who’s been sober for 2 years.
    Just wanted to make a suggestion to those of you trying to quit:

    Try looking up food and drink with lots of antioxidants in them.

    Cranberry juice, cherries, onions, Green Tea, carrots, plums and dark chocolate all are rich in natural antioxidants. Antioxidants help your body to detoxify – flush out the bad chemicals in your body. This will help you get past the physical dependance. There’s also an incredibly strong mental dependency, but if you can get past the physical dependance, that’s half the battle. Good luck guys, if I can quit, you can quit.

  64. James says:

    I really need help . I smoked way more than I should have with some of my friends last week . It has been 6 days and at points I have felt normal but I have been feeling since I woke up thursday feeling tingles and burns. And it went away for a while but comes back please someone help me. I’m 15 and I did it with 2 friends . And they are ok . I can still function but it’s the feeling and I feel kinda of hazy. I still lift weights etc .. But it comes back and it’s terrible .

    • zach says:

      so james man idk why you would do that K2 is a research drug its legal because they found loops holes it’s for “research” look i know you’re 15 and this isnt the greatest advice but when it come to cannabis do the real thing and only the real thing don’t fuck with hard drug its not even worth it it’ll ruin your whole life plus if you’re hanging with some friends drink a few beers or something don’t get stupid and if you wanna get high know what your dealing with and do it own your own not with people that not even give two craps about you and i wouldnt take anything from any one unless i knew what it was and what it would do first be careful

  65. chris says:

    hi my name is Chris I used to be addicted to this crap and now I suffer from severe panic/anxiety attacks was on it for 4 years now I’m just now starting to be able to eat I lots 100 pounds all muscle on my body is completely gone I used to be serverly built at 240 pounds now up to 170 it gave me severe brain damage completely destroyed my GI tract through my stomach small intestines all the way down to my colon I stay constipated for weeks at a time headaches flashbacks ringing in my ears my vision sometimes blurs out have about four hundred thousand dollars in hospital bills I’m completely weak it hurts to move I’m taking about nine different prescribed medicines im only 29 first drug I have ever done in my life and it destroyed me my suggestion if you love your life and you like your family stop immediately if you cannot stop seek help immediately it is not worth dying if I hadn’t been drinking nutrition shakes I would be dead luckily I found God and you can too love you guys

  66. laureli says:

    So my boyfriend was bad on spice for s while..he started lyeing to me..and just wouldn’t there were signs that he needed to stop..he broke two of his bowls within two days..and then me and him we’re in a severe car wreck…he was smoking spice when it happened..he was ok..but I was in ICU..,i can’t stand to be around it or even hear about it..let alone for him to be smoking it.. That wreck scarred me for life..I wasn’t going to make it…so you would think that after that he would stop…well he did after he soon spent a little time time in jail.., he wrote me all the time a swor he wouldn’t touch it again…and so I believed him.. ..
    Its be a while since he was in jail.. And now He just recently started smoking it..and I know every time he has smoked it bc he is a different person ..He looks different he sounds different..not to mention he lies to my face…i will never give upon him, he is my best friend… But I don’t think he understand what he is doing to me and to his self.
    I don’t know how to make him stop… I feel like I need to babysit him..
    If there is any advice at all..
    Because I don’t wanna have to be the one to say Goodbye to my best friend and the best thing that has happened to me.
    And no I don’t mean for this to be a stupid love story but its what’s going on. And I refuse to lose him over stupidity. He is so much better then that.

    • kaitd says:

      I am going through the exact same thing with my boyfriend. Its heartbreaking. Everything you just said is how I feel. I can’t leave him because of this, he needs help, and I want to make sure he gets it. I know who he is not on this shit and its an amazing person. I want to get back to that. I’ve told him so many times I’m here for him, I want to help him get better, and that I’ll do anything. But he just keeps doing it and lying to my face.

      • Richie “R.Z.” says:

        Good advice! Never give up on yourself or ur child!!!! Learn about the disease of addiction and not just K2 guys!!!

  67. Micloo Gomez says:

    i have been on spice for a while now, i have a bad history with this i have passed out, i have threw up on this, i have some questions and if sumbody can please help me. 1. everytime i spit, i spit something green and it looks like buggers is it because of this crap. 2. every time i smoke my stomach hurts real bad, i have other problems with my stomach idk if is because of this crap i smoke or my other problem got worser. i am 18 i love my life i have stopped smoking this shit it just i love to smoke and i go bak to it. can somebody please answer my questions i am eager to know if this is the problem, if it is i will stop for sure.

  68. jet says:

    Hi, Everyone
    My daughter is now a 22 year old that is 5 months pregnant. She no longer uses Spice. Her last form of the stuff that she used was called Mojo. She stopped as soon as she found out that she was pregnant. Here is her story:
    I’ve always known that my daughter loved marijuana (though I didn’t condone her using it). After a failed drug test from real weed in high school, she was introduced to synthetic weed. It was sold in convenience stores in our area. She got her GED and began college. (I knew nothing of her synthetic weed usage). Things were going smoothly until she called from her apartment one day and said that she could NOT quit vomiting. This would be our first visit to the ER. Zophran and Phenergan stopped her symptoms back then. Fast forward: She began RN school and said that she may fail the drug test for marijuana. I bought very expensive detox stuff, shampoo, etc. Needless to say, she got kicked out of RN school due to a failed drug test despite our efforts. She later entered LPN school and passed. She has later confessed that she did so while being high on mojo daily. She’s a lot smarter than me. I could have never done that. She got out of school, got a great job, got one paycheck, then a DUI. She flunked all three sobriety checks and a small amount (a roach) of real marijuana was found in the car. She confessed to me that she was on Mojo at the time and that the roach was old and she didn’t even know that it was in there. Okay. Y’all know the background. Here’s the problem:
    I mentioned the first ER trip. In the last three years, we have been to the ER approximately 30 times. Even after giving up Mojo, she gets bouts of vomiting that will NOT stop. She now has a stigma hanging over her head and the medical staff really aren’t very compassionate with her. The one blessing about this entire situation is that, at one of her hospital visits, she found out she was 2 weeks pregnant and stopped the Mojo. Has anyone out there had residual vomiting after stopping? Will it ever stop?

  69. Christy Porter'gill says:

    Hi my name is Christy, my story changed my life and hope it helps to help someone else… My husband and I smoked fake weed everyday for a couple of years… One day we went to buy our original Bob Marley but they were out… So we bought something that was sprayed times 2… I sat on the couch while he sat in the recliner he took one hit passed me the pipe as I was taking my hit I felt something was wrong… I looked over and saw my husband’s life slip away…. As my feet started going numb all the way up my legs I was beginning to crash…. Somehow knowing he needed help I pulled myself back… I pulled him out of the chair… He wasn’t breathing… His heart stopped… I started CPR while his mother was on with 911… On the way to the hospital they used paddles and had to shoot him with adrenaline into his heart…. After working on him for 20 min they got him back… You would think this was the end but no there’s more…. After being released from the hospital a couple hours later we got home… He walked in the door walked right to the pipe and took another hit… Here we go again… CPR… Ambulance the same as a couple hours earlier… This time he slipped into a coma… Two weeks passed and he started to come around… He made it but not without damage… His memory is limited and his thought process has slowed but he’s alive! This drug was so addictive and should never be trusted… Unfortunately our marriage didn’t make it through the drug but or lives did!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me… Bless you all

    • mom says:

      pretty close to the same think happened to my son a week ago tonight. This junk needs to be off every shelf. My son was driving and wrecked , he is a teenager and now in a lot of legal trouble

  70. jgarsd says:

    Hi all,

    I’m a reporter with National Public Radio working on a story about the dangers of using Spice and other synthetic drugs. I’m looking to interview somebody in recovery, or somebody who is trying to get clean. If you are interested in telling your story, please contact me at [email protected].

    Pardon the interruption, just trying to shed some light on an important topic.


  71. disqus_8HItwnNDyw says:

    My boyfriend had been smoking for 3 months before he quit.
    He is very clammy, has been throwing up, shaky, week. He hasn’t eaten in 4 days and he recently told me his body feels numb.
    Does anyone have any advise on what would help him?

    • The Overcommer says:

      If he can smoke marijuana sadly that Is the only thing I have found that reduces the clammy numb zombie feeling for myself. Its terrible to replace a drug with another. But marijuana itself is able to be dropped without assistance

      • jet says:

        I only know what my daughter is going through. SEVERE vomiting! She has to go to the hospital and get hydrated and get anti nausea meds. Her potassium level also gets dangerously low from all of the vomiting!

        • azsassygirl says:

          jet if your daughter is still vomiting then she still using I’ve been a smoker for 7 years, 30grams a day I have vomited every single day that I smoked after I went through withdrawal and quit the vomiting stopped has anybody on here stated that there still vomiting 6 months after not using you need to get into an MA support group yourself to learn how to deal with it also the vomiting and the cough are the major tells of spice use .. it’s a spice users tell.. I pray she gets the help she needs but she’s not going to quit until she’s actually ready she may tell you that to get help to keep getting high from one addict to another letting you know. I would tell everyone i had quit to get them off my back . But those 2 things always gave me away and the hospital knew the signs also that is why they were not very compassionate to her . If u want to discuss it u can reach me thu this board . I’m on my second time clean I’m on my second month again

          • jet says:

            She has stopped vomiting and is now 37 weeks pregnant. She is no longer using. She stopped as soon as she discovered that she was pregnant. I only hope and pray that she stays off. Thank you for the advice.

          • azsassygirl says:

            I’m glad to hear that and I’ll pray for you that is the hardest drug to get off of and the most addictive for supposedly a harmless drug good luck to you

  72. jet says:

    That may be a good idea, but for ppl that have to pass urine/hair tests at work, that’s not a good idea.

  73. DawnBonJovi says:

    Look up how taking large doses of Immodium can ease withdrawal symptoms. It’s a huge lifesaver!

  74. Rain316 says:

    my husband was addicted to this for about a 1year he stopped cold turkey and was clean for exactly a year, we are now expecting a baby and one weekend cleaning out the home, the found an old bag of it. he started up again at the beginning on december. he went clean for 1 week but started again, he now wants to stop again and is fighting as much as he can, but needs help with the withdrawl, his withdrawls this go round are much worse then before. need help to help him i dont want to give up on him. He is asking what can he do to help fight the urges!.

    • Ruby says:

      Hang in there!!!! It gets better by the day I promise. Still having cold sweats but they will be limited. Keep yourself busy and incredibly weed works and It’s non dependant.

      • jet says:

        Thank you, Ruby for your support to him, but your support of weed isn’t justified, Maybe he has a job where he can’t pass a drug test? I’ve heard that the fake stuff makes you where the real stuff don’t get you high anymore.

  75. jami says:

    My boyfriend couldn’t eat or sleep unless he smoked legal. And he did it for the whole “drug test” crap. I helped him quit 3 or 4 times. He would puke his guts up 24/7 I didnt see how he wanted to smoke that crap. Well, about 6 months ago he smoked it again. (I had no idea) he came home being MEAN. He locked himself in his car and wouldn’t talk to me. So I went inside to go to sleep.. something told me to go check on him.. when I did he was on the ground seizing. I couldn’t see his face from all the puke covering him. He was choking on it. So 6 month pregnant, me, had to roll him over on hos side and dig the puke out of his mouth. He hasnt touched it since. But I have nightmares all the time . Sometimes when I close my eyes I see him laying there helpless.. dying. You guys don’t understand. This shit doesnt just effect you. It effects your children. Your parents. Your loved ones. You need to get help. Tell a doctor. Replace it with real weed. Who cares if you lose your job, as long as you dont lose your life .

  76. Jake says:

    Not sure where to start. I have been using Spice for about 4 plus years now. It is indeed what you all say it is – a terrible fucking drug. I am here to give you guys some info on the drug, the real deal on it.

    It can cripple you mentally and physically, make you feel depressed, and just make you feel like an overall piece of shit. It is nothing like Marijuana, it’s more of a crack type high, it only lasts around 20-40 minutes tops, and with every ban or year the chemicals get worse and the highs get more intense and strange. One of the main highs or feelings of the spice product the past year or so has been a nod feeling, and the thing is you don’t see it coming, you may take 2-4 hits and feel buzzed and irie, but if you take 8 hits you might just “nod out” as we call it, that is pretty much just blacking out and waking up 20 minutes later saying WTF Happened? This is common for anyone with experience with Spice. It’s not a fun feeling.

    Doesn’t matter if you buy this online, at a store, make it yourself or whatever, it is bad news. Don’t trust someone just because they say it has legal chemicals or is deemed safe by them.

    Most of the highs that this stuff produces are very toxic and poisonous, it does provide instant euphoria but the high is a panicky high and just not an overall good feeling. And the high is so short lived, you are fiending to re-up every 30 mins to an hour. Also, if you smoke this stuff every day, by about a week of full use your tolerance will be so high you will not be getting high anymore at all and need a break. Let’s not get started on the munchies, it’s insane.

    Another problem is that if you want to go back to real weed, it just doesn’t seem to work very well, like you are smoking a cig. And that feels pretty painful when you drop 120 on a Q. I have taken several month breaks in the past and the marijuana buzz has not returned. I will not be going back to it once I quit the Spice. Just not worth it and replacing one drug with another is fucking stupid.

    This is just a warning to anyone who wants to use Spice – Be careful – It is not what people think it is. It is not Synthetic Pot. It’s Research Chemicals.

    I have quit lately and have not slept in weeks, it’s starting to really worry me. I just lay in bed all night tossing and turning. Will be headed to a doctor soon if I don’t get some good sleep. I feel like its been weeks. The funny thing is I’m not tired and jacked up all day and I haven’t slept in a week or two.

    That is scaring me.

    Goodnight and good luck to anyone using this stuff.

    • David Reyes says:

      Damm you just told my story i have about two weeks clean. Aftet smoking for 5 years. I cant sleep and im being a Asshole to my babies momma. And she isnt a bitch either. We are not together but she is or was my friend. Im scared too. I dont feel tired. I think im having bad psychotic withdraws. No more throwing up. Man GOD please help me.

  77. shanta says:

    My husband uses spice. He turns 28 next month and has gotten to the point that he just neglects his family. we have a 2yr old together and I have a 8yr old. The other day he lied about why his nose was bleeding. which wasn’t the first time I saw this happening. He went to bed last night at 12am and woke up at 5am before he went to work and was downstairs in the neighbors storage closet smoking. He will pass out in his car in the parking lot, multiple times I’ve went to get him from out the freezing cold at 3am. He has had at least 4 repossessions and I’ve had the same car for 3 years. He has taken the money out the kids piggy bank, stole money off my bank card several times and I now have to hide my purse. He looks like a zombie all spaced out and shit. He is Puerto Rican and his face looks like he’s had a tan because his skin looks so pale. I wish I knew he smoked it prior to me meeting him. I already told him I wanted a divorce and he always is quick to say I want another man. no I want my husband but not a damn drug addict. he brags about how much he can get and its ridiculous. We never do anything anymore as a family its like we come second to his addiction. He drives and smokes all the time, and I refuse to let him drive my car or pick up my children.
    some of his symptoms:
    scratching like a crack head when he doesn’t have it
    bloody nose
    diarrhea daily
    complains of stomach problems when he doesn’t have it
    passes out for hours
    bad enough he has PTSD. I cant see myself being brought down anymore by this nonsense. I have 2 kids that need me and I Know I deserve better. Im currently trying to get out the lease without him knowing because he has gotten aggressive before but im fed up with this and I love him enough to leave. Its bad enough for me to know about his addiction but my parents have seen it also and im beyond embarrassed.

  78. travis says:

    I can’t smoke real were I’m on probation… I feel like literally death I haven’t eaten I. 3 days & consistently wants to puke .help please

  79. Jacqueline Ashley says:

    Am Jacqueline Ashley from UK, i want to say a very big thanks to the GOD of Dr SK, for using his anointing water to heal me from DEADLY HIV DISEASE, i was diagnosed positive three years ago, and since them my life has never been as it was before, i cried a lot pray to GOD, seek for help from different people across the world, ask family and friends for help too, but they all failed me and because of this sickness i was about to loose my job, the only place where i do find some money to pay for my bills and take care of my self, kids and family, i cried all day through praying to GOD to forgive my sins, but still yet, there was no way out, i seek help from different helpers who i met online, still yet i still remain in the same condition, i seek help from different herbalist no one was able to help me until i met a friend on Facebook, he directed me to Dr SK, which i called him on phone and speak with him and also write to his emails, he sent me two healing anointing water and also send me a piece of note telling me how to use it after fasting and his videos and audio CD. it was really amazing after watching them all, and after using the anointing water, i went for check-up and my result came out negative, till now i have been in a good health and i always go for check-up every weekend and still yet negative. thanks to Dr SK for healing me, you also can be free today from different types of disease and all types of problems if only you believe on him and have faith on GOD by using his anointing water and i promise you that you heart will be fills with joys and smiles… here is my private email [email protected] email Dr SK via email address on [email protected] and be free today to all viewers accross the world and to all listeners smiles from MRS Jacqueline Ashley

  80. James R says:

    I been smoking potpourri by kush for 7 mouths straight . I smoke the worst of them I ODed at least 7 times and decided to quit . well now that I haven’t smoked I have intense pain on my stomach . it is so bad I won’t eat do to the pain . I’ve tried many pills for long periods to stop but to no progress .its day 4 of soberness I don’t know how much longer I can’t take. don’t smoke this trust me its not worth it I’m only 16 and it destroyed me . I can’t remember stuff I lost touch in who I am .and school is the hardest I went from As and Bs to all Fs . don’t ruin you life plz

  81. Jayy says:

    Hi, me and a few friends decided to start doing spice around… The beginning of December and we thought it was going to be nothing. It was something my boyfriend and I have been trying to come off of it and it isn’t going so well he has been puking and I have been getting chills. My other friends have these symptoms as well but they keep going back to doing it so they won’t be sick anymore please help me help us..

  82. kay says:

    yesterday was day 5. I slept 6 hours straight last night thank you God. And then I got a few broken hours this morning. And another plus I had a halfway normal bowel movement this morning! Things are looking up

  83. noway says:

    Hey guys Im 25, I smoke this for a week by accident when I realized it was Spice not Marijuana I just stopped in the moment and flushed everything I had left in the toilet I recomend you do that.

    I cant easily describe how bad I feel for the last 130 hours.. the first 3 days was the hardest.. Felt the heart pump really strong I had to shower my head cold everytime to feel better, I just ate like 4 few garlic cloves during the day (raw is better) and maybe a banana and lemon juice.. sometimes water but very slowly because if you drink too fast the circulation goes even faster… Also 2-4 garlic a day helped me calm the heart and the blood flow and many more benefits so I recommend eat that the most. As this things gets together with the fat in your blood i recomend eat only food without fat like EGGWHITE and FRUITS like banana, watermelon and pear. If you cant eat nothing and feel very hungry you can drink honey with water SLOWLY. Keep your self busy but never stay sit for too long specially if you eat something because it might give you a embolism. Always take walks If you can but I dont recommend bike or run because this might force the heart too much. But walk is good… Im walking a lot everyday. Also sleep with the head

    Right now.. the 5 day I feel much better but yesterday I took an aspirin and my throat got an allergy and I had to take solu-cortef in the vein wich is a antiflam I thought I was good already and tried to eat a small fish steak and went to rest in bed but felt pain in the chest and blacked out for 1 sec so I recommend not eat this for a month or so… I dont know yet how long this will stay in my body but while it is im eating only fruits and the eggwhite for proteins and fruits for carbs (you can try google “nutrients egg” for example to check what you have in your house WITHOUT FAT).. dont eat egg yolk it has too much saturated fat and get VITAMIN PILLS if you can since it has no fat its very good specially if it has vitamin B1, B6 and B12 for the brain. Im tryin to get this out of my blood for once and for all so Im going to a clinical doctor right now.. Also Im trying eating a olive a day wich has green fat so maybe it get together with the spice molecules and get it out of the body faster and its less dangerous for the heart.. but more than one makes me feel bad also dont forget to eat half garlic clove a day at least. Thats all I got guys I think It can help many of you having those horrible symptons just keep strong alright! If anyone know something to get this thing out of my body faster I would like to know! And remember dont stand still for too long.

    This drug is very, very, very dangerous especially if you think its regular weed because it is weaker and make you smoke more and then boom it overdoses! Also I felt NO relaxing effects like with marijuana wich is the reason I wanted to smoke it so Im never doing it anymore and marijuana Im giving a real big break until my body is 100% functional maybe in a year or so I can smoke it back but the risk of smoking spice again by accident really makes me not want to do that nevermore! Also it destroyes your brain way more even if not overdosed.

    • noway says:

      oh when you are getting better you can try eating white rice too guys its the best beause too eat only fruits and eggs get the kidneys overwhelmed potassium and the rice has much less

  84. LDec says:

    How do I get my fiance to quit? He is so head strong and refuses every time to get help, even though we are in a custody battle with his ex, we just had a miscarriage at 13 weeks and now he is upset to the max and using it for coping. I dont know what to do, he will disappear for days at a time and we have to find him. He refuses to get checked out even though he has chest pains all the time. A part of me wants to get out but I can’t, I love him so much and I already lost my baby boy I cant stand the thought of losing my fiance, but no matter what he refuses everything, we have tried to get him help but he will not budge.

    • noway says:

      maybe if you explain him very well how bad it is for the body and specially for the brain you can convince him… he could end up in a weelchair! thats why I will never touch that. Theres others ways to relax and life is so much better without it. Keep trying because when we are under the effect of that the mind gets very confused

      • LDec says:

        Yeah I know, I’ve already tried that but he thinks he is invincible or that it won’t happen to him. One time he was so far gone and I was sleeping and him came in screaming crying for help, when I woke up and turned on the lights he was like no im fine it was nothing. I just cant imagine why you would want to put your family through something like this, he will quit for a few weeks to a month but then fall back again, and ive tried to give him the benifit of the doubt and try to help him relax naturally but he won’t admit hes addicted.

        • julie says:

          LDec I just went thru this. my husband has only been smoking for maybe a month and he acted out really bad one morning which scared me. He woke me up at 2:30 am and called his mother to who lives 5 hour away. His mother ended up driving to us and when she arrived we got him to get in the vehicle. Right away we went to the Hospital (we ended up having to go to 2 the 2nd one ended up taking him the 1st turned us away saying they don’t deal with people who need that kind of treatment and the other hospital does) we drove right up to the ER. we had to call out to get help to get him out because when he saw where we were at he clinched himself to the vehicle. It took six men to get him out and carry him in. They put him in a special room and tied him down. It took 4 hours for him to calm down until they finally released the straps. well the hospital works with the mental facility so due to his condition when he arrived he was flagged and admitted into a facility. now he is there and its the best thing I could of done for him.

    • Sherri says:

      My bf had a “mini-stroke” that sent him to the ER. He swore he would stop smoking that day, but by five hours later was smoking again. I was doing it with him so was not in a very good position to help him stop. We have been clean for 4 months but had two relapses b4 that.

  85. Matt b says:

    How long will it take for me to sleep more than 3 hours a night, this was my second relapse, I’m 84 hours into my detox, not feeling nearly as sick anymore and I actually feel tired but I can’t sleep, if I would take a Xanax to sleep would I then become dependant on that? I have to work Monday night at 11 and I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep by then, PLRSSE HELP!

  86. Shaundra says:

    I’m in so much pain I just want it to be over I can’t sleep I can’t eat I’m do tired of throwing up everything. I just want to sleep and eat what should I do I don’t want to smoke just so I’ll feel better.

    • Matt b says:

      The first 3 or 4 days are the worst, you will not be able to keep anything down, and you will be misserable, chin up, I’m on day 6 and I feel alot better, still have problems with sweating and sleeping, but I can eat now. I feel 1,000,000 x better

      • chris says:

        How long did it take for everything to just get out your body, I feel as if my 4 senses then got very weak……

  87. Rosalie says:

    How are you doing Shaundra? I hope you overcame spice. The first week is rough. I was in and out of the ER every time I tried to quit spice because I couldn’t eat nor drink and was dehydrated. I had horrible abdominal pain and extreme nausea. It was the worst. I was institutionalized for trying to take my own life. I was in the hospital for a week and had no access to spice. My mom went through my things while in the hospital, found all of my spice packets I had hidden and threw them out. I was mad then but couldn’t be more greatful now. I thought I would never quit. I thought it was going to be the death of me. I didn’t have the umphm, drive or motivation to quit. When I was out of the hospital, I didn’t order spice. I kept my addiction from friends because I was ashamed of my drug of choice. I was honest with my best friend when I came out of the hospital and she helped me a lot by just being there. i smoked spice since 2008 and I am a mere few weeks from being a year clean! I am so proud of myself. I want to help others get off this crap. There is a movie about spice called not for human consumption.

  88. dawn Watson says:

    someone help me I’m dying my first day off spice and I don’t know what to do …my number is 832 6893594. I’m going me

  89. Tony Flores says:

    Hello, everybody my name is Tony Flores and I have a kush addiction. I have been smoking kush daily for almost a year. Im only sixteen and just got my girlfriend pregnant 3 months ago. Now that I have a kid coming around, I would love to get off my kush addiction before my child is born into this world. I’ve had a spice scare about 5 months ago and quit for a while but soon got back to smoking daily. Is there anyway I could get any help from anyone? I really do need it and want it. I live at home with my eighteen year old brother, fifteen year old sister, my mom and my dad. My brother and sister also have a kush addiction and have k2 here daily. I can’t stop smoking because it being around me makes it harder to stop! Can I get any advice from anybody? Your help is truly appreciated.

    • julie says:

      tony flores please you have to go to a hospital or a facility. admit yourself or ask someone for help. tell them you want help so they can drive you to make sure you get help. Do your parents know?? if not maybe they should. This drug is BAD. I had to deal with this with my spouse who was on it for a month. He is in a facility now and I got him there just in time before it got worse. What if he hurt someone or hurt himself? It made him have delusions, aggression, vomiting, sweating, no sleep, diarrhea, and stomach pains. I can only imagine what you are going through. I have read all comments and been doing research. Once you stop you will have withdrawals but everyone says it gets better with time. They say stay hydrated, stay actively busy (to avoid thinking of it), and try to be around positive people who don’t use the drug. tony please for the sake of your future, your spouse’s future and your child. Be strong.

  90. Tony Flores says:

    If anyone can help at all and happen to have the app Kik could you Kik me? Mrtpocketz is my Kik name. Or if anyone would like some support as well feel free to Kik me.

  91. jeff says:

    I couldn’t sleep when the night came so I went to the store spent 15$ on some sleep aid. Bought 48 tabs of unisom and a 6fl. of that ZZz time Nyquil. Took 1 unisom and a sip of Nyquil which is 50mg of diphenhydramine and I layed in my bed with my tablet watching spice addiction videos on youtube for an hour and finally fell asleep for 6 hours. From 6am to 12pm. I woke up soakin wet I just took a shower. I watched that mic s guy on youtube on his day 10 being clean. Going to take his advice and start drinking pedialite and some Gatorade and start eating soups and oatmeals.

  92. Erin says:

    My dad started smoking spice because his work does random screenings. I guess he’s going on 3 years and… it’s bad. His weight fluctuates a lot. He coughs like my grandpa when he had lung cancer. He’s unsteady on his feet. He looks swollen and sick. He hardly sleeps. HE CAN’T REASON AT ALL ANYMORE. HE HAS ANGRY AND VIOLENT OUTBURTS. HE IS PARANOID. He even gets sick- he goes through WITHDRAWALS. HE’S GONE CRAZY AND REFUSES TO HEAR THAT SPICE IS DANGEROUS.
    I don’t know whay to do. I am a middle-aged adult but I feel helpless about this. He’s always been angry but this is scary.
    I thougt about turning him in (we don’t have a relationship where we can talk. He’s never seen me as a person but an object,) but it would be bad also bc his girlfriend is a diagnosed delusional, and paranoid schizophrenic with marijuana addiction. The just bought a house and both be in trouble!

  93. xk2queen says:

    I relasped today. I slept all day. Now im hostile and meamean. Wtf. I am not smoking again. After ten years and then 17 days sober. Its noticeably bad.

  94. Guest says:

    Iv been smoking spice for about almost a year straight and iv been sober for almost 3 whole days now, iv been puking and vomitting alot and my appetite has been at its worst everytime i eat i feel disgusted and wanting to vomit, and iv been at the worst since but I do see me getting better , but little by little, and can anyone recommend me something to eat? what are some good foods to eat ?

    • greenwaffle says:

      Try getting some protein drinks (like Boost, or Ensure). It keeps the bad thoughts like, “Am I hungry? Am I gonna puke? Food sounds horrible. I really don’t wanna puke up chunks this time.” away. Take vitamins too. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  95. jeff says:

    Ty for your support. Going on day 7 now. . I’ve saved about 140$ – 200$ already by quitting spice with in the last 7 days. Only thing im having trouble with still is random cold sweats and can’t sleep at all without sleeping aids still. I’m so happy I’m pass the stage of wanting to smoke that spice again. Quitting spice will be the best thing that will ever happen. You WILL get your health back. It really does change you a person too as well, and quitting, you’ll get yourself back…. since quitting I have been slowly regaining myself back, and that has to be the best part of this whole entire quitting spice. I can’t wait to see how I will feel next week!

  96. worried mom says:

    My son is upstairs very sick. Sweats, vomiting and body pain. This is his first day of not smoking. I have been reading some of these posts and am terrified of what we are about to go through. His friend who’s been smoking with him is in the hospital with seizures and his mother at his bedside. I pray that all will be well.

    • mikesbeenthere says:

      Yall can do it. Having u there with him maybe the deciding factor that gets him through

  97. stefanie says:

    I have a brother, 33 years old. He’s had many many addictions with any drug you can think of. Spice has been the worst. I hate this stupid drug. It affects my mother most of all. She has this huge codependency. The way he’s addicted to spice she’s addicted to him. Weve tried everything. Over 50 different rehabs in the past two years. I honestly feel like there’s no support. My mom gets worse and worse everyday. And I hate my brother for it. He steals and doesn’t give a crap about anyone or anything. I don’t know what to do. My main concern is my mother. And I tell her to start caring about herself. And she tries but no matter what she cannot let him go. I honestly have no hope for him. And this might sound horrible but at this point I don’t care about him. We’ve done EVERYTHING. Church, rehab, we treat him right, we tell him well help him, we kick him out. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t want help. I don’t know what else to do. He smokes spice at least 23 times a day. My moms health is deteriorating. TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Tell me something we haven’t tried!!!! I’m 22 years old and I still need my mother. We don’t have enough money to take him to one of those “fancy” rehabs. WHAT DO I DO???!!!!!!! WHAT CAN WE FREAKING DO???? I HATE HIM and I love him at the same time. But he will not change unless he wants to. Damn it. Were talking about a human beings life!

    • Mom53 says:

      You are right, your mom is addicted to him. She needs to understand that she can’t want it bad enough for. HE has to be the one to want it and he does not yet. She’s not ready to accept she has NO control. I’ve finally come to that see that. As a mom, it rips your heart out but I can’t help him if I’m dragged down too.

  98. Tony Flores says:

    Hello everyone I posted a comment about me being an addict to spice and am now here to officially say my detox is complete. I am now clean and don’t feel the need to have spice at all anymore, can’t even stand to look at it. I am only in day three!!! I am now trying to help YOU! I have started a support group on the app Kik messenger and I am here to help you. If I can do it, you can too! Don’t think you can’t cause you CAN! If you are looking for support feel free to contact me on the app Kik messenger. My username is mrtpocketz and I am here to help anyone and everyone no matter what your circumstances are. So contact me…… I will HELP YOU! I will go out of my way to make sure you are no longer a slave to this drug. Contact me please. I want to help.

  99. Hulk Hogan's Camera Man says:

    I’m looking to quit. I don’t experience any withdrawals when off of it but just miss being high as if it’s too fun to stop doing. I have a little 9 month old daughter and a devoted wife I’ve put through way too much and lied to. I’m just reaching out in hopes of finding others who have quit and stopped doing this crap and could meet each week in a chat room or just email consistently and help me. anyone out there? email me at [email protected]

  100. Dakota says:

    This is a long-ish story about my journey, and how this drug is still ruining my life.

    Details: Age – 20. Experience? Done everything except heroin and meth.

    I have successfully quit – not because I wanted to, but because literally I have hit rock bottom. I was once a straight A college student with a full time job. I was making roughly $1.5k – $2k a month from work and monthly payments from college. In January of 2014 I was informed of a 12 panel drug test that the school was preforming on us, and at the time I was an occasional weed smoker and still wanted to “get high”.

    My college friend, we’ll call him Bran. Bran had smoked, what we call “legal” or “pots” and “hoppy” here, before. He told me where to get it and how much it would cost. I couldn’t believe it was so cheap for just a couple of grams! I had so much money, and this was a non-issue for me. We got a $10 vial containing “El Diablo”. After the first hit, I was high and freaking out telling everyone there is no way one hit should have me this high. The high then lasted roughly around 45 minutes to an hour, and it was the best high I’ve ever experienced.

    A couple months went down the road, and I was fine. I would only ever buy a 10-gram bag once a week and I would be good all week, that’s until I started to “fiend” (craving it so bad you look like a crack head). The high only lasted about 15 minutes at this point, and I was buying a bag every day, sometimes multiply times a day. I would miss college just to get high, or sometimes take my bag to school and smoke it on our smoke breaks. I took it to work to hit on my smoke breaks too. It was getting bad, eventually my bank account was suffering bad. I usually always had an extra $500 by the end of the month, but now I was over-drafting my bank account so much it was hard to keep up.

    I had finally been dismissed from college due to too many absences (Private College, strict attendance policy. 3 Days in 2 months were allowed, I was hitting 12 full days every month). I didn’t think much of it, as long as I could get high. This left me with more time to get high right? So I took more hours at work, to make up for the loss of the school money every month. I still had extra time to get high, so everything was “ok” in my book.

    No one understood why I would spend hours scraping pipes that were clearly clean. I developed all types of methods to extend the legal high. Rubbing the liquid resin on tobacco, saving all the resin after each bowl pack, boiling everything, etc. etc. No one really smoked it as much as me, so they never experienced the craving for it like I did. I then lost my job, and let me tell you – the true crack head came out at this point. Due to my responsibilities at college, I had gathered a large sum of friends, and a good credit score. This to me, was the best way to continue to get high, I didn’t care about the consequences.

    I would occasionally ask to borrow money from every single one of my friends, $20 here $40 here, hell even $300 one time. With the promise of paying them back with some extensive lie I had come up with. When they came to me for the money, it was so simple to drop them and move on. I regret everything I have done in the past year. I found out my bank account at Wells Fargo let me overdraft up to $1,000 and I did. I also maxxed out my credit card, just to get high. It was so bad. I scrapped my car for an extra $320 dollars to put down on another car, but look what I spent it on. More legal.

    I have personally went temporarily blind from this stuff, have had amnesia, and a couple seizures, but I always continued to smoke it. Even after the third time going blind and could have swore I “saw the light”. My friend hit a bowl pack when he was driving and totalled his car, and did a hit-and-run because he was panicking too much about the drugs in his car. He to this day still gets high off legal. I got a lot of people hooked on this drug, knowing how bad it was, just so other people would buy it so I could get a couple hits. Including my sister.

    When you are crawling around in the floor identifying legal flakes, and black resin just to get high. Look at yourself you are a crack head, or a “fiend”. If you are continually cleaning your pipes, or even break a couple spare pipes just to get to the resin, or if you are pinching everyone’s bag when their passed out, you need to stop. There was always some new way to get high for me, if it was from using pipe cleaners and then smoking the cotton or using a piece of wood and smoking the wood. All of which are terrible for you.

    “Tripping too hard” or “I got too fucked up” is a common expression used in my small, very small group of friends who still actively engage in it. During these trips is a common element of seeing people who aren’t there, these people have never engaged with me, they were just filling up the room. Until recently, where one of the hallucinations touched my leg and told me how good of a job I was doing figuring out that a blanket had a race car on it. My leg was numb in the three spots he touched me.

    I’m a week sober, the withdrawal symptoms I help everyone out with are usually gone by day 3 or 4. I always help baby sit people who are tripping to hard, because hell – I got them on this drug just so I can continue my habit and don’t want to see them get hurt.

    But, guess where I’m going as soon as I get my tax refund? That’s right – the head shop.

    If you guys need help with the withdrawals, I’ve helped a couple of my friends with them. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

    • easy e says:

      Please don’t pick back up… you don’t want to be 36 and where I am. I’ve ruined my looks, health and lost most everything one can lose. It isn’t worth it. You’ll never have a decent life or be happy using that garbage. I’ve been where you are. Get help.

    • lost and about to leave!!!! says:

      My fiance has been addicted to spice for a little over a year now. His mother is ten times worse. And I’m telling you everything that you have explained is him to a T. I hate it. Ive tried to get him help. he doesn’t want it. He has had seizures. Gone blind. Passed out multiple times. Stopped breathing and him and his mom thinK this is cool or funny. I just don’t get it. He tells Me rehab is for hard drugs. But he is convulsing throwing up daily sweating lazy doesn’t care anymore. All he cares about is getting high. And every time he needs more. He smokes about 2-3 5gram bags a day. It really has gotten far out of control. He is not the same person I fell in love with. He is not the same father to our children. They ask me all the time what’s wrong with daddy? He tells them he smokes too much tobacco. What do I do?!!!!

  101. easy e says:

    Worst drug and withdrawl EVER! Trust me, I’ve done them all! Stopped recently and I feel better every day!
    Good luck!

  102. easy e says:

    I had the same issue when I quit. Horrible diarrhea and vomiting, along with sleeplessness and cold sweats. Please stay strong! It gets better.

  103. Josh says:

    Why is wanting to quit this so hard? I feel like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde so much of me wants to stop but everything else in me craves it and it’s hurting my family so much. I just want to be able to be a normal adult I’m about to be 21 and have been smoking this for 4+ years,I can’t eat or sleep or even think straight without smoking but the anxiety is worst of all. Just looking for advice and support from others who have dealt with this

    • Michael says:

      Quitting is hard, I’ve been clean for about 2weeks, I’ve been clean longer but I relaspes. This time I’m feeling confident. Don’t be scared too look into rehab there is no shame in wanting too better yourself, fuck what people think do it for you. Life does get better. Just think of all the nice things you can have if you don’t buy that shit

  104. Debbie Gibson says:

    I just wanted to say big thanks for this site…This is awesome! I discovered it last night & have passed the info on to my friend whose son has a Spice addiction. We are going to educate ourselves using this wonderful resource so she can get her son the help he needs so badly. Thanks, again!!

  105. kat says:

    Omg….this is exactly what im going through. Im on day 3 very little sleep an no appetite the battle is a hard one all the strength to everyone trying to kick it.

  106. anonymous says:

    no appetite
    cold sweats
    wont be able to sleep tonight
    stomach aches and vomiting

    day 2 🙁

  107. justin brown says:

    hey guys quick ??? to any one ok so im 2 days offf n i feeel liiik shiit but my dad was telling me that real marijuana helps the withdrawl from spice

  108. Greg says:

    tomorrow is one month for me, do you still have the anxiety attacks and constant emotional stress?

  109. Patrick91 says:

    I smoked legal or herb as we would call it for five years. Five hard years. I had to have it to function. I couldn’t eat, sleep, work, or do anything without it. My entire life revolved around the herbs. I’d easily smoke 200 to 300 grams every two weeks. I have a good job, a wife, a beautiful daughter and I almost lost it all just because I wanted to get high. Well at that point it was more I thought I NEEDED to get high there was no wanting I’d find a way to get it. I would pay my bills and then spend over a thousand dollars a month on legal. I started just like everyone else it would keep me high for a long time and I didn’t need much at first but I started needing it more and more and I’d get extremely mad when I didn’t have it. I quit three jobs just from someone saying the wrong thing when I didn’t have any and I’d blow up and quit. I some how landed my dream job and it was an hour away from the nearest place to buy it so after two years of smoking I thought I would be able to quit so I bought me a little to “help me quit” well it lasted a couple weeks and then my first big check came in and it was on. Well three years later and after smoking all day every day at work or not. I had a seizure at work one day. I woke up in the hospital and freaked out because I wanted to get high. I left the hospital and blamed it on a vapor pen. They put me on short term disability for two months and nothing changed… my lies worked again or so I thought. My brain wasn’t the same. I couldn’t smoke it any more it’d give me seizures if I hit it to hard but I didnt care I needed it I told myself I’m just gonna take small hits and not hold it in and ill be cool. Well three months later I had another seizure driving home from work and I totaled my tahoe. That was it. That was all I could take I had to quit or I’d lose everything. Someone would find out. The double life could only last so long. It was a crazy couple months. First it was search. Straight crack head style. If there was any in the house i found it and desroyed it. I broke my pipes I destroyed everything that had to do with legal then the anger came and that’d last a couple days then it was the depression it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I was sick, I couldn’t sleep, I had cold chills, and so much more. It was crazy but day by day it got easier and the next thing I knew I slept for like a week and I ate everything in the house. Food hadn’t tasted so good in over five years. My senses wow they were extremely heightened for about a week. Everything smelled so good and looked so beautiful. Life was good. I’ve been clean for almost a year now. April 12th will be a year. I’ve gotten alot of the people I got addicted to it off of it and I’m willing to help anyone else that needs it. This drug is no joke. I’m reminded everyday of the pain of this drug due to a neuroligical condition I will take meds for the rest of my life for. You can stop. Its all about deciding you want to.

    • mike says:

      Hi Patrick…Ive got to quit this spice shit…tomorrow I want to get 1 $10 bottle..make it the last…what do I do?…you can text me at 702 412 5561..I can use any advice..tomorrow I plan on it being the last….?

      • azsassygirl says:

        Mike you have to go cold turkey you have to make that decision you have to destroy everything that you’ve used to smoke it you cannot wean off of it it doesn’t allow it this is my second time on it and I swear this time I would never go back again I’ve joined na and I’m slowly putting my life back together again. But not a day goes by that i dont want it working on 30 days now and i still get the shakes

  110. Please listen says:

    I would advise anyone curious about spice to avoid it like the plague. Spice is more addictive than any substance I have ever encountered, and I have experimented with the so called hard drugs such as heroin and cocaine. The strange thing about spice is the actual drug experience of spice is unpleasant, yet you feel compelled to repeat the experience over and over. I remember the first time I smoked spice in Florida. It was a brand called Mr nice guy. But there was nothing nice about it. I remember taking barely one puff and having one of the worst anxiety attacks of my life. It was as if the anxiety was so strong that it was pushing me down to the ground. I felt…. The worst feeling… Like I had murdered someone and was on the run…. A terrible anxious guilty feeling. I felt so uncomfortable my first time smoking it that I had to go for a walk to regain my sense of reality. I did…. And eventually the anxiety wore off, providing me with a sense of survival, almost a high, similar to the feeling a skydiver might experience after a death defying jump. The spice experience is similar to marijuana only in relation to the visual distortions. Both drugs will provide a slightly hazy visual perspective on your environment. Whereas marijuana provides the feel good emotions of dopamine immediately, spice, in my opinion, only provides these emotions slightly after completely freaking you out. I slowly became addicted to the “near death experience” spice provided. Every time I smoked spice I felt terrified. Then I survived the experience. And I felt… alive? To this day I’m still unsure why the spice experience was at all enjoyable for me. My only guess is that spice, despite being unpleasant, was specially formulated to addict people. I eventually realized that buying premade spice was financially expensive. So I started ordering the chemicals used to make spice online, namely AM_2201. I would smoke a bowl of it sprinkled on plant matter of any sort. Dried rose petals were my favorite. This is when I started experiencing the extreme delusional effects associated with spice. The “high” of spice seemed very temporary, but the delusions were long lasting. I became convinced that I was the star of some reality show about my life, and I felt like I was being watched all the time. I have experimented with other psychedelic drugs in my life , and none have made me feel this way. Unlike other “bad trips”, where the paranoia and delusions usually wear off when the effects of the drug do, spice delusions persist long after the ” high” has worn off. In other words, you feel sober but you are completely out of your mind. I genuinely believed my delusions. There was no voice of reason in my head. I eventually became concerned about the long term effects of using an unstudied research chemical, so I decided it was time to stop using spice. I grabbed what was left of my AM_2201, my pipe, and walked to the nearest trash can. That was that…. So I thought. This is when I began to discover how physically addictive spice is. I couldn’t sleep. I would drift off for fifteen minute intervals, then wake up in a cold sweat and my bed sheets were soaking wet. I literally couldn’t eat. The food just wouldn’t stay down. I would vomit almost immediately after eating the smallest morsel, then dry heave over the toilet for minutes after. I had the worst fever of my life coupled with anxiety attacks. The withdrawal symptoms lasted over three days and I feared that if they continued, I would lose my job. I couldn’t keep calling in sick. So one morning I got into my car and headed to the local gas station to buy more spice. At this time in Florida spice was everywhere…. Displayed in full view in colorful packaging that would definitely appeal to children, featuring Disney characters. I asked the gas station employee which brand was the strongest, and he recommended a brand called WTF. I paid a ridiculously large price for the small package and raced home to smoke it. It felt terrible as usual, but I was able to eat again, the fever passed, and I could sleep. I continued using WTF over the following six months, in which time I started to really notice the physical toll the drug was taking on my body. Despite being able to eat I was rapidly losing weight. My normal weight is about 150. By the end of my six month WTF addiction my weight had dropped to 107 pounds. I looked skeletal and somehow the fat tissue cushioning the bottoms of my feet had depleted making it painful to walk. I was weak and frail. I started needing to smoke more and more WTF just to keep withdrawal symptoms at bay. I would wake up several times during the night to smoke WTF because I would start withdrawing during my sleep, and then rush to the gas station first thing in the morning to get more. The delusions and paranoia worsened. The last month of my spice use I was terrified to leave the house except for work and to buy more spice. My brain started to deteriorate. I would forget how to perform basic simple tasks, especially at work. I experienced a strange phenomenon I called “hand blindness” where I would be, perhaps, searching for my car keys in my pocket, but unable to identify them by touch alone. It wasnt like I had no feeling in my hands… I just had no idea what I was touching without seeing it. One day I looked into the mirror and didn’t recognize my reflection. I looked like a zombie, complete with blackened teeth from the constant smoking. I realized that if I continued using spice I would die. I also realized the only way I could quit the addiction was to remove myself from access to the substance. The next day I quit my job, packed up my life into my car, and drove as fast out of Florida as I could. Luckily I had acrued a bit of savings. I was headed to the west coast, to live with an herbalist friend of mine who wanted to help me withdraw. The drive there was harrowing. The withdrawals symptoms began almost the second I drove off. I was running a high fever and vomiting at every rest stop. When I arrived and my friend first saw me she gasped. “You’re still alive!” She exclaimed. “That stuff is designed to kill people.” She was somewhat familiar with spice addiction and brewed me a super strong tea of Valerian root and kava kava that I was to drink constantly during the physical withdrawal. If it helped I didn’t notice it. The actual physical withdrawal took a half a month… A half month of fever, panic attacks, inability to eat solid foods, dry heaving, dizziness, inability to sleep, delirium. I wanted to smoke spice so bad to make it go away. I even crawled to the most questionable gas station one night looking for it, but thank God, it was illegal where I was. The mental addiction, along with the paranoia, delusions, and panic attacks, lasted long after the physical withdrawal. I still craved spice and was incredibly socially phobic. After a full year of not using spice, I finally began to see things clearly. I realized a lot of the spice induced delusions that persisted in my mind even after stopping the drug were unreal. I began to trust people again and make friends. Now, three years after my spice addiction, I am doing better than ever. I have regained my weight and health, and have had my teeth repaired and whitened. I manage a business that I love. I consider myself lucky to have survived spice addiction, and I am so grateful to the people who helped me save my own life. I genuinely believe that spice is perhaps one of the most dangerous drugs in existence, designed to addict and kill people. Its not even worth trying once. One use can cause lasting psychosis. Thank you for listening to my story.

  111. Anonymous says:

    Ive been clean for about 2 months now,i thought i was going to die going through withdraws,knowing that one hit would stop it all but once its over with its worth it,i was smoking it for about a year straight before i smartened up,my dad,his girl and my grandma have been smoking it for 5 or 6 years and have all got off of it and all our lives are alot better without it,im still mentally fucked up tho,Skitzophrenia,depression,anxiety,bipolar disorder,and whatever else i have,all because i wanted to get high,im just lucky i quit when i did before i died.

    • Bbshopper says:

      I have the same problem. U want it when I wake up in the middle of the night. I’ve become an expert at scraping resin out if purposely broken pipes. I’ve picked up loose spice off the ground to smoke after my fiancé poured it out outside.

  112. gray9187 says:

    Well we’re do I start I used to smoke weed and I came across a shop In Birmingham selling Thease legal highs called sweet leeef obliteration so I tryed a purchased a pack thinking it was Safier then weed I was wrong,! What I look back now is when I purchased the item the man selling said don’t smoke this in a bong cause you will get addict but its fine in a joint when he knows that first puff you are addict. I didn’t even know I had a problem I currently changed from days to nights so when it came to 9pm my shift hadn’t started and I was withdrawing like mad I manged some how to do my withdrawls at work I only had too. The next night I couldn’t go to work as I was sick black acid it’s horrible. ITs embrassing at work knowing they know I use drugs. I had to come clean to my family which helped so much my I am now 4 days clean but the cravings are bad how long will this last and how can I deal with it at work it’s hard. Sorry forgot to add only used the stuff to help me sleep every 2 hours. When will I feel normal

  113. gray9187 says:

    It Is hard I been clean 5 days now. I don’t want to smoke which is good. Just hard going to shops extc feel like every one is watching every1 knows they don’t tell your self this IT will get easier feel lost in my self and fragile and emotional when will I started feeling me?

  114. jj22222 says:

    how do i get it out of my system its my first time they didnt tell me wat it wss and i felt terrible this is the 3rd day and i feel like out of it, someone help please

  115. David says:

    They are selling this stuff with ketamine in it now. Its called the bee. 6 days clean. We need to spread. Awareness. Lets do something about it. Its killing us all. Email me please. we need to put an end to this police are taking too long. Its time to take matters into our own hands. Please we need to resolve this now. Contact me we are determined. Dave. [email protected]
    We need a group together to protest in front of these shops selling or something but lets take action. Ive called police, dea, dcf nothing is being done and potheads are being turned into crackheads without even knowing it. So sad that a human can do this to another. Call please lets put an end to this now.

    • Anthony says:

      Dude, finally someone who has enough courage and bravey, set up and plan proper demonstration or civil protest of some sort too banned all synthetics products in the U.S. That’s exactly what we all should do in order too get rid of synthetic drugs once and for all; not only too be healthy mentally or physically but for our future sake.

    • Bobbi Bobbi says:

      I agree that something has to be done. I had a son addicted to that crap and kids in our area are dying left and right. We need to put a stop to the sales of this crap!

      • david says:

        Now they have flaca being sold as candy.. imagine a kid getting a hold of this and accidentaly eating it like candy. Out of control

  116. Goza says:

    I went to jail I’ve come out addicted to spice i smoke from am to pm that spice shit is a proper drug

  117. Ryan says:

    I’ve been sober 50 days today. The crap they sell at bodegas head shop in El Paso nearly killed my girlfriend and I. And the cops are All dirty around there. They are pushing for that crap to get sold! Wtf. Try working the 12 steps. I’ve seen it work for others and it is working for me. If anybody wants someone to talk to, I am here. U can reach me at 9493382193. Much love to everybody and stay sober!

  118. Taylor says:

    Synthetic cannabinoids are evil. Not too long ago, just last year, they drove my friend into complete psychosis and insanity, and he committed suicide. His name was James Gunnell. They sell this crap here in town, it goes by “Mindbender” or “CB1”. Sometimes it’s so strong it throws you into psychotic episodes, making you vomit and experience grandiose delusions, suicidal hallucinations, and other serious mental issues. We tried to help my friend but it was too late. He disappeared one day after we took him in for a psych evaluation (which was completely useless), and his remains turned up a couple months later in a wash.
    Nobody needs to smoke this stuff. Nobody. All we know is that these chemicals are cannabinoids, full agonists at that. But what ELSE are they? What else are they doing that is causing severe addiction, vomiting, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, etc.? We need to work together to get this stuff banned altogether. To propose a ban on SYNTHETIC CANNABINOID DRUGS in general, not just certain chemical names. If you’re going to smoke, smoke natural marijuana. Not dirty, halogenated chinese chemicals.

    • Liah says:

      Hi thanks for the heads up. My daughter she’s 17 and never knew where or what friends are poisoning her mind with whatever she’s taking. Dr and cops were saying its either synthetic acid. But don’t know it yet. She kept saying somebody putting a cursed on her the youngest child a blue eye little girl is making her saying all this. This drug is evil. I’m so scared for her. She cut up herself last year suicidal. Never saw her like this before. Super strong and kept repeating same thing over. Any help out there? I love my daughter youngest of six girls. Thanks

  119. Fernanda says:

    I am 20yrs old and my husband is 22 we have a 4 month old son who is the Best thing that has happened to me. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree while I work a part time job and take care of our son. My husband is the major source of income. He used to smoke marijuana and I didn’t have a problem with that. Due to some regrettable actions he ended up with a year of supervised probation and was no longer able to smoke. At first he picked up the habit of drinking but I didn’t mind it since it was only once a week and he wouldnt get super drunk. But about a month or so ago he had the bright idea of smoking spice. I was never okay with that but he didn’t listen to me. He had been smoking that stuff for a few weeks now and two mornings ago I saw him go through the worst high ever. He was in the balcony and I had just finished giving my son a bath I asked him if he was okay and he said no. He came in the house and began freaking out yelling asking for help and yelling out that he loved me. He threw himself on the floor and looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He kept yelling unrecognizable words. I had never been so scared in my life. I put my baby In his crib and locked the door. I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I started crying telling him he was going to be okay. When it was finally over he seemed like he never went through that. He was his old self again. I told him I didn’t want him smoking that anymore and I said I would leave him if I ever found out he did it again. Well last night he did it again and this time I was sleeping while he was taking care of our son. I woke up to him screaming while holding our son. He kinda tried to calm Down but I could tell just by the look on his face that he wasn’t himself. The trip was not as bad as the previous one but I can’t trust him at all anymore he said he would quit and I believe him. I can’t even trust him to take care of our son. I love this guy and he was perfect before all this happened. we had accepted each other with our flaws and virtues but he seems like a different man now. I feel like I’m slowly losing him to spice and I want to help him but I can’t risk the life of my son. I am in so much pain right now and I feel my life is falling apart. Spice is destroying my life and my family. Please someone help me. He seems like he wants to quit but I feel like he is already addicted and he hasnt even been smoking for that long. I don’t know what to do. I want my son to grow up with a mother and a father. I feel like I don’t deserve this. Please help me.

    • SpiceAddictionSupport says:

      Fernanda, really sorry to hear what you’re going through. Your story is unfortunately familiar to lots of people who visit this site.

      If your husband wants to quit but doesn’t know how, then read these articles about treatment options:

      If you have private insurance and are open to professional treatment, then a spice addiction treatment program might be the right way to go. Call our hotline at 1-866-246-8028 to learn about programs that accept spice patients.

      If your husband doesn’t admit that he has a problem and/or doesn’t want to quit using, then you will need to get him to that point before trying the above. Try recording his behavior on your phone, then playing it back to him later on, when he’s sober.

  120. Guest says:

    Shops stop selling the street game will get worse. I’m saying we go outta state and bring it back sell it on the corner. YOU CAN STOP THE SPIKE FLOW

  121. Matt Hook says:

    Shops stop selling the street game will get worse. We go outta state and bring back. YOU CAN’T STOP THE SPIKE FLOW

  122. Bubba's Hidden Camera says:

    I find if I don’t have it I’m okay but if I do I smoke like 5 grams in a day and waste an entire day. right now I haven’t had any in like 2 1/2 weeks and don’t feel a need for it but I know once I get a little extra money i’ll want to try to see if I could maybe just smoke a pinchie a day or something. it won;t work. cold turkey or nothing

  123. jessica says:

    My husband has been doing this so called spice drug. I didn’t know what this was or the effects or anything. Iv been searching online but everything I read is not the way he acts. He’s up all day and night doesnt eat. Always isolating himself. He’s even loSt a good about of weight. I asked if he’s on anything besides this spice drug and he’s says no. Are these symptoms the cause of this drug?? He’s been spending so much money on tod and it’s ruining or marriage. He’s just not himself anymore is as if I don’t know him.

      • Thatguy57 says:

        Shits probably worse than meth. I was using spice and only spice for 3 years. I manufactured my own so my habit quickly spiraled out of control. I was using upwards of 1 oz per day. I needed it to eat and ate a lot but often food went right through me or came right up. At the start I weighed 220 and I’m now down to 155. I Also couldn’t sleep without it. I would wake up every hour craving it and could not get back to sleep. I know they won’t perscribe it for spice addiction but if you can get ahold of subboxone strips they do help (even just 1/8 a strip) as the withdraws are much like opiates. I promise he’s not on meth or bath salts just give him time

  124. Bbshopper says:

    I have noticed a horrible short term memory loss as well. I’m still smoking a 3G package a day.

  125. dave says:

    Dont get in your own way, yea its gonna take time but if you allow the mind that heals your cuts without you even thinking about it, heal your head, it will. All you need to do is believe.

  126. niranye says:

    The drug spice is quite possibly worse than hard street drugs that are illegal. This is my account of witnessing my friends & loved ones destroy their bodies & minds while I was babysitting them. This spice addiction story is NSFW & graphic.

    My first interaction with this nuisance came while living with my fiancée and his older brother in the time between high school & college. My fiancée & I smoked marijuana regularly (we both have PTSD and anxiety issues), but his brother, who we will refer to as J from this point forward, was a career criminal…in & out of jail since he was 19 on a slew of drug possession charges. Needless to say, J was on parole & could not partake in toking, although he sold all of our weed to us and all our friends. You may be thinking to yourself, how does J do it? A career criminal drug addict who sells but is somehow immune to craving it??? Impossible!

    Enter synthetic marijuana chemical JWH. My fiancée and I were just hanging out in the den area of our apartment one afternoon and J bursts in the door with a little plastic bong, and a stench like death. I gagged and made this grossed out face the first time I caught a wiff of it and every single time after that.
    “You have to try this shit, guys. It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before…the high is like, like a rollercoaster. Don’t take too big of a –”
    My fiancée had cleared the entire freshly packed bowl in one single hit, and J looked like a deer in the headlights for a second.
    “Better strap yourself in tight. You’re in for a ride.”
    J reloaded and handed the bong to me next. I was totally worried and hesitant. Then my fiancee started giggling in a euphoric kind of way but also an intense way…like he was mildly tripping, so my mind felt a little more at ease.
    I took a very small hit and remember being thoroughly grossed out by the smell and the taste of this stuff…thinking the high better be pretty redeeming if people are OK with inhaling this atrocious smelling leaf. I held the hit in for five seconds and was listening to the other two trip out and say “whoa” a lot between laughing fits.

    As I blew the smoke out my legs started to go numb and my mind was like “something’s really not right!!” Alarms and sirens began wailing inside my mind as my heart reached a fever pitch. I was thrown headlong into a full blown anxiety attack! I immediately shot up from my seat and began pacing back & forth while crying…not able to explain what the fuck just happened to me. I thought, ‘never again, that’s not the stuff for me.’

    But the other two loved the shit. J especially. I would come home from work and find homemade bongs that reeked, alongside bags of chips that looked like they had been eaten by a starving raccoon…complete with crumbs all over the couch and carpet and bag completely shredded. The food consumption was probably the most ridiculous munchie madness I have ever witnessed, I started buying extra food when going to the store because he would eat our shit too! Like a few times I bought three boxes of toaster strudels and he ate two boxes in one night!!!!! I would have to thoroughly inspect the floor in every room before walking in it because several times I stepped on a butter knife coated in peanut butter and honey…it was fucked. And there was no talking to him: he was always asleep! He would come home from work and smoke a hit, pass out for forty five minutes to 2 hours, wake up and IMMEDIATELY do it again. All night.

    I eventually started getting worried about six months into his addiction. My fiancée was not a habitual user like J, but I was also worried he was losing his memory because he couldn’t remember anything. J was getting weird though: he would sit in his room alone and smoke, every once in a while he would come out but only to act like a goon. We would all be chilling and he would come in, eyes completely zombied…and slurring his words heavily. Our friends were asking “why is J so drunk all the time?” It was embarrassing but also worrisome. What was going on in his mind? I wondered. I was well aware of the stories of kids killing themselves or just losing it completely, and J was a big scary looking guy who would be difficult to subdue if it came to that.

    Fast forward to several months later: J was getting real sloppy with his business dealings, and running with some super shady characters. There was a lot of traffic several times a day and throughout the night. This was also around the time he had decided that spice was no good anymore because I was showing him stories from people like the ones on this website and he was getting scared. He tried to give it up cold turkey…he kept his piece though since is was an expensive glass bong at this point. He also kept a gargantuan stash of empty baggies the entire length of his spice experience that he would later scrape the crumbs out of like a fiend to help him sleep. Three days into his cold turkey attempt he was describing agitation, irritability, extreme insomnia, delusional thoughts, excessive sweating and inability to keep food down.
    Even before he was on spice he was never a weak person and was usually too proud to ask for help unless he couldn’t do without it, so we knew that he was not doing too well.

    One day while on break from work, J brought a friend home with him to smoke some 7H (a popular brand of synthetic at the time) in what would be his first relapse. While J was experiencing massive relief from his first hit, his friend Jeff was hysterical, begging me to call his wife & say his last goodbyes for him because he believed he was dying. I calmly said, ” Jeff you are not dying, everything is perfectly okay…please relax.” But to no avail.
    “I’m gonna be sick, where’s the— BLAaaGH!”
    He vomited right on the white wall of our den. I rushed as fast as I could and grabbed the nearest object for him to continue to spew in. I thought, “thank goodness we are only a block from the hospital,” but I was still worried. About fifteen minutes later we got him to calm down, and he promptly fell asleep. But when it came time for them to leave about ten minutes after that, J tried to wake Jeff quietly and gently so he didn’t scare him but Jeff’s eyes shot wide open and his veins were popping out of his neck. He was scared out of his mind about something. “no!!! Please no!” He screamed this several times before J got spooked and picked him up by his shoulders and I helped carry him out to J’s car. After J got home from work I asked what happened and he said “he just slept in the car the rest of our shift. Then he wouldn’t even talk to me.”

    I met this nice guy at work named Andy and invited him over to meet my fiancée and hang out. j eventually got this guy more addicted to spice than even he was! Andy and his little brother Anthony were eventually coming over to our apartment just to smoke spice and nod out for hours and hours. It was repulsive. It felt like our house was turning into a k2 crashpad for junkies and I hated every second of living there after this point in this story.

    A couple of months after this crashpad shit started, it was Halloween night. My fiancée and I had been handing out candy in costume on our porch and having a good time. Later on in the night we got pretty wasted with our friends while J lay in his room high out of his mind on k2, basically dead to the world. Our friends all left except J’s gf, and she went into J’s room after a while. A guy that I really disliked came to try to buy some weed from J, but he was out and J told him that. They had some extra words too, the guy was upset about the lack of supply. He left.

    About thirty minutes later I was standing near one of the doors to outside, the one that the disgruntled person had left through, scraping old food into a garbage can. The door opened behind me, which kind of pissed me off that I had forgotten to lock it and that someone had the audacity to walk in without knocking. I whipped around ready to scold my friend, but instead was greeted by the barrel of a handgun against the back of my neck.
    “Do you feel this?” The masked gunman asked.
    “Come over here,” he grabbed my arm and walked me over to the living room and instructed me to lie on the floor with my hands on the back of my head. I saw four people in masks with guns before all i could see was carpet.

    My fiancée had just come out of the bedroom and was shocked at the scene. They did the same with him except punched him in the back of his head a few times.
    “Please don’t hurt my wife, whatever you do.” He begged.
    They were there not to take our valuables or money, but to take J’s weed. They were in the know, they knew J sold large quantities, they knew he was a spice addict, and they knew he was a physical threat because they wanted us to be really quiet so as not to wake him up.

    They were drilling us all with questions, they even sent one of the people into J’s bedroom and got his gf out on the floor as well.

    “I’m only gonna ask ya’all one more time, where the fuck does he keep his stash?”
    “This is a robbery right now, don’t turn it into a murder.”
    “I’m gonna kill your bitch if you don’t tell me where your brother is keeping his weed. I know he got at least a half pound, now say it!”
    I was shaking uncontrollably with fear. I thought this is how I would die. Then they found a bayonet in my fiancée’s bookshelf while looking for the shit. They started the stove.
    “Let’s burn this bitch.” one of them said.
    I screamed out because I thought they meant me and begged them not to burn me. But they walked past me into J’s bedroom, laughing.

    I didn’t see any of this but J tells me he woke up with them surrounding him all holding him down except one, who sat at the end of the bed with the screaming hot bayonet. They asked him a few questions and J was being no help to their goal, so they burned him in the back of his neck. J begged them to let him go, saying he would do anything and that he was really out of product. I could hear this part and was wincing, bracing myself for the gunshot that would end his life. I was about to make a run for it but I didn’t know if I would survive. Then the tone of the conversation changed, j was screaming loudly “kill me! Fucking do it! Pull that fucking trigger I dare you haha I fucking want to die!!!!!!!” And they all let him go, being stunned at what he was saying and how loudly it was being said. He was able to get to his golf clubs and chased them out of our apartment.

    After this J got clean from spice for good. He made it a point to never touch the stuff again, even though it was a trying process that resulted in him failing drug tests due to illegal drugs and going back to prison , but at least he still has his life. Please let this serve as a lesson to anyone who believes that they are completely untouchable by any and all bad drug experiences. The consequences of your actions could result in your death or death of those you love, and even if no deaths occur you are still hurting everyone that cares about you in any number of ways. I was almost robbed of my life because someone saw this person in a weakened state due to k2 and decided to attempt to take him out. Please stop now, for you and everyone you love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • KDani says:

      “Then they found a bayonet in my fiancée’s bookshelf while looking for the shit. They started the stove.
      “Let’s burn this bitch.” one of them said.
      I screamed out because I thought they meant me and begged them not to burn me.”

      didnt read the whole thing but that part had me in tears.

  127. Emma Lambert says:

    It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve smoked spice and my experiences were always different. I was with someone who was truly addicted to it, even got us evicted from our apartment after living there for only a few months. He would spend hundreds of our rent and bill money on it every day since it burned quicker and the high only lasted for 15th min or until you passed out (though you would never know when you passed out). I remember the major bad trips I had. I was sitting in my living room watching Superbowl 48 (missed the whole game cuz I smoked spice and was passed out the whole time) and I remember seeing numbers quickly dropping down to zero. I thought I was going to die so I screamed to wake myself up. Thankfully it wasn’t my time yet.

    A couple months later, my ex and I were over at his dads house and my ex thought it’d be awesome if his dad took a hit of spice (he was a weed smoker which I highly recommend for ppl who are currently spice smokers cuz its a real plant people grow and not process and it’s been proven to help handle major diseases like epilepsy). His dad didn’t feel anything but apparently I was having seizure like symptoms I was unaware of until I opened my eyes and saw my ex and his dad staring at me in worry and his dad ask me if I was OK.

    Some time after that, we were trying to find a place to sleep (my ex spent all our money on the stuff during the week as always and we were smoking in a parking lot next to his mother’s house). At the corner of my eye, I saw a scythe and a dark hooded figure and thought, “that’s the grim reaper. You’re gonna die.” I looked at my reflection in the side mirror of the car and noticed my eyes had no pupils, my lips were pale and drooping like I was frowning but I knew I wasn’t. Then I noticed I was shaking my head at myself like I was ashamed and had to pay the price. I was so scared after that time that I stopped completely. My ex went to numerous rehabs to get clean but he never did while we were together and that’s why we’re not together anymore. He chose that over me and believe me everyone, you don’t want to get addicted to spice. So for people who have addictive personalities like my ex, I don’t encourage you to ever go near that stuff. My ex and I have lived in a lot of different states and he always found a way to buy it regardless of the price. Spice can mess you up and the 15 minute high is not worth your life. I’m telling my story to prevent others from further injuring their beautiful minds, wonderful lives and the ones they love because spice will make you choose it over your loved ones. Thank you for reading and I hope I’ve helped someone with their addiction.

    • Danny O'Rioghbhardan says:

      Thank you for sharing Emma, we have a Family memeber struggling and your story helps educate us with whats really going on with this terrible situation.

    • Ijeather says:

      Yes thank you have been smoking for a little over 4 years with these last 4 yrs being the craziest and hardest of my life…that shit turned me into a fucking hypochondriac …I quit twice for months at a time but found myself sucked back in I hate it I wish they would kill these fucking Asians making this shit

      • This Guy says:

        It’s hard for me to accept those last few words, but I can’t say I haven’t thought something similar as I stare at my reflection in the mirror after puking my guts out.

  128. Sam says:

    I want to stop smoking k2. I been smoking it for years. First drug I ever tried was k2. And it was amazing, I felt like I was floating and finally happy (I’ve always been a depressed person) I had the giggles over nothing the first time I finally felt it (I tried it when they kept saying try it but it was a waste because I never felt it until one of them decided what I should be feeling) I was living with 2 other people and no internet, phone, tv. Me and roommate A would smoke k2. This stuff made time go faster, gave us a stress free zone. We smoked about 3gs a day between us. Sometimes more if friends were over. The stuff was cheap and very easy to get. Just walk down the street to the gas station. 15 a bag. Kept doing this for months until the city ban gas stations from selling it. But the local head shop still would be. Finally summer came and I got my usual sickness I get once, maybe twice a summer. I get put in the hospital and that’s when roommate A gets arrested. That’s when I stopped smoking k2 for about a year or two, to impossible to find. Did not know where to get pot either. So roommate B gets me hooked a bit on molly. That lasted about a month or 2. We never take a full one, spilt it between the 2. Helped us not feel hungry because there was nothing to eat. Roommate B would have sex for those Molly’s. I never knew how many she took but while me and roommate A did k2 (before she was arrested), she was popping molly. Roommate B started getting paranoid and freaking out on those. Took one really good freak out for her to change her ways. Started getting religious. Because I was still pretty new to this drug world I did not know where to get anything. So I became drugged free. Yeah I missed it. Missed only needing one small hit of k2 to get stoned. Was I craving it, not really. just somethings made me remember it. 2 or so years later I met this guy, call him B. No relationship, just friends and still are. B use to smoke spice the same way I used to, until it was impossible to find some. B did know where to get pot though. So I bought pot thru him for a good long time. Smoked about $50 in pot every month. B had a friend (call him R) who just rolled into town. Found out R knows a street k2 dealer. I bought k2 from R’s friend until B trips the hell out. Like on the floor twitching and moaning. He did do some meth earlier thay day and robo pills the previous. We also smoked some pot with it. Turns out the spice guy was a really bad mixer and there were a lot of hot spots clumped together. So to many chemicals in one spot, also he liked to overdo it sometimes. Its what you get though buying street. So that’s when we found out the smoke shop in another town not to far sold it 15 a g. At this point pot was still my drug of choice because k2 was still near impossible to attain. It was more of a weekend sort of thing. R was really addicted to k2 and had to have it no matter what. He did not do pot because of peeing hot. R robbed me, took movies and games that you could only get about a dollar for at the pawn shop. That was the end of R. So again no more k2. He was the guy with the car. But it was enough to fuel me to go searching for an online shop. B hears about k2 selling over line. We didn’t trust the websites enough yet to attempt it. Eventually instead of 50 on pot I spent 30 on the online store and got a 3g bag of Diablo. The only k2 I knew at the time. We were shocked it worked and it was a real site. That was the end of pot. I bought 10g for 50-60 a bag. At first the 10g would last me a while. Then I guess my tolerance got bigger so that 50 a month turn into 200 plus. But that’s also when B meets a dude name C. C sells k2 at the best prices. 10 a g. But we werw getting 5 a g. No one else had those prices so C’s been my guy when I did not have loads of money to throw down huge amounts of cash. But those 5s, 10s, 20s add up. I started smoking a g with friends and that won’t last. Slowly became just me smoking a g by myself a day. When I did not have the money to spend I’ll just go with without. But those days were miserable. At first I had to come down from binge smoking for days non stop. I’ll sleep a lot usually. Then I became restless and could hardly eat or sleep. Then it would get back to normal ish. Then I would get money and start the whole process over. This has been going on for about 2 years now. I’ve only tripped out once. I blanked out and fell down for like 5 minutes nothing was registering. But that’s when me and B got ahold of a batch that was bad. Every time B hit that k2 he’ll get real sick. Puked on himself and flopped to the ground. It reminded me of a child throwing a temper tantrum. Just replace the crying with moaning and manic laugher. So that’s my story. I’ve seen a lot of people become weird after hitting my pipe. because me and B had a tolerance and always got the good stuff novice people would freak out over. Everybody had different freak outs, no two the same. But the signs of a trip were there and easily readable on their faces or body language. The reason I want to quit is because the highs not the same anymore. I grew to use to it. So use to it that now I have to smoke this stuff that gets me insanely high. N I don’t want to be that high it’s starting to mess with my brain. I’m hearing things now that are not real. I know they’re not real but try telling that to a brain that won’t listen and hopped up on really good k2. I’m only 24 and gained about 50 plus pounds on this stuff because of the never ending hunger k2 gives me.

  129. Brittany says:

    my boyfriend and the father of my 4 year old son is very addicted to it. I’m not really sure what to do anymore. I try to be there for him to help him quit but he just wont stop.. i need help. i kicked him out of the house and it just made things worse. he told our son he was goin to get help and come back home well now hes home hes doing nothing to stop. he stopped for 3 months but then started hanging out with his bad friends and started back up… is there anything i can do?

    • ana says:

      Same with me. We have 2 girls 7 months and one the way im 18 hes 17 they just took him in to d.t he has been in and out tells me he quits but everytime i turn around bes doing it again so i left him and if he wants to see the kids he has to be clean for a year and he can see the kids but i have to be there with them he can’t be alone with them untill a year or so.

  130. macie says:

    my dad was always smoking Like 2 bags a day. He always had some. For like 2 to 3 years stright. But in one of those years he only smoked real with me. He smoked fake a lot. He was never sober and always had that smell on him. And he recently stayed in hotels because he had a warrant for his arrest for violating probation. And almost a month ago I found himlaying in his hotel bed with k2 all over him and vomit lifeless. I wish i could have stopped it. He didn’t get to see what I looked like for my freshman prom. Please people don’t smoke this stuff. I’ve also seen a 13 year old get mixed emotions and kinda paralyzed and throwing up. From over dosing twice. Please people. Stop this stuff its so bad. And I miss my dad so much

  131. billy says:

    This website and the help of god litterly saved my life. I can’t thank you guys enough. Its like my whole life mission now is to help others get off this junk. I salute you guys.

  132. sad girl says:

    Help me my partner is addicted and I don’t know what to do. His health and our finance s are suffering. Is there a place to get help in Perth Western Australia. Sad girl loves boy

  133. Bree says:

    I have a friend that is on this stuff bad
    She is losing her hubson and pushing away all her friends and don’t have any kind of ins,, I need to know how I go about getting help for her, c

    • azsassygirl says:

      The only is cold turkey and it is hell make sure you have a lot of Gatorade and cup of soups

  134. Pamela Jones says:

    Please help!!!! My mother is on the verge of becoming physical with me and my daughter is in the mix. She has been on this stuff for 3 years now and it has been a downward spiral for her ever since. I miss my real mother. Ive even had the authorities involved since she has even threatened her own life about my withholding her granchild but they didnt believe me!!!! Pleassssssseeeeee anyone help!!!!!!!

  135. Unique1 says:

    My Son who is 18 now is killing himself I have no idea what to do? He is addicted to k2 him and both of my nephews are constantly smoking this stuff. Even if I make my nephew go away my son will meet up with them, How can I get my son to understand that I need him to survive he has a daughter who is 1 that he doesn’t even care about anymore he doesn’t groom all he does is sleep all day wake up be okay for a min then he right back to dosing back off. I moved to the Winchester VA thinking it was less city so less stress and it is not it is the exact opposite who can i call to get help im not sure if i should call the police or not? My son is in the ninth grade he could have done allot better but i come to find out he been smoking spice Please may someone tell me what to do who to call I love my son with all my heart I need him his daughter needs him and his sister please please please help me

    • azsassygirl says:

      you can beg you can threaten its not going to do any good until he’s actually ready to put it down I’m speaking from somebody who’s had two times , my family disowned me I disown my family but it was up to me to put down the pipe. and spice addicts you so much that until you’re actually ready to quit you won’t quit the only thing you can do is take care of the baby get the baby away from him go to Alanon support meetings for you. Spice will take you to your bottom but intill – you reached your bottom you’re not going to quit

    • Paul says:

      Omg ma plss get him tht help . I’m the same exact age and this website was like a shotgun blast to the spice . i felt bettr literally 30 min after scrolling around and making the change to quit

    • kms says:

      First of all- I am sorry you are going though this. 2nd- I was born and raised in Front Royal, (if you live in winchester you should know where this is) and my parents moved me away from there when I was 13 to Myrtle Beach SC… I still ended up smoking the shit. You can go to a mental health facility and tell them whats going on, most of the time they will do a mandatory psych evaluation (72 hrs.) by then he will be just about be done withdrawing and the craving will be gone by day 5. IF you cannot afford the hospital stay and have to do it on you own, search for his stash DAILY, flush it, don’t allow him to go anywhere, be patient because its one of the worst feelings in the word. Let him smoke weed until the cravings withdraws stop, it really makes it easier to eat and hold down food. If he doesn’t comply, get an eviction notice served to him, but offer to help if he is willing to quit.

      • Unique1 says:

        Thanks for responding me and yes I do where Front Royal is, But I contacted north western community service they told me if he is not willing to seek help i cant force him? I would be wasting my time forcing him into rehab if he doesnt want to change but I dont know? cause he is stuck to the point he doesnt care about nothing or anything or anyone for that matter.. I have prayed and made him pray even though he was mubbling) nothing is working. He has so much support even his Girlfriend try to take him to frontroyal to get him away from from temptation but she says he always fight to come back just to get high? she does plan on leaving him and I dont blame her. I have done the most if he come home high I will call the ambalnce just incase he is overdose and I told him and my nephew if I see them on the streets I would call the police on them (they dont care) But it hard for me to destroy other peoples privacy because my son is a addict? So when I did call cop all they told him is not to be out side looking drunk up ? It sad but I rather see him in jail than killing his self. My options are so thin Please pray for me PLEASE

        • azsassygirl says:

          he isn’t a direct price is extremely addictive until he is actually ready to quit on his own you can beg and plead and fraction and pray but he is not going to change until he is absolutely ready there is no rehab that will accept him until he’s ready to say I am an addict and need help the best thing for you to do is go to Alanon meetings and learn how to deal with it maybe practice test love and it’s time to let him go on his own trust me from one to another he won’t quit until he’s absolutely hit hit bottom what his bottom is only he knows

  136. azsassygirl says:

    I’ve been clean from spice now almost 4 months I’ve got a new job I’m rebuilding my life and my financial status the status again and also I can think about is man a bowl would sure taste good but then I remember the withdrawal being such hell this is my second time clean last time I went a year without it I wonder if the cravings will ever go away

  137. Joe says:

    Me and my dad smoke spice. We both have an addiction to spice. I been reading most of the stories people been telling and its really got to me, how most of this stories i can relate too. Smoking spice has really taken control of my life and as well as my dad. I cant go to sleep if i dont have a bag for the night, when i wake up in the morning all i can think about is going staright for a bowl. If i dont have a bowl in the morning i wake up with strees, mad, not hungry, or i would get angry of any little thing. The thing is that spice really has change the way i am, also the way i react to people.
    Me and my dad really need help to stop because i have realized that this drug aint taking me or him nowhere.
    We both be smoking spice for about 2years now, and all i seen threw out those 2 years was that i was making my mother and sister suffer.
    I wouldn’t spend much time with my family. All i would think about is going to buy another bag. And the next day and the next day i would do the same. Starting today i will try to stop.
    And spend more time with my family. Thanks for having this site,where people can realize what they doing to their lives.

    • This Guy says:

      Joe, show your dad this site, PLEASE.

      My ex told me about my behavior, but I wouldn’t listen. As I’m reading these stories, I realize that is me. What I’m hoping for is that your father will come to the same conclusion.

  138. heather says:

    Dam they were charging u 30 a bag wholesale like that …..Dam they made a killing bags in Houston were being sold wholesale like 12or 13 bucks any kind 7h Diablo space cadet klimax…what the fuck…texas trill…atomic bomb …that shit is so popular here in corpus Christi I hate it

  139. Heather aka weda says:

    Please help me I just got engaged and hot pregnant and I want to quit so bad tears stream down my face as I write the words because I can’t believe I’m this sick off of the potpourri…a lot of my family smokes it and friends do to…I had quit about ttyl8rt months ago and was doing so good then I started to have urges and went to score a blunt …on mother’s day this year I fell while smoking in the restroom on the toilet to hide the.smell from my fiance ..I smoked in there alone and would stay in the restroom for at least an hour this time I woke up off the floor I didn’t have any clothing on…it was early my dude had ran to get tacos or something and I decided to take a quick smoke break but all I remember is getting up off the floor running to my bed and laying down but when I looked down at my pillow it was covered in blood…I freaked and ran back to the mirror in rr…I had never seen so much blood on my body it was already going below my breasts and allover my back and shoulders and I didn’t even know what happened …I had fell when I nodded out 5 staples to the back of the head on mother’s day…good one mom!….and I still wanted to get high I know all about the withdrawals as I have quit before and know it hell….right now I’m smoking like a half a bag a day that’s like 5g…I used to do a whole bag everyday…I’ve cut down to probably like e.g. a day but I don’t want to harm my baby but the sickness is horrid being prego….please help me quit this trash I hate it …and my stomach hu rt s …I’m trying so hard but the pain is so real

  140. Heather aka weda says:

    What a true definition of what this stuff does to a person …please spread the wordstop the production of this potpourri in developing countries

  141. Paul says:

    Writing this on my fourth sober day wit shaky hands Bless this website and everysingle of you who just saved my life ….Here come the tears lol but have they never felt better

    • azsassygirl says:

      hang in there Paul drink lots of Gatorade and just remember you are going to be better for this cool showers help with the hot cold sweats

  142. Becky says:

    Hi guys,
    reading everyone’s stories has been bringing home how my life used to be. I’m a lifetime addict, 20+ years of abusing drugs. Nothing would be passed by if it would get me high. I spent my life going from one drug to another…always wanting to feel better and not realizing (for a long time) that I was unhappy, and scared- I wanted to be fixed…I thought drugs were going to do that for me. I was wrong.

    My step son turned me onto spice about 5 years ago, Like a lot of others have written I thought it smelled awful and tasted bad too. I remember thinking “this sucks” and not liking the high initially. Of course I’m an addict…and I am incapable of just letting it sit there and go to waste (even though I didn’t really like it) so I tried it again, and again and again.

    Soon I was like so many others on here, I was 100% hooked. My highs were comparable to heroine. I’d smoke until I’d “nod out”, I’d come to and smoke more until I’d “nod out” This cycle would go on all day everyday, I’d wake up from sleep to smoke it. I couldn’t wait for others to leave me alone so I could smoke to the degree I wanted to. I’d hide from everyone, and isolate…At the time I had a med. (marijuana) card (I’m in CA) and I couldn’t have cared less about smoking weed anymore. My head said “it’s legal and that makes it 1. safe and 2. legal…woo hoo” I’ve been stopped by cops and they don’t even confiscate it…I’m not sure if they can. It seems like a win win drug.

    Nothing about smoking spice is fun. The paragraph above is the best of the best reasons I smoked it. To forget how I was feeling, forget everyone around me, have zero responsibilities, I know its hard to understand if your not an addict…but all I wanted back then was to be completely detached from life. Life was painful, and scary, people hurt me and I hurt people, lots of guilt and shame and drugs made me forget.

    The downsides…I was filthy all the time, I didn’t bathe, clean or care for myself or my home at all. I was full of ANXIETY…oh man it’s the worst, heart beating out of my chest until I thought I’d die. Spice was causing me to have some sort of esophageal problems. I would cough 2 times and puke. I don’t want to gross anyone out, but if I didn’t care about myself or anything else…what makes you think I’d care about the puke? I’d keep bags by my “nod off” chair and use those, and I’d tie them up and toss them on the floor along with all the other debris that had become my existence. If I didn’t catch the bag in time I’d just wipe it off myself…I just didn’t care.

    My soul had been completely depleted, I was just a mindless, action-less zombie.


    Remember I have abused all sorts of drugs to the fullest degree and lengths of time. I think that is what makes spice so super scary, it’s being plugged as safe and legal.

    So…I’ve been clean for 2 years 9 months and 25 days…today.

    I can not tell you what made me stop, I was so miserable, I had nothing left, my soul felt completely vacant, I was physically ill all the time, my home was…well it was disgusting, and I didn’t care about anyone but myself…and I had zero f**ks to give about myself I was desperate to change
    I had reached my bottom

    Withdrawals are awful, for 7 days I could not keep down any food or water, even in the smallest amounts and I would throw up. That anxiety I spoke of earlier was debilitating. My hands would shake (paul…I feel ya buddy) On day 7 I pretty much fell apart, I couldn’t hardly move I was weak and sick from not smoking the spice. I drove with a friend to the ER and was admitted for “drug withdrawal symptoms” My heart was racing and slowing to way to slow and the doctor said “Becky, if I don’t give you something to calm you down your going to walk out of here and have a heart attack” Because the doctors do not know the ingredients of spice they did a ton of panels of blood work. That ER visit cost me 5k and It took me 2 years to gratefully pay back. I believe I would have died had I kept on at the rate I was going. After the sedative and lots of fluids I left the hospital feeling…awful, but not like I was going to die. My anxiety began to lessen and I began to work on myself and my life.

    I am recovering day by day…and I will always be an addict. I have not done this alone, I looked into addiction and found the help I needed. I believe we can all recover, but it takes work and work and work.

    For those of you trying, stay the course…please…the alternative for me was death and today I get to live and it’s beautiful, I am happy.

    For those of you seeking help for someone you love who is suffering-I wish I had a cure all, but there is not one. I wish I could say that monitoring friends, income, location, checking their eyes and pockets, keeping them under lock and key…well I wish it would help because I understand your efforts are to save someone you love, unfortunately-I truly believe no one changes until they are ready to change. In the meantime you are sacrificing yourself for someone else, and that’s not healthy for you. 🙁 I understand the pain I created and my heart goes out to anyone who loves an addict.

    • azsassygirl says:

      gratulations thank you for your story when I read your story it was like I was reading my story spice doesn’t know any age or income or race brackets and the cravings are so bad with spice I’ve never been so addicted as I was to that I’ve been clean now almost four months now for my second go round every time I want to pick up the pipe I come on this site and I read a story and it reminds me why I walked away from. I tried going to NA meetings they just didn’t deal with the same thing this site actually helps me I’ve rebuilt my life back over from scratch and also I can say is I’m taking it one day at a time but thank God there are people like you sharing your story to help others that are still struggling and I have the same advice until you’re ready to quit you’re not going to quit spice won’t let you into you actually hit your bottom

      • Becky says:

        Congratulations to you too!!! Four months is awesome 🙂 it’s an awful drug and I’m so glad we’re staying away from it. And I’m really glad for this site, it’s so nice to know I’m not alone.

        • azsassygirl says:

          Me to it so helps esp when for some reason. This drug won’t. Let u go i woke up last night and swore i could just taste a bowl . It helps knowing others r going thru the same and we r not alone

    • This Guy says:

      You are absolutely right. It didn’t matter what people had to say about this stuff, chances are, they got their information from the local horror news; so what do they know?

      I had to hit rock bottom, and then I quit. Problem is I relapsed after a year. I have lost quite a bit: house, car, marriage. I’m rebuilding myself, got a new apartment and bought a car.

      I just quit 2 days ago, this is my third day.

  143. D says:

    This site is a blessing. I’m currently at work deciding what to do with the spice that is coming in today’s mail. The more and more I stay on this site and read, the stronger the feeling to quit. I’m going to see my shrink today and plan to tell him I’m quitting spice. He will be thrilled. I’ve been in denial of an addiction for months. The only part that’s driving me crazy is I’m still 50/50 on what I should do about the bag I get today. Part of me wants to flush it to prevent it making me order more, but the other half wants it to be the last bag I use. This addiction is a lot stronger than I thought. I have been addicted to heroin and benzo’s and never experienced some of the feelings I have with spice. I know this shit is terrible, but I still want to burn it. I know the right answer is to FLUSH it ASAP. My goal after today was to go back to the real deal weed. So here I sit, reading more stories so I hopefully make the right choice when I get home and flush that shit and never think about touching it again. This addiction is just sick.

  144. Bill says:

    Why was my story removed from the thread? I am going through the withdrawal that everyone on this site is experiencing. If the cursing in my post is the issue I do apologize and ask that you repost my thread without the swearing sincerely bill

  145. D says:

    Made the right choice yesterday and flushed 10g’s worth of this shit and regretted it all night. I kept getting minor feelings of “huraah bro, good going tossing that shit”. I couldn’t sleep and am currently at work. I can leave if I need to. I know I made the right decision. It just takes time for that feeling to dominate the addiction. GREAT SITE. THANK YOU

    • Anonymous says:

      Stay strong man we are going through this at the same time so I feel your pain man. Just please commit to yourself and remember how bad your feeling right now and at least for me it’s enough to say, “is a fifteen min high worth all of this misery in detoxing?”. Trust me man its not worth it. Even though I felt like in dying I know that this is the first step in healing. UOUR Doing Great Man And If Nobody Has Told U Yet I’m PROUD Of U For MAK8NG This decision! Stay strong man it has to get better from here.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Vitamin B12 for nervous system, ensure to keep protein in your body, Gatorade for the dehydration and gnc amplified creatine 189. this is my survival kit that seems to be helping me at the moment hope this helps

  147. Anonymous says:

    Hey man check out my last post I found a few things that help with the withdrawals that’s helping me now. I’m warning you man the first two days are gonna be terrible and ur gonna feel like ur dying . U might wanna try to take a week off. I know if I went in to work today they would notice and immediately send me for testing. I was lucky and was able to convince my job that I worked the past 2 years with no Vaca and I needed one this week. They think I’m in another state on a beach having a good time when in fact I’m locked in my apartment detoxing severily. I’ll be here for the next week checking this page every thirty min to keep my sanity so I’m here for u dude I’m thinking of making an email just to talk to people on here so if u want let me know and I’ll set it up so we can communicate more directly. Bill.

  148. Anonymous says:

    So it’s bill again day two now and I feel a world of difference. I’m still withdrawing like crazy but it’s coming in waves. I’ll sweat for an hour n then I’m good for like 30 min. I’m sorry if this is annoying but I’m gonna use this place to express myslef. D I hope ur still staying strong man. I’m praying for everyone here and that’s a sentence I never though I would say. I lost my faith when priest were stating to get busted for pedophilia. I said how can there be a god that allows this to happen but I realized god gave us free will. We can decide to use that will for good or for evil. I was shocked when everytime I felt like I was dying from this, I pulled out the rosary beads, said a prayer and I felt better. I could have pulled out the pipe but instead i now pray when im craving a fix. I dont want to sound like some crazy bible banger but I truly believe he reached down and smacked some sense in my head.

  149. Anonymous says:

    Bill again day three and food never tasted so good. There is hope people. D I hope ur still staying strong and I’m still praying for every one here. If I never smoke again it will be too soon. Clear thoughts are amazing. Life is too short to be living in a haze. Today is the first day of the rest of your life! LIVE IT AND LOVE IT! YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE AND WHEN IT’S OVER THERE IS NO RESTART BUTTON. DON’T BECOME THE ZOMBIE THAT THIS STUFF WILL TURN U INTO.

  150. D says:

    D here. Glad to hear you’re doing better Bill. I am do well too. I got REALLY lucky and barely got WD’s. I’m feeling pretty good. Sadly cravings are driving me mad. I can’t get weed atm so I’m dying for a blend. I know NOT to ever smoke blends again, but man this sucks. Tossed all my shit this week and kinda regret it. YUP this ADDICTION sucks. It will make you second guess yourself. Don’t let it win. YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER YOU, NOT THE SMOKE. Trust me you don’t wanna relapse on this shit.

    Hope others going through the struggle are hanging in. This is one of the toughest things you will do in life, but it’s also one the best choices on can make. NEVER smoke incense again no matter what.

  151. D says:

    D again. Still going strong. But I got major depression today and cravings. This stuff is so damn evil. I can’t wait to feel “normal”. Don’t try this stuff.

  152. spce brother says:

    Bill your story offers console to me. My brother is heavily addicted to this drug. I smell my brother smoking at all times of the day. Its been 4 years now. He has stolen from myself and the family countless times and has gone into violent phychosis a few times. He looks terrible. He now has this nasty, nasty smokers cough. It seems like his immune system is withering away.

    I am going to continue seeking help for him. He doesn’t want it but we don’t want to see him dead as he is very young with a bright future.

  153. SpiceAddictionSupport says:

    Hi Bill. This is Bobby T, admin for the site.

    Thank you for sharing your day-by-day experience with everyone here. This is exactly the kind of involvement that changes lives.

    Here’s to better days ahead!

  154. dora says:

    hello everybody. I came to this page for help. my husband is becoming a heavy smoker of spice. he shows aggression at times, most of the times he’s out of it, meaning he’s space out. he gets stiff to the point were he cant move, or walk or even talk. sometimes I have to beg him to drink water. I cried to him so many times to stop . I stressed out way too much, which I can’t even be doing that because I am 7 months pregnant. as mush as it hurts, im already deciding to leave because I don’t want him around me like that because of the smell and I don’t want him like that around our child if he continues. I don’t even sleep because im scared he will walk out of the house to smoke. he smokes it as if it was weed (we were marijuana smokers before I got pregnant) I really don’t know what to do anymore, I don’t want to walk out but im running out of ways to help him. any advice is helpful, im desperate. I really don’t remember when was the last time he was sober and that really hurts me.

    • Ex spice smoker says:

      This sounds like the old me. In his state nothing really matters besides spice and that always comes first but thats the spice deciding whats best, not him. Same as when you speak to him you need to realise that it is not your husband and try to find the husband you used to have because he is still there. You hung in there this long so dont give up yet! Just find ways of comunicating with him and he probably knows its not doing any good for your family so guilt is a bad way to go. Just give him support he needs and find wwaya of comunicating to let him know your there for him. Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask him to go 24 hours without it and ask him to record himself for those 24 hours. He needs to see that it is a physical problem and not just a mental one. I used to think oh its just in my mind but the first 24 hours was the eye opener. When he starts to feel the withdrawal symptoms he may realize what it’s doing to his body. If he can review the video and see himself in going through hell physically he may want to change for himself. After the first 24 hours Tell him if he wants to feel better he just need to get through another 48 hours and he already did 24 so what’s another 48. He won’t feel normal for a week to a month after quitting but the worst withdrawals are the first 3 days. The worst thing I did was smoke again after 24 hours bc it made the whole experience of terrible feeling come flooding back even worse. He will only stop also if he wants to be sober for himself. Getting high is a selfish thing so getting off the crap has to be for selfish reasons also. I’m praying for u guys. Bill spice.

    • JustMyOpinion says:

      Keep your head up. If it comes to it lock him in the basement for a few days. If he really wants to quit he will express that to you. But most likely he’s out of it. Move somewhere safe for you and your baby. You are not alone in this battle boo. It will be okay.

  155. medicalmarijuana says:

    We are reliable suppliers of both indoor and outdoor grown marijuana
    strains. We supply both Indica and Sativa strains TEXTME 443) 732-5770 FDFDDFFD

  156. Annonymous says:

    A friend of mine just had a VERY Bad experience. He has a license for Medical Weed but am wondering if he was buying other stuff or was given other stuff like K2. He broke into a neighbors house, just to yell, came out of house (he didn’t go in to rob it) he then climbed in their motor home took off all of his clothes, left the motor home and walked back down block to his house. When police showed up he walked back up the street naked with a beer and cookies. He wouldn’t listen so they ended up tazing him twice and then took him to the hospital. As soon as he got to the hospital he kept saying that he had a dream and the dream actually came true. Does anyone know if this is common with people who smoke k2? I have read an ariticle or two about those getting naked—and at least 1 other story about a man who called 911 and insisted that he had a dream and that everything in his dream was actually happening that day. Has anyone else heard of or had an experience like this. I am so worried about him and trying to figure out if maybe it was K2 that brought this on. Thanks for your help

  157. dan says:

    hey ive given up but got anxiety. i got floating feeling in my head and body hasnt gone away for week scared it wont go away. bit dodgey to drive and do much at all .i use to smoke it full time everyday for about 4 years, then just weekends. id get this floating feeling for couple days it would always go but i had a week binging on it smoking about 7 grams a day with my mate now the floating feeling wont go away im worried it wont go away scared . has anybody had this its a similar feeling of having a big one like extacy or meth and then you feel fucked for couple days floating in head but hasnt gone away ive learnt my lesson im not touching again but scared its not going to go away i cant work like this its been a week

  158. disqus_e4UvK5U1OG says:

    When I was a junior in high school, I didn’t slowly begin smoking pot; I dove head first. Even though I quit smoking weed, I still love it and find nothing wrong with it, but when I found marijuana spice came shortly afterward. A few months into smoking weed, I loved it, and each day my friend and I would go over to this guy’s house for free weed. We stormed into his house, asked where the weed was, and when he said he didn’t have any we went searching and found spice instead. He warned us it was dangerous, but I did not care at the time and said that I wanted it. I wanted the high that weed gave me and he promised me it was the same, so I said okay.

    To this day, I will say that the first time I was on K2 it was the best high I had ever had. My friend that gave it to me loved it, too, but the two other people we were with didn’t like it one bit. But I kept smoking. My friend, Sam, gave me K2 all of the time. It quickly became my silent preference over weed, and when my friend Fiona and I went to a party, I was told which bowl was weed and K2 and I chose K2.

    First, I imagined demons in my head. Still, to this day, I cannot forget those nightmarish sights that occurred each time I closed my eyes. I knew I was going to throw up, it kept building up within me, but I didn’t think I could move. Finally, I got myself to move and I was throwing up red vomit and screaming for them to call 9-1-1. I thought I was dying, it made me think that I was in those D.A.R.E videos they showed you where a person is overdosing and nobody would help them. I told my friend Fiona to tell my mom that I’m sorry and that I love her, but after copious amounts of water and pleas to God, I was fine but swore never to smoke K2 again.

    I was addicted Junior year of high school to spice, but I quit in fear of what it would do to me if I smoked it again. And I was right. A year later, I was only smoking weed, but I would let strangers smoke me up so I wouldn’t have to waste my money. Eight months ago, my friend Lucy and I went over to her friend Micah’s house and he had a large (and quite beautiful) bong and he smoked me up. I cleared bowl after bowl from the bong, and I stupidly didn’t realize until the fifth hit that it wasn’t weed but spice.

    My entire body was shivering, my muscles painfully convulsing, and I begged Lucy to take us away from Micah and back to her house. On the way home, I was near tears, imagining my own funeral and hearing the back of my head pound so loudly I thought my skull was going to crack. I continued to pray to God, begging him to let me live, and Lucy wouldn’t stop crying. She, luckily, hasn’t smoked but she was terrified I was going to die. So was I. While praying, I swore never to smoke anything ever again and that I would turn my life around if I could just live through the night. I was too afraid to sleep, afraid that I wouldn’t wake up, and Lucy watched me for hours even after I slept.

    For the rest of that week, I would get chills down my spine, I would be too afraid to even speak an entire sentence, and I was suddenly attacked with constant anxiety. I never had anxiety before this night, but after Micah gave me that strand of K2, I haven’t ever been the same.

    I’m a profound hypochondriac now, and even eight months later I have random hallucinations and throbbing in the back of my head. This is the most underrated drug around. It is close to cocaine and ketamine because it IS addictive, it IS dangerous, and it IS going to change your life forever.

    I have turned my life around completely since that night, but the fear of death still haunts me. It used to be everyday, now only once a week, and hopefully soon the effects will cease to exist but if I can save somebody else with my story then I will.

    K2, Spice, or whatever you call it is the most dangerous drug I have ever consumed because people think it is alright because it is legal. IT IS NOT OKAY! It nearly killed me two times, it gives me panic attacks at least once a week, and even as I am writing this I am suffering from one. If you are still smoking this horrible drug, then drop it before it drops you. If you only tried it once and are looking up the side effects to make sure it is okay to do again, then don’t even think about touching it again.

    I lost too much because of this drug.

    And no one realizes how bad of a drug it was.

    People only roll their eyes when I say I was addicted to this drug, but it was worse than anything I have ever tried and brought me closer to death than any ketamine or meth addict I have ever met.

  159. Malete says:

    Hello, my name is Malete and I wanted to post about synthetic weed . I smoked it only a couple times or so I thought I did or Im unsure about it . I was paying for real weed but the weed i got was green but when I broke it down ‘ it broke down like salt or something. I smoked it still’ and after that I felt weird ‘ and I lost about 7lbs the same night ‘ and the next morning i wiped my hands in the weed and rinsed them with water ‘ and my finger tips were turning blue. Can you help me figure out what I smoked and if Im able to gain my weight back . By the way my hands aren’t blue now it was just the mixture of the weed and water. Thanks to anyone that can help me

  160. Joseph says:

    Hi there,
    Was wondering if anyone could provide some advice on how to get better after a horrible experience. This happened this past Friday so it’s been 4 days since I was exposed. I was with my girlfriend in a hotel room and we had been drinking a lot. She broke out some synthetic marijuana and I wasn’t really interested in trying it. But I was so drunk that I took two hits and held them both in for like 5 seconds. I had never smoked that stuff before. She got it from some dealer and not a head shop. Immediately after my second hit it felt like Mike Tyson knocked me out. I don’t remember everything I was going through but it felt like 2 hours of hell. My heart started to beat extremely rapidly and I thought I was dying or like on another planet. I must have been in and out of consciousness because I would have the sensation of waking up whenever my girlfriend would kiss me or hold me trying to get me to calm down. It was like I was not really in my body but could feel sensation. During the trip I lost all of my memory and looked around the room not being able to remember how I got there or even where I was. I looked at my girlfriend and remember thinking I don’t know this person. Was thinking I was kidnapped and drugged and she was a prostitute trying to rob me. It was pure hell. At one point I vomited in the hotel room floor and then ran into the bathroom. Think it took me 2 hours to finally regain some semblance of normality and started to get my memory back. Ever since that day I have had a light headed feeling and nauseous. I am thinking my feelings are a combination of being severely dehydrated and sleep deprived. But got a good night sleep last night and still don’t feel good. She tells me I’m being a big baby because she smokes it every day and is perfectly fine. I think my body just overreacted and now the nervousness I feel is making me worse. I called my doctor and he said it will take about a week for me to recover and that he can’t help me at all. I have had a mild headache and my fingers tingle a little. I read that people have had similar experiences but it’s freaking me out and I feel like I’m not gonna get better. I’m drinking pedialyte to restore my electrolytes. Although I’m still drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Probably should cut out all the crap and just eat organic. I have a job where I need to analyze data and I’m going back to work tomorrow after the holiday weekend and I’m afraid it will impact my job performance. Am i overreacting? Can you offer any advice on what I can do to help my situation? I’m so paranoid now thinking I had a stroke or a mini heart attack. Any help you can lend me would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you very much for listening,

    • john says:

      Find comedies and constantly watch them. Keep your mind preoccupied best you can.try to eat and drink a lot of water buddy. I feel your pain. I’m going through withdrawals right now as I am typing this.

      • Bleddyn says:

        I thought you said in another comment that you were off the Spice for a year? How long do the withdrawals last?

        Having gone through various addictions through the years, I will tell you and Joseph the same thing. The withdrawals will pass and you will return to normal. Just ride it out and you will be fine. Tramadol might help take the edge off but then you have to balance that too.

        • Joseph says:

          Thank you Bleddyn! Can I be going through withdrawal even though I only took those two hits? This was the first time ever I tried it.

          • Bleddyn says:

            Piece of cake. In my experience withdrawals are proportional to the depth of addiction so I think you will be just fine. You should not feel much worse than a bad cold…if that, and that will pass quickly.

            Let us know how that is going for you. I hope you are back on your feet in no time flat.

        • Daniel Witt says:

          They last from a week to months … my stomach still hurts and im a year and six months clean roughly

          • Bleddyn says:

            That does not sound like a withdrawal,that sounds like you have a damaged stomach, possibly from using the drug. Physically no drug should have withdrawals lasting more than a week or so. Mentally I suppose the withdrawal could last for years but that seems to more a function of simply not letting go or letting your desire to get high get into your head, but….in my opinion that is just as much a withdrawal as any symptom I have have heard of.

  161. erock says:

    Need advice. My brother 38 smoked Capone 50x for about a year. He has been off it for 3 weeks. The first week he was a normal person going through withdrawal. But now he is extremely paranoid anxious, he is scary to be around. He flips his moods on a dime and doesn’t reason with his thoughts. He won’t shut up about the aliens , mafia, Chinese, poison rain, asbestos, micro chips implanted in everyone, sumo wrestlers coming to kill him. Nazis beating people in back rooms. He closed and locked all the doors to my moms house when it rained the other day. My mom was scared. He placed a bb gun, hammer, and knife by the front door to protect her.

    We took him to the ER and they sent him to a 72hr mental treatment facility. They just released him today and he showed up at our dads. They talked for a awhile but things got out of hand and my brother flipped out.

    He is now at my moms again and things are a bit scary again… Need advice on what to do. Any thoughts appreciated. I feel I need to save him. Because he is so out of his head and I feel like something bad is about to happen. He said if he has to leave my moms house again he will kill himself

  162. adam Williams says:

    Is there any way to go to sleep. Or stop sweeting cuz I have not sleep ing day I just want that to stop and get SM sleep

  163. Tiana says:

    Hello my name is tiana and my boyfriend of 2 years started smoking spice about 7 months ago. At first I did not know that much about it and I was not that concerned he is on drug court and he could pass drug tests smoking it.. 7 months later I’m noticing he is not even the same person.. He vomits if he doesn’t have it and looks like a walking dead person.. He stopped caring about his appearance and I’m embarrassed to be with him lately. He hates me it seems like he won’t have sex with me sleep next to me and barely stays home.. He tells me he doesn’t want a relationship which is fine but he constantly comes around still it seems like he just doesn’t want me trying to stop him from getting high. We have a one year old son together and before the spice he paid for us to get a place together, talked about the future, he was affectionate to me now he hates me and lies to me.. At first I just thought there was another lady in his life but now I’m unsure if its that or the addiction.. I’m so scared for him he is so different now.. It breaks my hurt I don’t know what to do

    • Raphael says:

      I’ve told this to my brother’s ex girlfriend years ago, and it caused a huge fight because she told him what I said. In essence, you have one life to live, and you have to make a conscious choice as to how you want to live your day to day. If he makes you happy, stick around. If he makes you unhappy, you need to make a change. Addiction does not listen to reason on your time. The person has to make a decision to change. Often times, depending on the level of addiction, that does not happen until they are a scab on the side of the street. But, there is still hope. If he wants to change, stick around. If he does not, you may be the catalyst for changing him when he sees you are no longer around.

      People do not change their life of addiction when things are going their way. They make a change when they realize they have hit an all-time low. You sticking around and feeding into his addiction will only prolong the torment.

      The voice of reason does not land on addictions deaf ears.

      Find your happiness within yourself, and maybe he’ll gravitate towards that which is good instead of that which is dark.

      I just lost my brother due to a self-inflicted suicide due to spice and meth. We grew up in a drug-inflicted household. I know a thing or two about this. Being 38 and having to bury my brother of 33 years old will be the hardest thing I do next week. Find your light. Do not let anyone snuff that light out.

  164. 123Lizzy says:

    To Adam G. “Please help! I am spices birch, saw your post Oct 20 You can do it. I was right where you are! I did see a quick care doc when I could not hold down water, got meds to stop throwing up. I have been clean in NA program, but relapsed 2 weeks ago. You have to stop smoking to get better. It will work and you will recover. Email if you need, I have been there in your same shoes. [email protected] Keep hope and have faith I will pray for you

  165. Daniel Witt says:

    Yes very much so … Its a WACKA MOLE technique may not be that bag but one of those bags some one is gunna die.. de population at its sneakyest

  166. carma says:

    help my husband is addicted to fake he was into the real strong stuff in the other state we were in he had quit for almost a year than we moved now he’s back into it in so scared he’s going to get hurt or go to hospital cause of it he has gone into seizures Benn UN responsive more times than I can count please give me any advice any at all

  167. Brittany says:

    I need help ive been smoking k2 for over 5 years and i have tried everything to get off of this stuff nothing helps

  168. James says:

    You have to just want to quit really bad, there is NOTHING to really ease withdrawal…. I’m sorry, I cried when I read that too, I am 4 days clean and this is not my first rodeo but it IS my last. I almost ended my life because I lost everything and everybody I had.. You have to be stronger than the drugs you’re doing to kick the habit! Surround yourself with friends! Positive ones! Who aren’t gonna tell you to ” just smoke weed man ” just have a beer man, NO!!!!!!!! PLEASE! JUST GET RID OF IT!! STAY AWAY FROM IT!!!! PLEASE IT WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE!!! LISTEN TO ME!!! CALL ME OR EMAIL ME IF YOU NEED HELP!!!! PLEASE!!! [email protected] 309-501-1131

    • Brittany says:

      Thanks i have a very supportive boyfriend thats by my side he wants me off it more then anything but hates seeing me so sick he doesn’t smoke or anything but goes hunting lol i told him if i want off by the first of the year if not i wanna be bakeracted something the person i. Get it from. Said if thats my plan they are right there behind me and will help me out

  169. James says:

    I also have a question, when I drink liquid now, my tongue and lips are COMPLETELY numb. Like I can’t even feel if I’m drinking or eating something hot or cold, it feels like I stuck a gram of some fire coke in my mouth. Is it ever going to go away??? What about the numbness in my fingers….

    • Brittany says:

      I think cause ive been smoking i got Buerger’s disease i get blood clots all the time always in and out the hospital lost the tip of my big toe and if u look at my foot u can see the blood clots in my foot i cant walk far

    • azsassygirl says:

      Just because you’re ready to quit and you relapse does not mean that you are actually not ready to quit when you’re ready to quit your throw everything single thing involved with spice away but keep strong i relapsed after a year clean back on 5 months clean i’ve been smoking it since it first came out u can do it

    • SpiceAddictionSupport says:

      Don’t beat yourself up! Relapsing is just a part of the recovery process; it happens to a lot of people.

      The main thing is to forgive yourself, refocus and try again.

      I know this sounds lame, but seriously: recovery is a journey, not a destination. It’s different for everyone.

  170. Shaw swag says:

    I was making people rich neglecting my family hurting them seeing me like that think God took that crap out of my life thank you god .prayer changes things

  171. Snicki says:

    It’s my fiance that is addicted to spice. I think he is only just starting to realise that it is not as harmless as they make it out to be. I often find him collapsed or vomiting. What can I do to encourage him to get help. To show him how addictive and dangerous this stuff. We are arguing about it everyday, it breaks my heart to watch him destruct.

    • Julsag04 says:

      I had to kick my boyfriend out because his addiction got so bad. It broke my heart but I didn’t know what else to do.

      • Snicki says:

        I’m pregnant so I want that to be a last resort but I’m starting to see that there doesn’t seem to be much hope. It’s horribly addictive stuff and I won’t have my child around it. I asked him today, how can a little bag of crumbs, a ten minute high, vomiting and collapsing be worth losing your fiancee and child. He us in total denial.

        • Julsag04 says:

          I hate to hear that. It is terrible stuff and it’s terrible what people are willing to lose for it. Stay strong!

        • Raphael says:

          Snicki, my little brother just killed himself November 19th 2015 due to a drug-induced rage. Having grown up in a drug-inflicted household, I know first hand that people have to make their own choice to stop. They will not listen to others until they reach their low. Hopefully, that point will come sooner rather than later.

          The last time I physically saw my brother was before Hurricane Sandy. I visited him in Vegas from NYC. The trip was horrible. I found a brother that was addicted to spice and his entire life revolved around it. We got into an altercation about it after several days of me analyzing the situation. We made up a few months ago online, but, I never got a chance to physically see him again.

          Hearing about his death this past Thursday sent me reeling into disbelief and grief. I will forever feel guilt for not pulling him out of the shadow of this addiction, despite knowing full well that I could do nothing to prevent this.

          When someone is on these type of drugs, the voice of reason is often distorted. Perhaps you can share this story with him. Let him know that my chest is so tight from my sorrow that I can barely breath. Ask him how he would feel if you were the one that passed away from drugs. How would he feel if you were taken away from him. That may not be the best advice, but, I wish you all the best.

          Life is filled with difficult choices. The people we love can bring us down or uplift us. We all have this one life to live, and we all have to make daily choices as to the type of life we want to live. If your fiance does not turn his life around, you have to make a choice for yourself and your child. What kind of life do you want for your child. That is the choice you need to make. If he does not listen to reason and he’s not ready to give up the drugs, it’s not his time, and nothing you do will change that. You’ll need to either move on or submit your child to the potential darkness of this drug and the anguish that comes along with it.

          I hope you find the light in all of this.

          • Snicki says:

            I am so so sorry for your loss. This is my biggest fear. He suffers from depression and uses the drugs and alcohol to self medicate. But he is making a real effort. I video’d him, collapsing and vomiting on himself and showed him. It was an eye opener and he hasnt had any since, though it has only been a week I’m still very proud of him for trying. I hope your heart heals xxx

          • frankiet2000 says:

            Raphael, I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Good bless you for telling the truth, and for reaching out to to help others. I’ve been in those drug induced rages, but the rage seems to come more easily when I’m craving the fake. And when I’m high, nothing else around seems to matter.
            For the first time in my life, I can now admit that I’m an addict. I’ve always had an additive personality. I’m making bad decisions, detoxing something horrible when I quit, and thinking about it all of the time. I guess that’s true definition of an addict.
            Please continue to help people, and to reach anyone you can with your story. If you can help just ONE person, as you did with me, maybe your brother’s death will not be in vain. Thanks so much, and God bless. Frankie

  172. Julsag04 says:

    My boyfriend is addicted to spice. I had to make him leave our house because that’s all he was doing. He lost his job, me, his home and his car. He pawned his tools and a calvin klein suit he bought a month ago. I’ve tried to get him to get help but he’s always high. I don’t know him at all anymore.

    • Joey says:

      That happens smoking this stuff. You need to just give him space. He needs to surround himself with people that love him, support him, not people who judge him, or are people who are snotty and have attitudes. It’s going to be a long journey stopping.

  173. Sarah says:

    My boyfriend finally admitted that he’s addicted to spice. I don’t think he has any intention of quitting. His whole life revolves around the stuff. He can’t hold a job or do things with me or his family anymore because it interferes with his smoking schedule. I can tell he is depressed, thinks he’s a loser, but he thinks he needs the stuff. He’s aggressive, paranoid, is beginning to have hallucinations and anxiety attacks. He blames everyone else for the problems caused by his drug use. We’re all judgmental villains in his mind. Everyone is broke because he spends all of our money on spice. We love him and want him back.

    • Joey says:

      Hang in there, Sarah. I’ve been where this guy is, and am off it now, and feel 1000x better. Well, when you smoke this stuff a lot, it makes you very depressed, it’s mostly a downer, and have you make a lot of bad decisions. It does kind of make you analyze your life when its too strong, and can make you think you are a loser, or without hope, so you keep smoking it. It can make you all the things you listed – aggressive, paranoid and such. It can be very expensive if you use it all the time as well, so I too understand the financial problems.

      He just needs to stop cold turkey, put it down. What I have done several times. Best way to stop. He needs to be around positive people, people who love him, not people with attitudes or someone will judge him. It might be a good idea to take some time off from work. Also drink lots of water, gatorade, try and eat foods you love, and get back into Hobbies you loved before smoking Spice.

      It’s a long process, some say withdrawals go away quick, but its different for everyone. The first few days are bad, but the WD’s can pop back up anytime, and it’s more of a month or two type thing and you should start feeling better mentally and physically. It’s a long journey. Good luck

      • betty says:

        Joey you seem to know a lot about this stuff. My husband is two weeks sober but he still having withdrawal symptoms.. he cant stop twitching nor talking to himself in his sleep.. what can help?? He does not want to go to hospital

  174. nicholas says:

    I am on my 50th hour not even thinking about it the no sleep is getting to me but I’m good if your withdrawal symptoms are really bad go to the hospital they can help they will give you a shot that will help a lot then give you pills of the same stuff to take home and your good your have cold sweats and can’t sleep no pukeing or spins tho

  175. betty says:

    My boyfriens is actually off of it now.. but he seems to cant stop talking to himself in his sleep nor stop the twitching and moving. What can help??? But we are not going to hospital

  176. Melissa says:

    My son is addicted to spice and it is horrible watching him do this to himself. Have looked for help and and just a lot of dead ends. Really desperate here any advice on how I can get help for him.

    • Briana says:

      I was addicted to it for a long time. Felt like I needed it to even go on daily. He needs to stop. It’s killing people and even people that don’t think it’s doing anything to them it is. It’s shutting down your kidneys and you don’t even realize it. It also damages your central nervous system to where he won’t be able to deal with stress for about 30 days. The withdrawls are awful. The first 3 days are the absolute worst. He’s going to feel like he’s going insane. I promise the 4th day he’ll think “why did I ever do this to myself” he won’t want to smell it or even look at it. A good support system is what is needed when going through the withdrawls. Make sure you and whoever are there for him as much as possible. I’ll pray for you and your son. I hope he gets through this. -BS

    • frankiet2000 says:

      Melissa, have him read some of the stories on here. Tell him that he’s not alone, and many people who have the same problem are going through the same situation. He can overcome this, but try to help in anyway you can, before it’s too late. Good luck, and keep us posted.

  177. Sarah says:

    I smoke fake and I’m having a really hard time quitting. I smoke it all day every day. I’m just like everybody else, I smoke weed and somebody handed me fake one day and told me about how much more high you got, how much cheaper is was, and how a gram would last longer because it literally takes one hit to knock you on your ass. I just want to quit but every time I try I end up smoking it again just to feel better. I missed work for an entire week trying to get off of this stuff. Sweating and throwing up and shivering and crying. I was a wreck. I can’t stop smoking. Please somebody help me.

    • Paul says:

      Also, get the foundations right while you are quitting. Drink as much water as you can. Force yourself to eat. Get sleep meds if you need to.
      No need to make everything 100 times harder by not eating, sleeping and getting critically dehydrated because of the withdrawals.

    • Just baked! says:

      Hi your not alone I’m the exact same way. I used to smoke weed then switched to spice about 4 years ago and as bad as I want to stop I feel so sick, I’m crawling to the bathroom to throw up I’m cold then hot it really sucks I get so mad at myself for letting this drug affect me so much. I’m tired of wasting my money on this crap as well but then again I still buy it to stop feeling sick to be able to get up to go to work. Wow I thought I was the only one that got sick…it not in my head after all.

    • christinahatesspice says:

      I just read your post. how is your recovery going. I had smoked spice since about 2010 and coming off of it was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I had shakes, vomiting, crying, rage, no hunger, not being able to sleep, sweating and shivering. these symptoms do go away. you can stop smoking. please let me know how your recovery is going. stay strong
      best wishes,

  178. Lynn says:

    My husband is addicted and he has admitted it to me. He blames me for everything wrong in our marriage. He stays in a room all day smoking, playing the game and sleeping. He comes out to eat and then right back to the room he goes. He says it’s my fault he doesn’t want to be around me. He told me I always have an attitude so he doesn’t want to deal with me. He doesn’t spend time with me or our daughter. He is loosing weight and he’s already small. He only has an appetite after he smokes. He has no self motivation and his priorities are all wrong. I’m ready to leave him. He spends a lot of money on his habit. He has really bad anger issues. I am not comfortable around him anymore. I love him and want to be with the person I married. He told me I have to deal with it and he will quit when he’s ready. He says I’m the weak one because I can’t deal with it. When he doesn’t have the money he will take my bank card and take money from my account. He goes through the withdrawals when he doesn’t have it. He barely sleeps at night, he sweats, throws up and won’t eat. Once before he lost 30 pounds and he was smaller than me. I’m and tired and I have dealt with an addicted mother. I don’t want my daughter to go through what I did as a child because he puts his habits over everything and everyone. We are moving soon and he says he will quit. I don’t believe him because he always finds a way.

    • Lisa says:

      But you ARE putting your daughter through the same thing you went through and when she’s older, she may choose to use drugs to forget. Please, please get yourself help and break this pattern now, for her sake and yours. Wake up honey, the man you married changed and is nowhere to be found. As long as your husband has you taking care of him, he has no reason to change. Don’t you know this only gets worse? You do know, but it’s what you are used to and I’m sorry for that little girl you were and no one helped. If you are planning on moving with him, you don’t have any intention of leaving and one day your daughter will resent you for not giving her a better life. Help her. Read some information on codependency and adult children of alcoholics, go to al anon meetings, decide that you lived like this long enough. There is help out there for you now.

  179. christy says:

    My husband has been on spice for over 4 years. We have a one year old son and I don’t want him around our son. He can’t go with out it. $200 a week and thats if I dont piss him off (if I piss him off he smokes more then blames me for the additional orders). Lately he has put holes in wall, threw chairs at me, his anger is getting out of hand. I try to talk to him but it turns in to me yelling at him. He has had bad trips on it as well the last time he almost hit our son. I wish he could see the damage it has caused. It ruined his military career. (the army is full of soldiers on this stuff there are smokes shops outside of post that sell it them only) It has caused him jobs and put the financial burden on me. Now… He orders the stuff online and I wish I knew who to report the websites to. I have tried to explain to him that if caught he could face felony charges. He placing 2 orders a week. I have even considered waiting till he is high and passed out or stumbling around and calling the cops myself. I dont wamt him locked up but I think that might be my only hope to getting him help. I take my son everwhere with me. I dont leave him with him if he has smoke. Life with an addict is hard but this stuff is worse than any drug I have ever seen. It has this unbelievably strong hold on the smoker. I can’t help him get off of it and I don’t know what to do?

    • Lisa says:

      You do realize how easy it would be for him to kill your 1 year old son in one of his rages, right?? He won’t even REMEMBER doing it. Take a hard look at what you are doing by keeping your son and yourself in danger. Is it fair? No. You can’t make your husband stop using but you can do something for you and your child who depends completely on you. Sadly, if you choose to raise him around this and he survives then you can be sure he’ll grow up to use just like dad.

  180. r says:

    having to get the police involved was the hardest but best thing I did for my son. Each situation is different bit he w’s slipping and needed intervention. he, and we are much happier. hard but was
    necessary for us. best relationship we have ever had at 23. god bless each of you.

    • Monie Mccauley says:

      R.. God bless you and i am so proud of you getting the police involved… i posted my story above if you are interested in reading it.. You son is lucky he has a father that truly loves him and is willing to bend over backwards for him !

  181. Dylan Davis says:

    I stopped smoking spice over 3 years ago. And that was only after my wonderful girlfriend crawled through my window, forced me out of bed and into her car and took me to a hospital since I was suffering serious withdrawals. I detoxed for a week and never had the urge to go back. People need to be informed on spice and what it does to you. It fucks you up. It destroys your life. It causes irreversible brain damage. I’m not a religious man but my girlfriend is my angel because she saved my life that day. Spice is an evil drug that needs to be illegal.

    • Monie Mccauley says:

      hi dylan… thank God for your girlfriend… i had family members putting it in my pot… i guess they thought it was funny… well it sure wasnt! i am amazed also that none of the doctors, our counselors or just everyday people havnt heard about it… i think i am going to write dr. phil a note on his web site.. yes.. i like him and none of my friends do..whatever lol.. i do know that millions watch his should, world wide, and what better way to convey the message! i just pray that i get a response from him… we need serious help with this drug!! i know it fucks you up because i am living proof… i think they added to my pot for over 2 years on and off… i noticed i was coughing and seeing werid things. but honestly i BELIEVED it was all real.. it took me over 2 years to figure it out… i would love to beat the crapt out of my so called son in law!~i have all kinds of problems with my health and psyche! please take care and thank you for sharing your story.. give you girl friend a a big hug of reward!

  182. frankiet2000 says:

    Hello to all, looking for help, or to share their personal stories of loved ones who are addicted, and others who have lost their lives. I’m sitting here in tears, as I really thought that I was alone in this. Now I see that there are hundreds, if not thousands, who are just like me!
    I started smoking the fake several years ago. It was pretty raunchy tasting, when it first came out. I was excited to drive down to the corner gas station, and buy a bag or two. It didn’t bother me that most of it was still moist from the chemical sprays. I just popped it in the oven for a few minutes, and made it smokable. The only thing that I was worried about was the fact that I was passing drug tests!
    Fast forward to 5, 6, maybe 7 years later (yes, it’s been around AT LEAST that long). I’ve become anti-social, suicidal, severely depressed, and I now have health issues. I keep passing my drug tests, so I keep smoking it. The gas stations have stopped selling this crap a long time ago, but it’s too easy to get online. It’s gotten a lot stronger, too. So strong, that I sometimes hallucinate. I’ll forget where I am. I don’t take calls from dear friends. I’m moody, but much, much worse when I’m craving it. I quit all of the time, but then relapse back. And the biggest scandal of all? Besides a couple of very, very close friends, NO ONE KNOWS! I’ve been fooling everyone, all of this time….
    I take comfort knowing that I am not alone. I’m inspired by the many stories that I’ve read here. This site is amazing, as there are even individuals offering their email addresses, so that others may contact them for help. If you’re with an addict, please don’t judge. We need your help, love, and support. Or we can die. It’s that simple. If you’re the addict yourself, know that you can be anyone, from any walk of life. Rich or poor, gay or straight, popular or a social outcast, it doesn’t matter. Addiction doesn’t discriminate, not does it care WHO it controls!
    I’ve decided to get help. I know it won’t be easy, but I have no other choice. I’m tired of spending my hard earned money on this stuff. Sick of the sickness, when I do quit, even temporary. Burned out on a life of being high, sitting at home, like a hermit zombie. If I hear a car pull up, I just mute the TV, and play hookie. It’s just that I would rather get high than talk to people. Any of this sound familiar?
    Thanks to all those that are sharing their information about withdrawals, and detoxing. Right now, with such a lack of readily available info on synthetic marijuana, any little bit helps. I read on here, a little bit every day, about what will help me overcome this addiction. And my goal is to become the really cool, loving, fun-to-be-around guy, brother, son, and loving friend that I always was. Thanks, Spice Addiction Support. You are appreciated, more than you’ll ever know! Good luck to all that need it, and God bless to everyone! Peace

    • iLprosessore says:

      The fact thousands have fallen victim is a scary thought.
      I have taken the first steps to quitting today and have got the support of local addiction services starting on Monday

    • azsassygirl says:

      Wow u just posted my life . hang in there it does get better i started smoking it like u to pass drug tests and was so happy i could just stop on the way home to pick it up .. I smoked it for about 8 years and lost all my friends and family job home all hated myself everytime i smoked it but couldnt stop .. Till i couldn’t afford it so i packed everything away .. Wasnt ready to quit .. 1 year later back on my feet i go to store i know sells it start back up again . life goes back on the tubes again . this tome i threw everything away hopefully this tome it will stick . i went thru total hell for 8 years . to get my life back .. and when I read stories on here how I smoke for one day or I smoked it for 3 days and I’m addicted it kind of pisses me off because I went to 8 years of living hell that’s addiction walking by somebody smoking a bowl is not an addiction. To everyone that has survive it hats off u know what hell is ..

  183. frankiet2000 says:

    Thank you Paul, for your story, and for your offer of help. I’m at work, starting day two of detox. I tried weaning myself off this time. From a normal day of 12 to 15 joints of this stuff, to ten, then seven, then five, and finally two or three joints a couple days ago.
    I’m pretty restless, and a bit anxious, but I think I’ll be ok. I’ll email you in a couple of days let you how I’m doing. Thanks again for caring, and for your support! Frankie

  184. Conino Boss says:

    I while back I made a compilation of people having bad trips on spice, at first it was sort of funny the people were screaming and what not but it didnt seem like they were actually in real danger, well i made a part 2 and then a part 3 and slowly but surely the videos got worse and worse until people started having seizures like in the beggning of part 3

    By that time i realized the severity of spice and subsequently its addiction and It was no longer funny AT ALL, the videos started off as just a way to pass the time but now I see them as a warning, if more kids see these videos they will be less likely to take that first hit, it makes sense though, i didnt start wearing my seatbelt untill i actually saw a picture of the aftermath of a car accident, just hearing how bad it can be isnt enough, so if you know any kids who are coming of age, show them this and tell them

  185. frankiet2000 says:

    I am on day three of quitting the synthetic weed. I did it slightly different this time. I’ve quit numerous times in the past, but went through some hellish days when I did. It usually started 24 hours after quitting. This one time, I vomited violently for around 8 hours. I was at work, so my company sent me to the company doctor. He just figured I picked up a stomach bug, and gave me some medicine for the nausea. It helped a little bit. But it wasn’t until two or three days after that, that I had an appetite, and was able to eat.
    But the way I did it different is, I weaned myself off. As I was telling Paul, I was smoking 12 to 15 joints a day. Not toothpicks, either. Nice size joints. But over four or five days, I decreased the number. By the last day, it was two or three. Then I stopped. I’ve kept putting fluids in my body, took multivitamins, (and I will keep doing that), and I’ve been eating right. Lots of fruits and vegetables, with lean meat for protein.
    I mention the food and vitamins because when I’m high, I never eat right, or take multis. I really think that makes a difference. And the best part of weaning off? I never got sick. Never threw up. Never felt nauseated! I see where a lot people talk about quitting cold turkey. There are other hard drugs that seem to cause the same type of sickness. I’m not saying my weaning method will work for anyone else, but it worked for me. And I smoked the stuff, every day, all day.
    I am still a little anxious, as I still think about getting high. I’m not even saying that I won’t ever smoke again. In fact, there’s a good chance that I will. But I’m taking it all, one step at a time, and one day at a time. I’m thinking about joining our local AA group, as they include alcoholics, as well as drug addicts. I also know that they won’t know what to make of me. A 51 year old successful businessman, hooked on fake weed! It’s still so clandestine, and a lot of people don’t even know it exists. And most people have no clue how addictive it is. If there’s one thing that I could tell ALL people who are thinking about trying this shit, it’s to stay away. I don’t think that there is ONE person on here who says that it is ok, and safe to use. And the people making this crap? You don’t think they KNOW? Trust me, they do. It’s all a matter plan. Get us hooked, and get our money. Greed. The American way! The chemicals are made in China. No one knows much about them. And they change all of the time.
    But I’ll stop now, as I don’t want to get preachy. Lord knows I can’t say much, but I just wanted to let people know that the weaning off method may work for them, too. I never tried that before, as I would always stop cold turkey. And by weaning off this time, there was none of the sweating and shivering, and no nausea and vomiting, at all. I still have headaches a bit, but not like the usual migraines when I detox. (I’m thinking that’s the acetone that they put in this shit.)
    Once again, good luck to all…

    • Luis Toro says:

      I agree with you the fucking makers of this drug know how bad this shit is yet they still make it and the sellers know too. It’s fucked up how they could be so heartless to create drugs like this that mess people up and then sell them. I suffered brain damage from doing this drug only three times it sucks.

  186. Monie Mccauley says:

    Hello.. after reading several of these stories it terrifies me.. i am so
    sorry for all you people who are addicted and for the families that
    have lost loved ones to this awful drug…
    i was drugged by family members intentionally to hurt me and “get back at me” I
    am a social pot smoker and have never used anything else, and have had
    no desire to. I upset some family members back in 2013, my son in law was constantly pinching my marajuana bags..ive never know how to spell marajuana, lol, but this spelling looks good to me. i confronted him on it and things
    rapidly changing… i noticed they would bring their own pot and load my
    pipe, which was unusual. lol.. i thought it was great!!. i started coughing, which i normally
    didn’t do.. i also had an accident and hit my heard at that time which
    caused a concussion. any way, i started seeing heart shapes everywhere
    which lasted a couple days and then it turned to skulls! this went on a week or more. i was seeing
    skulls everywhere and was taking pictures of household items as well as
    my dogs! i was scared to death… i became angry at my bf for not
    seeing them! I then started believing that EVERYONE WAS GOING TO COOK ME
    AMD EAT ME! i prayed to god and taped angels to my body… i made 4 sets of my car keys and duct taped them to my legs.. i was afraid people were going to steal my car… i pinned my curtains together in fear of people looking in.. i barricaded my doors and would not leave my house. I was so frighted but didn’t want anyone to know what i was thinking because i was sure they would cook me and eat me! i had NO idea i was
    smoking spice, and thought every thing was real.. i had never even heard of it until 2 years later, and had been smoking it on and off
    for over 2 years. i ended up leaving my bf and living on the streets
    for a week… i drove to seatle and could not see the city… all i could see was brick walls.. i was so paranoid and scared and it was all SO REAL to
    me! anyway it has been 8 months since i have seen them and smoked with
    them… THANK GOD! now what i am dealing with is paranoia, fear of
    venturing away from home, not trusting anyone, throat problems, nerve
    damage in my mouth, my mouth and tongue burn all the time.. some days my lungs hurt, anger issues, depression, overall i just don’t feel the same… i use to laugh all the time and now very rarely. i could go on and on and on about things i saw and fears but i think you get my picture. My heart breaks reading all your stories and i pray for all of you… this drug is DEMONIC ! I am looking for people who are having complications with their health
    as well as their mental state of mind.. please, i am asking for anyone to talk with
    me about this because I FEEL ALL ALONE!!! btw..i hate my family for doing this to me! my heart aches all the time. I could have died. deep down i think that is what they were hoping for! that breaks my heart and soul..

    • Luis Toro says:

      I got brain damage from doing this drug three times. It sucks I was a smart person I didn’t deserve this. My brain feels very messed up. I dont know what to do.

          • azsassygirl says:

            Spice doesnt cause brain damage as far as I know for only smoking in 3 days it does make you feel light headed and discombobulated

          • Luis Toro says:

            It actually does cause brain damage it has even killed people. It’s a horrible drug.

          • Thankful says:

            I definitely feel like I burned a hole in my brain and caused permanent brain and body damage. And definitely lost a lot of my sharpness of mind and smartness. I smoked for two years then nearly killed myself with a hot batch out of california. Just thinking of this garbage makes me feel nauseaus. I ended up in the er thinking I had had a stroke and saying I was desperate for relief from the symptoms (numbness all over, couldn’t even feel water on my skin, no taste, no smell, no appetite, quick weight loss, confusion, no pleasurable emotions, cognitive skills were a mess, heavy legs, rapid heart, eyes felt dead, brain felt swollen and heavy, totally unable to take care of my children or myself). The e r could do nothing for me so they admitted me to a psych hospital and did nothing for me. After about three weeks I am nearly back to normal at times and can still feel this poison leaving my system. Sometimes I will just feel totally stoned out of nowhere which can be highly inappropriate in situations. Are you feeling any better Luis? I am very concerned for you.

          • Luis Toro says:

            Well idk I also smoked weed for about a year and did cocaine for several months maybe one of those drugs could’ve caused the brain damage. What do you think?

    • iLprosessore says:

      How are you doing now? I start counselling on Monday and structured support starting in two weeks…. I just wondering how you are dealing with it… How long does the pain last?

  187. Marky says:

    I’m dating someone who doesn’t know their addiction….plus doesn’t care that that they are having all the illness associated with the drug. I keep finding it hid in places. And after they smoke they are mean and very ow. It’s ruined our relationship. Hope other get help watch a significant other get sick and change in u isn’t anything to play with. He might not have much of a relationship with his daughters after this.

    • ShayyLovee says:

      Im In A Relationship With The Father Of My Child &Hes Been Using It For A While Because He Works In The Plant &Cant Smoke Real But Its Been 3DAYS Since He’s Smoked Legal &He Gets The Shakes Reaaal Bad ..Looking On Here Has Given Me Some Great Advice Our Relationship Was Going Downhill But I Had To Think About It Im The Only One He’s Opened Up To &Care About This So If I Leave He’s Gonna Get Back On It And The Withdrawls Will Be Worse So We Gotta Stick It Out He’s Here For Me So I Gotta Be Here For Him.

  188. frankiet2000 says:

    No need to worry, lil Mama. I’ll be OK. But it’s very kind of you, concerned about a total stranger. It shows the kind of person you are: a very gentle, sweet, and caring soul. The world needs more people like you, Monie! And yes, I hold down a job. In fact, it’s the best kind of job there is. You see, I work offshore, in the Gulf of Mexico, on an oil rig. I leave, and stay gone for four weeks at a time, then home for two weeks. And those four weeks are spent without any drugs, of any kind. (And no alcohol, either. We get tested for both. A lot!) So, while at work, it’s like rehab. The problem is always when I return home….
    I never considered myself an addict, until I found this site. And it made me stop, and take stock of my life, and realize all of the damage I’ve been doing to myself, as well as my loved ones. Most of them still don’t know what’s going on with me, just that there’s SOMETHING going on. But everytime I come here, and read more stories from people like you, and the many others with similar situations, it makes me feel better. And it also gives me hope that I can overcome this very powerful addiction, and one day be free of this shit! God gives me a new lease on life, every day that I wake up, and live another day. And who am I to screw that up, right?
    Thanks again for your kind words, and I’ll check in, on here, from time to time. Just so you don’t worry. I know you have enough stuff going on in your life, and you certainly don’t need more things to be concerned about! But hey, that’s the beauty of the Spice Addiction Support group. We all look out for one another, and we’re all there for each other. And I’m pretty sure that for a few people on here, we’re all we have….Take care of yourself, Monie. Have a great day

  189. Luis Toro says:

    I only smoked this crap three to five times and it seems to have messed up my brain. I don’t feel as smart as I used to be. My brain feels gone. Is there anyone else suffering from brain damage too?

  190. Judy Easley says:

    My son was using it, in spite of he and I having many discussions about the dangers. Last week, he got angry at me for no reason. He screamed, cursed, called me names, choked me, and slugged me in the face. He’s a good man, and non-violent, usually. I wonder if the spice had something to do with it. He’s in jail now for assault on a person over 65 years of age, with bail set at $50K. He’s lost his job, and I’m afraid of him now.

    • azsassygirl says:

      Drink lots of Gatorade and lots of cups of soup and jello those about the only things you’re going to be able to keep down keep up in by you to handle the hot and cold flashes and just keep in mind that you will survive this you will make it through there’s plenty of support on this website and other websites to help you but the only way you’re ever going to get free is to stay off of it but just remember the withdrawals are worse than any drug you’ve ever had in your entire life and it’s going to take you awhile to get back to your normal self but it’s worth it

      • Thankful says:

        You are not shitting about the withdrawals and this being the worst drug of your entire life! I can’t believe people use this again after suffering so much to get clean. Popsicles helped me a little fyi. No sense of smell or taste for awhile either…fun

        • azsassygirl says:

          Yea it takes awhile the hardest part was not being able to sleep and the hot cold sweats plus i couldnt take off. Work so trying to do sales while withdrawling was total hell

  191. jono says:

    I have struggled with addiction to synthetics for about 4 years now. While I have struggled to quit, each time I do, I last longer of the stuff. My main message is – don’t give up trying to quit and get the support you need. I have a wonderful doctor and counsellor who have assisted as well as friends who have been great. Just like any drug, it can be hard to quit but don’t give up. I have a friend who quit a couple of years ago. He realised well before I did what it was doing to him. He has been off it now since then.

  192. MomofGodsChild says:

    My son tested positive for spice. He has been in a faith based program for one month. He is still showing signs of parania, bouts of uncontrollable crying and doesn’t seem willing to open up to communicating. It’s literally like watching someone being tormented within their own skin and as his mom, it’s absolutely heartbreaking. He’s 19 years old, played 12 years of football, an honor roll student and he has not been using this for years. Is this normal?? I feel like a fish outta water in dealing with this!

    • Chris says:

      Oh here we go with the Christian folks. Listen, you son has to reach a point where HE wants to quit. This stuff is a psychological, spiritual and physical disease. It doesn’t matter what your son is, I’m a professional pilot and a military contractors and it took hold of me. Nothing made me quit but me being fucking tired of it. Doctors have no clue what spice is all about, as we are the lab rats with the drug. There are no prolonged study on it. Law enforcement don’t know much about it, and a church is the last place he needs to be. I’ve been to celebrate recovery and haven’t been treated like such a goddamn child since I was one.They are THE Most out of touch “counselors” on the planet. They are also quick to judge and treat you like second class because you betrayed God.

      Get him some real help. Then get him back into working out, playing football, back in college etc Thats how he’ll quit.

    • azsassygirl says:

      U wont quit tell u r ready to put down the pipe and go thru withdrawls.. It is the hardest 2 weeks of your life and hopefully u will come out stronger then u were before .. but until you can honestly walk away from it you won’t be have the strength it will continually draw you back you’re taking the first step to learning about its addicted hold i knew i was hooked a little over 2 years before i found the strength to throw away the pipe

    • frankiet2000 says:

      Yes, please keep us posted on your progress, and how you are doing. And fake being more addictive than crack? It’s about time we wake up and start realizing that! I hope the best for you, and good luck with overcoming this horrible addiction. There’s a lot of people on here, exchanging info, and being there for each other. The health care industry doesn’t know enough to be much help, and a lot of times, I feel like we on our own. And no one knows a whole lot about the chemicals they are spraying this shit with. Smoke real weed, if you have to smoke ANYTHING! At least we know all about marijuana, and have many, many years of long-term studies. Take it one day at a time, like most of us on here are doing. Peace

  193. Irritated with spice head hub says:

    I myself have never done spice. But my husband is addicted. He will sit here and smoke so much he becomes disoriented, his body shakes and trembles, he can’t move, or even speak in full sentences. I have told him repeatedly that one day I will come home to find him dead but he still seems to think it will not harm him. He says once all that passes and he quits puking it’s the best high he’s ever had. He values a high more than his own life. There’s no hopes of getting him off. ????

    • Chris says:

      Yes there is you fucking idiot. Your husband needs someone to intervene. He needs to detox. This stuff is like primer for demons to enter your body. You black out high after feeling amazingly good but when you black out something else is in you. I’ve been recorded while high and I couldn’t remember a thing. But I was having a full conversation with the most bloodshot red eyes I’ve ever seen. Get him to detox then rehab, then to a place where he can’t buy anymore. This needs to be treated almost Like an exorcism. It’s that strong on your mind, body and soul

  194. Becci says:

    I’ve been clean for over 3 years now. I was a habitual smoker and suffered most of the negative affects everyone on here talks about. The anxiety and vomiting being the worst of my symptoms. I have abused all drugs and alcohol my entire life replacing one with another over and over. I work a 12 step program and it has hugely affected my life. Stopping is doable. The affects eventually went away but it took time and it took work. No one can say 100% that the affects of using will be removed…in my experience it gets better, way way better. I believe in each of you and hope you find a way to stop abusing drugs.

  195. Joe says:

    I’m crying right now as I type this and I’m so happy I’m not alone, I live in Turkey and spice is called Bonzai here, Same chemical shit. This has destroyed two years of my life, In every way ! I dropped out of college just after a year, I lost my 20k$ car all because I used the money I was suppose to use for my insurance on spice, I was in car wreck one week after my insurance had expired because of lack of focus due to spice ( I’m so ashamed of myself ) I curse the day I was introduced to spice but I must get my life back on track again, everything was going so well till I got addicted, THIS DRUG BRINGS BAD LUCK AND FAILURE, It’s evil and a curse. Please do not use this drug, I am going through hell-like withdrawals but I’m determined, It’s just been three days and all my brain can tell me is ” I need a hit ”

    I feel as if My lungs are burning-up, my kidneys is currently over working as I urinate a lot ( I’m not vomiting but I can’t stop pissing ) my only prayer now is that I don’t develop a long term kidney problem ( Please say a prayer for me on that )

    My both legs are in pains, In short – I am in pains and it’s moving asking, Fast heart beats at any given time, body temperature fluntuates, I can’t eat or sleep – It’s like my mind and my body are currently worst enemies and don’t wait to work together again, I don’t want to die, this isn’t natural – I’m surprised I do not have fever, It’s like my body is torturing me to smoke spice.


      • Joe says:

        Thanks a lot – you don’t know how relieved how I was to have come across this site and know what everyone is going through, I’m so glad I’m not alone – Do you think I’m just pissing a lot because I’m drinking so much to stay hydrated ? Is it still normal that I’m having pains all over ? It’s Day 4 now, I can’t even explain all my symptoms other than I feel like crap. The most worrisome is that occasionally I feel my kidneys and liver hurting.

    • azsassygirl says:

      Hang in its hard but u will get your life back together again the first week is the hardest . u did the hardest part by admitting u have a problem . and seeking help good luck and hang in there

    • christina says:

      joe I feel you. I smoked spice for years and quit and relapsed many times. I am currently struggling to stay clean from spice. I am going through some crazy withdrawals again. I see that you posted this post a month ago, how is your recovery going? best of luck to you my friend

  196. llll says:

    please dont delete my comments, my opinion is just as fucking important as anyone else, spice stops my chronic pain and im having trouble getting more, i dont abuse it, i use it medicinally and YES that is possible, the reason you people are having horrible withdrawals is because you used ungodly amounts every day all day, i dont, now would someone please give me there source, im really fucking hurting right now, i am diagnosed with fibromyalgia and arthritis, respect my pain and ill respect your addiction

    • azsassygirl says:

      Your seriously on an addiction website asking for drugs .. I suggest you contact a dr for help with your pain and other troubles you seem to be having

  197. Kelly says:

    My husband is addicted to spice. It’s the drug of choice to handle his chronic pain and depression from a work injury. It’s so bad that today I actually walked out because I cannot stand the lying. He hasn’t even tried to find out where I went. I don’t want to leave my husband, bit this man is NOT the man I married. He has been to rehab once, but says “it’s just spice. It’s not going to kill me.” How can I get him to see it’s killing our relationship?

    • Luis Toro says:

      Spice is a very bad drug. It has ruined many lives. It can cause serious damage to the brain. It messed up my brain just by doing it three times. Your husband needs serious help!!!

    • Loz says:

      But… it just killed my son’s best mate 2weeks ago… even though they’d been smoking this shit regularly!! Pls… get him to get help. Everyone thinks that they’ll never die from it… but unfortunately, we’re going through hell at the moment trying to deal with death from it

  198. CleanFutures says:

    I’m a middle aged business woman in the process of quitting a 7 year every day cannabinnoid powder habit. I took it up to replace alcohol (I was an alcoholic). I’ve smoked a range of chemicals over the years, I’d not had a day clean for 7 years till 3 days ago. I decided to quit after my husband told me how much he missed the person I was. He’s told me the same thing hundreds of times over the years, but for some reason, this time it hit home. I cut back rather than go cold turkey. From maybe 20 joints (7am to 11pm) a day I cut back to 4 joints on day one, next day 3 joints. Then 2. I was then going to have one the next day.. But already I didn’t want the stoned feeling in my brain, so I’ve not had any since. 3 days isn’t long, but I honestly thought I would be trapped on the drugs till I died. I have started vaping a nicotine solution, even though I didn’t smoke. I would advise not replacing the addiction, but this was how I manage at the moment. It helps A LOT. I don’t have any cannabis contacts, but that’s maybe as well. I am going hot and cold and very anxious. This is helped by seroxat and olanzipine meds I am on (as a result of a drug induced psychosis 5 years ago- the doctors didn’t know it was because of the drugs). No vomitting (though I have spewed foam in the past if I was late with my smoking) and I can eat a tiny bit and drink water. I’m trying to flush out my kidneys. I wish everyone who has shared their story all the will in the world to give up, I am determined, no more, ever.

    • Luis Toro says:

      I hope you get through this and become drug free. I’m glad you quit and hope you get better. Best of luck!! So you did spice for 7 years???

      • CleanFutures says:

        Yes, I couldn’t manage a day clear for 7 years. It’s nearly a week now, I’m determined not to slip back. I hope and think your symptoms will ease with time. Mine are already.

        • Luis Toro says:

          Thank you I hope I get my brain back I only did it a few times I don’t know how it affected me so much. I hope you overcome this terrible drug.

  199. Thankful says:

    3 weeks clean from this junk and 2 days out of the psych hospital and I am slowly coming back together. I thought I had a stroke, numbness all over my body, confusion, dizzy, hard to eat and swallow, fatigue, and that was after the vomiting thirty times in one night withdrawal. Please stay away from this Frankenstein, I almost killed myself, I am so thankful to be alive, even though I am not myself yet. Unbelievable how slowly this carp leaves your system. Scared to death for my children, please God get this off the streets.

  200. Thankful says:

    First let me say I am so sorry to all of us on here who lost a family member or friend to this. Every thing you are reading is true, none of this is made up. Withdrawals and weird after effects keep popping up and I am scared shirtless even though I am feeling halfway better. Sometimes I will just be stoned out of nowhere. I don’t ever want to see or smell this stuff again, believe me I will not relapse, nothing will erase the horrible feelings and images I have if myself while using. I am so ashamed and embarassed that I did this to myself. Please let’s promise ourselves that we will not do this to ourselves again, we promise to learn from this big huge nasty mistake, cut yourself a break and move forward as best you can at this time, wherever you are in the horrible withdrawal and or healing process, promise to never take life for granted again, and try to enjoy the simple things in life. Vow to never walk in this hell on earth again. I pray for each and every one of you just starting the journey or if you’ve been there awhile, there is your regular normal life on the horizon, but you must fight, and you must fight hard, and it can get lonely and scary. I am here for you, thinking of you, and giving you some of my strength to get through this battle. Take my courage a use it, stay strong, I see the real you coming back, and you look beautiful!

  201. iLprosessore says:

    Well it has been a couple of weeks since my last confession, as they say.
    I am still using. However, I have a set quit day. That is Monday. The reason I have that day set is because my car goes to the garage and my transport to travel to buy the [email protected] will be removed.
    I have artificially put barriers in place to prevent access to my bank to get money (Reported lost card)
    I have told my GP who has given me an anti-emetic to stop me throwing up, kaolin for the runs and naproxen for the pain (obviously not given me codeine based pain killers)
    I have signed up with a local drug counselling service and my key worker will visit me at home on Wednesday and I visit them on Friday then start the work of staying off the sh… Cr……. Muck ????

  202. Thankful says:

    Please make these symptoms stop! I am trying so hard to act normal but I am dizzy and having trouble hearing. I got a good night sleep, woke up and ate a good breakfast, and took a nice hot shower, and I am still sick to my stomach, headache, diminished hearing, and dizzy. And I didn’t even have these symptoms yesterday. I haven’t smoked since February eighth. Please stop symptoms, I am miserable

    • azsassygirl says:

      Hang in their ea day is better then the last and u will feel more normal ea day the withdrawls are the hardest to deal with it wants to kill u either way it seems

  203. Thankful says:

    Even thou I was/am miserable I continued fighting through those symptoms ans so far today after my shower I got dressed, put on my makeup and jewelry, and proceeded to fight for my old life back. It sucks but today I’ve managed to put a roast in the crock pot for dinner, and make a batch of homemade spaghetti sauce on the stove, even though I can barely taste it. My symptoms have improved slowly over the hour or two thankfully. I even managed to walk the dog which he appreciated. The sun was shining and the breeze was cool (I live in northeast Ohio) got some fresh air. My brain still feels heavy. I took two tylenol, a vitamin d, and an ester c. What did I do to myself? I pray I don’t have to live this way for the rest of my life. I am so sorry for ever touching this stuff, so sorry.

  204. Thankful says:

    Oh and I wanted to let you know that last night I started feeling very irritated like never before with my husband and for no good reason, just irritated. Ok so now I just vacuumed and am watching fried green tomatoes in between chores. Still heavy headed. I’ve lost a lot of family and have no friends, really shouldn’t be driving. I feel stoned, and I don’t want to be stoned, I’ve never wanted to be straighter in my life, I am 40 by the way. Own my home, cars, married, and have three teenagers. I was on this crp for two years thankful my children still respect me, at least to my face. Good luck to all of you. What a horrible journey.

  205. Thankful says:

    Feeling pretty good this morning, I am amazed! I see light at the end of the tunnel! By the grace of God I feel I may actually get my life back! Best of luck to all of you!

    • Luis Toro says:

      I’m very happy for you!!! That’s great news my friend!!!! I hope you get your life back with the help of God!

      • Thankful says:

        Yes God is good! May I ask, are you positive that you have irreversible brain damage, were you diagnosed? If so, I apologize many times.

        • Luis Toro says:

          No I don’t think its irreversible a clinical psychologist said I’ll get very well.

          • Thankful says:

            That is great news! Thank you for letting me know! Are your symptoms from the spice still leaving your system? That’s what mine was I believe. This whole episode has cured me of ever wanting to smoke ever again, what a nasty drug, I can’t believe I did that! In the beginning it was all good. I’m so glad to have found this forum, I was mortified thinking I was going to have to live the rest of my life like that, with diminished thinking and cognitive abilities. I have come so far, pretty much symptom free nowadays, but it sure did take a full three weeks to regain all my wits and strength. Thank you for talking to me and best of luck. T

          • Thankful says:

            I wish iLProssessore would update us, concerned, the throwing up is the easy part to get over and done with!

          • Luis Toro says:

            Yea well I still don’t feel 100% the spice seems to have damaged my brain but I think it’ll heal with time.

  206. shaun cormack says:

    Hello…. I work for a Drugs and Alcohol charity, we currently run a Spice support group, We’ve had several anecdotal reports of people having diarrhoea, even after having not used for long periods one person had not used for a year. Does anyone have any other information on this please… Many Thanks.

    • Thankful says:

      I can’t believe I’m going to get this personal but, if it will help another then so be it! While I was using I had no appetite, and for a month after as well. Therefore I didn’t produce a lot of waste, but when I did it was always loose. After getting off the stuff, it took about a week of eating right and balanced to have firm stool. It has been off and on though, and I will definitely get diarrhea if I don’t slow down, eat right, and enjoy my meal. I can’t get upset either or I will pay. And I can’t skip meals or eat on the go anymore. Almost as if I have to seriously concentrate on chewing the food and nourishing my body, I have to eat right and slow down and give eating special attention, or yes I will get diarrhea. I hope this helps. T

      • Thankful says:

        I have been clean and sober for one month now just so you have the information for your group. And my meals have to be as balanced as possible. Best of luck.

    • 123Lizzy says:

      Yes I have had lots of health problems from this drug. I saw where someone had posted that they were ” shitting blood”. I have had that problem also. I know I am not alone. Sometimes it helps to see it from others. Like waking up in the middle of the night to smoke, I thought it was just me, but it’s not, found out it happens lots. It’s the drugs that wake you up for more and it goes on and on.

      • Thankful says:

        I too was waking up every two hours at the least through the night to smoke it and fall back asleep. Even though I am clean I know the health effects may continue, forever I’m afraid.

    • Dustin Smith says:

      Any questions you may have feel free to ask I’ve been off 4-5 years and I’m still fill as to I’m battling for my life it gets easier but never goes away

    • Sonja Moralez says:

      both myself and a friend of mine who have been clean for several years now can agree with this. we both had yellow, running diarrhea and also vomiting of the same texture/color. I believe this is caused by a build up of bile in the system because of lack of food, but of course there is no medical proof to back it up. you have to carefully rebuild your eating habits so that your poor, battered system can begin safely processing food again.

        • Sonja Moralez says:

          oh no no. after the first couple years of using it full-time, I wasn’t able to hold down much of anything. I could eat if I wasn’t high. but then I couldn’t be high. but I also lost my sense of smell/taste about two years in. I lost nearly 100lbs before I got sober. but the diarrhea and vomiting only came on really badly when I was trying to get clean.

  207. Thankful says:

    Aww frankie I wish I could be there physically for you, it is so hard to do alone. You are not better off dead please go to the hospital and tell them everything, what you are smoking and that you are suicidal, they will pink slip you to a psych ward or hospital, which I think saved my life. It gave me a chance to stop and slow down and talk to people trained to give me hope. Nothing was bringing me pleasure, and it took awhile to get those emotions back, they are there for you, but your neurons are caked in poison right now. Time and fight will get that carp off of them! And you deserve it, they WILL come back!

  208. Amanda Kernstein says:

    My 19 year old son has been smoking k2 for 6 months and decided to quit. A week later he is in a medically induced coma on a ventilator in the ICU. from withdrawl. Has anyone else experienced this or heard of this. I dont know how to help him!

    • Dustin Smith says:

      This really worries me I had cardiac arrest from it on 2 occasions I’ve been battling for my health ever since it’s bee roughly 4-5years since I stopped and I’m still ending up in the hospital I feel as though my body is short circuiting had my eeg taken off yesterday got to wait a week for results they say I got seizures and multiple sclerosis

    • frankiet2000 says:

      Oh my God, Amanda….a coma!?!? All we can do is pray, and hope for the best. If your story doesn’t wake people up, and open some eyes, nothing will! The chemicals in this crap have no long term studies, so here we are, guinea pigs, and all one has to do to find out the results is read the (true life) stories on here…

      Thanks for sharing your situation, and may the Lord God himself watch over your son. I hope and pray that he fully recovers, and maybe goes on to help others, just like him. And you now have that power, the power of knowledge, to warn others of this life threatening, evil, addicting drug that is ruining so many lives! Tell your story, Amanda! Shout it out, as loud as you can! Tell anyone who will listen, and if it’s possible that you can save someone else’s life, then maybe that’s what God had planned for you all along! Take care, and I’m praying for you both….

  209. Thankful says:

    Hi, just a positive update for any and all. It has been roughly one month since my last hit and I have been withdrawal and symptom free for over a week now. My brain is sharp and I look like a healthy human being again. I am enjoying life to the fullest and feel better than ever! My eyesight, hearing, and sense of touch have been completely restored. I am enjoying being a mother to my three teenagers immensely again, and they are so happy to have me back! They were full of fear and worry for over two years while I was laid out in bed and being stupid and selfish. Relish your life and quit stealing your very life from yourself and those that love you and need you. There is no need to kill yourself with this junk, life is too short and precious. I did it and so can you!

    • christina says:

      I am so happy for you! I was clean for about 1 1/2 years and relapsed a few weeks ago today is day # 1 clean and it is such a struggle. I have 3 beautiful children that I miss.

  210. christina says:

    I had been clean for over 1 1/2 years but relapsed a few weeks ago. Spice is so evil. I do not want to use anymore but it is so hard. When I quit the first time I was sick for months after quitting. Whenever I quit using I feel like there is something missing, like I need to be high to function. I DO NOT WANT TO USE I WANT TO BE CLEAN AND SOBER!!!!! HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP PLEASE HELP E GOD!

    • Thankful says:

      Aww christina I’ve been where you are, I relapsed too a couple times and each time I felt physically and emotionally worse until I knew something had to give. I wanted my children more than the drug, I wanted to able to look family members in the eye without the guilt and shame and zombie red glass eyes. I was sick and tired of the withdrawals and lingering effects, it was the first time in my life I couldn’t think or will away the side effects, it was stronger than me, I just couldn’t believe it. But it helped me to vow that I would never put my body through that ever again, and it was hard, I know you know that, I know you’ve been there. I fought day and night against that evil and was so scared that the lingering effects would never go away. I am sorry you are going through this again now. I want you to become the beautiful woman and mother I know you are! Your children need their mother and I know you want to enjoy them again. Please fight! Stay fighting, you know it gets better, gosh please Lord have mercy on this woman, she’s a good woman.

      • christina says:

        thank you so much. I know it gets better but I feel like I cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, I know it is there but it is so hard to see. I hate spice and what it does to me. I was clean for so long it felt so good. I want to feel that again and soon. by the way,
        Thankful, I know I do not know you but thank you for your kind and supportive words. We may be hundreds of miles away but there is one thing that we are all connected by one common disease called addiction.

  211. Father J says:

    My 23 year old son is addicted. I caught him at Christmas time and he said he was just trying it. Now fast forward to today. I figured out he was still doing by his behavior. Not an hour after talking with him and trying to figure out what we can do he goes and lights up again in the restroom. I am scared for him, but I am lost on how to help.

    Loving but pissed off Father

    • christinahatesspice says:

      Father J,
      I am sorry that your son is addicted to spice. I have been clean for almost 48 hours now and I can tell you that I know what your son is going through. I smoked spice for 4 years got clean for 1 1/2 years and relapsed a few weeks ago. I wanted to quit so many times. I would talk about it, make plans to get clean but then take a hit while I was talking about getting off spice. it is a vicious circle. Speaking from experience, you cannot help your son get clean if he is not ready to quit. I told myself that the only way I would be able to quit spice is if I got pregnant but that was not true. I smoked 7 months of my pregnancy. my son is almost 2 and by the grace of God he was born healthy and was not affect by my spice smoking. your son’s struggle is real. Be patient and there for him. let him know that when he is ready you will be there to help him and support him in HIS recovery. I will be prying for you and your son. also, Father J, please know that you are not the only loving but pissed off parent. you are not alone.
      best wishes,
      Christina hates spice

    • Sonja Moralez says:

      I have been clean 2 1/12 years. I know what it is to be scared, to be alone, to watch somebody you love struggle. it is harder still to break away, and he needs your support so much right now. I lost a husband and two step children to this stuff. thankfully, my new husband stood by me while I was getting clean. the one thing that really helped? cutting me off financially. I spoke with my parents and they both agreed that unless my husband (then boyfriend) was with me, they would not loan me even five dollars. I gave every single, literal, dime I had to him and if I left the house somebody had to go with me. I cashed my checks and gave him all of it. it took a month before I was physically feeling better, and six months before I could be trusted with money. even now, years later and a mother and soon-to-be mother of twins, I STILL dream of smoking spice almost every night. your son cannot help what he’s going through, this stuff is SO SO SO addictive, but if you can be strong with him, you CAN help him. much love to you both!

  212. James (Anon) says:

    Im in the 10th grade and I got caught a day after Christmas as an ambulance was called by my friends that I had smoked with. I passed out twice and in the ER my blood pressure was at 180 and all this after only one long hit. prior to spice use, I excelled in Algebra 2 math but now even though I haven’t used this drug, it’s really hindering my math capability and it just brought me to this site to tell my story. Im currently doing math hw and I just can’t do shit rn and its really pissing me off. Im not addicted to it, but just one time can get you really messed up

    • christinahatesspice says:

      I am so happy that you do not smoke spice anymore. one time is all it takes. Thank you for sharing your story. You are still so young and I think that your body can still heal itself. it will take time, even after just one time smoking. Stay strong and positive.

  213. christinahatesspice says:

    hello my fellow support group members,
    today is a better day than yesterday. Today has been almost 48 hours clean!!! One week ago my husband a I ran out of spice to smoke so we resorted to picking through the yard for “spice butts”, and combing our whole house for any spice that was forgotten about. about 2 days ago we officially ran out of spice. My husband and I smoked spice since 2010. I was clean for about 1 1/2 years and relapsed a few weeks ago.
    ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS NOT EASY! keep that in mind when you are going through withdrawals. I find it helps with my recovery when I do not focus on me but on helping others in recovery. I will do whatever I can to help anyone who is struggling with this addiction. Just let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone who is reading this

    • christinahatesspice says:

      we are here for you. it is hard but you can do it. What are you struggling with most?

    • Kay says:

      Boot …. as hard as it is you can get through this but please remember how bad you feel right now and don’t ever put yourself in this situation again. That’s the key to not going back. so small Amber is coming out of your skin drinking a gallon of water and throwing it right back up sitting in the shower for two hours do you really want to do it again once you quit remind yourself of all those things!

  214. christinahatesspice says:

    day 4 clean and doing and feeling so much better!!! My appetite is slowly coming back I can eat a snack or broth once a day without feeling too bad, I slept all night last night!! and not to get to personal but I still have severe diarrhea. Forcing myself to drink Gatorade, not just h2o, so I do not get dehydrated. But I feel good again!! just like I did a few weeks ago before I relapsed!!! happy happy happy !!!! please if anyone needs help reach out!! I get on this site everyday and I read all the comments!! you do not have to suffer alone!!!

    • Sonja Moralez says:

      I call day 5 reboot day. its when your system begins to finally act like a body again. it takes months to feel normal. but making it five days, that’s the worst part of it, and the rest if just recycled crap leaving your body.

  215. A A says:

    I know someone who has been using for years and he has started to have whole days missing. Serious memory loss to where he doesn’t even remember if he went to work in the days past. He cannot quit and is scared to admit to his job obviously. He has had doctors analyze his brain activity and had many tests run to make sure there are no other issues. They think he is having a mental breakdown or on the verge but we all know its the synthetic marijuana. I do not know how to help him realize this should stop.

    • christinahatesspice says:

      Dear AA
      you cannot make your friend realize that he need to stop using. He has to do this on his own. He need to tell the doctors that he is smoking synthetic because doctors need all the information to be able to help him. This drug is some bad stuff. I used the stuff for years, even made it so I could get it cheaper, and I am so thankful that I did not have any long term side affects. My best advise for you is to keep telling your friend to stop using., do not keep his secret any longer. best wishes and I will be praying for you and your friends safety and his recovery!

    • Kay says:

      a lot of doctors won’t even touch it. once he’s ready to quit he needs to know it’s as bad as getting off heroin. he’s going to vomit he’s going to have diarrhea he’s going to feel like those hot little Embers he used to smoke are coming out of his skin!it is truly something you have to commit yourself to.. Not easy but when he kicks the Habit only an idiot would go back.

  216. christinahatesspice says:

    11 days clean and feeling great!! Please reach out to me if any one need help. I get on this site often and want to help you if you want/need help!!

    • Renesmee22 says:

      My husband does kush Its all he cares about ..he works smokes eats like crazy and sleeps we been married for 3 yrs and have a new born I thought he will change the moment I gaved birth but NOPE!
      I’m really fed up I tried so many things to help him but he doesn’t get it

      • christinahatesspice says:

        how are you doing? how is your baby? what about your husband? I am hoping all is well with you and yours!

        • azsassygirl says:

          Sorry to butt in here i just wanted to say I’m so glad to see you doing so well christine . You’ve been posting alot of good soild advice and comments. Keep up the good job

    • Damien says:

      Christina I’ve read all your posts here. You need to STAY OFF, quiting is easy but staying off is what’s going to save your life. Smoke some cbd oil, smoke some pot, smoke some thc oil, eat some pot cookies. Something. You will never make it relapsing over and over. It doesn’t matter how long you go without it, you need to replace it with healthy vices. If that means failing a few drug tests for pot then fucking so be it. Fuck those jobs. You ‘ll be dead of you keep smoking. I helped sell this shit all over. I know what’s in the new strains and guess what they just posted a new strain this month. I worked for the manufacturer that supplies the country with the stuff.

      • christinahatesspice says:

        I am proud to say that I am still clean. I did try and smoke pot and realized that I need no drugs because I too much of an addictive personally. I always want something stronger. I have to sTay away from it all! I can’t do just a little of anything when it comes to drugs. I am an addict and will always be one but for today I am a recovering addict!

  217. Sonja Moralez says:

    I just want to give everybody here a really positive thing to lean on. I used, daily, up to nine grams and more if I could afford it, for more than three years. I ruined my marriage and lost my two step children, I had seizures and heart problems for months before I finally quit. But I DID quit and so can you!! I have been clean almost three years without a single relapse. I went through the vomiting, the sleeplessness, the irritation, the seizures, for months. But if I, a lifetime addict of this that and the other, can truly be clean and sober, then you can too!! I thought my drug use left me infertile…but me and my new husband are playing peekaboo with our 18 month old daughter right now and expecting twins in September! There is more to life after this stuff. I was suicidal and depressed and it was horrible. But I came out the other side stronger, and I want to be the role model my daughter will so badly need. First of all, if it is at all possible, cut off financial strings. give your money to people who will not give it back to you!! set up a trust if needed, make it so that there have to be two signatures to withdraw your paycheck. make it somebody you trust! and just so you know, we went to the city council here and had the sale of synthetic mariuana products (under any name) made illegal within city limits. the headshop here in town shut down in three months because that poison was the only thing people were buying!! somebody is getting rich off your death, your destruction of life, your children’s wasted youth, and YES YOU CAN STOP IT!! Get up a petition, gather your facts and present it to your council members. this stuff doesn’t have to kill you. it doesn’t have to destroy your lives and your families. be strong everybody, I am so proud of everybody here who is clean, and proud of everybody who’s trying to reach out so they can live again. there is life after spice!!

  218. Sonja Moralez says:

    another tip for “filling your hands’ and that feeling of having nothing to do now that you’re not getting high every two hours….my now-husband gave me a mix of mullien leaves and chamomile to smok