Spice Withdrawal Symptoms

Mad Hatter Brand Synthetic Marijuana

Mad Hatter Brand Synthetic Marijuana

How Bad Is It?

There are many withdrawal symptoms people experience when they stop smoking synthetic marijuana for an extended amount of time. Some might even have some withdrawal hours after their last hit. Other people are lucky enough to never experience any at all.

While death is not likely, a person going through the withdrawal often feels like they are going to die without the drug. This is because the synthetic cannabinoids have caused the reward sensors in the brain to become dependent on the chemicals in the herbal incense. The brain starts to play tricks on you to make you think you really need the Spice. In all actuality, you will be better off without it.

Some of the most widely reported withdrawal symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme Sweating
  • Inability to sleep
  • Intense cravings
  • Depression
  • Loss of motivation
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Inability to care about consequences

While it is horrible to have to go through the withdrawal, it is absolutely necessary in order to be free of the herbal incense forever.

If you are the one experiencing the withdrawal, just remember it is only temporary. Smoking more fake pot will only delay the process and will make all of the time you went through the withdrawal absolutely pointless. The faster you get through it, the closer you will be to quitting the drug.

Spice withdrawal is a horrible thing to experience. With a good support system you will be able to get through it and will be a much stronger person afterwards. Take it from me, I was able to quit smoking incense.

If I can do it, I know anyone can.


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  • Monica L

    How long do the withdrawal symptoms last?

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      The withdrawals were really bad and lasted for a few days before I would smoke again. After 10 or more times trying to just avoid it to quit, and that not working because I would smoke the day I started feeling better, I had to get some help. The last and final time I quit, I detoxed and exercised a lot. That helped cut down on the severe withdrawal. I started feeling a lot better on day 5. But some people have a much better experience and some have a worse experience than me. There are a lot of variables, in my experience. Which chemicals, potency, and how often you smoke are going to impact your withdrawal symptoms.

      Best of luck to you! Please know that you can do it. You are stronger than the incense.

  • Brandon C

    I recently just quit 4-5 days ago and am doing good with it. Does anybody experience chest pain after stopping? I feel like on my left side just under my breast bone (high rib area) I get pain there and almost like pressure in my chest. Now I am constantly worried that permanately messed myself up. Believe i was smoking a UR based blend as i live in houston tx and heard thats what they were putting in it. Also feel like nothing makes me happy anymore. Almost like a lost of intrest in everything. Will this go away or am
    I screwed forever. I am so scared :(. Any advice and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks for y’all time.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      My lungs and chest hurt for weeks after I quit. I also had kidney pain. I got checked out by my doctor and i would recommend that you do the same. You never know what could be wrong and it’s better to be on the safe side.

      As far as the type of chemical you were smoking, you really can’t be sure at all. It could be anything. Some UR, some JWH. It all depends on whats legal and what shipments haven’t been intercepted by customs.

      Get yourself checked out. It will help clear your mind.

      Take care of yourself. You can do it!

  • Mitch

    Heck, i’ve been smoking incense for a year-ish. I’m trying to quit now. I’m going through withdraws and it sucks!!! Are there any ways to counter-act the symptoms of spice withdrawal (to make me feel better)??? I really need the help. I’ve been sober off spice for 3 days. Is it almost over?????

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      Any time you can speed up the detox process you are going to get through the physical withdrawals faster. At least in my experience. Drinking lots of fluids, exercise to get the chemicals out, or you can even get a detoxification product to help you through it. Amazon has them the cheapest. My physical withdrawals lasted around 5 days or so.

      For me, the physical withdrawals weren’t as bad as the mental part of it. Even after I got through the detox, I still wanted to smoke. It was something I did all day, every day for years and I didn’t do much else. So you will probably need to find a hobby and distract yourself with things that aren’t smoking incense.

      Best of luck to you and let us know how you are doing.


  • stella

    I am addicted to spice right now and it’s getting worse. im going to need serious help to stop smoking. Im scared and have put walls up to everyone in my life. I am a almost 29 year old female with a great job and no one knows beside a select few that I am a slave to spice. Really disappointing I turned out this way.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport


      Don’t do what I did and lose your great job because of spice. It’s not worth it. I quit my job because I didn’t want to go to work anymore. It cut into my smoking time. Not to mention the fact that I really hated to be around anyone when I was high. It was one of worst times in my life.

      I really believe that you have to admit you have a problem before you can fix it. You have accomplished the first step by posting your story here.

      Now, you have to figure out what method you want to use to quit smoking. Whether you go to rehab, use a detox program, or just power through the withdrawals, it’s going to be tough.

      But I can say with 200% certainty that it is worth it.

      Please let us know how you are doing in your process of getting sober.

      You can do it, Stella!


      • ta2013

        Aside from being strung out on meth some years ago, nothing has been worse overall than spice for me. I stopped 4 days ago. I have not ate anything in 3 days. I feel as if I don’t know who I am. I have little interest in anything. I start to feel hungry so I’ll try to eat a bite of something and that’s it I can’t eat… feels like I will vomit… so I just go lay down and pass time. I was spending over $800 monthly on the crap. the not eating, not sleeping well and feeling stupid will hopefully end soon. PEOPLE…. DO NOT USE THAT CRAP… IT MESSES YOU UP IN WAYS NOBODY FULLY UNDERSTANDS YET.

  • John Doe

    I just decided to quit about two hours ago. I’m already experiencing withdrawals. I’m tired of it ruining my life. I already relapsed once. I lost my girlfriend. I’m pawning all my valuables and I’m about to lose my job. I desperately need help.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      How are you doing? Hopefully, you haven’t smoked and are through the withdrawals.

      Please check back with us.

    • troy

      just do it. It sucks like all hell, just stop, go throug the wds, and get over it. I felt like you after work on monday, its now wednesday im mostly over it.
      Keep fluids up, think positively abouy the change you are about to make in your life. Good luck

  • shinji

    this is day three of quitting smoking spice and i feel way better now. day one my symptoms included cold sweats, sticky palms, lack of sex drive, teeth grinding, and a sense of panic unless i smoked, and an extreme lack of hunger. day two was only just sweaty palms and lack of hunger. day three im bored as hell and i am trying to be productive. to be perfectly honest i am loving the challenge of quitting. i like overcoming the obstacles life throws my way. its a wonderful learning experience. im thinking i should be fine by day four, however i was only smoking this stuff for about a month maybe 10 times a day. before that i smoked it for 6 months striaght back in 2010 while on probation and then went back to lady MJ. while i do not condone smoking MJ it is a great way to detox. currently i am only smoking cigarettes and that kind of helps. i am soooo glad that there is a site like this out there to help people and sort of raise awareness to the dangers of this terrible terrible drug. i wish everyone who is trying to quit the best of luck. our existence is way more important then the existence of this stupid ass drug.

  • tori

    I been trying to get my boyfriend off the stuff he keeps trying but gives up because of the withdrawals I don’t know what to do please tell me how can I be a good supporter for him and how to support him on trying to quit it’s just as hard as watching him go through the withdrawals as well as going through the withdrawals yourself I’ve never done any type of drugs but I seen people that gone through it and I worry about him not for me but for our daughter she’s only 3 I hope you all the best I’m so glad that I keep finding sites that are supporting people on quitting some families don’t support their own children please keep up the good work your life is more important than anything

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      Just remember, it’s him that needs to quit. You can be as supportive as you want but unless he wants to, he won’t quit. The best thing you can do is not enable him. Don’t buy it for him and you really don’t have to accept him smoking if you don’t want.

      When you are addicted to a drug like spice, you make excuses to smoke. Your brain convinces you that you need the drug. so more than likely, he is going to say anything and everything to you to justify him smoking. I know, I did it all of the time.

      The withdrawals are going to be tough for him to get through but he will be a much better person when he does. Some people need to go to rehab to get through it. Some don’t. Some can quit cold turkey. Those are the lucky people.

      I wish you two the best of luck. Please keep us updated on his progress.


    • NoMore

      My boyfriend admitted to me the other day how much of this he was smoking. It started out as something we did on the weekends…but he ended up doing it daily! Nothing or no one is going to make your bf want to quit, but him. He has to decide to stop..and there are places he can go, like a treatment center, that can help him get through the withdrawals. I am driving my bf tomorrow to a rehab he is checking himself into and staying for a month. Not sure about your bf’s symptoms, but this stuff can cause severe depression and thoughts of suicide. I know this because my bf admitted to me he was having some scary and crazy thoughts about hurting himself and that is so not him at all. Look up rehabs in your area and you should be able to find a hotline number for you to talk to for yourself and him as well. I wish you luck and will keep you in my prayers.

  • nacirema

    I smoked this garbage for over four years, on day three of sobriety. ugh id love to be able to keep down a meal. or even sleep for more than four hours. the cravings aren’t so bad as theyve been for the past 72 hours. I realized it wasnt worth it after puking up blood, the brown stains on my bottom teeth (regaurdless of the fact i brush n floss twice a day) oh, and that seizure.

    what ive found bests to just keep active. 75% of being addicted to anything you smokes the oral fixation. toothpicks believe it or not work well. hope the best for all y’all that’re quitting.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      Keeping active definitely helped me. I exercised, played basketball and went swimming to help get through all the withdrawals.

      Sorry to hear about your experience with this stuff but I am happy you made the decision to quit.

      Take care of yourself,

  • cameron rux

    hi my name is cameron I have been smoken for 6 years off and on and still cant quit I got kicked out of the military because of the addiction that was like 4 years ago. my girlfriend really wants me to quit but its really hard its like I have to smoke everyday to feel better and to even function eat or do anything im afraid I might have to go to rehab for this idk is there any advise you can give me to help?

  • Troy

    i used to start my day with a couple of cones, then go to work then have a smoke at lunchtime then back towork then smoke every half hour till bed. The last six months i start sweating on forehead just before lunch and after work. I came to the conclusion it was withdrawals. Ive got a three day course for my work next week. I had to give the stuff up. I stopped monday after work(none since lunch on mon). Within a hour i started getting shakes extreme sweating, throwing up, no appetite. Now its wednesday, i took yesterday and today off work, feeling a lot better but may need to take the rest of week off so i dont show any symptons of withdrawals at work. Ive been drinking lots of orange juice and those liquid breakfast drinks -only things i seem to keep down. The cravings havent been too bad, i think because i now know how bad the stuff is to come off of. I wish a had never started, i only started because it was easier to get then mj and wasnt illegal, two years later ive now givin up and just wish i had listened to people warning me against it. The only bad side effects i experience on spice was the sweating and memory loss, i used to have a awesome memory lately i cant recall things my boss told me the day before.
    If anyone has any tips to help get through this period,mwould be greatly appreciated.
    Been thinking of trying excersice but i start feeling like shit if im out of bed for too long.

  • James

    I smoked this devil stuff for 2 years. I smoked heavy, spent most of my free time blasted out of my mind (I smoked it from a bong at home…and could kill a bowl in a hit). After a while my usage ramped up to the point I was takin it to work and smoking from a pipe behind the building. It started to eat up most of my money, and I didn’t care. I started to only be able to eat while on it, and I could only fall asleep high. Then I’d wake up when it wore off a couple hours later. I would also start sweating a ton a couple hours after smoking, when I had just finished coming down. Eventually I owned up to being addicted. I threw out all the spice I had left (well, actually a friend threw it out). He also smashed and threw out my pipe, and took my bong. The first week was the hardest. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep unless I passed out from exhaustion, ad I was apathetic about everything. Constant nauseau, felt like i had no happiness at all/was depresses, the works. After that week, I still had trouble sleeping and eatin but I didn’t constantly feel sick and I was able to take some joy in life (albeit with random bursts of depression). After the first month, the withdrawal symptoms were gone, but not the cravings. Now I’ve been off it for 9 months and most of the time I don’t even think about the stuff. I do still get random cravings, but from talking to recovering addicts of other substances (specifically heroin addicts because this incense actually hits opioid receptors) I think that normal. So hang in there everyone! You CAN DO IT.

  • troy

    Day four, things going pretty well thinking of trying solids tonight, no sweats, shakes today, haziness mostly gone. Gonna go to work tomorrow see how i go, just hope i dont experience any WD symptons at work, i know i probably get frustrated, annoyed at people, stressed etc but it will be friday so just got to make it throughtomorrow then can have the weekend to finish recovering. Gonna try find
    some weed tomorrow to help with the sleeping at night (ironically i started using spice becausr i couldnt be bothered trying to find decent weed). By the way josh if you still check in your posts helped me get through the first few days, im glad you gt your life back, im hopingnto do the same oneday. For those of you hiding this from your partner, dont. Hopefully they will understand you need to do this to improve your life, their support will help immensley, it may be rough for the first few days but there is a light, on my fourth day without impretty sure im at the end of the tunnel.goodluck to everyone attempting to kick this habbit, im sure if we all knew how addictive is was we wouldnt have gone there.

  • Halfy

    Has anyone experienced loss of sensitivity to touch? I’ve only been smoking spice for a few weeks and now I’m starting to notice that after a few hours of not smoking, my hands and lips will start to go numb and eventually I lose sensitivity to touch all over my body. The feeling goes away after I smoke and comes back a few hours after my last hit. Has this happened to anyone else? should I be worried? Do the withdrawal symptoms happen that fast? I’ve only been smoking for a few weeks and I’m already getting withdrawal symptoms after a few hours of coming down.

    • damage

      absolutely. this is lne of the nasty symptoms that only get worse over time. its bad for a fw days and then starts to subside. still get numb sensation every now and again after 1.5wks off.

    • bates

      Yes I cant feel anything I was given ivs didnt feel the needle. I was showering to keep my body temp at a certian temp and I couldnt feel the water hitting my body

  • Jordan

    hello ive been smokin spice for about 2 years now on and off, my addiction was never really bad until recently about a month ago. I was smoking everyday as soon as i got off work every 20-30 min id smoke a bowl and id do that till i would go to sleep. then it got to the point where i would smoke before work and on my lunch breaks, started vomiting every morning and could tell it was really destroying my body physically. the mental i think is even worse, it was at the point where that was the only thing on my mind and nothing else, literally counting down the minutes till i could smoke again. I never wanted to leave the house or go anywhere because that would mean id have less time to smoke. The worst part for me is the depression symptoms. when im not smoking nothing interests me and i literally dont want to do anything at all. Ive been trying this past month to quit but have failed everytime. Im on day 2 of wd again and im posting this because no one understands what were going through unless youve been through it yourself and it gives me a lot of hope reading all of these comments and im determined to not fail this time. just wanted to share my story and talk to some people who are dealing with the same thing that i am.

    • tyler

      I competly understand im on my 5th time to detox and I cant even make it 24 hours. I just took a dt yesterday and now im praying the shit I bought was legal and not gonna show up on the test. It took me possibly loosing my job and my family of 2 kids just to admit I have an addection. Now as I detox on my couch praying it comes up clean. I know exactly what ur going though and I hope u can make it too, My prayers will be with u and myself that u can beat this disease.

    • Jay

      Cousin is currently in the hospital with complications with this poison please keep her in your thoughts. Do not give up on yourself. You can pull through this.

  • NeverAgain

    So glad I found this blog! My boyfriend is checking himself into rehab Monday and I’m so happy he is. He’s been smoking this off and on for a few years. We were doing it together about 9 months ago on the weekends and he started doing it more and more during the week to where it started interferring with his sleep, appetite, mood, became withdrawn, depressed…and the list goes on. Last time I smoked it was a few days ago. I don’t remember what happened but I passed out and fell pretty hard and hit my head on the tile. Woke up shaking really hard, almost seizure like and really confused. I was done at that point. He decided that night he was done too. Scared us both to death. He has had some pretty nasty withdrawl symptoms as well. I didn’t know how much he was doing this and he was totally honest with me about it, how it made him feel and how bad he wanted to stop. I have noticed a change in him for a while now, but knowing what I know now it all makes sense. Anyone thinking about trying this needs to think again. It’s evil! Every bag we got was different. This last one was the worse!!! Hoping everyone here is able to kick this crap and never touch it again. God only knows what unknown damage it’s doing to us!!! After waking up the way I did shaking and not knowing what happened with a huge knot on my head was enough for me! I want my boyfriend back, I want him healthy and I want him to never touch this crap again!

  • charliedavis3

    I am 17 years old I currently quit smoking spice 3 days ago. I was smoking it alot daily, and ended up sick without quitting. So that’s when I decided to drop it right then I had the cold sweats and all for 2 days I was having phychotic dreams hard time sleeping. And much more. I am feeling much better now stay strong people

  • Jay

    Today is my first day off the herbals, I have been smoking this stuff about everyday for the last 2 or so years having a bowl every 20-30mins while gaming watching tv movies you name it, I would probably having a bowl doing it. I would usually go for K2 Black for about a year solid among a couple other brands.. Sleep has often been a joke, I would wake often at night absolutely drenched in sweat, and moving brought a rush of frozen chilled night air into bed which sucked being so wet with sweat. Occassionally I would have a few bowls then feel that drowsy I would have to have a sleep for an hour and I find that I get very angry and I mean VEEEERY angry when even the smallest things don’t go my way. Driving home the other day someone traffic was moving so slow in the lane I was in so I switched lanes into the faster side they started slowing down so I switched back lanes because the old lane was now faster, the person infront of me saw this 2nd change and started slowing down to purposefully piss me off which worked because I got so irate i hung out the window threw a glass bottle at their vehicle, smashed their rear facing window yelled abuse and I think that if traffic had’ve stopped I would’ve got out and beat the living shit out of them. Prioor to smoking herbals I had control of my violence but since smoking them and then trying to quit I find I just get too violent towards people and the most terrifying thing is I’m a courier by profession so I drive for a living and it’s going to be only a matter of time till a customer cops my rage…I know I absolutely have to give this shit up as it’s going to land me in serious trouble with the law

  • Robert

    I smoked this stuff for 2 years as well, till my friend brought over something called DOOB. It made him a vegetable for life, he cannot talk right anymore and stutters and he says he has slow motion in his eyes now. I quit after that! I had all the sweats in bed, irritable, mad, upset all the time and so on. Now I hear that since people are making so much money and cannot get the ingredient for it they are spraying liquid crack diluted in acetone on the leaves and it is causing all kinds of problems now with people here in the South Bay of LA. Please be careful guys! I lost 2 friends on this shit already. Do not play Russian Roulette with your sanity!

  • joe

    I have been smoking spice off and about for about 3 years, never really had any problems but this past year i’ve smoked more than i ever had, usually only smoking once or twice a week off of a friends bag. this past year though i hav been doin it daily like every day and i found thats when the problems start to happen. if you smoke this stuff everyday you have to be carefull or you will find yourself not caring about anyone or anything besides spice. If my brother hadn’t gotten me a job i would be homeless right now simply bc i smoked so much spice it made me lazy and even though i knew i was gunna become homeless that didnt even matter. im still smoking spice bc i can pass drug tests and i dont hav to deal with weed dealers. Its bad news though i have gotten so high where in my head i think i cant breathe (all in your head) i have gotten so high to the point right wen i finished smoking i threw up food and when all the food was gone i threw up blood that was only one time though and weird thing was i think that was in my head too bc once i saw the blood i told myself to stop throwing up its all in your head and i did stop so that was really weird. All in all spice is bad for you just smoke weed it will save you some health problems and probly sum money.

  • lilmiller26

    My boyfriend is addicted to this stuff and I don’t know what to do to help him quit he asks me to throw the stuff away or make it disappear and I do and then he goes and buys more…..he sits back in his man cave and doesn’t do anything but smoke for hours on end….he was spending about 5-10 dollars a day and now he is speni g almost 50 he just got paid on Friday and it is now monday and he has already spent 150 on the stuff….I have had it I don’t know what to do I’m afraid he will lose his job which means we will lose our apartment o don’t know what to do he has asked for my help and I don’t know how to help him

    • Chuck

      He has to make the conscious decision to quit. If it is illegal in your state you can call the police and tell them where he’s buying it and see if they’ll bust the place. Other than that it’s really all on him, your strong support will help him through the withdrawals.

  • Jimbob

    Today is day one! Ive lied to everyone who is important to me. Ive hidden it well but it was so wrong and now Im alone in a hole with my addiction. But I came clean with my wife last night and though she pretty much cried her self to sleep, I think we will be ok. This too shall pass. I tried and tried ro quit on my own and just couldn’t. I had to come clean In every sense of the word. I gotta do it for my wife for my kids and for my health. Im 2ish years in and its time!

    • rachel

      hi jim bob,hang in there! I used to be a really big pill head,quit almost a year ago now,but started smoking spice to stop the pills.It worked but I got hooked to that instead.clean of everything now including cigs an booze.but like you my first step to really becoming clean was to admit I had a problem to my husband..i still rely on him for a lot of emotional things,hopefully your wife loves you enough to stick it though an you’ll be a lot happier an a way better person for your accomplishment
      all the best of luck to u and ur family,<3

  • sinnoa

    Day 3 of withdrawls. Still feeling shitty but in a much better place than I was while on spice. I would wake up almost every hour taking A bong hit. Got to the point where I was smoking 3g in my sleep. At $24.99 it added up quick. My prayers for all recovering. Stay strong!

  • joeyjohns

    i have been smoking this stuff for about 8 months everyday , until i quit for 3 months , after i quit i went back to it and now have been smoking for another 2 months,
    i have been sober now for 24 hours , the cravings arnt completely ridiculous but my depression is a big worry, i dont no if its bcoz i am in the middle of a break up at the moment and the fact she left me bcoz of that stuff,

    i also really cant eat or sleep and i seam to really over think everything! my minds going crazy just thinking about my life and everything about it , i tend to gwt really emotional which is very unlike me !
    how long will this last and ive only been bak on it for 2 months should the WD symptons go away in quicker this time??

  • HotBoi

    I have just made it threw day four.This shit is crazy, home made, I haven’t ate a thing in 4 days, nor do I wish to. I will get intense spells of hunger, then when the time comes I freeze up. I have also noticed, when I get really hi, I start to shake, just a real slight shake start from my neck? I thought this was the dream come tru when it came out, but after 5 or 6 years on and off, and the past 6 months. I know this is going to kill me, I don’t know what its going to take for me to quit…. I have already lost everything, and I was able to get my shit back together still smoking. Its getting out of control, bags turned in to quarters, quarters to O’s, O’s to QPs….
    Good luck everyone! Makes me feel alittle better knowing I am not the only one…

  • Was addicted

    I have been smoking syn,spice,k2,fake bake. For over 2 years and quit cold turkey this is my 7th day sober and just now starting to eat to again. I am telling you people this cause the drug is very addicting I would steal from my mom, brother take his car without him knowing. I’m very lucky I’m still alive it fucked up my bowel movement so I had to take powder to shit. Ik it might sound funny but its not. I lost 30 pounds in two days. I wanna burn the person who ever created the drug. When you are on the drug you are a fucking zombie pretty much. Glad I quit when I did I almost lost everything. You guys can do it stay strong

    • caw

      The guy that invented the chemicals in question was quoted as saying “anyone who tries this stuff is an idiot”

  • sinnoa

    Day 8 or 9. eating regularly. Cravings are subdued. That is some wicked shit. But make it through the first 7 days and you will see a pretty big imporvment. I was on for a bout 4 years. Got me kicked out of the Army but damn that was a life experience. Stay strong everybody. God Bless

    • Cc

      Is it really possible? I’m dying. I quit 2 days ago after heavy use for a year.

  • cece

    I have been with my husband for 8 years 6 have been the most amazing we share a beautiful daughter who is about to turn 6 and he is addicted to spice….he doesn’t care if she sees him do it he doesn’t care that her and I left him 5 days ago…im lost and confused and don’t know how to help him he doesn’t care about anything anymore all he cares about is where he set his pipe and who grabbed the spice he doesn’t sleep he lost 85 lbs and is always covered in sweat I wish his job would drug test his dumbass someone help me I need advice on getting him off of this stuff its insane and its going to kill him how do I make him see that he has a problem

  • Yourmothersbuttskin

    This stuff is horrible. Idk about you guys, but for me I get really depressed, moody/agitated very easily. I can’t say I’m the best guy out there, but i went from being the happiest and sweetest i have ever been, to being the biggest dick i know. Before i would never so much as raise my voice to my girlfriend. We never fought/argued once until I became addicted, and this stuff changed me dramatically. Since my addiction got heavy, and i started smoking 3+ grams a day, i constantly find myself yelling at my girlfriend, saying horrible things to make her cry etc. I love my girlfriend to death, and i hate myself for the way i have treated her lately. She says she understands, and i would love to believe that, but she will never truly understand. She tends to be as sober as it gets and i could never see her being a drug addict, so i just don’t see how she could understand. she won’t even smoke gods green anymore. Let’s just say this, she was an occasional smoker, but she was used to shit browns, so when she got a hold of the dank goodies i had she had an anxiety attack. I’m not happy about that, not one bit but I am very happy i met with her that day, she wouldn’t even so much as look at me, and then we smoked. Suddenly, “Can i make out with you”. It completely brought her out of her comfort zone for sure. The point is, it has completely altered my brain chemistry, and changed me into a lifeless, angry zombie dick that hurts my loved ones who only try to care for me and help me. Well, on another note, Day 3 of being sober, i can’t even hold a single egg down without puking, i sweat profusely (which is not normal for me), and i cannot sleep normally, i wake up in the middle of the night puking, and have to change my sheets because i sweat that much. I quit before, and I don’t know why I was dumb enough to start again. I find laying on my stomach and breathing out my mouth make me throw up more, so i take deep breaths through the nose, and lay on my back or side. Since I am so hot and sweaty all the time without it, taking a cold shower helps a lot. I am keeping myself busy, and seeking the guidance of my loved ones, which keeps me going with all the support i have been getting. Overall, this stuff is bad news, and i feel strongly that any and all synthetic cannibinoids should be illegal due to what it is doing to the youth, and even adults. I had a great job, with a great learning experience, and lost it due to the incense. Not because I’d skip work or anything, but I would just go to work without having at least 1 hit, and suddenly i was in the bathroom puking, and got sent home several times before they told me to stop coming until i am healthy again. So here i am, on that road to becoming healthy again. on the other hand, I feel for you guys, and I am thankful for being directed towards this website, it feels good to tell my story. Anyway, good luck to any other addicts out there, it’s relieving to know im not alone, i wish you all a happy spice free life, and i hope that maybe my story can help someone out, and realize what this stuff can do to change, affect, and destroy a good human being. Best of luck guys. Good bye.

    P.S. Thank you to the lovely woman who directed me to this website, i love her with all my heart. Im not just stopping for myself, im stopping for her.

    Your mothers butt skin

  • Yourmothersbuttskin

    just wanted to add this because i forgot to: a certain spice, the
    strongest i have ever had called “pin up” made me trip so bad i thought i
    was on fire, i felt like i was burning and dieing, and i was even
    hearing the crackling and popping of what i thought was me burning.
    Also, i have had 2 seizures that i am aware of. There are two types of
    seizures, idk the names, but one where you are completely conscious and
    aware it is happening but you can’t stop it until it stops itself, and
    one where you pass out, have a seizure, and are not aware of it what so
    ever. i had both, and the only reason i am aware of the second one is
    because when i woke up my friends were screaming my name trying to stop
    it, i was unaware it had happened, until they had told me. so really, if
    i have ever had any of those other types of seizures, i am completely
    unaware because there were no witnesses to tell me. so who knows maybe
    more than 2? okay, bye guys

  • Crystal

    I’m leaving my husband over spice. I’ve been with him for 14 years, and this is one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to face, but I can’t take it anymore. This crap has completely taken over his life. Please, if anyone is curious about trying this drug….just don’t! It destroys lives!!

  • em

    I’ve recently quit spice, and can say i have had the worst withdrawls i could imagine. Spent three days in bed battling a fever, intense sweating, uncontrollable tears, uncontrollable frustration and lack of ability to sleep, aching body etc. etc.
    I honestly thought i was dying and have never experienced such pains.
    Stick with marijuana, i was on that for six years and cut back to nothing without withdrawls (i got a bit moody and had trouble sleeping but nothing at all like the withdrawls from spice.)

  • spicesmoker69

    Ok this is day one of my decision to stop smoking spice, I first started to smoke about a year ago, I would smoke once or twice a day, but since the durations of this high are so short I found myself smoking more and more times a day, It caused huge problems with my new relationship, I just contributed it to us just working out the kinks, which I’m sure is partly for some of the drama, but I know without a doubt that 99% of the shit we fought about was over my mood swings, and my spice smoking. The reason for quitting now is that my health is at risk, I’m going through some of the worse withdrawls I’ve ever imagined, I tried to stop cold turkey…I could only do a day and a half before starting smoking again. I couldn’t sleep at night, I had some crazy sweats that would come on in seconds. I had some diarrhea and every time I would smoke it,it seemed like my stomach would lock up and anything I would eat would not get digested? I had dark green stool, it was so bad! So I decided to wing myself off the stuff, so I would smoke small sessions when I would really crave it, then I got down to where I am now, today is the first day of my cold turkey event, even though I winged myself down, from spice the withdrawls are the same as last time, so its a tough 4-5 days to finally kick this shit, but its only something that you can do for you, do it for you health, do if for all the people you are robbing of the wonderful person that you are to their world. It will destroy your relationships with a lot of people if you let it. Join me, get back on with our real life!

  • Sie Gylak

    So so depressed, I feel like a zombie and I have no expression or interest in anything anymore.
    I need help.
    Im always angry.
    I’ve only been smoking it for about 6 months.
    Some people say they never recover completely.
    What do I do?

  • bates

    I have been smoking spice for 4 years I quit 7 days ago. I have had spells of extreme anger, shaking, sweating, irregular heartbeat, crying spells, gone into shock 9 times been in the emergency room twice, throwing up collapsing to the ground this has been hell. I feel like im dying. I havent eatin. Dropped double digits in weight. Guys this is some hardcore stuff. Need help have questions email me at [email protected] im not out the other side yet I was snoking 6 grams a day every single day. If I can do this yall can. Contact me.

    • Dustin

      i had the same issues when i quit 2 years ago i slept for 2 weeks

  • bates

    I wanted to say thank you for making this site. I have been battling this withdrawal alone crying feeling like im going to die and after seeing all these guys going through the same thing I have hope that the pain will stop and the sickness will end. Day7

  • Jrock

    I’m on day 3
    First night
    -took 6 showers puked 9 times. I found myself on couch freezing and ringing wet. It was the worst day of my life. I took a pic of myself with my phone at my worst to remind me that I don’t ever want to go through that again. I’m not a doctor but I felt close to death. I still don’t eat and I can’t sleep at all. I used to make it myself so I had an endless supply n I was smoking 3-4g a day. My site got busted then I found myself searching driving a hr to a store that had it under counter, spending $150 a week

    I’m on day 3 n I can’t sleep but I feel like a million bucks. I can’t sit still. I been smoking the this “downer”for 3 yrs. and now I feel like I’m on coke. I have so much drive n determination to do things. Just keep yourself busy hang with ppl that don’t smoke, go the bar or somthing. I only could drink like 2 beers bc felt sick but I got off my couch where I used to sit n smoke nonstop. Surround urself with positive ppl. If I can do it. SO CAN YOU!

  • MsBowes

    day 6 here,and the lack of sleep seems to be the worse.my wife is so supportive and im blessed to have part time work in a job which i love,otherwise i think i would prolly lose the fight tbh.

  • R3n

    I’m on day day 3 almost 4 I puked my life up for 2 days and had fever cold sweats and just wanted to die. I can’t eat at all I haven’t eaten this whole week… I feel ok but weak and tired and I just feel depressed…
    I seem to cry a lot to during this
    ~taking hot baths helps

    • Jrock

      Hang in there man I’m on day 7. It gets so much better. I’m so mad at myself for wasting the last 3 yrs of my life being a hermit n lazy ass. I still only eat one small meal a day I have lost 15 pounds but hell that isn’t a bad thing.

      • R3n

        Thank you for responding to my post. Yes the only benefit I guess is weight loss.. I’m a lot better today. I just have no apatite for anything still! I was able to work out a little and shop to today which was great because I haven’t been able to do anything for so many days.. I still get in the bath here and there when my stomach starts feeling uncomfortable. Other than the uncomfortable feeling I get in my stomach here and there and not eating are really my last symptoms.

  • Onedumbidiot

    Day 3: I’ve been useing spice daily for months now. I was traveling three hours one way just to purschase the stuff atleast once a week. It has been nearly a year since they banned all of the JWH-018 and similar chemicals. So there is no telling what they were useing present day. The DEA finally caught on to what was happening and they cut my supply. Needless to say I had to quit cold turkey. I have experimented with nearly every drug I could get my hands on and let me tell you spice was by far the worst of them all. Until now I have never experienced withdraw symptoms. The past few days have been horrific. Unable to eat without vomiting, constant direhea, unable to sleep, Etc. If I am unable to hold food down today I plan to go to the ER. I hope it doesn’t come to that. For those of you out there going to the same situation. I feel your pain I really do. I wish luck to all of you!

    • IP Freely

      I detoxed last year after smoking synthetics for 3 yrs straight. I was smoking about 10 grams a day. The withdrawal was horrendous. I have detoxed before, but this was by far the worst. I threw up for a few days, drifted between sweating and chills, was constantly on the verge of a full blown panic attack, and generally felt like shit for about 2 weeks. The first 3 days were the worst with every day getting a little better. I lost my train of thought quite a bit during this and had a hard time carrying on a conversation. Ive seen a couple of others detox from synthetics with varying severity ranging from mild to severe. Mine being about the middle of the road. I would never go back to it at this point. To each their own but the withdrawal alone is enough to curb my appetite for it.

      Hang in there!! It gets better and the satisfaction you get out of beating that habit is worth it!

  • rorubalc36

    Hi, I don’t use spice but my 18yr old son checked himself in to rehab today. He has been using for over a year or maybe longer not sure. He dropped out of school and ran away repeatedly before he turned18 this year. I’ve been trying to help him but he refused to admit he had a problem. In MAY he hadna seizure and I took him to the ER. Doctors told him he could die and that this drug is worse than heroine. I thought that would scare him but he continued using. He came home one night and was using in his room and I told him that I couldn’t allow for him to kill him self in my home. He also has a 2 year old sister I just didn’t want her exposed. I am so scared and I hope he pulls through this. I have read some of your stories and it has given me hope. At least he admitted himself to rehab but most importantly admitted he has a problem.

  • Chuck

    Day 3 clean, never thought symptoms would hit me like this. Profuse sweating, inability to eat, and just generally groggy feeling. Just got paid and really really really wanna go get a sack but I know in the back of my mind this can’t keep happening. Synthetic is so horrible and I see that now, good luck those who try to quit, stay strong.

    • Chuck

      Woke up this morning feeling better than I have in years. It’s like a switch flipped in me and the want to smoke is just gone. No more sweating, just ate a delicious breakfast and kept it down. I think it’s finally over and now I can just get on with my life.

    • Chuck

      Spice free for a week now and I feel amazing. I feel like I’m getting my old self back. I feel like a huge weight has been taken off my shoulders. No more blowing money on that crap. Success! If I can do it you can do it, just need to dig deep and find that willpower we all have. You are stronger than this drug.

  • Slick

    This is really helpful, today I threw up blood and knew immediately that it was due to the spice. I am quitting as we speak, still feel nauseus as heck but I WILL not smoke spice again. EVER. The high is nice but the detox is horrible I heard. The reason I threw up blood is because I wasn’t on it for about 8-10 hours total. That’s it. It’s incredible. I’m glad I wasn’t on it for too long. Hopefully this doesn’t destroy my life. I will NEVER smoke this stuff again. Please, if you’re on spice. QUIT NOW.

    • Chuck

      Stay strong! I was hurting bad for days but the way I feel now was so worth quitting. I’ll never touch the stuff again.

  • Doobs

    I cant go for hours without it. I’m fucked. I’m achy, moody, bad mood. I’m also bipolar, so Idk what is going on. I feel I need it right now. Whenever I get money, I actually get Bizarro instead of weed. Weed dont get me as high anymore. I get called a champ cuz I whited and cleared a two-3 foot high Roor bong several times and took massive rips, bong after bong. Bizarro fucks me up but I dont trip or tweak as much. Yesterday my buddy who does alot of drugs smoked it with me and actually decided to take more than two hits. He took several hits and he wouldn’t take it anymore when i tried passing it to him. He thought he was gunna die but didnt go psychotic. He in my eyes handled it well, yet he was still pretty fucked up. He was fucked up without even knowing it at some points, which I exhibited as well. I heard it was as bad as cocaine, and is considered a harder drug. Is that the truth?

    • Chuck

      Strawberry Bizarro used to be my favorite. It is bad, really bad. Besides the oily film that coats your lungs, the addictive properties is just outrageous. You have to adapt and overcome, the withdrawals are horrible. The only way to beat it is to just make a conscious decision to not smoke and just deal with the withdrawals until they subside. You will feel like your dying without it, well I did anyhow. Inability to eat, ridiculous sweating, pale sick looking face. For about 4 days it was bad for me. The end state was well worth going through withdrawals. I hope you can quit, stay strong!

      • Desiree

        Hi Chuck. I’m looking for fully recovery reports. I’m on day 7 of withdrawals. I only smoked K2 4 times! Never thought I’d experience withdrawal like someone who’s smoked it for years! This is my first time smoking ANYTHING and I was lied to and told it was weed. What a lie from the pit of hell. Not that Marijuana is any better. When fully recovered I wont even take an alcoholic drink. Or medication. I need my brain and body to be in sync. How are you doing?

        • Chuck

          Totally sober 3 weeks now and nothing will ever make me smoke that crap again, I wish you luck.

  • Noah L Diamond

    If you get to the point where you cannot eat or sleep, and you constantly vomit… then you quit and in 3 days your body feels relief as your flooded lungs purge and your organs go back in sync, the withdrawls start to deliver their own rewards…

    If withdrawls are too much for you to handle, for god sakes, go to your doctor. They will not look down on you. They will help you. It is their sworn duty.

    • rachel

      YEAH RIGHT ,the doctors just frown on you, think your a junkie ,an do nothing for you. especially if you have med.assistance.i was going though a mental break down from depression meds to help me quit smoking(I no longer smoke) which ive never been on them before,after 3 months an a bad experience I wanted to kill myself couldn’t control my emotions.An that’s from something my doctor hooked me on saying it was safe,when I went to her about all the issues I was having she told me to stop taking them.then she gave me crazy pills which I never took since I was weary of meds at that point.what she did was give me meds that would do more harm then good in replace of a med that was already doing doing me harm..doctors are pieces of you know what!

      • Jim H

        That’s one crappy doctor dude. Stop taking one experience you had and advising other people from it and drawing conclusions that all doctor’s are now crappy. Are you racist too? Jesus.

        • JB

          I smoked for 3 years. got to where I smoked about 10 grahms a week for the last year. I quit two days ago and went through all the withdrawels. Due to lack of sleep and high anxiety, I went to my doctor. He really had nothing to treat the withdrawels ( no such cure out there yet ) like they have for coccain or alcohol but did perscribe a couple of meds to help with the symtoms. One for the anxiety and one for the heavy mucus I was puking. Also any tipe of benedril he said was good to help me sleep. He did me a favor and put on my med records that i was visiting for anxienty, not fake weed, just in case down the road someone needed to see my records. surprisingly he did say not to quit cold turkey. too hard on the body. he suggensted tappering off the drug slowly..such as smoke only when i needed to eat or sleep instead off all day. so far so good.

        • shank

          Jim is an idiot. I don’t know where you live, but try and get some help where I live. Not gonna happen. And yes, know it all, they will treat you like a junkie that can’t handle life as it comes. Are you a racist Jim or just a loser with no life who has nothing to do but waste time on a site that is trying to help people? Crawl back under your rock..idiot

          • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

            @be4c112a2d8d995186d5094622bd7d7c:disqus @4eee4849ddc95d0c57013938e72c6ba8:disqus I really think it is quite counter-productive to be calling names. Everyone is here to support each other and there just is no place for it in this community. Please try to keep the conversation positive in nature.

            @Shank I don’t know where you live, but help is available everywhere. Any real treatment facility will never judge you or look down on you. They are there to help you overcome your addiction. Please call our addiction helpline @ 877-246-1513. They will help you find a great treatment facility in your area that will make sure you are always the #1 priority!

            Take care of yourself,

  • Bruce

    You left out a very important symptom Retching and dry heaves. That’s when I really feel like I’m going to die

  • PursuitOfSoberness

    so heres my story: im 19 and just started college.. i smoked Spice everyday, and i mean everyday, i quit yesterday and it is really really hard.. i cant sleep at night for more than 2 hours at a time then im up for 2 hours.. and repeat the process. i have to say tho the throwing up is the worst of it all.. even when i was still smoking it if i woke up without spice i was guaranteed to throw up whatever was on my stomach, if anything. within an hour… i sweat, profusely and ive never been one to do that,. it can be complete cold in my house and even though my skin is cool i feel hot and still sweat.. i was up to a 10 gram bag of Caution to a 12 gram bag of mango Jazz.. its rough and the withdrawals are fucking horrible., worse than powder i would say and believe me i know, been there done that not going back! Thanks for all the support too!

    • Tracy

      Hang in there, it get’s better, it’s worth it, and by the end of the week you will feel on top of the world :)

      • PursuitOfSoberness

        Thanks im staying strong still havent smoked but the intense craving has never been as bad,, even cut my phone off so my dboy couldnt call,,, since its illegal here

  • Ineedsupport

    I am currently going through withdrawals I’ve finally gotten over the vomiting now my stomach is queezy but I believe that’s because I can’t eat but I feel extremely hungry does anyone have tips on what I can do for food. I mean I can think to myself hm ordering a pizza sounds awesome but when it gets in front of me I have like a loss of appetite and can’t eat unless I smoke. So I been sober for the past few days been a little worry about the whole eating thing so I’m thinking of going to the store tomorrow for some east things to eat maybe like some jellow or something idk but if anyone has some input on what I should do about food please tell me I’m trying to get my life in irder and this certainly isn’t helping.

    • steve

      second day myself,and im tellin ya you can do this! just being here is a good sighn :=) a few more days and we will both be seeing the sun even if it is raining.
      a little saying not my own “everything will be alright in the end, if it is not alright it is not the end”

      • Indeed support

        I agree we can do this my buddy went to the hospital he quit last week he is having heart problems hypertension can’t sleep hi work even gave him medical leave of which he is lucky to have. This shit isn’t worth it I found that eating pudding,jello, chips and small bites of stuff is the only thing I can eat. But now today I had a break through I wa able to eat a burger I was feeling nausea a little but I got through it and kept it down drinking hot tea with honey seems to help my stomach also. So that’s something you can try. I been smoking this crap for 2 years it does suck but quitting can be done. For the sleeping try taking benedryll or zzzquill. I’ll be on this site everyday till I’m completely better if you have any question or idea to help me out please let me know thanks Steve!


  • Darrick Cousineau

    Ensure Clinical Strength Nutritional Drink. May help Aloha.

  • steve

    fighting the urge,sneeking it at work and around my family get up early to go to work so I could have some on my way in and get going at work to get out (im a truck driver) so I can continue with my pitch hitter thruout the day, after 2 months of this I went cold turkey its a bitch im making headway but I really needed to find this site and know im not alone,this is not my first try at quiting but i must this first day is just so hard my emotions are all over the map all I can say is hang in there we can do this!!!

    • steve

      20 days clean the haze/sickness and pain are gone just the craveing remains and it is also loseing its grip just gotta keep going!

  • Sabrina

    I stopped smoking spice last Sunday and from there on I been having loss of motivation I honestly couldn’t keep food even any of my favorite foods just the thought of certain foods makes me feel nauseous I have gone 4 days eating 5 things forcibly cause my body was telling me I was hungry and I was feeling like crap my anxiety is worse I know depression is factoring back in my. Life with smoking spice I had tolerance doing it off and on but had a slight crave for it when it was in the house my bf and roomate would do it religiously so it would always be in the house the temptation was hard since both of my roomates are military there off on military function for a couple weeks so the temptation is not around me but with my bf gone being and me coming off the stuff is hard I miss him deeply and its not helping my depression or anxiety with my roomates when they tried to stop they experienced the extremes the worse withdrawls the very most common and I have smoked just as much as them never experienced vomiting or cold sweats but i know the stuff has took a toll on me pyshcologically I would tell me bf that the stuff is messing with me mentally making me feel down anxious and depressed he would stir me wrong saying not possible with both us smoking has effected our relationship just him when he hismoked became lazy lack of sex drive and he just seemed unaware of what it was doing to us making me feel worthless he would be so unattentive to me where for me to stand him I would want to smoke. I read many comments on here which made me feel better that I m not going through this alone.. I was feeling awful and alone last night and I accidentally found a pipe with a small hit of spice I could not throw it away I smoked the rest cause I knew it would relax my feelings and make me eat I feel so stupid cause I feel I have to start this process over…I just miss my bf and it would be so easier if he was here I have not told him and won’t til he gets back from his function of my issues cause he is already having a miserable time and I don’t want to weight it on him. I just know how I am feeling is not normal not me though I have suffered with depression before but not like this where u feel completely down and worthless and I already have had issues with anxiety and with spice it calmed it now Its worse when I stop… I just want support from ppl who are experiencing the same problem as me where as others wouldn’t understand…

    • Ineedsupport

      Only way to stop temptation is to throw away everything and keep yoursel away from the stuff I found myself earlier this week smoking the resin which made the withdrawals worse when I threw everything away it’s not worth it you just restarting the whole process over. You can do it. I have a kid comming and I am also trying to get into the the marine corps. Your bf needs to stop if you want to stop. This stuf is 10X more cancerous then smoking 1 cigarette. I know someone that got stomach cancer from this stuff and that’s what I’m worried about rt now bc I smoked for 2 years. In always checking this site for support an also helping others out. Trying drinking the ensure like the guy side below it’ll give you everything your losing (nutrient protein and will fill you up) I wish comments showed up faster on here so the support will be better but just know I will always be checking this site to help. If anyone needs support ASAP let’s email each other or something [email protected] I’m starting to get pretty worried about my health. I also kinda woulda like to know what spice you guys smoked. I smoked F’d up, crazy clown, 10X those are the most recent ones. The guy by me stopped selling it thank god I just hope all this will go away. Stay strong Sabrina and Steve!

    • Ex-user-addict-of-spice

      I have experienced this problem as well. I posted a very long story on my addiction problem and how I recovered. I do not know if it will be moderated and posted. But I hope it will as it really does tell a lot about the true, very noticeable effects it has on ones life. I have tried to commit suicide, I have came a cm from losing my fiancé. I was destroying my life in more than one way using this stuff. It made me feel as if people were out to get me or were plotting to hurt me, or do something behind my back. Just throw away your pipes, throw away all packaging, throw away all rolling papers, r roaches you have left over. Marijuana is not an alternative because it will now make you feel the same way as spice does. Stay sober for at least a year. You will feel a lot better. Trust me. I wish you the best of luck. And if you want to quit and your b/f will not. You need to drop him. He will only become different more so after you quit. You will notice the changes it has. If you notice him acting weird. People notice how you act when using. This was key in my road to recovery. I did not like the fact that I was looked at as if I was a druggy. I noticed how I was slurring when I talked. Police asked me if I was on heroin or meth when I encountered them for traffic violoations. Not to mention I had 3 traffic tickets in 1 year. And I have been driving since 15 and now am 23 and never had a traffic ticket in between until now and it happens to be 3 tickets for speeding/ wreckless endangerment back to back. It has effects on how you feel, how you act, and your motor skills. It had so much effect on me that I noticed even when I was using my problems. Mentally you will feel deprived of any care in the world, it will make you paranoid, and your brain will feel numb eventually. Trust me quit now while you have the will to do so.

  • Sabrina

    I am still having trouble not eating order my favorite pizza and could barely keep it down odd thing is I never experincedcold sweats or vomiting I am taking more of a mental withdrawl and just loss of appetite but your not going through this alone stay strong

  • CNiblett

    Sober for 48 hours. Dry heaving and vomiting has gone… My cough has improved. I feel like I can eat but I’m having episodes of depression and anxiety. It is nice to see these comments. We got this!

    • Mom in Austin

      Elijah and Cniblett thanks for your posts, I have hope. Feeling really sick now. An allergy Dr. told me to take pepsid for the nausea, I’m getting some tomorrow, I’ll try the tylenol pm. I was waking up every hour at night to smoke, yuck. This stuff is horrible.

  • Elijah Conover
  • Dustin Smith

    ive been clean for 2 years now from spice after a stroke and multiple heart attacks one resulting in cardiac arrest and my experience with death and i still have tachycardia ill b just sitting there and ill go into like a mini heart attack have pain in my kidneys explainable pains in my left arm and legs chest pains and still occasionally end up in the hospital just to be treated like shit and sent home as if i was faking it i loose vision in my left eye my left ear has about half the use i had before and once went a week without being able to hear out of it i also have severe panic attacks and hallucinations ive got a good paying job and trying to function still an everyday battle i feel as tho any day could b my last i was wondering if anyone else who as been clean from it for an extended period of time is having similar experiences i dont have health insurance and hospitals treat u like shit even when u pee clean send u home with a piece of paper saying tachycardia due to past drug use as if it were just like someone going into an acid trip years after they stop i was wondering if anyone else has these problems and if so what have u done to treat them or what can b done i am the long term effect of cronic spice use and id like to know if there is anywhere that studies this and would like to study what happens to people after spice because this shit isnt cool it dont stop with the withdrawal its a scary thought that u screwed urself up and u will never b the same if anyone has any information on this hmu my email is [email protected] i would advise u all to take this with great care and pass it on to everyone u know and stop them before its too late

  • Mom2six

    I’m a mom to a teen (shes 19) who is kicking this crap.. what can I do to help her please she says the only way she can eat is to “smoke” and she breaks down.. today she is 48 hrs since last spice hit. but decided to take a hit of “buds”

    PLEASE help us
    She was smoking about 10/20 grams daily for nearly a year.
    Any suggestions how long the loss of appetite will last, how long this sick horrible feeling will last. The depression and psychosis?

    I really am just begging for help!!

    • steve

      it will pass it wont be fun or pretty but the alternative is worse just remember that you two are on the same side and this is not a race but a marathon.
      the appetite will be slow so just like someone who just hand a stomace band for weight loss put on make what is eaten count, this will sound gross but 7 up and watermelon taste fair coming up and she needs liquids,
      depression and psychosis, the safest bet is rehab with the pros! you need a pro,no book or fuzzy saying is going to help like trained pros for her and you! like it or not you are going threw this also. if this is not an option and you know your situation better then anybody, get her some food and liquids first and when she gets her feet under her she may very well level out on her own just be honest and wary if for even a second you doubt how things are going get help immediately, the safest bet is rehab with the pros, not everybody has long term effects but everybody needs help and even if there are setbacks you need to hang on it will get better then where ya started. ;=)

  • George

    To shorten my story up i bought a brownie laced with spice and had an 8 hour spice attack went to the hospital and almost had a severe heart attack and was hallucinating like crazy i am 8 months clean i will say things have gotten better but i am still having these terrible spice attacks anyone else still get them.

  • alicia

    I quit 3 days ago.. no motivation.. no enthusiasm.. i have always been bright and bubbly.. i feel like im turning inside out..

    • Akep

      Give it 2 more days. You’ll be able to notice the withdrawal subsiding

  • r

    Please hang in there. I’m watching a love one go through this at the moment. You all are strong and I am proud of your decision to take care of yourself.

  • matt

    OK I’ve been reading all these posts for a few days now, guess I should tell my story.. Here goes, I’ve been smoking for 8 months straight now everyday, about 10 grams a day sometimes more. I tried to quit a month ago and that’s when I realized you will withdrawal from this shit! Even the so called safer less toxic May 2013 bags, so I started up again the same day I quit. A few weeks later I decided to ween down for a few days and quit. Its been 28 hours since my last hit, I’ve been smoking real weed to help and taking Advil PM’s to sleep, and previcid for the nausia and vomiting, also gambapentin for night sweats.. And it still sucks I feel weird my brain feels like mush. Depression is coming at me in waves , no appetite’ haven’t eaten in 4 days due to the flu and quitting spice. I have hypertension and anxiety. I just wish I could speed this up. This is worse than any withdrawal I’ve gone through. I couldn’t do cold turkey.. To the ones that did go cold turkey BRAVO!! Time is dragging on I just hope I don’t have any permanent damage.

    • r

      I really am proud of you all for taking this step. I know it is an awful time but will be well worth it.

  • Trent

    My name is Trent, im 22 years old and ive been smokeing synthetic for a good year now and ive just come to the realization that im going through withdrawals only a few hours of not smokeing spice, i get my stuff off the streets i get the southern max 2 best stuff there is in my book but its also the worst… ive never ever felt like this in my life i didnt want to believe i was withdrawing from this but its a fact… i need help, how long does it take for the withdrawals to stop? ive just recently realized that i have a problem as well and ive been haveing all these symptoms… i want it to go away so bad but it sucks so bad… after a few hours of not smoke it i start sweating very badly and started getting depressed and cant eat anything cant sleep i get pissed at everyone….. ive been trying to quit but i keep going right back and getting more just so i will feel better… what are some tips on helping get throw the withdrawals i have got to stop smoking this shit its killing me and its effecting my job…… im hopeing that this site will give me motivation and hope.. im reading all of you guys post and i just busted in to tears because its so horrible of a thing to go through… please someone help me out… please email me with anything that will help me out…

    • shlater

      Its all about getting your mind off it dude. go work out or read a book or get wasted lol or do what i did and blow all your money on it so its either food or spice. i used to choose spice but i want to live!!! One of the greatest tools a man has is will power, use it!

  • me

    has anyone here been to rehab for spice addiction?

    • Dougie

      I have and it changed my life. I tried quitting spice many,many times and I just couldn’t beat it so i went to rehab. Rehab was cool. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there who smoked spice. Its way worse than i thought it was.
      I have been sober and out of rehab for 2 months. I just got a job on Monday. Everything islooking good for me. I know i still hvae to be smart but I’m 100% sure i will never smoke again. Do yourself a favor and call the hotline they have here. I bet it will be the best decision you ever made.

      Good luck!

  • Mavi

    Glad I found this group. Today is my husband’s day 4 of quitting smoking spice and I am so proud if him. I know it’s not easy but he is a strong man and we will get though this. I refuse to let this brake our family apart. I am trying to support him 110%. What can I do to help besides laying in bed with him watching him twitch and turn while having sweats. He means the world to both of our children and I so any advice would be helpful.

  • r

    I was interested in how you were doing now? How long did withdrawal last or are you still experiencing them?

  • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

    Thank you soo very much for sharing your story with us. It was a very good explanation of what it is really like to be addicted to spice. I posted it so that more people will have the opportunity to read it and use it as inspiration.
    You can read his post at http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/promise-everyone-struggling-spice-addiction-hope-change-sobriety/

    Thanks again!!

  • josh s

    i smoked spice on and off for the past couple years and I tried quitting 3 times went through withdrawals all three times all three times I had to go to the emergency room or walk in clinic for a iv drip I am on my forth time quitting and im on day 7 and still feel a little crappy I still spit up a bit and having trouble sleeping a full night but its getting better day by day im really disappointed it took me four times to finally kick this crap. im also really glad I found this site to help me through this. so much helpful people on here with great support I cant wait till im back to normal I hate these withdrawals and am ready for it to all end but when I spit there is some black stuff in it any one know what that is? is it from the tar or resin? if anyone knows let me know please and for the ones trying to quit you can do it! just be strong! everything will get better over time and the withdrawals will pass

    • noname

      My husband and i have been using or 2 yr, spending 50 a day salingeverything we own to buy the shit, i have somehow manahed to complete a medical program in college while on the shit with all a’s have no idea how i managed…we quit 5 days ago he was so fucking sick luckily i am educated enough to help him on my own from home. I am not really sick like him but feel as if i am on meth for days now.but we r kicking this shit and are only going up from here! He is finally eating and diarrheais going away, people drink electrolytes gatoradee pediolte whatever u can you are cramping bcus u are dehydrated this will kill u! Eat and drink force yourself get a freind to help u i dont think my husband could have done it without me! I am not sick but just feel wierd hopefully it will end soon. We have lost everything we had this is so fucking stupid if pot were legal there would be no market for thos.all we can do is start all over. On a plus this. Has brought us closer together than ever i dodnt think i could get close to him but we r now. Just keep trying and dont give up and never go back throw everything away and get a freind or family member to sysy shut in with u and help u quit

  • Brooke

    My names Brooke. Ive been smoking ‘spice’ or as I like to call it, Serenity, since I was 14, I’m 18 now and just started attending college at SHSU this August after graduating from high school.

    This drug is unlike anything else. nothing can compare to it. I start having panic attacks if I don’t have money to get it, going through about 2 grams a day at the very least….I have pushed all my family and friends that truly cared about me away because I keep begging for money and lying about why I need it. I have some serious issues admitting my addiction to serenity but it’s taking over my life and I really want to stop, but you don’t understand..


    When I have it everything is perfect. I’m completely content. But when I run out… I feel like someone is taking my heart and stabbing it or something..I have intense panic attacks and feel like the world is ending and cry for HOURS,

    I am a regular drug user and have tried everything from meth to coke to weed and all that. even though I have access to these usual life ruining drugs and do them once or twice a month but it is not them that I can’t live without. I have a particular favoritism for serenity and i dont know why.

    I dont know what to do, I dont know what steps to take to get help because I don’t want to quit and thats a big factor in helping an addict. Please someone, I need some help…I dont even know where to begin because I start crying just thinking about quitting…

    I dont have anyone to talk about this with because none of my friends understand and none of them smoke serenity, so they dont understand my psycho breakdowns..

    any advice will be appreciated but i feel like i could relate to intense recovered users the best.

    Someone has to get how I feel…

    • josh s

      Brooke, I know how it is I to used to take money from family to smoke and not say anything quitting is really hard my mom was a really big support in helping me quit the withdrawals do suck but it will pass!! you can do it if anything family is the best support you need to have them sit down and have a listening ear motivation is the best thing to get you through this let me know how everything goes I know you can do it

      • Brooke

        I’ve tried dude, they don’t understand.
        Why? Because theyve never smoked it, so theyll never understand how it makes me feel. That’s why I’m kinda trapped here in this situation….

        • Mom in Austin

          I totally understand your feelings. I wanted to quit because it was messing up my life, but I didn’t want to quit because it made me feel so good and I’ve been going through hard times. My memory is shot from it even when I am not stoned I will forget from one sentence to the next. I worked out some coping strategies for that so that no one found see how uncomfortable this was for me. My pat phrase was I just lost my train of thought. So this is the second time I’m quitting – the first time I was in bed for 4 days, vomiting, diarrhea, hot & cold sweats, sleepless. I am going to push through it. First time I was smoking 5 gr./day, this time only 1.5 gr/day Hoping this will go better. This drug has totally messed up my life. I got pneumonia last year, I am asthmatic, dumb huh? I ruined my job, messing up my family and my husband even was admitted to the hospital for a psychotic break and extremely high blood pressure at least in part the spice. Totally horrible drug.

  • Nigel

    Okay, so I’ve looked around the web for stories, and help links. I found this site and I nearly read every comment all the way down. Here is my story, I’ve been smoking this brand of spice bought at the local smoke shop here called Diablo – cannot find any links to the actual brand of the stuff so I question it’s legit or not. But I’ve been smoking this for over a year now, and I’ve gone through some serious psychotic episodes with it – I am an Aspie as well, and have asthma. I’ve pushed my family and friends away, everyone at my job thinks I am insane. If I don’t have enough money to buy it every day. I feel like killing people. (not really but seriously in a dark state of mind) suicidal. I’ve naturally been depressed my whole life and I am a former marijuana smoker (regular, daily) but I quit smoking when I moved from Colorado, to California where I am now. I got a job so I cannot smoke pot but it helped with my psyche since I’ve been cold turkey on meds for all crazies, so I thought this Diablo stuff would help, and it did. When I have it, everything is bliss. I feel like I could just smile at nothing, but when I don’t have it – as I said. I grow angry, dark, depressed even more. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I’ve lost over 40 pounds but I gain it back, and lose it again. Since I work and get paid bi weekly – the battle to buy it everyday is killer for me. I also smoke cigarettes, and trying to live in society today. I’m starving just to smoke this shit. The worse part of this situation is that the brands of Diablo I like to buy, they stopped buying. So now I have to pay for a brand I cough like I got cancer every time just to make this goddamn feeling go away. Yesterday, I lost a $50 dollar bill. That’s a complete work day for me. I sat in the rain for 2 hours last night. Just to give an idea of the depression. I managed to quit this stuff once, when I went on a vacation for two weeks and I didn’t have any signs of withdrawal – knowing I couldn’t buy it anyway, out of state. But I swear, the moment I got back home, it’s like the devil said go buy it. Quitting pot was easier for me than this, So please if anyone reads this, you might actually save my life.

    • Jmoney

      Hey man, Ive been there done that. Including Diablo among 30 other brands I used. If its the same Diablo with the flaming skull on the front and a very colorful herb, it is very powerful stuff. Withdrawals are nasty I won’t lie. But in reality you just need to get to day 3 or 4 and you will be feeling better. I went thru the same withdrawals. Lack of sex drive, couldn’t eat, cold sweats, depression, cant sleep. Etc. You just have to get thru the first 3 to 4 days and the withdrawals are nearly gone. you will still crave it because you affiliate it with a good time. But the physical withdrawals should start to clear up after a few days and you will find your self interested again in TV. hobbies etc.

      • r

        I do not use but care for someone very much that does. He wants to quit, but is really struggling. I personally have greatly benefited from reading all the post on this support site to not only see those who are working toward sobriety from this junk but taking the time to enlighten and encourage those also struggling. Bless you all and I wish you best of luck.

    • josh t

      Nigel, my name is josh, I too have aspergers and I was a spice addict for over 4 years. I am also 9 months clean and involved in the program known as cocaine anonymous, I follow what’s known as the 12 steps of recovery. I found it very hard to quit and found that I couldn’t on my own, I went through withdrawals and hell, but I came out the other side ok. In the end I beat it though, with the help of others I haven’t relapsed since I came to the program and put in the work. Today I have my family and life back, in fact I’m better off now than i was before I even started. Recovery is possible, and there is a way. I can’t tell you what path to take, I can only tell you what worked for me, but if you find that when you use you can’t control how much you do, what you do to get it, or that when you honestly want to stop you can’t quit completely then you might want to seek outside help. It’s hard man, I went through it too, but you have to stay strong. Good luck nigel.

  • cloudy

    Hey guys.. I just found this site after finally deciding with my bf its time to quit… I’ve had small withdrawals before from just being out and am really scared to go through the full cycle withdrawal. Help?

  • krystal

    has anyone exprienced i know this sounds awful but diarrhea with the withdrawal episodes?

    • Khyler Rae

      Definitely. Mine is bloody unfortunately.

    • r

      Just stay supportive and if able keep him active and engaged to decrease intensity. He is lucky to have you two.

  • Jen

    My boyfriends little bro is trying to kick it is there anything we can do to help him through this?

  • David

    I am a former pot smoker, coke snorter, D.M.T tripper and i quit all these because i had no job and the fake drugs were cheaper, (at the time), I now know how bad legal drugs are on the mind and body. Im 1 year 8 months and 3 days clean and ive been doing drugs since i was 11 years old, Im 20 now, but after i started smoking spice i started mixing spices and i had EXTREMELY bad trips and i was still stupid enough to continue to smoke these drugs, and when i say i had bad trips, i had been doing dmt since i was 15 and seen unbelievable things and dmt is one of the strongest drugs on earth and those legal drugs i was doing were just not cutting it so i started mixing the spices together and i ended up having the scariest trip of my life, i had just hit the spice blunt and i was just waiting for it to kick in and out of no where i was looking down at my self, i was terrified my heart slowly fell out of my chest and i knew i was dying but as this was happening my friend robby came out side and started talking to my body and i could see him from above and he started yelling at me and out of no where i had opened my eyes and all i could see was golden rings around his eyes, he didnt even have a body but he was wanting to know what was wrong and i couldnt speak so he carried me in the house and from what he told me i ended up running through the house and yelling that i was gona kill everything, but what i remember i was in a dark room with the most evil demonic things you could think of and slowly being eaten and buried in a box made of colorful water and as i was dying i felt like nothing else mattered and i slowly over about 6 hours finally came back and i thank my friend robby for getting me in side and controling me but through all that i still was stupid enough to do it again and i didnt mix spices together again but i finally quit and the mental side affects were so bad that they are still happening to this day, but ive got to the point to where ive been able to live with it and since these things have happened i try to get other people off these drugs because ive jumped off the cliff and in to hell and i wouldnt want my worse enemy to have to face that. i have just resently found out how these scienctist make spice and it is scary knowing i put these chemicals in my body and almost all these chemicals are not tested so if you are deciding to smoke this shit or get high just smoke all natural weed.

  • shlater

    iv read some interesting stories on spice users on here, heres my story. Started using spice while i was int he navy in 2010. smoked it every day dude, on the ship on the base you name the place on a military base and iv gotten high there. I was about to go on my last deployment and i smoked some k2 with this chick right. she runs out the house on a bad trip bare foot. brings the cops back to my place snitches on me. they find all my stuff, long story short other than honorable discharge, hardly any bennies no gi bill. Lost the love of my life cause i never really cared about anything even her. stuff does diminish your sex drive for real cause i would rather smoke and sleep than have coitus, big bang theory ref! me an my stupid freinds would only smoke blunts of the stuff. i smoked the bizzaro and went to get food at ruby tuesdays. i realized there was no chiken alfreado on the menu so i got way nervous and anxious, why? i dont know. the waiter was like dude you dont look good. so i went into the bath room and un loaded another side effect of it ,,, the runs. called my x to se if she would be nice enough to calm me down but she just hung up. went out side, next thing i know i realize its real dark and water is hitting me. im layin in the rain with everyone at rubies laughing at me!. god i felt like a retard. It took me so long to quit the first time. i would try to go fishing at the lake to get my mind of it then i would pass the gas station turn around an buy some. Id then roll a B take a hit feel guilty, then toss it out the window. did that about 10 times till i was about flat broke. Smoked some by the lake once and went into a hyperventalation attack. didnt realize i was making it worse on myself thinking i was going to die. So there i was completely cramped up from head to toe, panicing, sweating, O! and whom would have though here comes the runs again! Laying in the sand with mt pants down poopin all over the place. I had my phone out on and had 911 dailed but i just kept it up just incase. I was screaming for help but to no aval. Finally it went away an my dumb a** picks up the b and lights it right up. So i almost died and kinda ruined my life for a bit, ruined my military career so finally i stopped smoking and started a sick work out sched. i felt so good when i was off it like i had so much enegry. like if i didnt work out i couldnt sleep ause i had all this pent up energy and no girlfriend to help use that energy with lol. So i get out of the navy move back home with a old high schoold buddy who smokes the crap so yea i started back up. i was on it for about a year from the other day. Worst decision ever. Im a construction worker with a company truck so im always spiced out at work, on the job, operating heavy equipment, o yea i forgot to mention when i was int he military standing watch on a billion dollar war ships engine room tottally spiced out. but i was functional. I could go some where smoke in secret and show back up like nothing happedned. I kinda get off on being sneaky so that didnt help lol. Peoples lives were in my hands while i was high on the stuff and i feel really crappy for that, but my exuse was well im not the only one doing it right?, yes right but that doesnt make it right, right? So i stopped my work out sched, gained weight cause this stuff makes me binge eat. Latley my stomach has shrunk and i eat one meal a day. I never work out any more. im getting out of shape even with a building trades job. No motivation for anything besides joker spice and pirating movies on the couch. Im living on my friends couch cause the whole summer i smoked all my money away. My mom also recently passed away so that didnt help with trying to stop either. and my roomate and his dad that lives with us smoke it on the daily. His dad even had a triple by pass on his heart and smokes every day! To each there own i guess. All of my friends do it too so yea. So i finally spent all my cash, my car plates are expired, no insurance, no savings what so ever. So yesterday i decided that im going to quit for good this time. Here i am at 4 in the morning, no sleep, thing of paper towels next to me to wipe my sweaty pits and im sitting next to a open window in ohio in oct. Anxiety is through the roof! dam!. Im swaeting just typing this!. So i took this woman out for a dat the other week. Thing got interesting but when it came down for me to perfom, i couldnt,,,,… Very imbarrasing, im only telling this cause you dont want this to happen to you guys or girls. Yea it effect womens sex drive in different ways. The other morning i chucked all my stuff out on the high way for good! Staying clean this time for good! stopping isnt the problem, i just have to find something to occupy my time with other than sitting on the couch getting high. I Pride my self on how much will power i have so this time its cold turkey. For every one trying to quit and you cant, the only advise i have for you is that you are in control of your actions and its up to you to go into that store. no one is forcing you, you are forcing your self, do not be weak minded. It took me awhile to learn that but now i make way better life deccions. Iv bulit up such a tolerence to it i dont feel any difference when i smoke it so that helps too. But i would smoke it all day so maybe that was my “normal” And to the guy who said weed is like spice, your wrong. Weed was created in nature, spice was created in a lab. The with drawl and side effects of weed are different than spice. I smoked weed for a long time and never felt like this. Now i just got to get my roommates on quiting cause im sick of smelling that crap and all the dirty black hawkers in the bath tub like he cant spit it down the drain, just right next to it so it can dry up n chill, so dirty. Im on the right track and hope you guys are too. good luck to every one and i hope some one reads my story and goes wow what a idiot im never smoking that stuff lol.

  • andrew

    my name is andy and i have smoked spice for over 4 yrs.Today is day 3 sober and it sucks can eat sleep, or doing anything with my children.My legs are killing me and it want stop

    • r

      Andrew, stay strong. YOU will get through this and your life will improve. Your motivation and ability to make it so far is admirable.

    • Dave

      Andy same problems email me dude the leg pain is very troubling im on 3 weeks of detox.

  • Michael

    Well, where to even start. I started about 6 months ago when I had severe depression, my best friend was the one who saved my life, not this, but once I started I couldn’t stop, still can’t. Whenever I’m pissed off, or sad I go straight to this. Then every time I would tell myself it would be the last, then the withdrawals hit. I couldn’t sleep, I lost 70 lbs from not being able to eat, and I would just be even more pissed off than before I smoked, because I would be going against my word. Not one of my friends or family know exactly what I’m going through, and now because of this stuff I lose control and yell at the first person who comes to mind from the pain of the withdrawals. I can’t control this addiction, and now I have royally screwed up the best dang friendship I’ve ever had, let’s face it, I’m 17 and a senior in high school with a promising future, but because of my addiction to this I may not be able to get that life.

  • Ausjohn

    I’m 34 and in aus, after over 15 yrs of cannabis use I moved interstate and could not find a supplier, so, like many, turned to what they call Malibu here. After the recent crack down the shop stopped selling it. I am now in day 5 of my cessation. Well, not completely. I’ve spent the last few days scraping every damn thing I could to at least get one hit a day. But I know I have to quit, I spent over 8 months on this stuff and during that time: vomited almost every time, had palpatations, was a complete zombie, thought I had an insect living in my throat, couldn’t eat, quit my job, sold items to pay for it, wanted to die, saw no hope for the future, hated myself and my life, couldn’t shit even when I know I needed to and pushed hard….the list goes on. Now to qualify my situation. I’m degree educated, an engineer, was a functioning (sort of) addict on dope, but within months of using Malibu (or spice, whatever you know it as) came close to losing it all. My partner suspected and may well know, but never asked me. I’m determined to quit, but I must do it on my own. Because I’m ashamed. ‘Im not an addict!!’ But I am. Physically, I feel 1000x better now I’ve effectively stopped use, all symptoms have gone…barr the cravings. But compare to how I felt physical and emotionally, I know I can do it. Yes, this stuffs addictive, yes this stuff ruins your body, yes this stuff ruins relationships and yes, you WILL feel better once you stop. I love my girlfriend like nothing else and as I can’t seem to do it for me entirely, I use US as the motivation. Whatever works after all.

  • bill

    A2 days clean I throw up all the time this shit is Pissing me off I haven’t ate in 3 days and I constantly have depression and horrible anxiety.. also I have been having diarrhea anyone else? Am I like dying or something

    • anonimo

      You need to eat bananas and if you have access to a gym do some cardio, it really helps.

  • Jeff

    Hey man I smoked spice for 6 months strait smoking 3 grams a day. Withdrawls were hell but you can get thru them. Expect to do nothing but sleep. After like 4 days I woke up and felt like a new person. Just hang in there. Don’t smoke anymore. It only prolongs the process. I’ve been clean for 3 months and it’s been amazing. Spice made me loose everything but I’m building back up

  • lil

    Hi guys my little sister is try to stop shes been hooked on spice. shes 16 today is her 1st day without it. Its sucks seeing her like this, any advice? Anything that might have help with the sleep apnea and stomachaches

    • A Friend

      Stay with her. She’ll sneak off to fix her cravings the first few days if you aren’t careful.
      Sweating it out is going to happen. You can aide this process by finding a fun intense activity and doing it with her.
      Gatorade. Keep it in her.
      Gentle foods for throwing up (BRAT Diet) – Bananas Rice Applesauce Toast.

  • Benjamin Frizzell

    Hey, I battled with Spice for two years. It was one of those things that I look back and I am like….”what was I thinking?”. My addiction started with the weak stuff or “garbage spice” it did the trick for me at first but as I kept smoking I needed stronger spice or I would not feel any effects at all. I started to smoke some pretty potent stuff. Sometimes the trip was mellow where you looked like a stationary robot and other times I would litterally freak out. I remember being high on it and I ran into my buddies room and was in the fetal position for about twenty minutes saying “help me dude”. I remember as well the thinking I was going to have a heart attack and I just laid there freaking out and sweating. I knew I had a problem but kept telling myself “your in control you have nothing to worry about, your not hooked”. I would sometimes spend hundreds of bucks a week on this stuff. I always had to be high. I had to be high at the house, at the store, at work, walking the dog, working out, driving. I had to have it. I felt that if I didn’t have it, I would not be living life to the fullest. Until finally I said enough. Then came the withdrawals. Lack of appetite was something I had. My body would be hungry but my brain did not want me to eat, so sometimes I would not eat for an entire day or two. I was super hungry but my stomach hurt and I felt that if I ate, I would throw up. Then came the sweats and waking up about ten times a night with cravings. Then I felt depressed, thinking that my life was in shambles and there was no way out. sometimes I just wanted it all to end, I did not care if I lived or died. I never thought about killing myself but sometimes I thought to myself ” I don’t really care if I die or not, my life sucks” The thing is too, my life didn’t suck. My withdrawal lasted for about two weeks. It was something I never thought I would go through, but I did. I got past it though and It is one of those “learning by hard knocks” lessons that I learned.

  • disqus_LA9UP4Y61s

    I found that a low dose of Benadryl will sedate you while going though the withdrawals without getting you high. It helps TREMENDOUSLY with the cravings and anxiety.

    • mossimus

      im gonna try that tonight for sure..

      • dpo

        How well did benadryl work??

  • Jay

    Help Help!!!! Please someone email me @ [email protected], I recently am coming off this mess after 3 years of use on and off. Today is day # 19 of detox and i have been to the doc with all clean blood work & healthy CT Scan no other test done. I recently a few days after quitting started to have really bad headaches, mild fever, the worst of all is the leg and thigh muscle pain like pins and needles. I also have ringing on and off in my ears, I am desperate for help. The doctors cant help, I know this is prolly withdrawal symtpoms but why is it taking so long????!!!Is my body healing itself??? Has anyone else suffered similar conditions like this???? I expect no diagnosis over here but would like to talk with someone whos had the same probs. The worst pain is the tingling and numbness throughout my body!!

  • Dave

    Smoked for 3 years on and off it was so hard but I have made it today on day #19 of detox. I have had wierd withdrawals that I didnt experience while using spice. Has anyone had bad headaches along with the hot head and worst of all is the horrible leg cramps when I rest?!?! I beg someome for help to anyone who has experieneced problems like this what can I expect. I figured time is all I can do, I have had blood work and CT Scan with constrast showing no abnormalities. I know it will take time for the nuerons in the brain to heal and mainly just worried about the leg cramps. It makes me want to smoke to relieve the pain. Help:(

  • Dylan

    Today I am looking into rehab. After two years of everyday smoking anywhere from 4-10 grams a day. Yesterday I binged. 3 trips to the store only hours apart 60 dollars gone and honestly no recollection of events, 15 grams in 6 hours. It was finally time. Hardest addiction. I’ve carpet crawled. I’ve scraped bowl after bowl for hours upon hours just to fall asleep in the bathroom. I’d make excuse as to why I needed it. Then wake up everyday beyond depressed. I would beg my wife to not let me smoke it. Don’t take me to the store, I’m quitting tonight””” famous words from me just to have a shitty 10 hour shift at work and break down and make her get It for me. I would seclude myself for the entire night. To fall asleep and wake up about 5 or 6 times to hit whether it was hookah bizzarro space cadet wtf omg scooby, just to fall back asleep and lucid dream. I sold almost everything I owned for it. I was in my own world. There was no such thing as consequences in my world. I would call out of work because I had a full bag of k2 left. I used to laugh. I used to smile. I used to love playing guitar. I used to love having friends. But because of k2 I no longer have any of those. I’ve been afraid of dying or just not caring. I can’t wait to be clean. I quit one time cold turkey for two months but if you do it one time you will get stuck. I felt so alive for those two months. I promise your lives will be better. It’s the hardest thing to do but do it for yourself. I love every single one of you for sharing this earth with me and I pray that we can save each other.

  • KING

    i think i found a cure to our addiction my mom she noticed i coughed too much n i have been smokin this shit for three years so she bought me a salvadorian medicine too help the cough hell no it stopped the cough n my withdrawals only lasted about a little less then a day i smoked 10 grams every day and a half, blunts of it so i drink this and everything has changed my mood has changed i look in the mirror i see myself now the real me i swear i live in houston its like kush capital everyone smokes it.There is a medicine made from honey and vitamins called Zorritone i honestly think this is our cure go to a latin food store to buy it its yellow and green i hope it helps cause i feel so lucky to stumble upon this medicine good luck guys i have no urge im in my 3rd day. I dont need to smoke to sleep or eat now. I love yall man i know exactly what yall go through yall can do it. :)

  • jy

    can you tell us how you doing? keep strong =)

  • john

    This might be little rude, but I wanted to tell you I lol’ed at the “”coitus”” and the big bang theory. I’ve been watching that show for the first time this past few days started with season one. So when I read what you said, I got it right off the bat.

    • shlater

      Seriously who the hell cares.

  • shlater

    im about a month off of spice and i havnt felt better. One thing im curious about is that i was smoking it every day all day like every one else. But when i stoppep cold turkey i only had a few withdrawl symptoms. i couldnt sleep, sweating, i felt sore even though i wasnt working out. I live in cleveland ohio and im thinking maybe people out west are smoking something more powerful. But man i feel so good, sex drive is back, normal bowel movements, i work out and work very hard and i feel like my endurance and lung capacity has doubled. I no longer have coughing fits either. normal sleeping pattern also. And im finally moving out of my buddies house and off his couch. Best thing ever , quit while you can!

  • Houston former dope fiend

    I done it all. Started with Serenity Now, went to klimax, then Down 2 earth, then space cadet, bizarro, but it wasn’t until I got these bags with a clear back on them till I started fucking up. Mary Jane, Fd up, Pure Fire, Freaky Friday. Candlemass, black Sabbath, slipknot too. Theres been alot of boo boo going around the state. But friday I purchased two 3 gram bags of Mad Hater cloud 9 and it was the worst experience of my life. Smoked a quater of a blunt, it was so strong and I thought I was gonna die!! I talked myself out of it. “Your a fucking professional synthetic weed smoker pussy, snap out of it”. Still tapped the blunt a couple times later after calming down. But I clicked this article and seen that Madd Hatter pic and threw the rest I had away. I showed my wife the article and she started ballin crying. I put my family threw hell for 4 years, they don’t deserve that. Im a sorry piece of shit!!! I got some making up to do!!! Special thanks to the writer of the article and the comments. Good luck fellow man/woman

  • cynthia

    I was smoking the strongest brand in my city. Around 9 grams a day to be exact. the ONLY way i was able to quit was by checking myself into a rehab. I’m 2 weeks sober already, still get axiety attacks, but I mean in my situation rehab was my only hope. I ended up in the hospital because my body shut down on me when i was trying to quit on my own. the withdrawals can kill you in itself. Best advice… just check yourself into a rehab and go through the detox program. they will admit you and give you all the proper care you need to quit this horrible nasty drug.

  • Penny

    Please show me the way to get of that shit. My husband ‘ve been addicted to that spice and weed. He tried to quit before but he’s always come back to it. He’s use all the money we have. Now we ‘re broke and I’m pregnant five and half months.

    • anonymous

      my wife and i quit. It took a shit load of willpower and before we were able to come out we were in a pretty damn dark place. I wish I could tell you something positive, but all I can say is it’s gonna suck. Keep trying.

  • ccn

    So I am a ex fiance because of my other halfs addiction he has an addictive personality to begin with… hes been smoking this synthetic stuff for about 3week to a month in the past before he was in the military he said he used it… im a nurse and ive tried to help but it seems nothing im doing is helping….educating him on this…explaining withdrawls…yesterday he lied 4 times about having it in his possession…will say hes going to walk the dog and found him high as hell barely able to stand…. he says he trying to quit and taper off the amount I think hes doing 2grama daily… he got pulled over by the cops yesterday bc he was “dosing off” so he lied said his truck broke down and I picked him up I right away knew… ive offered him klonopin to help him with the aniexty… phenergan to help him with the nausea but denies everything … his family was willing to put him in an out patient rehab for 4500 but denies it saying he can do it himself… I had to call off of work last night because of how high he was and I was afraid of leaving him alone… wedding was cancelled because he denies he has a problem says he wants to stop but the craving is so strong…ive cried, parents have cried, hes cried, and hes on the verge of loosing everything… im lost at what to do….does he really want to quit.?? Even his parents tell me just to walk away hes 30 and we had our whole life planned…he says he just wants to feel normal… and thats what it does. ?.brings him down…. help…advice please anyone…

    • henry

      Have him read some of the stuff on this site. When he sees that other people are doing the exact same thing as him it should open his eyes. I know that worked for me

    • henry

      Just remember that he has to realize that he has a problem. He won’t quit until he does.

    • James

      I also started getting into spice in the military as a means to skirt drug tests. When I got out I stuck with it for a lot of reasons to numerous to go into here but depression (and an addictive personality) was near the top of the list.

      I don’t know what your ex’s military situation was but he’s probably a type A with a thing for adrenaline and getting out of the service, while having pros and cons, can leave you feeling empty and directionless. I would venture a guess that is why he is using to the point of numbness or dozing off.

      I wish I could give you sound advice to make him understand how much he is hurting everyone and how much it’s not worth it, but the truth is we’re a stubborn breed and quick to defend ourselves. The old saying “the worst thing you can do is call a drunk a drunk.”
      In general, we’re the kind of men that have to come to our own conclusions and I sincerely hope he sees the light soon.

      Ultimately what worked for my wife was getting me in touch with a VA clinic in our area that catered to vets transitioning out of the service. Wait til he’s in a good mood and tell him about getting help from the va and be supportive and all that, ultimately if the relationship and you being a family is important to him he will make the right choice.

      Now when he does come to that conclusion know withdrawl is hard…but here’s hoping he makes it that far

    • Alisha Ball

      He needs to see a psychologist if the only way he can feel “normal” is by being high. Something alot of people here could use from what it looks like, Personally, I would say weed is better and it does not harm the person, if he is looking for an alternative to spice that is less destructive. I do not know what state you live in but it is becoming legal.

  • Nohra

    Hi everyone ! So my friend has tried spice only once, a month ago. He took 3 to 4 puffs … It was very bad at the moment but everything was better after his trip … After 2 to 3 weeks everything was still ok ,,, Now, he’s sometimes seeing stuff in 2D rather than 3D and he’s having this feeling of derealisation (like everything happening around him is fake or unreal) … Any help ? Why is he having those symptoms ? He just tried it once ! Is it going to last ?? Is it going to get worse ??

    • Davy Boy

      I had the same thing for a while. It took a month or so before I started feeling normal. If it gets too bad I would see a doctor. Maybe a neurologist?

      • Nohra

        Ok great ! So there’s hope of getting better !! Thank you very much !!

        • Gord

          Drink lots of purified water and exercise. Sweating removes it faster from the body.

  • WP

    So im working on getting clean after a really bad binge episode lasting roughly 2-3 months smoking nearly 15 grams a day. I needed it to sleep, eat, survive. I really really hate coming off this shit and would love some advice as to help with the withdrawals. I just want to feel happy, I want to sleep, and I want to get my fucking shit together without planning my day around a synthetic drug. PLEASE HELP

    • Gord

      It may sound weird but eat raw spinach. It helps re-oxgenate your body so you don’t crave the disease. 2-3 servings a day if you want to live.

    • Alex

      Feeling your pain at 2:30am. This withdrawal hurts my skin. STAY STRONG!

  • Outlaw

    I been smokin this shit for about 4 years. cleaned up and slipped back to it plenty of times. its rough. we were getting bomb ass shit from BR called dynamite, angelic, purple snake, sapphire. all kinda shit. if I don’t have it a couple hours after my last blunt I get jittery, clammy, sick and uncomfortable. cant sleep. throw up foam all day. the inventor of this disease causing dope should die a miserable death for creating some luepold we think we can legally and safely use to get high. wtf! this shit is worse than CRACK!! I recently got arrested for possession of this and some benzos and it really opened my eyes. this shit has hindered me from pursuing some of my goals. im 2 days without it now on this clean streak and still detoxin. I am voluntarily checking into rehab this week. I already filled the application. its a struggle to get clean from this alone so good luck to any of you who will attempt to clean up without help. it has never worked for me so I will just deal with rehab and get back to welding when im more stable and clear minded. make a sacrifice to better your own life and health. I feel for any and everyone who has an addiction to anything. seek help

    • Big dog

      Man I’m from Louisiana too Lafayette and we had all kind of strong kinds outhere too and I weld too, I been smoking since 2009 and didn’t miss to many days of being high and I had quit about 5 months ago and backslide for the hoildays and with that gap made me go harder me and the old lady got up to 20 to 25 grams a day

  • lashesl

    i actually cant stop crying at how angry I am that these drugs are out there getting sold so innocently from corner shops. I am on DAY 2 of Coming off this drug and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! I started smoking this about 2 years ago when I moved country n hadn’t sourced a dealer. so this was easy to get anytime u wanted it. I smoked a few 1 gram bags back then n it was way different than the real stuff… actually nothing like the real stuff… I then got a dealer and went back on normal weed.. then my partner was always going on at me for smoking weed weekdays n stuff. so I thought I would out smart him and buy the legal alternative.(less Smelly) and that was the start I would of put it in my rollies as if smoking a normal roll up and smoke it right beside him in the living room, him oblivious that I was getting hooked on the worst drug of my life! this went on for months me getting deeper and deeper hooked buyin at most 2 3 grams a week to at the end smoking almost 3grams a day!!! my body had built such tolerance to this drug that wen I smoked a joint the hit would last about 10 15 mins then o off to roll another and another till I noticed I hardly ever smoked a cig just as felt I was missing something didn’t make since so I say I was smoking about 15-20 joints a day of this stuff it had got to the point I would wake 3 times a night for a joint to get me back over to sleep but I wouldn’t of just smoked one maybe 2 or 3 In one wakening.. on tues I ran out about 5.30pm and I couldn’t believe how quick u start to withdrawl of this within a few hours I was going stare crazy… what am I ment to do? how can I sleep tonight (anxiety) didn’t no where to put myself (irritated) couldn’t sleep of course (insomnia) then awww this nausea feeling hasn’t left me since tues night. in the 48hrs I haven’t smoked this ive been sick about 4 5 times diorehaa a few times starting 4am weds morning jeez not even 12hours without at that point n i haven’t slept an hour didn’t sleep 1st night n didn’t sleep last night this morning at 5am I ran the bath to see if it would sooth….. nope by 6am I drove to get something to stop me feeling sick she gave me Pepto-Bismol to help with my tummy and I got nytol herbal sleeping tabs got home took the stuff for my tummy it takes the edge of I suppose but its still there. I then took 3 nytol recommended dose 2! it is now 6pm still no sleep ive spent the day coughing up mucus getting a clear liquid driping from my nose cold sweating warm sweating I get up walk to my bedroom don’t no y come back to living room again I cant eat I managed a slice of dry bread at about 3pm n a cuppa soup which was about 2 sips took… I really need to be pushing more fluids tho water tastes like metal n anything else the smell turns me. the smell of the air freshener in the hall made me vomit last night wtf?? I am still having the reoccurring thought of going to the corner shop and buying more n going to sleep… BUT TO HELL WITH THAT I AM FIGHTING THIS ADDICTION. I dont longer need this poison in my life. I told my bf all this morning and after the night I had I had the cheek to try blame him for making me end up like this as sure he forced me away from my normal legal weed. After them words the realisation of blaming everything any anyone but the one thing that was causing the harm woke me up big time… I have spent all day online reading people stories the successful the not so successful. ive read it from the addicts point of view a sisters point of view a husband + wifes & mum+dads point of view… and bloody hell it affects every1 involved in your life.. I have been a zombie for the last 6months and I want to break free… even tho I am feeling worse I have ever in my whole life yet n reading on here day 3 is going to be worse n a complete nightmare with your willpower, so im goin to work with my bf so I dont relapse he really is my rock I don’t deserve him but im am changing not only for myself but for everyone who knows and loves me.. and for all you addicts out there I cant preach tho I wouldn’t of seen what it was doing to me either.. ur light will come on and you will realize lets hope u realize sooner rather than later tho and wee can all beat this ridiculous LEGAL HIGH……… I will post again and let u no how the withdrawls go im starting to feel the mussel pain already due to lack of sleep..
    I just hope this makes since
    Laura xxxx

    • Gord

      Get well brother

    • James

      This is my exact story almost and I’m just now getting to the point where I’m realizing what has been happening, and what has to happen. Been smoking the stuff off and on for probably 2 1/2-3years. The nausea is the most unbearable thing for me and it’s pretty much within the first 4 hours of quitting. Can you update how you are 3 weeks into it? Did anything help with nausea and the lack of appetite.

      • kaykay

        Are you still not smoking? I am quitting tonight and know just from running out before that i will have vomiting withdrawals. How long did they last for you?

  • lashesl

    hey guys im now reaching the end of day 4 off this drug,, and what an emotional rollercoster it has been and gonna continue to be, so after my last comment I finally was able to sleep that night I slept from about 11pm-2am woke up covered in sweat that bad my pj’s had to be pealed off me. i then stood in a cool shower n moved onto the sofa, i then went online and still feeling nausea and hot i was getting a pain in my lower back i can only think of being my kidneys as was so de-highdrated sipped on a glass of water n surprisingly fell back to sleep around 5am waking again at 7.45am soaked with sweat again, day 3 i was able to stomach a slice of toast in the morning and i decided not to got to work with my partner as he was going to be away to 8pm and i wouldn’t of been able to cope that long.. i spent the day mostly in the house until some1 decided to come and view a car we are selling of course i had to go down n clean it jeez sweat tripping me no breath looking like death warmed up i was then sick as was too much to handle. my bf came home to show them the car of course and i retreated back to our one bed apartment to continue the hell of course. i found this day really hard as i was on my own till my bf got back at around 9pm he kept me company foning me but i needed him here! i didn’t think of food all day, i did manage to give a f**k about the state of the place tho and by the time my bf came home i had managed to hoover and everything..(keep yourself busy) again that night i didn’t sleep till about 6am after vomiting of course to 9 am was really driving me crazy last night the insomnia as i am sooooooo tired just my mind cant concentrate long enough to sleep… today, day 4 i braved all elements and and got up got a shower decided i wuld put make up on nice jeans top etc to make me feel better and went into the town to help my bf do his Christmas shopping and the sweating just constant beads of sweat on my face make up came off n again returned to lookin like crap felt so sick had to buy more tummy remedy it helps and ibpuphen for my sweating to reduce my temp it didn’t work im sweating these chemical’s out of me was so embarrassed constantly sweating. wee had to walk past the shop i would of bought this crap from my bf wanted to go in and go mental i talked him out of this, but my bf god love him bought me some new clothes to cheer me up tho that was a struggle as my concentration is ruined i get so agitated i was gonna put everything back n make us walk out of that shop just had to get out tho he stayed and got me them anyways i don’t deserve him at all :'( i cant concentrate on anything talking im forgetting wat im saying or repeatin myself which is scary im feeling vulnerable in situations and just not in a good frame of mind at all i did eat half a sandwich and as my bf’s says a birds portion of dinner and able to drink a lot more now so getting there. cravings are going slowly but surely i think this experience has frightened me so much tho that i am thinkin of goin T total all together….. it is def not easy for me the SWEATING is the WORST!!! just makes you so uncomfortable sticky agitated just want it to stop and the INSOMNIA of course, thing i have found that are easy to stomach dry bread Cranberry juice and luazade (sports energy drink) and defo get a upset tummy remedy u wont be able to do this without that for sure!!! also today i started multi vitamins so maybe stock these to. if u don’t feel like eating force the 1st mouthful down little amounts is goin to be better than nothing x x i no this is full of mostly unusefull information but it is getting better i have spoke to my bf more in the last 4 days than i have in the last 6months and its great :) I WILL BEAT THIS.. over and out.. Laura xx

    • Jay

      You will beat this I’m going through the same thing now as I sit here typing this my boyfriend got called into work from 9pm to either midnight or 4am and I had a huge panick attack when he told me I had to make him pick me up and drop me off at his house in order so I could have peace in mind I was looking forward to waiting for him rather then smoking it’s hard but reading these make me feel much better and the cravings for spice go away

  • former Houston dope fiend

    ***Update 1 month and 2 weeks sober and I’ve never felt better!!! Sleeping without waking up, havent had to vomit, better work performance, more $$$ and family is better than ever.At first my withdrawals were out of control, feeling like I was gonna die without it, always going bact to it. Ever heard the saying ” you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to”. The same way I talked myself out of a bad trip; is the same way I talked myself into never smoking aromatherapy again. The Devil still tries ways to bring it back in my life all time, but I keep faith in God and believe in myself and know we will prevail. Also lost alot of wieght due to Malnutrition in my first 2 weeks. Eat something/anything. I would nibble on something till I finished it, even if it tooks hours to eat a meal

  • icedragon

    hello guys, i’m in my 4th day. same symptoms as you guys. 1.sweating 2.insomnia 3.depression . anyway the best thing that helped me hot showers. take a bath 2 times a day it’s good. good luck guys

  • CoffinDancer

    I used to smoke synthetics. It started when I was trying to stay clean off pot to find a job in a new city. A friend introduced me to synthetics with the promise of keeping clean piss. So, being an addict, I gave it a go. I was vomiting several times a day. Couldn’t stop coughing. Couldn’t eat. Kept waking up every two hours at night just to smoke a bowl. Then I quit synthetics and went back to pot. It was weird at first since I was smoking the more heavy duty synthetics. Anyways, fast forward 18 months and I am now in a new city looking for a job again. I stumble in to a local head shop and guess what I find? Synthetics for cheap. I bought a 3 gram bag and thought I was doing well by making it last almost a week. As soon as that last bowl was toasted the feeling hit me… I gotta have more. That quick and I am back addicted again. I sweat all night. Feel nauseous all day. As we speak I am waiting for my girlfriend, who does not smoke, to wake up so she can take me to get my, now, third bag. It doesn’t take years to get hooked on this shit. It literally takes just one bag. So be careful what you put in to your body.

    • Jay

      Every two hours waking up seems to be the trend that’s all I did was wake up every two hours to smoke a bowl and fall asleep like a zombie and wait for the hours for the headshop to open it’s doors At 6am in the morning now that I look back I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I did all that to get just one bag I would sleep next to my bf waiting for him to wake up so he would drive me to the headshop and I’d get my fix little did he know is that’ he doesn’t know what I went in there for

    • Brandon

      Chlortabs work for the sweating. You can buy a bottle of em at walmart for like $2.99. I would take one before bed and one when i woke up. Its like magic.

  • DontDoIt

    My husband had a seizure from spice withdrawal. Pease, if you use, find a support system to help you quit and if you have never tried it, don’t! I would never wish the experience on anyone. I was convinced he would die or suffer permanent brain damage…no one knows what these chemicals can do to your brain or body. The manufacturer doesn’t cRe. They just want to make a profit. This new trend toward spice will be our generation’s version of coke, crack and LSD in past generations.

    • PeteyGLaFlare

      Please don’t compare spice to LSD. Spice is bad. LSD is not addicting and does not cause withdrawals, it’s a very spiritual mind opening experience which is great on occasion, can be very theruputic and can even stop depresion. Spice is on the other hand is addicting, has withdrawals, and is not mind opening at all.

  • HangingIn

    I quit three days ago… and everything is the same as y’all. Its hard. My boyfriend and I was terrified that quitting would inevitably End us. We are quitting together and are doing great (besides sickness and sleeplessness!) We are helping each other more than expected.. so glad to to be free and see what great things are to come! Thanks to everyone!!

  • noe

    hello im day 2 off this drug and I feel horrible ..I force myself to eat…I wake up in sweat every night, I throw up foam and I just feel out of it…please help me get thru this..i been smoking this drug for almost a year…

    • Texan

      going through the exact same thing here man. i have wasted THOUSANDS of dollars on this crap. i have a wife and baby and i’ve wasted so much time and money on this drug. you can do it bro.

    • Trying to help

      I quit about a month ago, I know what your going through. My advice, stop eating solid foods, and drink, your only going to vomit it up. Drink plenty of water and if you can maybe some apple juice. Water is important because you will get dehydrated. You will need to take some time off work, if possible 2 weeks. Get plenty of rest, and let it run it’s course.

  • rob

    Getting some cramps in my foot. Ive also got stomach aches and feeling like crap. Been smoking for 3 years on and off. Day 5, have been drinking to get my mind off it. But have to stop that to. Aint going to help. Everyone be strong. You can do it. Id rather have weed any day then this stuff. At least its natural.
    I guess just keep Occupied and stay strong. I pray for everyone that we get off this stuff. Question is why are the governments allowing it?

    Peace to all :)

  • Lyman Toledo

    i am making the decision to quit today and i have made this decision before. could never stick to it. but i am so tired of being sad and angry and dependant on this drug. i need someones help. please help me!

    • r

      Lyman, I wish you the best and assure you that you deserve to do so this for yourself. I am proud of you for taking this step. God bless. I have watched my son take on this struggle and has come a long way. Like you he talked about sadness and anger. He has begun to look better, feel better and much less sad and angry and back to his old self.. I am so proud of him and see that same conviction in you. Have faith in yourself, respect yourself and others. You can beat this. Good luck & God Bless

      • Lyman Toledo

        I appreciate your feedback. It’s reassuring to know that there is someone out there who supports me. I am happy for your son. I hope he never relapses and continues to be happy. You’re right. We all deserve happiness. :)

    • meravian

      u can do it im on spice its so hard to quit i wanna try to lower my dose before iumtake the plunge.,more u smoke worse the withdrawl trust that.,.,

      • Lyman Toledo

        Cold turkey is hard. I’ve done what you’re doing. It didn’t work for me. But I wish u the best of luck and please updates on your progress.

  • keeping it clean

    Today is officially my 14th day off synthetics and I can tell you that I’m one of the ones that’s still dealing with the withdrawal side-effects but I’m keeping off it. I’ve had to take half a week of work due to lack of sleep and lack of appetite and the sweats are annoying but again, it’s the best thing to do for me.

    • darlene

      Oh my goodness!! 2 weeks? And still having withdrawal symptoms? This is only my 6th day. And my stomach is so messed up!!! I have been sitting here reading for about 30 mins. It has been helpful and informative. Good luck to you! I really hope you feel better very soon! And I won’t have to go that long!!! Lol!!!! Anyone have any suggestions to deal with the nauseating feeling that is almost constant?

  • Kari J.

    I’ve been off it for almost three weeks and I still have nausea, back and neck pain, vomiting a few times a day. Feeling like the walking dead… I don’t know how I’ll get through it but I already know I will I don’t even miss using after about a week I just want to get through this… Get a job… Show some strength to the people I love. I just know I wish I’d never tried to pass a piss test about two years ago now…

  • noname

    How can I get my boyfriend to quit? He smokes like 3 grams a day. Its almost like he isn’t even here most of the time. He is asleep standing up half the time. He barely can talk, walk, function. What can I do to help him. How long are the withdrawals and how do you lower the withdawals. Please help what can I do?

    • Trying to help

      He’s not gonna quit unless he wants to, or he’s forced to. I didn’t quit until the place I was buying from ran out of their supply. And my withdrawal symptoms lasted almost two weeks, and I smoked about 3 grams a day for about a month.

    • Jay

      Yeah he won’t quit unless you call the police on the place he gets it then he won’t be able to :) has to go through withdraw anyways that’s what happened to me and after a week I was fine but that’s cause I was reading these stories and helping myself see this shit was killing me the place that I used to get it from is reselling it but now I have no desire in doing it and if I do I feel so guilty And like I’m backstabbing my family

      • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

        not illegal so police won’t do shit

  • PeteyGLaFlare

    Well, y’alls stories really confirmed to me this stuff is no good. I have been smoking it on occasion mostly evenings, wouldn’t say I’m full blow addicted, but I better stop now before it gets out of hand. I have some really potent stuff, I bought a 2.5g bag 5 months ago, you only need a tiny hit in a one hitter and sometimes even that much gives me bad anxiety. Gonna toss the rest (yes, theres still some left, unbelievably that 2.5 bag has lasted me about 100 uses). No more, I always regret using it, takes a lot out of me and isn’t even fun.

  • J

    Im am in complete shock right now, everything has just connected. My ex disappeared for a month or so and when he finally came back and let me spend a couple days with him he acted weird he was always hot and sweating super bad, he has always sweated since he has extra sweat glands so I pushed it aside. He would throw fits and just act crazy but I just thought he was just a little emotional…he would barely eat and when he did hed just throw it right back up. He had trouble sleeping. Everything I pushed aside because he swore up and down it wasn’t drugs, now he has ran off again..I cant believe this..

    • Michael Faust

      It sounds exactly like what my poor family has gone through with me. Beware of physical withdrawals and permanent elevated heart rate, high blood pressure and panic attacks. He needs to understand that it’s NOT like marijuana. It’s like marijuana’s SINISTER twin brother. Prolonged acid and meth use together will not even behave as this monstrosity does. I know there’s a lot of b.s. and exaggeration in chat rooms, but I am speaking from experience and honestly hate this drug. (For the record, I don’t condone meth, it can be nasty as well… but this new BEAST!!!) I’m on day 5 of absolute sobriety and symptoms continue to persist. YHWH and nutrition, along with honest communication with family is how I’m getting through. I know we take a risk with any drug or alcohol we put in our system but I believe the marketing on this one duped MANY. He might be feeling ashamed and needs support. For many who had never touched drugs it might have been viewed as a tea, alcohol, tobacco or any other over the counter mainstream product (I don’t have the luxury of that excuse, I thought it’d be a weak marijuana) being flashed in our faces by big business. This drug is a poison also because of a lack of regulation. I picture what our billion dollar pharmaceutical industry would look like if not overseen. If he has no experience dealing with addictions and drugs, he will need to find coping skills that replace the time spent doing drugs. TOGETHER you will get through this because as Yahushua said, “This too, shall pass.”

      • Jarred

        Got news for you brother, I’ve been clean from spice for over a full year and I still suffer from the side effects of my overdose on it. Extreme anxiety and paranoia, disassociation, panic, all of it completely unprovoked. Not a single day has passed where I didn’t think of my overdose or regret it. I was smoking 10 grams every three to five days until I had an overdose. Haven’t been the same since then and no one can seem to find out how to fix me and make me normal again. The psychotic breaks will be permanent.

    • Jay

      I almost Lost my relationship to this drug I used it for 2 years he was almost at his breaking point in leaving me until I read all this and made me realize how bad it is worse then anything I would of imagined

  • Michael Faust

    Can I have it? JK. But really, that’s the first horrible thought that pops in mind! I’m on day 5 of being clean. Horrible.

    • JayJay

      I relapsed after a year of sober ness at first I went cold turkey and was fine after a week of dealing with cold sweats panic attacks and anxiety wich now that I am quitting again but not cold turkey don’t persist I’m going from 30 grams a day to about 4 grams a day until I only use it about once or twice a week and then I’m completely letting it go it’s been 4 says since I have not been smoking that much all day and distract myself and go with my family and bf and things I used to do before this took over my life granted I’m still smoking a little so I don’t get the panic anxiety and sweats I’m feeling better today and getting my appetite back I’m seeing clearer and thinking better the more I smoke now the less I want to do it because I’m doing things I rember doing and I don’t get the attacks because they are mearly In you’re head so as long as I keep telling myself il get through this and my bf and family supporting me since I finally broke down to them that I had an addiction I feel like I will surpass this again and never fall back into it did I mention I live in Tampa the biggest producing of spice is here in Tampa but it’s notoriously going away the faster these stories are coming out.

  • Jay

    I think staying at your job and not taking time off made your sympotims last longer because I was working during my withdrawl and If I wasn’t I kneew I’d be skrewed I actually had to ask for overtime in order to keep me away

  • adry

    My boyfriend and i are attempting to quit FOR THE FOURTH TIME. This crap has literally ruled my life. We were smoking more than ten grams a day EASILY, everyday for about 10 months. Spending about 40-60$ a day at our local headshop. Ive practically sold everything that i own that a pawnshop will take. Were actually laying in bed, sweating for no reason, sicker than dogs. Weve been running back and forth to the bathroom all night. I wish that we had never started this crap. Its so bad. But, thats not even the worst part. K2 has officially given me chrons disease. It sucks but thats what i get. And im only 16. BUT THESE ARE ALL (except chrons of course) SHORT TERM EFFECTS. Imagine what the long terms will be.

  • tim trout

    Really, u dont have a psyical problem with it. If a bag lasted me that long i would still be smoking it. That would last me about 2 hours, seriously. U sound like you were very responsible with it.

    • Michael Faust

      He says he’s not full blown addicted. Any behavior can be habit forming and psychologically addictive.

  • Petey

    Iv been curled up on the end of my bed for the last 2 days feeling crook as a dog, keep getting stomach fits where I feel like I need to spew (last a good 15-20min) and that was before actually throwing up, it’s fucked I’m feeling ok right now but I can tell in the next half hour I’m gonna be feelin it again, I was litterally leaning over the end of my bed spewing into a bucket all the time just wishing I was dead already (I’m not a suicidal person would never do that) so u could understand that was freaking me out, not gonna lie I had lots of fun with fake weed lots of good times but would I go back and do it again? FUCK NO! Stick to real weed or if ur like me and need to pass a DT just have a couple beers or something fuck this shit ass drug off I know if I keep taking it it will just ruin my life so it’s time to take a stand for myself why I still can! And if I can push through these withdrawals feeling as fucked up as I have the last couple days then I truly believe anyone can! FTF! Fuck the Fake!

  • JDS

    To anyone that has been clean for over three months; how long do the unusual bowel movements go on for? [i.e. Diarrhea, mucusy stool, frequent bowel movements]
    For background, I have smoked for probably around three years or so, not daily the entire time, but it fluctuated. I made and sold for a while and that didn’t help things having access to multiple ounces at once. At my worst I likely smoked 3ish grams daily, if not a little more. I have been clean for roughly two months after a foolish stint with the straight chemical over a week and a half just after quitting for about a month. Withdrawal was rough as hell, with similar symp;toms to the rest of you [headaches, sleeplessness,coughing up black shit, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, general pain] Now, I am only left with diarrhea [not all the time] or a mucusy stool, and cloudy urination at times. I eat very healthy and between three or four times a day, as my appetite has returned and my energy. My sleep is generally regular at this point, as well. I only worry about my stomach anymore.
    Thanks for your time!

    • dar

      Long hot shower would help my stomach feel better

    • Michael

      It will go away eventually i suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and i smoked for 3+ years. What helped me was just drinking plenty of water at least 6 bottles or more at least for me that helped. i’m 8 days sober off this and i feel so great I can’t explain and my metabolism is on track again. My buddy had the same problem and he took laxatives he said and it helped him flush the remaining toxins out but if they continue I would check up at the doctors office. Has it gotten better overtime a little bit?

  • DMF

    I don’t know what to do anymore but I know if my husband continues this crap I have to abandon my marriage. For better or worse will not hold us together. I can no longer sit back and watch him kill himself and see the hurt it has caused me and our children. I want him to get help but I know he has to do it on his own. I told him yesterday we are threw, he says no,but we are…..if he cant save himself, he sure cant save our marriage. I am torn/.

    • sc

      I know this isn’t what you want to hear, he needs you. It really is so hard. He loves you but the drug makes one feel pathetic and incapable. I couldn’t have done it alone.

  • nick

    i had to start smoking weed again for 2 weeks to help with the withdrawals. im done now.. but HOLY FUCK what a nightmare that was..i didnt even notice i was addicted until last month..these chemicals are no joke.. just stick to weed and take ur chances with fake pee, freinds pee, etc. or dont smoke at all if you need to pass a drug test..i am personally taking a risk by smoking weed because if i dont. i know i will go back to spice. and thats too dangerous and just not worth it.ruined what couldve been a very good 3 months of my life

  • nick

    getting addicted to spice is not worth passing a drug test, you will do far more harm to yourself being addicted to spice than you would failing a drug test for pot

  • Brandon

    Its been a month since i quit. My symptoms were horrible as fuck. I went through the diarrhea stage, extreme sweating, loss of appetite and the lack of sleep. Idk if its just me, but i seemed to get these bad night terrors. I was able to shake all that, but i recently picked up these bad headaches. They’ve stuck around these past few days and they last all day. Another thing, i have been havin cloudy urine and Im kinda worried. If anyone has answers please feel free to reply. Thanks. One more thing.. When i was goin through the sweat stage i was able to find out how to stop it temporarily. I went to walmart and bought a bottle of chlortabs for $2.99. I would take one before I went to bed and one when I woke up. Its like magic.

    • luis

      how long did the sweating last? dats about the most annoying part of detoxing

  • shadow ibm

    Give up the spice in pick up a book called tools for freedom life ain’t easy then you learn how to walk thru walls in don’t watch the zombie tube everthing hidden in playing sit e let big brother keep the spice the nwo made spice bathsalts dragon fly smiles lsd cia

  • Alexis

    On January 3, me and some friends smoked what we thought was just regular weed, but the person who dropped it off lied to us and actually gave us spice. It didn’t affect my friends like it did to me.. But To me “the weed” sort of off and I questioned it due to the fact that I have smoked ATLEAST 8 times before and I’m pretty sure I know it should look like. To me it was darkish green but I just shrugged it off and smoked. We had a dime of this stuff and there were 3 of us so we smoked it all. I noticed something was wrong when I forgot what conversation I was having with a friend and that everything seemed slow and my heart beat was the only thing I can feel. Yesterday was a month since it happened and I’m still having a dream like feeling, visual distortion, numbness (which makes me more scared) feelings that I’m someone else, and when I talk the sound of my voice doesn’t feel like I’m actually saying it..extreme anxiety due to the fact that I don’t feel like myself and just freak out because I don’t understand how things are happening and how I am a human and sleeping is not easy. I somewhat mix my dreams with reality since everything feels like a dream, and intense nightmares rage I’m having another trip.I just want to feel better. I’m only 15 and I just want to live my life normally Has anyone gone through this and got better like back to the way they were before smoking spice? If so please reply to this, it would give me the hope I need.

    • Sam

      Similar situation. I once thought I was smoking cannabis (after a long night of drinking) and felt disconnected from my body for about a week. Some people just have that reaction. Thankfully, after one hit I had a full on psychotic episode so my symptoms went away more quickly than yours. It just sounds like you consumed more so are having a slightly more intense and longer adverse reaction. You will be fine with time, I promise. It just takes time for your body to detox itself. If you want it to go faster exercise and sweat and drink plenty of water. Best of luck!

  • Michael

    Hi everyone, I’ve been on spice for a little over 3 years smoking bongs batties, bowls and i just gave up on it 4 days ago and if you are a person that has just started or is addicted…. get HELP! This drug is addicting to the point where it’ll fuck with you mentally and physically and the withdrawals people i would rate up there with heroin, not exactly that bad but you will experience withdrawals and they are extreme.I can barely eat anymore, i feel sick all the time now and my headaches won’t go away, i can’t go the the bathroom at all which can really kill you inside, i became dependent on it and it ruins relationships with friends and family and I’ve seen it and plus…. i feel sad mentally because it tricks and fucks with your chemicals in the brain but i will push through. I’ve easily done over 100 blends including cloud 9 products and mad hatter which was by far the strongest incense you could ever get a hold of. The cravings are intense and mentally i feel fine….. like i still have my realization on life and my goals and everything is still real to me. I could easily do over 5g’s with my buddies and it builds up mucus and snot in your system which can cause chest coughs and pains, breathing problems, heart attacks etc. I still feel like my normal self and my life goals will be achieved but i hope my story can help anyone on here and anywhere. I don’t want to see any of you go through what I am right now. It’s intense people, and I’m surprised that i’m not 6ft. into the ground. I’m a 21 year old and if you would like to message me [email protected] Even small talk helps me with my cravings and if you have parents or anything….. stay in touch with them or hang out with them….. it really does help people. God Bless and stay strong,,,,, “MIND OVER MATTER”

  • Sean

    I’ve been smoking synthetic for about 5 years now if you can believe it started my junior year in high school because I came up dirty for pot on a drug test so I got tested every time they had one. Then one night I’m hanging out with a couple of friends at my house boat and he says “here bro smoke this you can get and still pass the test’ that was the beginning of something terrible. By my senior year I was smoking everyday went to school high off it everyday. When I graduated nothing went according to plan couldn’t stand to look at myself in the mirror without it. moved to a new city where its a little more expensive so if found myself selling/pawning anything I could to get the money for it; found myself not being able to eat or sleep without or even be in a good mood. they banned in the city in about 4 days ago and I feel terrible with the withdrawal symptoms I’m surprised this stuff hasn’t killed me yet if my mom can get off herion then I can get off this stuff and stay off its all about will power

  • fdqw

    my life is been crazy since i started smoking spice ive smoked all types of spice but the worst one only had the word stuff written in hazey letters that is the only thing that the pack said it was a 4 gram pack just like the others that i had bought so i thought it was a new kind so i bought it the first half of the bag was fine got a real good buzz the last part of the bag it got crazy first my girlfriend trips out and thought she was dieing call the ems and all her blood pressure was so low they could barely find a pulse it lasted about 30 min the next day the very same bowl her brother daddy and cousin they all took one hit a peice and instantly went into panic mode started tripping out every one of them we all stopped smoking for about a week then started back been smoking it for about 4 years me and my girlfriend still smoke it and are broke as hell her brother and cousin both stole until they went to jail for trying to get high i still cant bring myself to quit

    • ronn

      praying for you …………..

  • Soldier

    I have smoked only for a month. After my second week, I started having episodes while smoking that I couldn’t recall; odd expressions, confusion, muscle spasms, inaudible speech, inability to speak, spikes of fear. I never knew I was experiencing this, but one of the days, my friend recorded me while having an episode. That immediately scared the piece out of my hand. I am a firefighter in the army. I chose spice to cope with deployment, and to avoid drug tests. It has gotten me in trouble and kept me from being able to help people, and rather me running a call to a patient, I was and am the patient. The high is not worth the crash, it’s also not worth the damage to your body. I currently can’t sleep when I want, and have hot flashes and cold sweats all through the night. I can’t eat without feeling exhausted from simply chewing. I can’t do any sort of cardio or my heart rate will spike instantly. Since I’ve been off it about 4 days, these symptoms are slowly getting less noticeable. As someone who is surrounded by EMS all the time its most definitely not fun being on this side of the spectrum. I’m quitting without any hesitancy, I over this. I hope most everyone else here will do so as well, find another addiction, like working out or just the idea that you want to live. I’m not an addict with drugs, so I know that my two cents won’t put a dent in the mental battle your having; but know that spice is being target nationally by DEA and other drug administrations because of its lethality. If you don’t want to cut your life short. Please quit.

  • Milk does a body good

    To those of you that genuinely want to quit I have the following encouragement. I am now 1 week free of this scourge and you can do it with minimal withdraws. If you like the taste of milk, I found that whole milk solved all my problems minus the heat flashes. I used baths to counter those and the natural cold weather we are having to counter that. I was able to keep down WHOLE milk and keep on weight due to the high calorie count. After your first 2 days on milk you can start adding in toast and by the end of the week you will be eating full on sandwiches. I was smoking this crap for over 2 years straight and I just did it cold turkey. I had tried many times to quit before with failure due to the intense vomiting and malnutrition it was causing me. YOU HAVE HOPE!!!!! Don’t just chug milk but sip it throughout the day and it will naturally settle your stomach and give you all the essential nutrients you need to survive this week of hell. I tried every other method with no success until I tried this remedy after an old doctor advised it was a good stomach settler when taken over a period of time. I finished a large sandwich with meat cheese and veggies and feel fantastic now. The cravings to smoke are gone and now I know I WILL beat this bullshit that I should have never started. It will also make your stool solid and help you fight dehydration. Hope this information helps at least one other person battle this and win!!!!

  • Ryan

    I was addicted to these aswell, I only quit a few days ago after the “high” was replaced with headaches. It felt like I had a mini stroke and my brain was dieing on me. I was freaking out it’s now Sunday, I quit on Tuesday. I take propranolol and if I do not take them I get pressure in my head, I think this is blood pressure or something? I want to know what it is. If not away in few days I will be going to doctors GUYS DO NOT FUCKING DO THIS SHIT IT WILL FUCK YOUR LIFE UP IT WILL MAKE YOU BRAIN DEAD AND GIVE YOU BRAIN DAMAGE. I AM FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE, do not be a labatory rat, THESE DRUGS ARE WORSE THAN HEROIN!

  • jon

    I am currently on night 3. Ive smoked synthetics the last 4 months anywhere from 1-2 grams a day. I’m now starting to feel better. I’m not going to tell my story (I could probably write a few paragraphs) but every story on here is pretty much the same: cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia. It does get better. This site really made me come to realize what was going on. Good luck to you all.

  • cody

    hey guys deciding to quit today after being on the shit for 5 years i was so bad on it i was spending 20 to 30 dollars a day just to get it i sold almost all my stuff just to get that high , im tired of not having anything and hurting my family by doing these drugs i dont even remember anything past 30 mins ago anymore i couldnt even tell you what happen a week ago or what happen durin highschool ive lost all my friends now cause i decided to get off of the stuff ive stolen from my parents from my jobs just so i could get a back i feel like a pathetic peice of trash for smoking this every single day , it got real bad when the smoke shop in town closed and we were going down to florida just to get 3 grams every day looking back spice ruined my life i could still have an awesome job on a cruise boat i could still be with the women i love and my family wouldnt hate me please never do this drug its worse than meth

    • reggie

      Only thing to do is just keep moving forward bro. I also lost the women I love and my family threatened to kick me out multiple times. I just quit last week and life is so much better and clearer without it. I sold anything worth value, stole scrap metal, ripped ppl off. Also noticed that I can think with clarity. Just stay strong bro it will all be worth it in the end.

      • hessdog

        im only 18 bro, and im addicted to it. ive made the decision to quit yersterday. i have done all the things you have mentioned with the stealing and ripping people off. i have sold everything i own to buy this shit, ive paid gas to drive 2 hours just to get a g. i look at my things and say i dont need that ill sell it and buy some smoke but when you think about it what you really should be sayin is i dont need the spice, spice is a vicious fuckin circle, im startin to realize that, stay strong bro, im right here with you

        • Annon

          I’m 23 and I’ve been smoking this for 3 months, before that a everyday all day pot smoker up until my partner got fly out work we decided to both go onto this synthetic weed. WORST DECISION I ever made! I’m quitting today! Thank you everyone for your posts. It really isn’t actually worth it, no matter how bad your life may be, just watch what this shit will do!! Wish that see you next Tuesday of a brother never suggested it to my partner!

          • DANIEL

            its true. all the f**ked up things they say.

  • SWIM

    Hey Guys,
    Day 3 of my quitting has been a partial bust… I broke down and scraped my pipe and found a whole lot of partially smoked stuff… Decided to just do it out of boredom. Damn fell for brains little tricks again. Anyways, My experience so far has been a fight, forcing what little food I can down my throat, not being able to sleep, feeling bad… Maybe this little failure will be my only, and I won’t drive 50 Miles and Pay 50 Dollars for 3 Grams, just to repeat the process the next day…. This “drug” has got one hell of a grip… Buyers Beware.

  • Big Jake

    Hey guys, I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you. You’re stories have helped me in ways you would never know. Knowing there are people that are going through the same shit as me, and even worse shit, gives me hope that these withdrawals will soon subside and Ill be back to my old self. Ive been smoking spice on and off since 2011 since my first experience with Diablo, and after that I would go to my local shop and start buying it every now and then and I definately wasn’t hooked yet. Then I moved to, away from all my friends and the people that kept me grounded, but luckily there was no smoke shops selling it in the area so I was good for awhile, until I visited my friend and found out his smoke shop had spice, and for great prices. Thats when it started, at first, it was simple I would buy it only if I came to his house which was only once a month at the time, my tolerance was crap so one hit I was good so that bag lasted. But then I met an amazing girl who didn’t know I was smoking it, but I made the personal choice to quit, luckily I wasn’t going through withdrawals, but then she dumped me for some other guy and that broke me so I went back to smoking spice a little bit more than usual. My tolerance was rising, the highs were getting better, then I quit again because I was starting a new job, yet again I wasn’t going through withdrawals. But then I started getting paid, and the job was really stressful on my body, the 1 hour commute at 4 in the morning stressed out my mind, and the almost 2 hour commute home in traffic destroyed my spirit when I contemplated what I was doing with my life and what I should do. Then thats when it really started.

    I bought spice and it made me feel amazing, I could wake up without a problem, the drives were much easier, even the physical strain on my body was worth it. I started smoking spice every day after work until I went to sleep. No big deal right? Well then my tolerance started rising more and more, and I was smoking more and more. I started buying spice at least once a week, sometimes twice depending on the day. I was blinded by the high and money to the point where I didn’t even realize I was officially addicted to spice. I didn’t even realize it until my supplier at a smoke shop was off for maternity reasons and her other workers didn’t know me enough to trust selling me it, and then thats when I got my first taste of the withdrawals. I felt woozy, disorientated, couldn’t sleep, but I just chalked it up to being tired, because there was no way I was going through withdrawals. Then I started smoking spice again as soon as she got back, falling into my old habits. Smoking every day after work for about another 2 and half months, but then I started noticing something about myself, the skin under my eyes started to darken, I was losing track of the days of the week, I didn’t want to do anything but just wake up, work, and smoke spice. I started rationalizing buying bigger bags or containers for myself, I remember having a conversation with myself where I was like “Well its cheap, and it makes the day easier, why would I not do it.” . When I realized what was happening to me, I looked up this site and realized I had an addiction, so I immediately went cold turkey and that first night was…. well lets just say I’ve never hated myself more than that night. So I looked up the symptoms of withdrawals which once again brought me here and reading your guys’ posts helped through that first night. I noticed I was experiences every symptom that was listed besides psychosis and suicidal thoughts, and that was enough for me to swear it off ‘for good’.

    Luckily all your posts helped me out that first night so much. You have no idea. I will always be gratefull to all you strangers for that first night. Fast Forward 9 days and I was still clean, but then I slipped, because my brain told me (well it was only 9 days, thats not so bad right?) Big mistake. after that bag I felt bad about myself and immediately swore it off again, which was actually working for another 4 days, and I was doing good, until I got laid off (unfairly at that) and I was so angry that I almost slipped, but I was able to hold myself together because your guys’ posts. Then after two weeks of job hunting and realized the job market was just as fucked up as it was 6 months ago and I was literally back in the same spot I was before, and for some reason that just broke me. So I slipped again, telling myself only this time, but then I kept doing it, and doing it and doing it, and the next thing I knew it was 4 months and had been smoking spice every day all day. I had officially become a drug addict. Luckily, my smoke shop lost their business so I could no longer fall to my addiction so once again I had to go cold turky. This was by far the worse first night of my life. I felt like I would kill someone just for one hit. It was so bad, I didn’t even sleep that night. The idea of drinking or eating made me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t stay still for more than a couple of minutes. I even looked myself in the mirror had a psychotic episode of telling myself of how worthless and ashamed people would be of me if they knew. I couldn’t even enjoy a party we had at my house because the idea of drinking alcohol made me sick. I had to literally force myself to eat, which was weird considering im fat as fuck lol. When I shitted it was always liquidy and not solid. I was coughing non stop, and sometimes I would puke out just spit or the food I had forced myself to eat. But yet again these posts helped me. More than any of you know.

    Now its Day 4, I can sleep easily, as long as I stay up until 1 or 2. The idea of drinking or eating doesnt make me sick, but I still have no real appetite. Some of my energy is returning but not all of it, I find myself tired as hell after a little bit of work. But not all is perfect, I would still kill for a hit right now, even as I type this Im imagining smoking again, wishing I had some spice. My mood swings are just wack as hell. I’m finding myself getting pissed at little such as spilling a drink. I punched my wall yesterday and knocked off some picture frames just because a job application wouldn’t show up on my computer after the first try. I flipped out at my folks the other day for almost no reason except that they were annoying me. But I have high hopes that I’ll be okay because of you guys. Knowing there are people out there experiencing this just like me makes me feel good. Thanks for letting me share guys. And thanks for all your help even if you didn’t know you were :) And to all the people who are also going through this, just no there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Right now youre probably not happy, but if you haven’t slipped yet congratulations you’re strong, keeping fighting, show the drug its not more powerful than you. And to all the people who haven’t tried it or are thinking about trying. DONT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you again everyone,
    Big Jake

  • RickHarrison

    Hey guys I read a few comments below talking about negative side effects to spice use? My friends and I have used spice on and off for 4 years. One of my friends manufactured it for quite some time so for over 2 years it was daily use, we smoked as much as we possibly could.

    None of us, nor anyone we know (except one guy with a pre-existing condition) has seen any negative side effects at all, and as for withdrawal symptoms we would occasionally get hunger binges where we wouldnt want to eat for a while and get really hungry.

    Just wanted to let anyone who is thinking about using spice that most of the negative comments posted below are propaganda from many governments around the world trying to ban spice because it is too hard to tax.

    • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

      amen brother. this website is complete BS

      • DANIEL

        hulk and rick are the same person probably. f**king bitch dealers.

        • Zach

          ya im not gonna lie i sold the sh*t for like a year an used it worsed mistake of my life the symptoms arent lies they have to be dealers im 5 days clean an feeling like sh*t still but im determened to stay clean

    • b

      Rick then you are not smoking the same stuff. I have watched my bf do the stuff for years . And some of his friends. These ppl are not government tryin to ban it. You are very ignorant to say that. These negative effects are real. The withdrawals are horrible to go through making it harder for people to quit. Maybe its you and your friend trying to keep it from getting it banned so you can keep making money. I hope it gets banned completely.

    • Tom

      Sorry, but I am sure the affects are different for everyone. Praise God himself, you didn’t have any side effects. Go ahead and justify your usage all you want. I know first hand how horrible this drug can be. You or anyone else will never be able to convince me otherwise. Everyone always believes they are different or “special” or something and it will never happen to them. My experience is total destruction!!! My advice to anyone who reads this, is RUN, run away as fast as you can. Get help before it is too late.

    • Not a loser

      Try quittin it and get back to us on that mate!

    • tired of stupid people

      @rick harrison or you are another idiot just trying to keep this crap on the shelves. all the dead bodies and sick people arent proof enough?

    • DANIEL


      • ronn

        The guy around here that was making the craps name was rick??? I think rick and his whole damn family should smoke it up ! all day everyday!

    • DANIEL

      u are either a dealer, or u smoking some bullsh*t. manufactured?? or made??? u and ur friend are probably dealing it to little kids too. u f**king punk bitch. vcome to houston tx, i will beat your ass right now for lying like that.

    • RONN

      @ Rick . So your buddy was making spice and probably selling it also…big money…Sounds like your the one spreading lies about this crap. I know for a fact your dead wrong. The spice store opens at 9am. by 830 the parking lot is full of people waiting for them to open. They will BE CHOMPING AT THE BIT AND E SWEATING BULLETS. If your not tryng to cause people more misery on purpose keep your comments to your self! They ought to burn down these headshops and put the owners in prison because they know what this crap is doing. And believe me they wouldnt sale it to theire kids! But they let all the others get it! IM SAYING A PRAYER FOR YOU THOUGH R H!

  • Irsis

    I disagree with you Rick Harrison, I have been smoking for years now, and my girlfriend asked me to give it up. I did, I am at day to, and can’t even keep water down. I use to think this was a great alternative to mjay, but it definitely is not. Depending on certain kinds of spec you get, I’ve also researched that some of have been laced with heroine. So I’m 2 days sober, I’ve lost 10lbs, and getting ready to head to the er for sever dehydration because I can’t keep anything down . My suggestion is if your on it, get off it as soon as possible

  • polo

    sorry rickharrison but ur full of s**t dont say there isnt a problem just because you havent experienced. I wouldnt wish it upon you even after ur naive comments

  • polo

    Im curious if anyone has experienced a MAJOR SYMPTOM that i have but is not listed. Its VERY and i mean VERY red/bad not necceserily bloodshot but achy eyes like youve just woke up after a long (uninteruptted) sleep but it dosent fade. It feels like im constantly straining to see or a constant feeling of having just woke up. Any feedback appreciated PS ive been on this crap for 4 years plus now and this symptom is in addition to 90% of the others listed. thanks

    • Patti

      I have never personally even tried it, but as an intern at a community organization, I see people who smoke it on a daily basis. It breaks my heart to see how this drug is slowly killing people. I’ve seen people have hallucinations, seizures, wet on themselves due to loss of control…it’s just awful. Please seek medical attention for your addiction before it’s too late :(

  • JennD

    Can anybody offer any words of encouragement or some type of support for my husband? He quit smoking “DIABLO” 7 days ago and he is going through pure hell right now. He just needs to see the other side that it will get better.

    • Ms. Jones

      YES!!!! Way to go Jenn and your hubby!!! My husband is trying to quit and announced his intentions two days ago. He takes loads of baths to calm himself and deal with the sweat. My daughter and I are praying for him like crazy, please say a prayer for us too, ok? His name is Amen. Lord, please bind in heaven and on earth all the evil spirits affecting Jenn’s husband, the evil spirits of addiction that don’t want him to be sober minded long enough to resist the devil’s constant attacks. Please bind all lying spirits of fear and doubt that he can do it- because with God anything is possible!!! Please loose in heaven and on earth comfort for his withdrawal pains and loads of love to make everything easier (based on Matthew 16:19) Please strengthen him (he can do anything through Christ who strengthens him), please take his heavy burden and let this battle be won by the Lord. Please let him be saved forever In Jesus’ name (most important!!!) and Lord honor Your covenant to protect and defend and save us when we need You! We need You now and ask for help In Jesus’ name- believing that what two or more ask in Your name WILL BE DONE!!! Amen! (as promised in the King James Bible by Jesus)- Also Jenn, my husband has tried beer to lessen dependence on spice (not so good!) and seems to want more candy as he lessens use. We started E Cigarettes almost two months ago and I believe those help give him something to suck on with the aroma/flavor replacement for spice + he regards E Cigarettes as an accomplishment over regular cigarettes (which he picked up on using again – to a much lesser extent – when he finally said no to spice) and is feeling some sense of success with them. I have offered him to replace his cell phone with mine- to avoid the hordes of druggie “friends” who call him 24/7 looking to use him to get high with. I am advocating lots of filtered water, a good multi-vitamin, supplements, better foods to support his body at war with these poisons. Pray like crazy, ask others to do the same for you- email churches and submit prayer requests. Read the Bible- Psalm 91 (page 655 in my bible) is a tower of power from God!!! Show him the testimonials of horrible experiences and lingering physical and mental consequences to scare him straight. My daughter and I are praying for you, please keep my husband Amen in your prayers as well. God bless Jenn and remember that God loves your husband as much as anyone else on earth and wants to heal him with all of his heart- Jesus died on the cross so that “by his stripes we are healed” from sin and all manners of illness. We have seen such healings and miracles in ourselves and others, just keep praying and remembering that God is with us 24/7 and Satan’s bag of drugs and tricks are crushed under our feet if we pray in Jesus name.

    • Maricruz

      Im going throught the same thing right know …u guys arnt alone my bf is so sick hes been to the hospital 5 times this week he says he feels like his bodys shutting down he hasnt ate for going on a week know its really scary

  • IssiahR

    Can anyone help me? I have been smoking spice heavily for about 9 months now, and i feel like its killing my body. I know that sounds weird but i used to be all into sports football mostly but then i started to realize my motivating for things stopped. All i wanted to do was chill at home and smoke spice. I always said i wasnt the one to get addicted to drugs but ever since my tolerence for spice went up i feel like i got more and more addictied to it. Recently i noticed i been smoking a lot more then i used too, when i first started smoking it about 2 years ago i would smoke about mabe .5-1.5 grams but now i end up smoking 4-5 grams. There was this one time last month where i bought me a 10 gram pack and i end up smoking the whole thing within 2 hours. yes i know thats not healthy for you. If anyone could give some advice on whats the proper way to quit smoking spice, sshould i just reduce the ammount i smoke so it slowly goes away or should i just quit cold turkey. I read online some withdrawl side efftects and i’ve already notice that i have a mayjor loss of my appetite, would come to a point that if i havent smoked spice i wouldnt be able to eat cause i just wasnt hungry. Please Any Advice Would Be Helpful Im Not The Person To Ask For Help But I Have A Feeling If I Dont Do Something About It Now I Could End Up In Real Poor Health Or Even End Up Dead

    • kALEB

      I feel u bro Im going through the same shit the only difference is I smoke DANK but Im noticing all the same withdrawal symptoms

      • IssiahR

        Yeah before i got put on probabtion thats all i would smoke is marijuana wouldnt even touch this spice bull shit because weed doesnt give you all those nasty side effects and i know marijuana is 100% healthy for you unlike spice. I honestly wished i never even tried this shit it ruined my life made me a person who i never thought i would be i ended up stealing from friends even my own family, it even came to the point where i ended up selling almost all of my shit game systems, cell phones, even my laptop. Im glad i realized the monster it was turning me into i could just imagine if i still was smoking it now the things i would be doing. But im offically on day 6 been having urges like cazy but im thankful for my family still being here for me helping me though this hard time.

  • anonymous

    I need to get off spice. Just found out I am pregnant been smoking for two years. What are home remedies I can do to safely get through the with drawls with out harming baby because of the stress. Fish oils? Pepto bismol? Over the counter meds? Sleep meds? I need help!!!

    • DANIEL

      green herbal pills.,, alot of water…. vitamins…ibuprophen… just be a health nut now.. thats the way to fix your inside body symptoms.

  • mblanchard

    Before I got with my boyfriend 4 Years ago I had only smoked weed a handful of times and didn’t drink I was 19 at the time so I was definitely doing better than my peers ..y boyfriend started smoking about a year into our relationship and I resisted for a while because I really was not interested .. I run halfarathons work out 5+ days a week .. Well not anymore .. All I want to do all day is get high .. It makes me sick sometimes puking and cold sweats .. I have nearly fainted sitting on my kitchen floor thinking I need to get up and drink something and really just couldn’t move .. I have quit for a few days at a time but he refuses .. He thinks I have problem but he does not .. He smokes in the house and even wakes up in the middle of the night to smoke .. So the temptation is never gone I cannot get away from it and I am being woken up 3+, times a night by him packing a bowl so I smoke to go back to sleep too .. I hide this from my family because it would never be expected of me and I am very disappointed in my lack of restraint to sometjing I know is hurting me .. Reading all the stories of people with similar stories help me not feel so weak .. I hope everyone can find the courage to quit. I am not going to say it ruined my life I am young and can make a change I just need to find a way to avoid the temptations that are always around. Amd I do not work for the govt!! You sound paranoid maybe you should quit too.

    • heks

      You just need to let go of that so called by of yours.. and get your life straight while you can.. spice is the devil…. I was on it for 2 yes and I almost lost my wife to.

      • I quit. tried 4 times.

        I was addicted along with my wife for 2 years. We had all the symptoms here. Havent smoked now in about 1 year. Its crazy to think about how we spent about 10,000 on bongs, spice, papers and all the bowls amd ancillary items..the withdrawl for us lasted about 72 hours for her and 2 weeks for me…the key for her was she drank 8 oumces of water every hour….spice chemicals are water soluble not fat like thc so if you hydrate well enough u can remove the spice chems from ur system in 2-3 days. Youll brain will still want it but the appetite and peripheral effects like nornal bowels and slightly better sleep will return quickly if you hydrate well enough…as far as urges to smoke again id say moderate urges but the urge to take a nap or say..masturbate lol or eat sweets is stronger than spice urges…1 year ago the urge for spice was overwhelming that a previous 3 or 4 times attempts to quit failed..sometimes after a 3 or 4 mile run ill still cough up spotted flecks in my phlegm but when i was addicted i would hock up tan phlegm with black flecks whwn NOT running. So alot of improvement there as well…yall can do it..i did. And i did it without rehab or anything. Its not xanax or opiates. Quitting should be easier than cigarettes. Its the appetite and euphoria and sleep that gets you but like i said u can get over the appetite and sleep issues if u hydrate for long anough…as dar as the euphoria…well i dont get high anymore but i work out…spice made me a phsycho that believed in illuminati and dumb shit i even called my mother satan…i attacked my wife. I played russian roulette thinking that god would save me if he wanted too and i even threw my wife out of the house and then we both cheated…spice is horrible. The actual addiction is weak. Its the phsychological addiction and peripheral effects that are very hard to let go of…..good luck. And dont believe the dumb crazy shit spice makes you believe cuz once ur sober itll embarass you.

        • DANIEL

          not only embarrased,, but i am ashamed of myself. i brought shame to my family name.

  • Danielle De Velasco

    I feel for you guys. I truly do. I was addicted to it for a long time too and the withdrawal was awful. I did horrible things to obtain it, like beg borrow and steal. Its so crazy. I am not that kind of person! But I quit by a combination of detox tea, water, sleep, aspirin, and I also told my doctor about it and he gave me something for the symptoms to help me get through it. I walked every day to sweat those chemicals out. I also found spirituality through meditation, yoga, and Buddhist principles. Not that you have to do that, but some kind of spiritual connection does help. I feel for you so intensely that I will say feel free to contact me at my gmail account, and I will do my best to offer support. Feel better, good luck, and Namaste.

  • heks

    I was addicted to spice for 2 years straight. I got to the point i would smoke all day everyday during work.. working in the oil fields all high.i finally told my parents i had a drug problem that i couldn’t stop smoking spice. I told them to lock me inside there house and to take away my keys, money. And to let me smoke a a little marijuana here n there because the stomach pains were intense and natural herbs really helped. . I’ve been off spice for 2 month already and i feel great. .. i feel back to life…. quit while it’s still early



    • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

      turn the caps lock off

      • DANIEL


  • eric morciglio

    hi my name is eric, I quit spice on December 10 2013 I went to rehab on the 26 of December , I experienced everything you wrote about “fuck incense” It does get better I promise I had a 60,000 dollar 3 year addiction to it It almost coast me everything my family my life my child you name it . I can tell you this it does get better and easy in about 4-6 weeks you will get a lot of these symptoms for about a week its called post acute withdrawals after that you will never want to go near it I promise you . it caused me to have insomnia, heart palpitations , quit bmx, I had no drive for anything but all I can say is it gets better anyone with any questions or needs support email me [email protected] I will help you talk to you what ever you will be ok I promise btw I revoverd from all of my issues still am worried about a few years from now stay strong you will beat this

    • jayp

      Hi ive been smoking this sh*t for about seven months. Its been a day and I feel jittery and sh*t. Any info on what I can do to overcome this stuff

  • Josh

    This is my 2nd day off the shit in a span of about 3-4 weeks of smoking the crap. I’m noticing my head start to level out(good feeling). But the sweating has intensified into nastiness. I mean I’m constantly drenching in the shit. So my advice, just don’t do it. I’ve been doing it on and off for 3 years and It’s very ironic that I fall victim to it, when there are better remedies FOR SURE out there that will help you through the days. You don’t need this shit trust me, and I know the easy access to the drug but natural is the way to go. Anything chemically engineered is something you definitely don’t want to fuck with. You may not notice the symptoms early on, but with time it starts to eat you up.

  • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

    no withdrawal symptoms ever here. most of this sounds like made up government BS. I know it can be a problem but lets not exaggerate the withdrawal symptoms. Using it is bad but only because it’s full blown antagonist of your CB receptors instead of a partial one like weed so you can blackouts and do dangerous things. stop now while you can but don’t let these BS stories about bad symptoms scare you to do so

    • Ryan

      shut up you clown, clearly your one of those “educated experts” who can read a million articles a day and know more than the dude smoking multiple bags a day. i can tell you for a fact that those symptoms are not “made up government bs” because i experienced the sweating and vomiting and shits while attempting to quit last night. so before you go round posting about stuff you have clearly had no personal experience in and only have information you’ve copied and pasted from some other sites go and experience it then come back with your genius theory that it’s only bad because it’s full blown antagonists of your cb receptor. because tbh my cb receptor is the least of my worries when addicts out there are going crazy turning to crime or whatever else to get high or when children aren’t eating because there parents are buying bags, i don’t think the cb receptor is the problem here buddy.

    • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

      to ryan I smoked quite a bit of it sometimes daily or binging on it. I quit when I was ready to and not because of propaganda made up by the government. regardless, without the ingredients being made public and the process in which it is made being public I will not smoke it ever again. and those people do those things because of the way the drug works. weed is much safer because it’s only a partial antagonist unlike spice which is a full one which makes it so addictive and so dangerous. no need for the hostility. take care

      • Molly Y

        If all this is propaganda, why are you here? You obviously need some help or you wouldn’t be on a site like this. They are trying to help people who are addicted to synthetic marijuana and you are trying to discredit how bad it is. I don’t understand why when they have like 100 stories of people dealing with the addiction here: Submitted Synthetic Marijuana Stories

        I see you were posting here 2 months ago. What was the reason you sought help? It’s ok, we have all been in the denial this drug has on you. Read some of those stories and you will see yourself in them.

        Good luck to you @hulkhoganscameraman:disqus

        • Hulk Hogan’s Camera Man

          Not trying to discredit it at all. Some people simply couldn’t handle it physically. Doesn’t mean that government agents don’t go on websites and post hyperbole. They did it with marijuana and they do it with spice. They are stupid for doing it as spice is bad enough on it’s own just by the very nature of how it affects your brain as opposed to what it is supposed to mimic. I was psychologically addicted and it sucked to quit as I used to fill my boring days. No need for it anymore. I got back into writing and my career in political communication.

          • Darla Fisher

            Well I can personally tell you and I’m not government I’m not anybody but a Dumas who is fighting for the last two days to get this shit outta my body today is day three and I’m still weak in the gut still having fucked up vomiting, Severe diarreah, sweats, chills, dehydration cause I can’t keep anything down can’t sleep. It’s miserable a friend of mine spent the weekend in the hospital a week ago for the same shit. So don’t tell me Hogan camera man this withdrawals is bullshit. Your bullshit for for being a fuck about it. This is REAL PEOPLE. Going on day 3 without please help me make thru this day and I think i will be over the withdrawals

          • DANIEL

            same day for me on day 3 too. im on day 7.. FEELING 100% BETTERR!!!. AND HUNGRY AS HELL!!FOOD TASTE GREAT NOW. it feels like im tasting chicken nuggets for the1st time ever!!!chicken nuggets are great on day 4!!

          • Sean Kivlighn

            Yo man, I get the government agent posting hyperbole thing, I bet it happens a lot. But that being said, my brother is bad off on this stuff. He cant go more the.n 3 hours without needing more. Its a 500 dollar a week habit right now and it seems to be getting worse. The withdrawls are terrible. Ive seen it. So this is real

          • Duane Yohey

            you r straight trippin mr. cameraman. i only used a gram or two for mayb 3 weeks and im going through every withdrawal(severe). The one i like to point out is i cant f**kin concentrate. im surrounded by people using or tryin to quit. The government wants us to use spice, u got it backwards.i pray no youth are influenced by your post. i also hope you are not so casual about something so damn serious and that you do not get caught up. By the grace of God and the support of others 6 days.

    • i hate spice

      my brother is currently in the hospital due to withdrawals .. he had 3 seizures yesterday.. we read so many blogs about spice and did everything to warn him but he took it so lightly … and now its too late..so please dont take this lightly… i cant tell you how horrible it is to see a loved one going thorugh this… if your on spice stop!! its not worth it!

    • poos

      Oh buddy its not fake symptoms. some are just more susceptible than others. But I tell u bro im in pure hell. Smoked spice for a year, a year ago… went thru major withdraws and a life change because of it… well recently I made a pathetic choice and in the spur.of the moment, a “buddy” was slingin a bag okf k2 in my face and in a thoughtless second, I agreed. Took that hit and it was all over. Hooked for another month. Spent 30$ every 2 days n would smoke a gram or so a day… gave it up for good 3 days ago…. my symptoms that are very real include: sweating all over non stop, vomiting stomach acid over and over, worst part is this surreal feeling. I will be laying down, because th ats all I can physically do, and when I stand up everything gets “weird” only way I can describe it is scary as a mother f**ker. Worst feeling in the world and I cannot exactly describe it. Its like the world around ypu becomes weird, just weird. Sometimes I get vertigo. Sometimes I have out of body experiences where im in my room up in the corner looking down on myself like a survalience camera. Looking forward to this stopping. my biggest tip for someone withdrawing from k2, get ur ass in the hospital. They will make sure ur hydrated with an iv and give u nausea medicine such as zofran. My biggest help thru this besides my parents, the local hospital. Dont be afraid to tell them.the truth cuz they will not.judge you and they just want u to be genuinely safe and healthy. Well good luck everyone. My withdrawal days are coming to an end I believe. Stick to that gatoraid and smoke some reefer and that will speed up the process ten fold.

  • Bennett Laura

    Let me say to all you nay sayers.. my son is currently going they withdraw from smoking spice. It is horrible. All the symptoms listed are very real. So if you smoke this crap everyday for an extended period of time and stop you are going to be in a world of hurt. Those of you who think you know it all and rally to support the use of this drug are in serious denial.. I challenge you all to stop poisoning your brains on this crap and stick to the natural stuff like cannabis.. When you do quit and begin to experience withdraw remember how ignorant your decision was to smoke that junk, and pray you have a good support group to help you through. If you have the strength to push through and get it out of your system and you don’t pussy out..don’t go back… If you do go back, go take a long look at yourself in the mirror so you recognize what an ignorant, weak, self loathing, out of control, follower looks like.

    • dee0318

      its really not ur place to down someone that would quit so ez, if that’s ur respond to ur son if he go back to smoking it ( hopefully he wont) then u really need to re think ur words. No im not a addict but I know someone who is and I give him positive advice, never put someone down.

      • Rct

        Couldn’t of said it any better dee0318. This forum is to help people not put them down.

    • William Walker

      Sorry miss, but have to disagree. Started smoking the crap in the little packages just like everyone else. Quickly found it to be a waste of money and quite weak. Yes I said weak. Started buying and using pure research chemicals. Yes the very chemicals used to make this spice crap. Used and abused super heavy, countless different chemicals for four years. Stopped on a stupid whim a year ago and have not had the slightest desire to use it again. I experienced a very slight shaking of the hands and some hot flashes on and off for about 48 hours. After that it was all good.
      I guess some people are just weak.

      • concerned mother

        Asshole I had a heart attack from it and didn’t even know it until a year later cuz like u I was like never me. and my body is just messed up from it and always will be until the day I die. And for u to actually call someone weak dude go get on heroine and say that. Been in rehab where the heroine addicts can’t be told from the spice addicts so u really need to shut up

        • William Walker

          Since I’m such an asshole, guess I will continue to be. As for other drugs including heroine and pretty much everything else on the face of the planet, been there, used and abused everything. Never had a problem letting ANY of it go with no ill effects. Wake up moron it’s not the drug…it’s YOU that is the problem. You obviously have no concept of your own limitations and if I were a betting man I would have to say you were not in pristine condition when you were abusing. That coupled with the fact that you obviously have not taken the time to collect and assimilate the scientific data available BEFORE becoming a user and abuser tells everyone what a fool you are. If you had a heart attack using this stuff the only one to blame is yourself. Yes you are weak and yes I’m perfectly happy being the asshole that tells it to you straight. Good luck to you and I hope you learn to use a little common sense in the future. Good day to you

    • cody

      you really need to learn how to speak to other people. because if you think about it your son is ignorant,weak,self loathing, out of control follower. and guess what you probably give him the money to go buy it. so you are the one doing the most harm to your son

  • Your true friend

    I went to jail for the weekend they had a warrant round up. And in the holding tank there were people looking all sick on the floor laying down. And I asked a few of them what was wrong with them N they would all say they were hooked on spice .. they looked worse than heroine attic.

  • Louis

    What’s everyone’s sleeping pattern like its so annoying it’s like I’m constantly drinking coffee

    • DANIEL

      LOL. u know what i did, whenever i get insomnia from that sh*t?? i went to hobby lobby and bought a car model kit for 20$ got something to do if i cant sleep….still building engine day 3.. taking my time with this model kit..going to do whatever it takes to get my mind off of that shit
      . find a hobby… and do it whenever u feel insomnia…. start taking mucinex to get the green out of your lungs… warm drinks help too.

      keep your eyes on the prize louis.

  • charles

    Its fukin hard don’t smoke that sh*t for more than a month or even a week can get you hooked and you won’t even know it and you will deny it its a living hell I’m sweating right now its been 4 days and one will start u all over i promise withdraws are like crack or worse might as well smoke that u spend just as much as money or more!


    its f8kn hard for me too. i quit for 6 or 7 days now… its weird
    never experienced this in my life. smoked weed before then all the time. then my friend introduced me to that shit.
    up green lugys. not too big, not too much all the time. thank god its
    coming out of my lungs though. trying different things to get it out.
    every time i think about it, i dont want it. i hate it now. then i think
    about going back to weed, and i say f8ck that too. i just want to be
    sober for the rest of my life now……
    totally turned me off anytype
    of drug, dont want to get drunk either. now cigs i am going to quit. i
    just want my body to be clean,,, inside and outside.

    • jdub

      Congrats dont go back just keep moving forward!! I went through the this and witdrawls are terrible… Pray and repent to god he will help you get through.


    making me not be able to sleep at night at first alot. but after 6-7days it will go away… just never touch it again.. the damage is done to your lungs already… the only thing u can do is keep trying to cough that shit out. do whatever it takes to stop that shit. pray to god. and put your mind somewhere else and try not to think about syn. if u have a kid it really helped me. my kid drives me everyday to do the right thing for him and think about his future.

  • will

    Been smoking on off for a year and heavily over the last year , pretty worried but sure itl be worth at the end , feels ike the stuffs become part of who i am or sumsh*t :l either ways wish me luck xxxxxxx

  • Ryan

    Hi, I live in Perryville, Missouri and its horrible here.. People give up regular weed to smoke this stuff. i quit smoking weed because it wasnt getting me real high anymore and started smoking this stupid stuff, I would have my girlfriend drive me a hour and a half away every day or other day to st louis or to arnold to buy this stuff named ” buddha” and “twilite” at the little store in fenton MO. What i did to get away from it was look on websites like these and read these comments, it started scaring me and i decided to quit. It was the worst thing i have ever done in my life, quitting it was so hard. i non stop paced all the time in my room and living room, staying up pretty much all night sweating my balls off because im withdrawling off this stuff, 6 hours after i quit i started puking and it was just bad.. I still think about it frequently, every few days and ill start researching .. it gave me somewhat of a permanent anxiety i think, and i am worried about my health, If you smoke this stuff, PLEASE, STOP!!! You may think its not gonna hurt you in the future but it will hurt us all! trust me.! By the way im only 16. i think it ruined my life.

    Withdrawls include; Irritability, sweating ( nonstop) in the hands, armpits and feet. No appetite whatsoever, aggitation and pure evil. I quit successfully in Janyuary and that was 6 months ago, I only smoke weed now but i have like permanent anxiety from it, fear death alot and i feel like my lungs are just caked with spice resin still traveling through my body. The stuff i was smoking was called “mad hatter” , ” Caution” , “Buddha” and “Bizarro”( I loved apple and strawberry) and “Twilite” was the last one before we quit. the twilite one really gave us bad withdrawls, and the buddha too.. i think it is similar to coke because when you dont smoke it for a bit then take a hit you start like speeding/ having a panic attack, its like a upper/downer , DO NOT TRY IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE ANXIETY FOREVER!

  • Jamaicob

    I smoked synthetic for four years straight. Out of those four years, there were only about two to three weeks (in days added up) that I didn’t smoke. The times I didn’t have it, I had insane withdrawals. Hot/Cold flashes, shaking, major anxiety attacks, and the worst part was constant diarrhea from lack of food in me. I ended up hospitalized because of chronic dehydration and malnutrition from it. I ended up completely quitting in April, after I had a dream that woke me up. Haven’t touched the stuff since I’ve had the dream and I never will again. It is the work of pure evil.

    To all those that think, “You’re just a lightweight, I’ve never had anything bad happen.. blah blah”, yeah, I was saying the same thing. I was smoking 10-20 grams a day of this stuff and it put me through major depersonalization, to the point I questioned my own existence. If you want a life of insanity, feel free to do this sh*t, otherwise, I’d advise against it. It nearly destroyed my mind.

  • trey

    I smoked some stuff call joker today and everybody is high as fuck and im like how are yall this high and I took a hit of it again.
    Right after that my head started spinning and I couldnt move or breath.
    All I could think of was praying.. I prayed tho like 2 mins later I swear it went away. Then I told everone there this sh*t is bad and I quite so should yall

  • The Don Dadda

    Last time I smoke synthetic weed was about two years ago. Within that two year calendar, I had two horrible, I MEAN HORRIBLE EXPERIENCES! I’m a regular weed toker but due to high spending, I made the decision to opt out of smoking it. Not the first nor the last time I stopped smoking herb, but by buying this fake weed labeled “Mind Tricks” I’m able to be a lot more frugal. So back to the symptoms I experienced when smoking fake weed. My first episode included sweaty palms as well as my feet. The floor looked wavy like ocean waters, blurry per-say. The scariest symptom I experienced was my accelerated heart beat. Felt like it was beating out of my chest that almost resulted in me dialing 911! I will be a fraud if I sat here and said i wasn’t addicted to weed smoke. I love smoking fat blunts full of exotics but due to circumstance and priorities, I feel the need to buy fake weed for the simple reason that a half smoked blunt is all I need as opposed to smoking two fat blunts full of exotic real weed. From past experiences with fake weed, I only barely put any in the blunt cuz the minute you smoke that sh*t like its real weed, consider yourself DONE!

  • 51yr old

    so the after effects last 6 or 7 days? it’s been 5 days i still have episodes..but am trying to make it i already went to ER they were useless told me it was my fault..this is a night mare..i only smoked a tiny pinch what can i do to make it pass faster i have been drinking lots of water please help thanks

    • Under the influence

      Juice. Juice green vegetables and pray.

    • Penny

      Pray and ask God to help you. He will. Ask for help in the name of Jesus. The demons have to obey. Read Psalms out loud and listen to gospel music. Demons hate it. A relationship with God IS THE ANSWER. Trust Him, He loves you and wants what is best for you. He is all that is good! Have other believers pray for you too. Stay away from anyone who would want you to do this.

    • blu

      Ive gone threw spice withdrawal two times before, and I can say that there really isn’t a number of days. It is a battle and everyday you have to just try your hardest to find yourself in the ”crazy” cycle it can become. Ive overdosed and tripped in ways that made me feel like I wouldn’t live to the next day. So good luck and take care. :)

    • Pam McCray McDonough

      Try activated charcoal…you should be able to get the capsules at your local pharmacy. Benedryl works great for the anxiety, calms you down a bit (but only take as prescribed on the box). Sip on Gatorade continuously.

  • Weed 4 Lyfe

    will exercising such as skateboarding, going for a walk, swimming pose any threat during spice withdrawal symptoms, will they help

  • Under the influence

    I don’t want to scare anyone, but surely others have considered this. At the risk of sounding crazy I want to first point out that humans only see in this visible light spectrum. There are things happening outside this spectrum we can’t see, but it doesn’t make them any less real. Agreed? After smoking for the better part of four years, I have come to understand that there are entities attached to the product. I think it opens one up to possession/influence. The anxiety is the entity vibrating the lower two chakras (stomach and crotch area, mostly the stomach), by which it attaches itself to one’s “energy body.” The first time I smoked I felt the energy stream of a separate being coming into my space, think/speaking in its own language that I understood as “downloading.” I felt it settle in. It was terrifying and in retrospect, absolutely real. After almost four years of living hell, I’m convinced this drive I have to smoke all day and night is not my own, especially at night. I think the withdrawals are a physical manifestation of a very real spiritual/energy battle. The departure is violent and not permanent. These things experience this reality through us, through the high. You can see how they would be driven. The chemicals in the product change our vibrational frequency to resonate to the low-vibrational energy of these beings, so they can attach. They then feed off the low-vibrational energy created by compulsion, fear, anger and everything negative associated with using. This is not that far-fetched, folks. Quantum mechanics can explain much of it. I believe the solution is awareness, forgiveness and prayer. Realistically, these things cannot withstand the energy of our beings, once aware and resolved to rid ourselves of them. We do the hard part by going through withdrawals, the rest of the battle belongs to God. Those still suffering from anxiety and fear are still being manipulated. These things hang around even after detox, trying to get the user to use. It is still resonating to the personal, identifying, individual vibrational frequency of the host’s energy body – it cannot stay attached otherwise – so, if a person were to raise his or her own vibrational frequency (prayer, love, laughter, forgiveness) the entity must detach since it will then no longer resonate to that same frequency. And plus, God can command it to leave. Very simple … and yes, insane. But this is not a sane situation we find ourselves in. We need to know what we’re dealing with here if we want to be free of this bondage/slavery. This is scary stuff and most people don’t want to look beyond what they can see. But in order to understand this enemy we’re going to have to get all the way out of that comfort zone. Please post. Someone needs to hear it.

    • RCT

      I was speechless, after reading your post. To someone never using this product you would sound crazy, but I truly understand your words. Thank you.

    • kierenC

      I don’t necessarily agree with the chakra thing, but i do agree with the demonic possession. I always suspected it was more than just a coincidence that the particular brands i was addicted to were called “diablo” and the “aroma” brands all referring to egypt, i.e. ramses, isis, ra. If you are familiar with scripture, The Lord liberated the jews from their bondage in egypt. And though i knew He was trying to convey that to me and i was very obviously in bondage, i could not and did not want to stop. I smoked for 3 years and once i actually managed to stop for a good 6 months and my life was so much better, but one day, i convinced myself that if i bought a sachet and just rolled one joint and threw the rest away it would be fine. I actually did throw the package away, but i got hooked again. It’s been about three weeks since i quit now and the withdrawal was very violent this time. Especially the first week, i could not sleep properly, the sweating was profuse, my appetite was non-existent, i was vomiting, i became extremely depressed with suicidal ideation, i wanted to hurt others. This thing did not want to let me go. I still loathe people and i mostly look through everyone when I’m out in public and i don’t talk to anyone i don’t know or wish to interact with. It may or may not be this thing still lurking, as people are pretty despicable anyway, but i know we are commanded to love others and pray for our enemies. I almost renounced my faith that first week. Thank the Lord Yeshua, He’s still with me, but my heart will take longer to repair as I don’t feel the love for Him like when I first believed. Pray for me brothers and sisters because when you love The Lord with all your heart, you’ll love others as well, and right now I do not. But if this is not something you can understand, understand this: This garbage of a drug causes damage to your body. The reason o was scared into stopping was because my liver was damaged by this crap. My friends mom noticed the coloration of my skin was greenish/yellow on a particulary heavy binge of mine and that was enough for me to become frightened of dieing. There are things I’ve yet to do here and i was hastening my departure.

      I’m sorry Lord for the thing I’ve made it. When it’s all about you. Please forgive me. I do not want to go yet. If this thing is still holding on I implore you to rebuke it. Help me forgive those that have caused me great pain and suffering. I no longer want to hold on to this.

      • LS

        I am praying for you. My husband, the love of my life went through this and I’ve never seen anything like it. It was horrible and I was so afraid that he would go into seizure and never come out of it. I’ve never seen anything like it. It almost destroyed our marriage of 10 years, but more than that, I watched him almost lose himself. The restlessness, weight loss and mania were the worst of it. We did a lot of quiet things together. We walked at night and spent many nights fishing or just staying busy any way we could until the symptoms gradually faded away. I understand the spiritual side of what you’re saying, as at times he reminded me of someone who was haunted. The truth is though, (that was back in 2011, before there was all of this support and information on the net….I felt like a scared little girl at 28, BELIVE that) it got BETTER AND BETTER until one day he was whole again. He is perfectly fine now and has helped many friends/co-workers through the same thing. Everybody falls angel…. you are human and born to make mistakes. God or whatever name you wish to call him, STILL loves you and I’m sending a special prayer out tonight that you find the strength to defeat your personal demons and learn to love yourself again. Addiction is a powerful persuasive monster, but you can beat it. You’ll come out stronger than before and probably learn some interesting things about yourself. Best wishes and GOD BLESS ♡

        • sassy

          Oh man this is crazy….well she’s right. I have been smoking spice (CB1), on and off since April, then I picked it back up and smoked for a month, but last week in my bathroom was horrifying!! I was sitting on the toilet seat and only smoke 2 one hitters, then I just sat there closing my eyes and humming a song, then all the sudden my whole body was on fire and then I was struck twice in the back of the head. Something punched me twice in the back of my head, and when this thing punched me I can also feel the heat under my feet and these knuckles hit the back my head. I was in Hell!! When I screamed,”What the f*ck did I deserve that for!” When I said that it stopped I looked up and NO ONE WAS THERE!!!!
          Right now I’m detoxing and oh boy do I want to smoke but tooo scared of these things I’m not sure if it’s just one, but I truly believe there is a few because I live close to an Indian Reservation.
          So I’m asking them to leave and please leave me alone I didn’t do anything.
          I’m sooo scared!!

        • Ronnelle

          Thank you. I’m just beginning my journey to recovery, this is the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced. Admittedly I have an addictive personality to start with and when introduced to Spice it was NO different except for the intensity of this drug. At 15 (2005) I became addicted to Meth, as was a daily user for 3 years. One day I woke up and realized I had sold all of my earthly possessions and at the time was sleeping on boards as I had sold my bed for meth. I decided then that was not me and I quit with no forethought to what withdraws I may face. I don’t think twice about it to this day. In 2008, I substituted my addiction to meth with that of Spice. It was all the rage and it was LEGAL. The fact it was legal gave me a justification to my actions. now 6 years later… I’ve pushed away loved ones, lost lifelong relationships, gone to Jail for my manic rage threatening to blow up an entire Police station, and still reaping what I sewed. Probation, House arrest, $10,000 in legal fees amongst other things. I started smoking Spice as a relief to daily stresses, and in the grander scheme of things.. it only added fuel to the fire.
          I’m fortunate enough to not have had horrible trips or sever withdraws like I’ve heard of and continue to read about.. but that’s not to minimalize the affect this has had on my life. Growing up life was not easy and I knew I was going to work hard to not have to live life that way and I did. I went to college, obtained a career, became successful, made money. And one night I lost everything because of the manic rage I flew into due to spice and alcohol. I was now considered a poor reflection of the image of the company I represented and was no longer successful, had a career, and the money was depleting.
          Everyday I’m without spice, I see and feel the old me coming back and shining through. And for the first time in years I have hope, faith, and strength I’d thought I’d never have again.
          People don’t realize what Spice does to the brain. You are desensitized to feeling, and emotion. You are selfish and uncaring. all characteristics that I don’t hold highly.
          Honestly, it hasn’t been that long since I’ve stopped.
          But everyday I’m happier, I’m rebuilding relationships, I See in me things I value and am proud of.
          Your journey cant truly start until you WANT it to.
          Spice only makes you want more spice.
          It’s hard, harder for me than it was to quit Meth, the urges are so much greater and the fight is so much harder.
          It’s worth it though…
          Build a support system, don’t bullsh*t those who love you and are willing to help you. Consider what people say even if the truth hurts.

    • thor

      dude you are 100% right that sh*t is no good but man you really need some psychological help. if everything you say is true it still boils down to you need to quit and get right

  • kaykay

    I’m having problems trying to quit. I get withdrawals but they’re physical as well as me wanting to smoke. I can’t sleep peacefully and if I do, I wake covered in sweat. And after about 8 or so hours it starts to make me throw up. The vomiting doesn’t stop until I smoke. How long will it last if I don’t give in to stop throwing up?

  • Taylor

    About 2 weeks ago, I was at my boyfriends apartment hanging out with him and his brother. His brother, Brian, insisted that we go and get some spice from the gas station and try it out. My boyfriend and I were hesitant but eventually we gave in. (Keep in mind, this happened 2 weeks ago). I had never tried spice before and I never really thought about it, but I gave it a shot anyway. The first time wasn’t bad but the second time I smoked it I had a terrible experience. I felt like I wasn’t in my own body, kind of like I was watching myself. I couldn’t feel myself breathe through my nose or my mouth, so I had a panic attack because I thought I wasn’t breathing. I thought I was going to die. It only lasted about 15 minutes in the real world, but in my mind it felt like an eternity. I did smoke it again after that, but I was too scared to smoke too much of it.

    A couple of days ago my boyfriend and I were sitting in the living room and he took a couple pretty big hits of the spice, we were just sitting there and he started freaking out. He said he could feel his heart beating really fast and it felt like it could explode. He made me shut off the TV because he said that he could hear all the sounds around him and it was way too loud. He even had me shut the AC off because it was bothering him that much.

    I haven’t smoked spice for 2 days now, and as I said I only did it my first time about 2 weeks ago and I feel like absolute shit. I’m very depressed, I’ve had thoughts about wanting to die and about how everyone would be much better off if I wasn’t here and that is NOT like me at all.
    I can’t sleep. When it gets to around 11 o’clock at night, that’s when I start to really go crazy. I lay there and close my eyes and I can’t sleep even though I’m dead tired. My stomach always hurts really bad and I’ve had bad diarrhea. I’ve read from a few different sites people also experience a lot of vomiting, thankfully I haven’t thrown up but I’ve sure felt sick to my stomach.

    My head is just really cloudy too…I can’t really think straight. I don’t feel like myself anymore. Whenever I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror, it’s like I”m looking at a totally different person. I know that this will all go away soon and I’ll eventually be back to normal, but ever since I stopped smoking that stuff I’ve been OBSESSED with researching it and seeing other people’s stories, and I decided I wanted to share mine too.

    So if you’re reading this and thinking about trying spice, DO NOT do it. It’s not worth it. Stick to the real stuff, you’re much better off. I will never smoke that fake shit EVER again.

    • Brittnee Kayee Marie

      how are you doing now ?

  • Scotland87

    I started smoking it a little over a year ago brands like clockwork orange, psyclone and annihilation till that got banned. the first time me and my friend smoked annihilation we said to each other that this is far to strong and should be banned. a don’t even know why it is called synthetic weed its nothing like the high you get from weed. its not even a high i don’t know if that’s because its different brands here in Scotland than in the US maybe some do give you a high but none i have tried has ever made me feel high. I have stopped for 4 days now and i feel like sh*t some people seem to be having different withdrawal symptoms than me as i don’t seem to have lost my apatite i eat the same as i normally do but i am having the sweats really bad and also got a really bad headache that will not go away and i also feel really dizzy like i am falling down. i have never been addictated to any drug before as i used to just smoke real weed and take ectos on nights out clubbing so i really hope it gets better any advice from anyone who has went through this would be much appreciated. Just to add i get all use people coming on here saying its BS i used to be like you only ever praising synthetics saying oh this sh*t is amazing the truth of the matter it is not amazing just wait till you start getting heart palpitations feeling like your about to have a heart attack and i guarantee you wont feel the same way

  • Alex

    The withdrawal symptoms are very real ive been smoking on and off for the past year. Every morning when I wake up covered in sweat and I go take a hit from my pipe jus so that I can get myself to eat sumthing without vomiting and I make my way to the store to buy me a $10 bag 2g. And I usually end up goin bak a lil before midnite and it really sucks. I was a everyday weed smoker never had anything like this before it jus pure hell when ur not high. I’m slowly tryin to stop but it real hard I jus feel out of this world and I don’t have anyone to help me out. I honestly could smoke a whole bag in a sittin and still want to smoke more. Any advice on how to get though this easier?

    • mybabiesaremyangelsfromheaven

      Alex- You vomiting and getting sick from going through withdrawals is way better than continuing and doing harm to your body and mind. I lost my childs father to this crap.(and I don’t mean death although it can happen). There’s help out there, search the internet. I’m sure there’s something someone in your area. You could also try churches, reach out to them. Pray

  • Brittany

    My Husband expiermented with all different kinds of k2 and has never expierenced anything like he is now he got a new kind called psycho and it put him into a bad trip he puked for 5 days straight lost about 40 to 50 pounds couldn’t eat couldn’t sleep he hears voices now he’s been off it for a month now and still expierencing things he’s violent now then he’s ok he can eat n then he can’t he has no feeling in any part of his body and that’s been going on for a month now is this ever going 2 stop is he ever going 2 be back 2 normal be4 smoking this how much longer do myself n my children have 2 live in fear wondering if he’s going 2 be violent this day with us or ok with us this day how long do i have 2 sit here n wonder who is he today or what’s going 2 happen 2 me 2 day what’s going 2 happen 2 him what’s running through his head 2 day if anyone can help please do anything any input is greatly appreciated and a big help 2 me

    • Tristan Marino

      May i ask how he is doing now

    • Brittnee Kayee Marie

      how is he now?..

  • http://bluntbuzz.com mic-s

    add diarrhea, tremors, and dehydration as symptoms

    this video gives you my symptoms


    • Jacob Duplechin

      Hey man, I just watched your video and I’ve been experiencing the SAME exact symptoms as you. I thought I was dying, I didn’t know what was wrong with my body. Is there any advice you can give me to help me? This is the worst feeling in the world, sometimes I feel like I’m slowly just loosing control of my body and I can’t do anything about it

      • Brittnee Kayee Marie

        how are you doing now?

    • NYG20

      Hey bro. I was smoking spice for 5 months, and just quit last Friday. Today is day 7 of sobriety and just wanted to say your video helped lot. Just watchin someone go through it like myself. Today still cant eat, sleep and got numbness all over. Worst sh*t ive ever been through.just wanted to say thanks for the video man helped me a lot man

    • William Walker

      Do your research before you experiment with anything. Sorry bro your bad not the drug. Good luck to you though

    • Brittnee Kayee Marie

      are you okay? how are you doing now?..

    • mommy4life

      i am a mother with an 18 year old son getting ready to face this. It breaks my heart, I thought I had warned him and educated him enough, but in the end it is their friends who win the battle, after all I am a “mom” what would I know. I am so proud of you for fighting, and I hope you win. all of my prayers…

    • Debbie

      Hi Michael… Thank you. I have a nineteen year son trying to quit. It has been one day. He is not eating or sleeping. He has already said he wants to smoke again and blames me for not giving him money. But I’m staying strong and watching your video has helped tremendously. Let’s see how tonight goes. Your videos are going world-wide. I’m in Perth Australia and again thank you for all your help. I hope you continue to do well.

    • Debbie

      Hi Michael… Thank you. I have a nineteen year son trying to quit. It has been one day. He is not eating or sleeping. He has already said he wants to smoke again and blames me for not giving him money. But I’m staying strong and watching your video has helped tremendously. Let’s see how tonight goes. Your videos are going world-wide. I’m in Perth Australia and again thank you for all your help. I hope you continue to do well.

  • Domgall

    I stopped smoking spice awhile ago, and have been doing real herb from time to time. I was addicted pretty bad, I’d smoke either 1 hit or small bowls and I’d do this all day everyday. I’m not sure if this is because I am older now and my tolerance hasn’t lowered much, but I can’t get high like I used to back when I first started on bud. I feel it but it’s like it goes away in not even an hour now. I used to be blitz for a good hour and a half, and baked for about another 2 hours. Honestly I can live without drugs, especially this evil shit, but I love my green. Maybe I just need to give it a little more time and research alternative consumption methods.

    • stitch

      Other consumption methods might work better for u.if u can dabs might b a better method.But first try edibles.Vapirizers is the cleanest method.

    • Drew

      This is likely due to two things. First of all your recepticals are probably damaged due to the full agonist effects of whatever research chemicals you were injesting, and secondly, your definition of what “high” is has changed. Most of those chemicals are hundreds of times stronger then actual marijuana and they also trigger both recepticals whereas Cannibis typically only trigger one.. Give your brain some time to heal and you’ll react better to the real thing

  • shaun

    I been withdrawing for 2 days and not gettin better is there anything i can do or take for this? (Not another hit of spice obviously)

    • Ryan

      Hey, it will be really bad for just under a week and then suddenly the cravings stop. There so many forums on withdrawal process from spice. It helps heaps !

      • William Walker

        People build it up in their minds far far worse than it actually is. No different than being hung over from a hard night of drinking. Hangover just lasts a couple days longer.

        • leemur

          Will you’re very ignorant and rude

    • Mem

      Keep up the good work Shaun. It does get better. I have never done any serious drugs, weed smoker. But my 23 year old son has stopped for a couple of days now. He has chills sweats fever and throws up very bad. All I can do is pray for him and be there for him. I HOPE you have support at home as well

  • stan

    I see a lot of comments of seeing demons and stuff I haven’t had that kind of experience since I been smoking. I have stopped for a day and I get cold sweats,loss of appetite, and can’t sleep. I did have one trip on my roof because they are fixing gas lines and I thought cops were all over and a big shoot out was taking place then I took a deep breath and said to myself your on drugs and this is a effect after that I just felt stoned. In my opinion I feel ppl have crazy trips because they smoke it like it’s bud keep this in mind everyone it’s man made so be very careful when ingesting

  • thatguythatjustpostedthis

    im really hoping people read this as I really need some help here. I have been smoking spice for almost 4 years now. I used to smoke stuff called mr nice guy then I quit for 6 months and started back up a year ago and started smoking stuff called Mad hatter. I had to quit last week simply because they did a raid on the smoke shop that I bought it from. I have overdosed multiple times and I can tell you it is no fun. my question however is when I quit for that six month period I didnt really have any symptoms however this time I have the worst chest pains and headaches and so I am wondering if there is any probability of there being any long term health problems from smoking. I honestly feel like I should go see a doctor but I dont have insurance so not really an option.

  • Jerren Harris

    I want to get some people that I would like to quit smoking.They’ve been doing it for three years or more.And I’m not sure what to do or how they would react to a rehab suggest… but it probably wouldn’t good.


    • Daniel

      Tell em its stupid and if they continue stay the F88k away from them.

      • William Walker

        I guess because a moron like you thinks it’s stupid it must be right? You must be the only one who knows anything about anything right?

        • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

          William, please refrain from calling people names or we will ban you from the site. This is your last warning.

          • William Walker

            Not a problem as long as the same curtsy is extendended to me as well, and the rules of your forum are enforced on all who post there. Otherwise do as you wish. It matters little to me.

    • William Walker

      You want to quit? Then grow a sack and quit. Simple as that.

  • Daniel

    First This sh*t is nothing like Marijuana so don’t even think you will get anything out of this like Mary. Idiots Just cant leave sh*t alone can you? This sh*t is not good for your Brain body or life. I Know people who have been using Marijuana for 30 + years no 45 years. None exhibit any of these things and calling this synthetic Marijauna is as idiotic as using a product.

    • William Walker

      And the verifiable facts to support your very uneducated claims are…

  • mummy hater

    mummys breath is the worst thing i ever could have came across. im not sure what karma was trying to prove with my wife ,son and i, but it almost killed us. we had been smoking all types of spice since it was legal 3 years ago and found a store in southern tn. that sells it even after that. for the last 3 years we smoked it pretty regular and at the end were spending 40$ a day on it. we found that weed no longer worked no matter how good and were very tollerent to all the brands we found, untill mummys breath. we smoked it for three months every day, even waking up every hour or so while sleeping to hit the bowl. untill one day it wasnt available. then we started the worst three weeks of our lives. only 6 hours after not having it, upper stomach pain starts. then 2 hours after that terrible body pain starts. vomiting pure acid and hallucinations come next and did not stop night or day for three weeks!my wife and i had pillows and blankets in the shower where we stayed most of that time. we figured out how to have the hot water on just enough so that it never ran out. our son that didnt smoke kept a pitcher of water and a bucket just out the door the whole time and the only way to not puke that terrible alien acid was to slam the pitcher and puck it back up every time….hundreds of times! for weeks. we had sores frome being wet and the shower floor, and not to mention were contently startled by huge bugs and auditory hallucinations! we had quit other spice types b4 and only had cravings but mummys breath is different. finaly we had to call an ambulance for my wife. at the hospital she had a paralized stomach and 10% gal badder function, severe mal nutrition and dehydration. she never said what it was from and they wanted to do surgery. thank god she didnt because now 2 months later we are better. i didnt eat my first food untill 3 and a half weeks later. i lost 50 pounds and my wife 80! we almost died i belive!please stay away from this stuff its like nothing else out there. trust me. i cant wait till they bust that store, or some body burns it down!

    • anewlife

      Oh God.
      I don’t about mummy I never smoked that one. For me, all the same. This is a LETHAL product. I lost 20 pounds. I’m still withdrawing. Day 7
      Thank for u guys u lived trougtroug

      Please God help me

  • Katie Farias

    @ Daniel who are you to talk shit about smoking? Everyone knows its not good for you. Its the smokers decision to smoke it. Smoking marijuana is an idiotic decision as well.. Any drug is dumbass.. And for jerren, you cant stop a person from smoking it. Its their decision. If you dont like it, stay away. You are no one to tell anyone what they should and shouldnt be doing. Not trying to be rude but as an ADULT we all make our own decisions. Instead of being a bitch like daniel and talking shit i will say this quitting is all in your head. I was a heavy smoker and one day just like that i stopped. After 2 years. And not once did i experience withdraws. People only tell theirself they need it. They make their own mind dependant on it.

    • William Walker

      Thank you Katie,
      I happen to agree with every word of your comment 110%. Too many people using the cop out excuse that they are addicted to everything these days. Most people think I’m just being a harsh asshole when I say things like “your just weak”. I myself have an entire life time of experience with just about every drug on the face of the planet and have NEVER had an issue stopping anything. These people whining and moaning simply find it much easier to blame anything and everything and everyone for their problems rather than accept that THEY themselves are their own worst enemy. At the same time their own idiotic mentality is exactly the reason why laws are passed that take away responsible peoples rights to make their own educated choices. These people are the weakest and worst of our species.

      • Keke2311

        Very well said sir. I say the same damn thing. Ive done drugs myself and never once have i been addicted. I never understood how people grow an addiction. I did my own thing and was very functional. But i could stop when i wanted. I dont do anything now because i finished school and all that just isnt worth all my schooling not only that but im not 21 anymore im 32. Anyway quitting is all in your head. And if you dont wanna quit, learn how to moderate yourself so you wont make yourself look like an idiot by destroying you life by spending every freaking last penny til your homeless. “THE WEAK”

  • Someone

    I agree with some of what was said. The only part I disagree with is when someone says sense they have personally experienced the drug themselves, that makes them suddenly and expert on how that drug affects everyone else. You are one in a million. Even if you know 100 people who had the same affect you did that is nothing compared to the millions. I do agree that some people are weak minded. But to say everyone who has a drug issue only has one cause there weak is pretty ignorant. I won’t even bother telling you my background or experience with drugs cause it’s not even relevant. No matter what I’ve experienced it doesn’t mean everyone will have the same experience as I did. The fact is one drug will affect different people in different ways. Some will have more negative affects the others. Some will be able to get over it no issue. But then it’s not an addiction right?

  • Peedey Weestro

    @ William. Wow. What a bunch of assholes. Just because you were able to kick the spice without withdrawals does not mean that is possible for everyone. I do agree that every person is different. Some people are able to just switch shit off when they are tired of it or just done with it. That does not make you ANY better than any other addict. You are an addict too. Just because you no longer use does not mean you are no longer an addict. This is supposed to be a support group for people who want to get away from this devil of a drug. So your shitty comments and name calling is not wanted, or welcomed here. Go find another forum to troll, you lying piece of shit.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport


      While we appreciate your defense of people suffering from addiction, but please do not call people names or we’ll have to ban you. We warned William about the same.

      Thank you!

      • Peedey Weestro

        Ban me. I don’t care. Your site is full of people who just want to trash on users, which does more harm than help. Sorry, but that is my opinion.

    • Guest

      Sometimes being supportive is being a dick. You think the addiction is going to hit you nice? Hell no. So why should anyones comments. We all put ourself in this position and then turn to others to help stop. Why? We need get our ass up and get out of it. We are our only support system we can count on. Do a favor for me go to youtube and watch “why do we fall” thats the only support i could give you.

  • Stop being ***holes

    Spice is ADDICTIVE! I have been smoking on and off since it hit the U.S. in 2006. There are withdrawal symptoms, there is pacing, sweating, hot/cold sweats. My spice withdrawals were worse than when I quit meth. It is serious. Research chemicalsare eextremely potent and addictive. Anything that sticks, (literally sticks) to your CB1 and CB2 Receptors is going to cause a chemical dependency. These people are on here to get help. Please give advice to the addicts and families of addicts. This is a hard habit to kick and the cravings don’t dissipate. If you haven’t done it, DON’T! If you aee using still and want or don’t want to, but need to quit. Get intervention help.


    Hey Page.. Im in a situation right now that my girlfriend is going through withdraws.. She is vomiting when she has nothing in her stomach has cold sweats like crazy… it’s very hard for me and my family to see her like this… but I don’t want her on meds or some hospital either.. It’s taking alot of patience and min by min.. she has been smoking it for 5 years different types she has tried.. I’m so scared for her and idk what I can do for her except stick next to her… plz any suggestions would really appreciate it…

    • David Reyes

      Me too for 5 years i have quit before but i messed up and thought it was ok to do it once and got hooked again. Now i have a week clean and im still going through psychological withdrawals. The first week physical withdraws. The physical only last a few days. like 4 to 6 days. Keep her busy make her get up and resume a routine. Its your mind plying tricks once you stop throwing up its all in your head After that. Find fun things to do its important cause your brain is looking for something to make it happy. Its called instant gratification. Fun things might not be instant. But will gratify your brain. Peace. All will be well. Ps what a sneeky drug. We dont see the addiction or psychosis creeping up,

      • Danielle

        So if me and my bf are trying to quit but the sickness sends us back…should we go to hospital or just do cold turkey?

      • anewlife

        Thank you did not think about that. Day 7 , I’m gonna gratify myself because I just forgot about it

      • David Spivey

        David I need your help

    • Manderly

      Is there a reason you can’t take her to hospital to detox? The only way I could stop was to do voluntary lock up in detox. After 10 days it got a lot easier. I still crave it sometimes, and have some psychological damage which may or may not heal, but passing that 10 day mark broke down the some of the hold it had considerably. Thing is, if she’s anything like me, she literally CANT stop. This drug possesses you body, mind, and soul. I’m from Australia though, there are no legal consequences for drug related hospitalisation, and detox is free. I really hope it’s the same for you.
      I know 100% what she’s suffering, and I wouldn’t even wish it on Hitler.
      Extremely important to keep her hydrated, if she cannot keep down water, gastrolyte ice blocks are good. Hot baths and showers may provide some relief.

  • Gf looking for answers

    My boyfriend has been smoking this fake weed for a long time and is trying to quit he ran out early this morning and is now going through withdrawals. I have never smoked and really don’t know how to help. I’m looking for answers and things I can do to help him for I know this is not healthy and don’t want to see him go back to it. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • spiceaddict

    i quit smoking incense on 2/4/14 and it has been 5 days and my appetite has not come back yet and it is starting to alarm me, i was possibly the heaviest smoker of incense ive ever met. i have smoked at least minimum 5 to 10 grams a day for 2 years straight

  • Danielle

    How long do you throw your guts up for after you quit?

    • anewlife

      It’s day 7, I was still puking last night. So 6 days non stop puking I lost 20 pounds. Hopefully I was overweight 180 for 5.6″.awful freezing cold chills and sweats. I drink vitamin water, aloe Vera. The problem is I puked so much I have horrible acid reflux.

  • Craig

    Hey guys. I’ve been trying to give up for a long time. My only advice is buy an ounce of the strongest weed you can get, and smoke through it. I’m nearly on day four, weed helped me thru the first 3 days, not much, but takes the edge off it. Anyone who advises not to use one drug to get off another, bullshit. Buy strong weed, lock yourself away for 3-4 days, and blast it. Good luck anyone and everyone. Btw I stopped weed on the end of day 3, I still have sweaty hands, but the brain is functioning normally now, and it’s so much easier to deal with.

  • Talusado

    My youngest son 21has been missing for 3days. With help we found him in a Motel completely out of it. He didn’t know his father or mother. He is using spice & method! What a combo. I’m Lost & terrified. I have no clue what or how to help

  • sweaty

    How did you guys get through the sweats because that is the only thing I am now struggling with and it is extremely embarrassing and it occurs any time i get remotely nervous or anxious…

  • s

    I smoked for 2 years.never had any physical withdrawals. Just mentally craved it

  • Matt

    I am a 16 year old male that has been using spice for about 2 years now. I would smoke until I passed out and woke up just to smoke more. To be so young, I don’t know how I would go through packs and packs. I Quit for about 5 months and went from 300 pounds to 230. About 3-4 months ago I started using again. The most recent trip I had was when I was sitting on my bed and my mom said I was rocking back and forth with my eyes rolled to the back of my head and they were red as could be. My little 10 year old brother asked the preacher if he would pray for me. The withdrawals are crazy. Some people may not listen to a youngster, but PLEASE listen to me! I’ve hit rock bottom and I’m sure it’s going to happen again before I soon realize how bad my addiction has gotten. I am a football player for West Point high school and I fear if I keep smoking this deadly drug, my career will come to a disappointing end too soon.

  • christine

    I need help my man is withdrawaling from spice its been five days he cant walk the things hes saying dont make sence he cant sleep im so afraid n dont know what to do

  • David Spivey

    Is anyone here