Side Effects Of Spice Use

Spice Brand Synthetic Marijuana

Spice Brand Synthetic Marijuana

Is Spice Safe?

There are many side effects from smoking synthetic marijuana that can be the same or worse than those of real weed.

Reports indicate the pleasant side effects of Spice are similar to marijuana – such as elevated mood, relaxation and altered perception.

However, other less pleasant side effects of K2 include:

  • psychotic symptoms,
  • paranoia, increased anxiety and hallucinations – increasingly reported to be even more severe after smoking Spice than after smoking marijuana.
  • increased heart rate
  • agitation
  • vomiting
  • seizures
  • uncontrollable body movements
  • lack of emotional attachment
  • sweating and loss of control
  • red eyes
  • dry mouth.

One side effect not shared with marijuana is increased hunger. Many herbal incense users report a lack of appetite when using the drug. I didn’t eat anything for days after I quit.

It’s Not Really That Bad – Is It?

Reactions, or side effects, from smoking Spice can also be fatal in some cases. This can be quick – for example, after smoking just once – or happen after many experiences with the drug.

Spice, K2 and related legal highs have also been implicated in several cases of kidney failure and heart attacks. Testimonials from users – both regular users and those who used it only one time – speak of hallucinations, suicidal and homicidal thoughts and actions, intense fear and paranoia.

There are several cases where synthetic weed has been implicated in deaths from suicide or accidental means.

Spice also causes reduced blood flow to the heart, also known as myocardial ischemia, which can cause both damage to the heart, or a heart attack.

There have also been reports of long term damage to mental health status with continuing hallucinations appearing after several months of trying the drug.

As a legal high, some people assume that there is no risk of addiction to spice – a common side effect to any drug. This is not the case. Some first time users may find that the intensity of the K2 side effects, particularly the negative side effects such as hallucinations, are enough to stop them from trying Spice or its derivatives again. Others will crave the intensity of the effects of Spice, just as one would from “hard core drugs” like heroin, crack, and pain killers.

Serious withdrawal symptoms are also common in regular users who stop smoking fake weed. This is one of the most common complaints of people who post their stories to this site. It’s also why so many people need to enter rehab to finally get clean.

Over 200 Chemicals – And Counting

Herbal incense side effects can vary greatly from package to package, even for the same brand of Spice derivative. Smoking Spice from one package may produce a mellow and pleasant effect, yet smoking from another package of the same brand may produce effects of intense paranoia and hallucinations even in the seasoned smoker.

This may be caused by the ‘skirting’ of drug laws by manufacturers of Spice. As one chemical compound sold as Spice becomes illegal, the makers replace it with another ‘legal’ substance capable of the same physical effects, but slightly different in its chemical makeup. Today, there are over 200 known variants of synthetic cannabinoids,. Only about 50 are outlawed in the US.

Another explanation for the widely different effects is the crude manner in which these drugs are produced. One of the largest companies in the synthetic marijuana industry, Mr Nice Guy, was reportedly using cement mixers and nail polish remover to produce their herbal incense. This causes what are known as ‘hot-spots” where the synthetic cannabinoids are much stronger in one area than another in the same package.

While Spice is currently considered a ‘legal’ high in some areas of the world, it is wise to be aware of the side effects and risks of smoking incense – both positive and negative – in making the decision to abstain from or smoke Spice, K2 or any of its ‘herbal incense’ type derivatives.

Many countries, states and counties have made synthetic marijuana illegal due to its side effects – including here in the US. Being aware of the risks is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Is Spice Addiction Impacting Your Life?

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  • mindcandy001

    I have stopped smoking hit now I can’t eat and if I do I throw it up, even liquids. Even if I’m starving. It’s been about a week and I can’t keep anything down.

    • i hate this

      I recognize this and it makes my withdrawal much harder. The only thing I have eaten for 4 days is a few sandwiches which i had to force myself to eat

      • ????

        Going through the same thing, smoked it for a few weeks everyday, woke up at night and took a hit every day to go back to sleep too. Threw the bag in the trash after i decided to stop smoking the garbage, its been three days: The back of my throat looks like its be scoured, sore all day long, can stop coughing through out the day (especially when I lay down), Immense pressure in the left side of my chest, shortness of breath, no appetite what so ever. I have to force feed myself in order to get anything down. Upset stomach through out the day, irregular bowel movement (mostly diarrhea). My question is has anyone quit and have these symptoms go away and if so how long did it take?

        • its bad mkay

          Itll stop in a few days to a week. Just don’t go back to it. I feel like a huge hypocrite since I just smoked some today.. Iit’s really so bad. I’m gettin into again and I’d like to say I’m done with it myself.. but I been saying everyday for a week. Good luck

    • evan

      I have the exact same problem. I quit only 3 days ago and I can’t keep anything down. it sucks but I had to smoke real weed to get my appetite back but I think our stomachs need to be stretched back out because we haven’t been eating anything. good luck to you guys. let’s stay away from this stuff.

  • helplessgirlfriend

    My boyfriend is talking in his sleep soo clear that I can make out every word he does weird things with his hands in his sleep and just last night he was awake but not awake he flipped out and flipped my mattress and punched my wall I had to wake him up to consciousness and he got scared of how he was acting…. has anyone else been this bad at night???? I don’t know what to do to get him to stop and sleep threw the night he is still not sleeping threw the whole night.. this is now day 6 of him not being able to sleep, although he slept more last night then ever before..

  • Joanne Parmar

    i am certain that my son has a bad addiction to this but will not admit it or that he needs help and myself an family have been paying for it im sure with all the money he borrows or takes any advice you can give me i would greatly be thankful for

    • r

      I’m not sure that I can give you any advice as I’m going through this as well. I just thought I would let you know that you are not alone.

      • Drew

        Many people don’t realize how much it really changes the entire chemistry of the brain. I’ve always had a natural tolerance to outside substances, so I was “lucky” enough to use as much as I could. I hit my rock bottom. For most addicts, they either have this breath taking realization, or die. It’s that simple.
        I’ve been extremely blessed, because I used to smoke more of that slow suicide than anyone I knew and even after dying I was revived. I’ve had some clarity come to my broken brain lately about exactly what I was doing to myself.
        I’ve been studying the human brain and the body for as long as I can remember so I can know myself. As a former fake shit user, I know what effects it can have on the brain. I once had an IQ just under 200, and now it’s leveling out at just above 100. There are drastic personality changes that are measurable, and like I said. It changes the brains entire chemistry.
        I have since been diagnosed with paranoid schizoid personality traits chronic depression that normal anti depressants won’t work on, and a cursing amount of anxiety. My vision has been damaged, and my heart has extremely poor circulation. The health effects were worse than any other drug I’ve ever come across.
        I don’t know how close you are to your son, but if he is doing what you think he is, you MUST remember this. He is slowly committing suicide and first hand I can tell you he isn’t in his right mindset to know that. If he does, he doesn’t give a rats ass.
        Every brand is a different drug that reacts on different receptors of the brain.
        The skewed reality is present for (in my case) for at least 2 weeks after smoked. If addiction is present, and the euphoric fuckup lasts usually no more than an hour, you can’t logically expect your son to have a clear mind about his issue because there’s no way he’s waiting until the adverse effects are gone.
        Many are appalled by the thought of rehab, drug treatment, or free groups such as NA, but I know now that I wouldn’t have checked in myself. My parents had to do it FOR me. At first I thought they were doing it TO me, but they saved my life.
        I couldn’t be more grateful to be sober from mind altering substances today, and it was all due to the help my family gave me. If your son is in as deep as I was he won’t ever stop on his own. He has no need to if he’s still getting money out of your pocket.
        It’s a very scary thing to deal with a loved one in this condition, because I know the constant worry of something bad happening. But I also know of many deaths and drug induced mental retardation that could have been prevented to people I love. I can’t forgive myself, and I wouldn’t wish my regret and blame on anyone in this world. I may not know you, but I know how you’ll feel if he dies. Getting him help will be the best thing you could ever do for him and for yourself.

    • worried mom

      My daughter is addicted to K2. She wil not agree to get help. She had lost her job for being high. Now she has a new job and has gone there high as well. I am worried sick about her future. Anybody have some advise for this worried mom?


    I smoked this for about a month with my friends, maybe once per week. The first time I smoked it, I took two hits and had my first out of body experience. I have never been so high in my life (I have only smoked weed, no other drugs). After I got home, we took 3 more hits. I began hallucinating and laughing uncontrollably to the point where I could not breathe. I had tunnel/flashy vision and had visual hallucinations. After that day, I never had the hallucinations again, rather I just got a normal high from it. About a month after the first time smoking it, I smoked 7 hits by myself and that was a HUGE mistake. I walked into my living room and began to feel my heart racing and pounding out of my chest. My body felt like it was going numb and I could feel my body being shocked. Every few minutes I could feel the shock run through my body while my heart pounded out of my chest. I went to the ER immediately (I was driven by someone), and they said I was having a very mild heart attack. This stuff is dangerous, it kills, and is completely unsafe. I will never smoke it or anything like it again.

    • troydhhdysfgsjevet

      Ok dude I did this shit yesterday I tought It was weed I felt so fucked up off of to hit my vison was flashy and I felt like I was haveing a heart attack and I had the exact things you had I stayed the night in er and thay let me go I feel better but I still feel like high and wourld feels fake and shit did you ever recover if so how long did it take I need some heo geting throught this

  • Tiffany

    My boyfriend had been smoking this with his friends. It effects him so much differently than pot. I don’t like it. He seems out of mind and gets him so much higher. I tell him i worry about him dying from this and he does not care because of the high he gets. It has an addicting factor. He can go through 3 grams in a day. Vs 3 grams of pot in a week. Which to me is a big waste of money because we have more bills to pay because he spends money on spice. When i am not home and he does r he will not answer his phone when i hear him most because he is so out of body he doesn’t hear it. This scares me because of I’m in an accident he won’t pick up…

  • never relapse

    When I heard of spice I thought finally they legalized pot . I did not do any homework on this crap – I just trusted that if the store can sell it — it must be ok- WRONG !!!!!!!
    Spice darn near killed me – for real. I was hooked from day one. I rolled mine up and smoked it like a joint. I could only get half of the joint to burn before it would go out and not re-light. I decided to get a small, clear glass, water pipe. Wow just a couple of puffs and my water looked like mud and. My pretty glass pipe turned BLACK. I bought pipe cleaners – yeah – that was a joke. The black stuff stuck to the glass like spray paint. Never could get it cleaned so every couple of weeks I would have to buy a new pipe cause it would clog up –Nasty.
    Ok now let me share what happened to my health. Outside of hullousations and that crazy behavior, I continued to smoke everyday dam near 24/7 for 11 months. I spent over $ 8000.00 dollars on spice alone-CREDIT CARD. Well I thought I was happy smoking and having a good high but it would only last about 20 minutes and I would have to smoke again. Well this became my life – every 15 – 20 min. OK my health began to really deteriorate . I would suddenly wake up and not be able to breath, lucky for me we do have bottled oxygen in my house. I found myself having ashma issues daily. The doctor had me doing breathing treatments a couple times a day plus using a inhaler. I had 2 trips to the ER. One I couldn’t stop coughing and ended up with a chest infection.
    Second trip – my neighbor drove me .Anyways I spent thousands in medical bills .I lost my voice ,all that smoking messed me up. I went to the ENT Dr. He stuck the camera tube down my nose into my throat and goes I DON “T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BUT YOU BETTER STOP IT before you do permanent damage. Spice even affected my kidneys. I wet my pants more than I can remember. I vomited yellow mucus every morning.
    I have been clean now almost 2 years.

    • r

      I very happy that you have remained clean. Could you tell if your medical issues cleared up and if not which ones you still have trouble with. Thank you.

    • distressed sister

      my brother has a serious addiction to k2, its destroying him and his relationship with us, we are all trying to help him get off of it, he’s gotten out of control with it, smokes it every morning before work, i always find ash in the bathroom…today he claim something was hurting, he stated his liver but im sure he means his kidneys, were taking him to the doctor tomro.. how were you able to overcome the addiction?

    • donald johnston

      ive smoked this spice for about two years now and it is totalaly destroyed me i have nothing anymore i have sold all my things for spice i feel like my life wasnt good unless i had spice and today 12 12 13 my chest felt like i was having a heart attack IM DONE WITH THIS FEELING plz people stop smoking it we are the americans we can help each other

      • fatty101

        this guy right here is exactly right……the reason that u are having bad feeling in your chest is that u are having a pnuemothorax (collapsed lung). I had smoked this sh*t for almost five years everyday telling everybody around me that tried to stop me that i was a believer that it was ok and that i would be just fine. I had bad pains in my chest one day along with a shortness of breath i went to my local hopital and had to have an immediate chest tube put through two of my ribs onto my right lung because it was about the size of a peanut. After putting me on suction and pulling my lung out the shut suction off and clamped the tube and then proceeded to pull out my chest tube and sent me home. In under 24 hours i was back in the hospital again because my lung had already recollapsed again in that amount of time. After that it was time for another chest tube in a different spot, both times they done this i was wide awake with a little bit of numbing medicine/the worst pain i have ever experienced. After a week of my second chest tube being in they shut suction off and clamped it again, my lung was down 80% again by the bnext morning. So they had to put me into major surgery and when they went in to put some enzyme around my bad lung and stick it to my chest wall they had to completely remove 15% percent of it because it had blebs everywhere and was black they said it had been collapsed for years in just a small portion and eventually could not take no more of the k2 so it finally went all the way down. They knew what i was doing without me even telling them. This was a one month process. Now i am fighting infection and sickness everyday. This sh*t is no good for your health in anyway or for your ego, everyone needs to take the advice from someone that was into this sh*t deeper than anybody i have ever met and i never thought i would put it down. I also smoked cigarettes i have not smoked any at all since i have gotten out of the hospital along with cigarettes nor will i ever attempt to pick it up again. I missed death by 18 hours and everyone needs to put an end to this sh*t for good! Everywhere!!

  • SmileLOL

    My friend is addicted to this shit hardcore ive been doing alot of research on Spice and K2 whats in it how companies make it BLAH BLAH BLAH. you wouldnt believe some of the shit people use as a solvent for spice kids have had seizures. woken up with bloody noses. and destroyed THEIR LIVES because of a 10$ bag of synthetic garbage. ive tried it acouple of times shit is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! Im in the process of trying to intervene against my friends addiction to spice. he missed days of work stopped paying some bills. Lost his car. Sold all of his stuff, just so he could walk up to the store and buy spice. DONT SMOKE IT DONT BUY IT ;)

  • Tracy

    I spent last night in the police station filing a domestic incident report thanks to spice use. My boyfriend of 4 years who has never laid a hand on me, we rarely even argue, smashed my cell phone, shoved me up against a wall, then choked me in the bathroom to the point where I was almost passing out. Last week he tried to convince me he’s an alien. He was smoking Scooby Doo/ Scooby Snacks and WTF spice. It was given to the police and if I ever see him with it again I’ll turn the DIR into an arrest. Stay away from this evil stuff!!

  • belto

    I smoked about 4 years and know I am 5 months clean this shit make me so addicted to the point I was steal money from my wife to get some I use to wake up every night at 12 or 1 am in the morning to smoke and go back to sleep this stuff make me very sick high blood pressure… my lungs and my kidneys hurt every time and I was started thinking that I was losing my mind but after the first month I was feeling better and better and know I feel good as ever everyone need to quit this shit…this stuff is really really bad I never ever going back to this shit

  • RobertM

    My girlfriend took ONE hit of spice when a friend of ours brought it over to try it. while I was fine my girlfriend went into a total panic attack. Something like I never seen before. I wont go into details but it was awful. Soon after she developed a panic disorder and was refered to a neurologist who ordered a CT scan and EEG. Thankfully there was no structural damage but her EEG showed a mild encephalopathy. Now we are waiting for her MRI. Morale of the story? stay away from spice.

  • Scott Farnsworth

    Ive been smoking all kinds of spice for about 4 years now. im currently 5 days clean and ive never felt so great! ill admit i absolutely LOVED the stuff… Except the first couple times because i would freak out , but i just got blood results back i have no damage to kidney and everything in my body is healthy. i geuss its just different for some people.. Still, im not smoking it again since i feel amazing and i can eat regularly and sleep regularly. But yes it is bad. im not saying in anywway you should start smoking the stuff. it will ruin your life ive stolen from family and friends burned many bridges.. Please people dont start a viscous cycle..

  • Jenna

    I smoked 2 blunts of spice all at once for my first time and i ended up blacking out in a random persons yard. The second time I did it i only took one hit and was on the ground being farm animals haha that was a good experience but stay away, it has different effects for everyone !

  • Brook Mabry

    K2 or “spice ” must be stopped. My family has suffered 2 tragedies due to the use of this stuff. I will not stop until it is banned nation wide ! I’ve lost 2 people dear to me and it’s destroying the rest of my family because of what happened. Mr nice guy…. watch out. Your selfish ways have caught up with you.

  • Karen Bell

    pls somebody stop the making, manufacturing and sale of k2, it is extremely bad stuff, i hate it. i wish i knew how to stop it all or how to get ahold of the person/people that are making the stupid crap cause i would give them a piece of my mind in a heartbeat.

  • Tones

    Not a spice user, but I’d imagine that I’ve used a lot more synthetic cannabinoids then any of you people. We’re talking well over 100g of AM-2201, UR-144, AKB-48 and 5F-AKB-48, and I didn’t end up insane as a result of it. The effects vary from person to person, and also depend on whether they’ve been drinking or using other drugs. Most people only end up doing it once or twice, as mentioned in the article, due to the extreme side effects but around 1 in 20 people who try it end up enjoying it. How do I know that? Because I used to hand this stuff out to anyone who wanted to try it for free. Spice alone doesn’t make you go mad, there’s definitely a psychological aspect to any “bad feelings” caused by it. If you read constant news reports about how it’s going to mess you up or kill you or whatever, then when you do smoke it, you’re almost expecting for things to take a turn for the worse. That’s not to say that there are no physical risks involved, but what a lot of you are describing are simple, drug-induced panic attacks. See, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate for that, but lets be honest, not a lot of you have any idea what you’re talking about and can barely seem to string together a coherent sentence in the first place. It’s not because of the spice, it’s because you’re unintelligent people in the first place and need something to blame for that lack of intelligence.

    • Grant

      Talking form personal experience, I smoked around 1-2.5g on a daily basis for about a year. Choosing to neglect reading up on side effects, the paranoia and anger were very real emotions, not some placebo effect. Everybody has a latent state of psycho within them, it just takes a certain catalyst to spark that emotion.

    • Shannon

      I smoked this for about a year with no problems. Then the spice pill came out. I took it and immediately felt like I was dying. I called my sister to talk to me and keep me calm but my heart was racing so fast I couldn’t do anything. I ended up going to the emergency room and now suffer from anxiety and panic disorder. I have never had any anxiety or panic issues before until then. I truly believe spice is to blame for my need for anxiolytics and will live with this panic disorder for the rest of my life. Not worth it.

      • prayforit

        a f*ckin pill rlly? I don’t think u ingested a canabanoid.

    • prayforit

      I was doin da same sh*t, pure, atleast 250 300 grams of just pure and other sh*t to. Now im just goin to the local shop to pick up what they call “Black Diamond” and its killing me. Im slowy going crazy, if I stop for a week and start again it feels like ive lost 50 iq points atleast…I think the new compounds are worse, I ran out the day b4 yesterday and praying to never touch it again

  • Saree Haley

    I just started smoking spice and like I like it more than weed and I dont know why I still smoke it after what it has done to my closest friend, who is now recovering. I even did a report about it but the addiction part of my brain was triggered and now I’m becoming a spice head, which isnt good at all. I still smoke it even after I had a really bad trip on magic buzz, and almost went to the hospital for it because my heart was beating rapidly and the messed up part about it was that I was with 2 guys and they left me when I called the ambulance;, but I ran from the ambulance and they never found me. I just hope I dont become addicted….

    • luis

      You need to stop smoking that shit now! before it’s too late.
      Don’t be afraid to seek help the more you wait the harder is going
      to be for you to break the habit. I can speak to you from personal experience-Once you cross the line of no return some of the long term side effects can become irreversible.

  • Cuz22

    My uncle had a heart attack ad died two days ago from smoking MoJo. He had circulation problems already and not knowing mojo spice caused heart problems along with the problems he had already it killed him. Had he not had circulation problems it probably wouldn’t of killed him who knows but it’s too late to worry about it. I just wanted others to have the chance to know if you have heart problems of any kind please do not chance it. It’s not worth it. No high is worth losing your life over

    • blim6969

      sorry to hear this, im replying as i smoked it by being spiked and am not normal anymore, i have heart pains all the time like someone squeezing it, it races fast and hard and i think i have kidney damage, but all the tests i have all show normal, i dont know what to do ???/ any ideas please, any help would be appreciated ? thanks…. DONT USE LEGAL HIGHS, REALLY DANGEROUS TO ANY 1 WHO READS THIS ?

  • Jo Fkadjsa

    If you have an addiction to spice, seek help immediately. I did Spice a couple of times two years ago and I am still experiencing the long term side effects today. What I experience is the side effect of possible disassociation and possibly drug induced psychosis. Its difficult to diagnose because there are so many symptoms. I would never wish this upon anyone else, and I truly hope I get better and all those effected also seek help and get better. Spice is truly dangerous and I’ve learned the hard way.

    • Jay

      What other symptoms did you have ??
      Did it start the day after/ or bad trip you had smoking spice.
      Do you have anxiety/derealization or do you have psychosis in the sense that you don’t understand/or have false beliefs of the world around you.

      • Jo Fkadjsa

        It started the moment I stopped smoking spice and I realized the effects were still there. I smoked spice continuously for a few days. It started the moment I stopped smoking spice. Other symptoms include difference in temperature sensation. For instance, I feel something might be colder/hotter than it actually is. A change in time perception, things may seem a bit slower/faster. I feel like my limbs are not connected to my body but somehow I can still do things and go about my day. I have anxiety, but its not related to the spice. I’ve always had crowd anxiety, not social anxiety.

        • Jay

          Ooo good to know, well I think I have an anxiety disorder and thats what drove me here.

          I only smoked spice 4x in my lifetime and the last time I did it I had a panic attack (but I’ve had them my whole life). After about 8-9 months I was perfect but then I researched permanent effects of spice and thought maybe I had em cause I smoked it a few times. Then I had a crazy panic attack and now I feel derealized (almost all the time) and I see this squiggly silver specks in the sky and all around. Its been like this for a few years and feel like im going psychotic sometimes. But I hear thats normal too (for anxiety) , all in all I think If your able to function and get it out your still doing OK, and that we have to accept it and try to move on. At least thats what im going to go cause I think thats the problem for me at least.

          I dont have any of those time or temp effects just anxiety.

        • Jason

          I feel the same way what can we do to be normal again?

    • Matthew Webb

      I feel the same exact way man its horrible to feel like I feel and like I’ve felt for weeks or a month

    • Chart

      I have a daughter and a mother of two kids on this s==t.She is pissed off at me at this time because i found out about her smoking this and really got onto her bad.Told her if DHR got hold of this she could lose her girls,Come on people is this worth losing your kids??I’m very worried about her and hope she’s strong enough to stop this.Drugs will steal your happiness so i pray all of you out there doing this will stop before it kills you.Get high on life!Not weed!

  • bartkat

    Find a support group like NA. Put that shit down and don’t ever pick up. Then you’ll be recovering.

  • Free

    Look. I started with spice back when it was first making nationwide rounds as a more “legitimate” business. Trust me when I say this, there was a time when “Spice” was in fact a very much more advantageous alternative over weed. This was before the government began banning chemical compositions and the producers of the shit began changing their formulas.

    Now the good stuff was great and for me and the others that tried it with me (because of me) it was better. We preferred it. The effects of the first JWH synthetic blends were that it was a shortlived high (20-45) but it had all the same effects of euphoria in a soothing manner, the way the more “chill” weed tends to be. And because the effects were shortlived, the munchies never really came in and by the time you’d have gotten the food, the high was over and you weren’t really in the mood to eat that nachos bel grande.

    For us, we assumed that it was the future of drugs and this was clever and wonderful and it saved us from having to worry and stress about getting caught buying trees.

    Fast Forward 2 years and you’ve got me in Vegas, a family trip, going through withdrawal as I grow number by the day, literally numb. My friend’s girl on the phone freaking out because my buddy’s in some comatose state where he’s staring into the distance and drooling but not moving or blinking.

    But it doesn’t stop me. Because the moment I get home I light up and I feel relief and stoned, and high, and blank.

    I’ve been addicted to spice for nearly 4 years. There were months of sobriety in the middle with sprinkles of spice free weekends (more likely to be spice dry. painfully dealing with the empty stock).

    Now I’m spice-free. So far it’s been about 6 months.

    Although here’s the thing. I’ve got myself into some tree again. Which would be fine and dandy at my own risk, but, I can’t get high anymore. This stuff makes me act a lot like I did with spice, albeit without the lack of control or zombie mode, and I get the munchies and I get super sleepy. But it doesn’t get me high. Weird.

    • Jason

      Brother I am still suffering and its been like two years since I smoked syn weed the only thing that saved me was going back to the real tree as you say. I would of never touched that stuff if weed would have been legal Now I am paying the price feel like I am loosing my mind brother? And You? how do you feel now?

  • Poppers

    I will begin by saying I do not agree with the way RC chem manufactures have been able to play car and mouse with the FDA and DEA with these synthetic cannabinoids for some time. Even more so I have been very disappointed in seeing so many convienence store owners around the nation willingly selling these incense products to young people who have very little understanding of what these chemicals are and the possible dangerous of using them. That being said a number of these synthetic cannabanoids have great potential to be used to create much safer and much less addictive pain management drugs than the number of opiate derived drugs currently on the market. This is the sad irony of the whole thing as this will destroy the chances of this research being done. It is dangerous and should not be used and abused the way they have. That being said it’s time these products stop being called synthetic marijuana as this is highly misleading to the public. These product share only one common factor with cannabis, that is the fact they effect the cannabinoid receptors within the human body as the pathway to interaction. These are the same receptors cannabis effects but in much different ways. Cannabis is very different from the chemicals both in the chemical make up and the interaction with the receptors in the body. For example cannabis is somewhere around 1000 times less potent then most synthetic cannabinoids and this is what makes the synthetics different in danger and predictability. Cannabis can not kill you and at worst can only cause a light phycosys in some people. The synthetics are so far more powerful that they can quickly cause toxic levels to be reached causeing a number of dangerous side effect such as seizures and heart palpitations. The cannabis plant is a very useful nontoxic tool for treating a wide range of ailments and disease and has suffered a bad name due to political and economical reasons. If you want people to listen and understand this stuff is bad then you have to stop comparing it to a plant that educated people understand is not. The more honest you are the more peoe will trust your voice.

  • Ashley

    Can someone please help me. please read the story im about to tel you right now. One night me and my friends decided to get high. it was the first time we have ever gone to this drug dealer. So we buy it off him then go smoke it at home. We all go puff puff pass about 4 times each. then i stood up and looked in the mirror and everything was hazy. so i realized this has never happened to me before. so i go outside to get some cold air to wake me up because it was the middle of December and it was freezing. so i go outside and i cant feel anything. so i pinch myself and i cant feel it. I start FREAKING OUT. Im crying and sweating in the cold and my heart was pounding so hard and fast i felt like i was going to explode. My friends didn’t feel anything though. After about 10 minutes my friends start feeling the same way i was. they got so scared. we all felt like we were in a dram that we couldn’t escape. So we all went to bed. the next morning i wake up and is till feel like im in a dream i dont know how to describe my feelings but life just doesnt feel rel ever since that night. So did i smoke k2? And do i have a illness called depersonalization? Please help me.

    • dafgooey

      Man, I made a big mistake like this too. I was looking for some weed and my friend hit me up saying he had kush, I thought it was kush like orange kush, real weed. he gets to my house, and I can tell its synthetic. .. stupidly, I smoked it anyway, I took 2-3 hits and I was f*ckin feelin it, it was great. I fell right asleep. the next morning, I woke up, and my heart felt like it was being squeezed, I started panicking and had an anxiety attack, which I had never had before, and it only made it worse, I thought I was going to die… I forced myself to calm down, and it was pretty much OK after that. during the day, for no logical f*cking reason, I smoked it again… idk why the fuck I did. I feel addicted already, like smoking it is the only way to get rid of the negative effects… the high goes away, but then an hour or two later it f*cking comes back full force, I dont know why. honestly a big mistake to have smoked it. I hope if I drink water and detox I can get it out of my system. its scary sh*t.

  • Kitkat

    What is the consequence if you get caught “high” on spice?

  • Christian Rhodes

    I got caught with with a vial of spice and a pipe that I used only to smoke spice through. They were too cheap and didn’t bother testing the spice to see if it was indeed listed on the controlled substances list. So they just gave me paraphernalia and court probation. No drug tests or anything. Slap on the wrist.

  • aelisabeth

    i tried spice ONCE because the guy i was with told me it was weed and i only found out afterward. i only took 2 hits and started feeling it in about 30 seconds. it felt like i was dreaming, like nothing was solid and i couldn’t form solid thoughts and had to consciously think about what i had just done or else i’d forget. i walked around trying to feel normal and i was trying to rationalize it like “it’s okay. i’m high. i was sitting on the swing and then i took two hits and i’m high. it’s okay.” but that didn’t work and i just like decided that this was what my life would be like. i was terrified, heart going and i felt like i was going to throw up or cry. it lasted 2.5 hours instead of the 30 minutes the guy told me it would last. i went to this after-school club and can’t even remember any of it.
    that night i woke up in the middle of the night feeling like i was on it again. i was so scared, terrified again, couldn’t sleep for another hour. the waking up happened for three nights in a row. i was seriously considering going to a doctor, but instead i drank a sh*tload of water and thought i had flushed it out.
    meanwhile i did research and realized how bad it was and was so pissed off at the guy.
    i thought i had gotten rid of it all and occasionally i smoke cigarettes but for the past two days i’ve started feeling like i felt in the middle of the night, like i was still on it. it lasts from two minutes to ten minutes. like my heart is being squeezed, i get dizzy, feel like i’m panicking. i haven’t had a cigarette for the past week or so, so maybe that’s it? withdrawal + leftovers? anyway it’s scary. PLEASE do not do spice.

  • Lisa

    Has anyone heard of a type of spice called worm dirt ? I never had till one of my best girlfriends told me she is in love with it more than our drug of choice used to be , she sat in my room and smoked it constantly she stood up and fainted at one point ,scared me to death, her life is all about it now,she sells her body for more ,I’m shocked and it takes a lot to get to me where drugs r concerned,she calls me now an then and needs me I want to come stay with u,a few hours later she can’t b reached at all she does this every other week or so,I’m so totally worried she’s gonna die because she never stops,I’ve been checking into this crap, gonna lose her

  • Wayne

    I use to have a problem with it 3 years ago I was hooked for over a year and smoked god knows how many bowls of it day and nearly stayed high 24/7 except when I was working. One night after I quit for 3 days I had withdrawals and took one hit which sent me on a really bad trip in which my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to die. So I quit the next day and had panic attacks for over a month after that and hallucinations and random laughing. Of course now the panic attacks have stopped as well as the hallucinations and everything else that came with it.I consider myself lucky everyday because I was an addict on it and it took me just one bad trip to finally realize it wasn’t worth my life. If any of you are on spice you need to stop now before its too late. It almost killed me and I had to overcome the side effects and withdrawals on my own. I know its hard to give it up and you will tell others that if I die on this at least I die happy or you just can’t handle it but I can. Trust me eventually you will reconsider by having a bad trip that nearly kills you or you will end up dying knowing that you could have stopped at anytime and gave your life up for a cheap thrill. .

    • PETER


  • J

    I used to smoke spice every now and then back when it was “good”. The high was a short lived high and it was chill with your friends. This was about 3 years ago. A few months back a friend of mine had some spice he recently purchased and a few of us decided to smoke it. We all smoked out of a little pipe and everyone was done….except for me. I kept smoking more and more of it and the only reason I stopped was because they took it away from me. I’m not going to lie when I say that it was fun (the escape and all) because at first it was fun. My friend didn’t like it and gave the spice he had to me which ended up being almost two packs worth. I kept smoking it every weekend probably once a weekend for a couple weeks. Then I was at home at one point and felt like I was craving the high again so I decided to smoke by myself. I was walking up and down my street smoking. Then I ended up sitting in my driveway smoking more and more and doing this for like 3 days in a row. The last time I did it I went to lay down and felt like I was dying. I don’t really know how to explain it any other way than that. About a week later I went to hang out with another friend at his friend’s house and they were all smoking pot so I went into “f*ck it” mode and decided to join in. I never really smoked much weed so I didn’t build up a tolerance for it, and I have shi**y/pu**y lungs so when I cleared this dude’s bong I felt like I was dying. The only thing I really remember about the high was that I felt like I was in a video game at one point. There was nothing there that should have made me feel this way, it was just kind of how I was seeing everything. I got cold and put my arms inside my jacket and then I remember all of the sudden I started clenching my teeth and couldn’t unclench them. It felt like I was grinding them and I wasn’t sure what was going on. After that I threw up (partly on my shoes and I didn’t realize that till a few days later) and I felt like I was shivering but like really hard. Then I don’t remember anything but waking up in the chair I was in outside and somehow making my way into this guys house to another chair and going to sleep. My friend claims I just had a bad trip, but I’ve heard of people having seizures after using spice and since I smoked a lot (or what I consider to be a lot) I figured that I had a seizure and I’ve been scared to smoke/ingest pot ever since. After I stopped smoking I felt sick to my stomach for a few days too..it was strange. I’m not sure if that had to with smoking so much or what.

    I feel really stupid because I was one of those people who said “oh that will never happen to me” and I feel like it did. I went into all of this while knowing the potential danger/risks and it was just a big mistake I wish I never made. I definitely advise against the use of synthetic cannabinoids/synthetic drugs period because that sh*t will f*ck you up. I read some stories on here after I stopped using it and I’m glad I did because it made me not want to use it even more.

  • j

    My best friend has had multiple seizures since using K2. Last one almost resulted in death. His personality is altered and it’s a wonder we are still friends because his delusions are out of this world.

  • me

    My older sister had an addiction to spice. She couldn’t go two days without it. When ever she did she would lash out at the people around her. I’m happy to say that she no longer uses this dangerous substance and is expecting her second child. :-)

  • Jason

    I am 42 and ordered the chemicals straight out of Georgis two yeas ago . I have quit it s been about 2 years I am shaky on the inside and can not handle High temps above 85 degrees and I live in south texas I feel like I am loosing my mind. That stuff still haunts me the sad thing is I am a father of 2 and was the main provider now I can barely make it to work. I hold a 6 figure yearly income and I do not know what to do I feel like I am Loosing my mind. Any Help? or does any one feel the same as me?

    • coldturkey

      I’m 41 will b 42 in a few weeks I just stop 6 days ago I no I feel like sh*t I to brake out in heat flashes I start sweating for no reason lost of appetite I use to smoke cigarette too. I just went cold turkey.

    • Britbrat

      Praying! Please never smoke it again. Seek help from any and everyone. Be there for your children, they need you! Take a couple days and isolate yourself and never snoke it again. Just have to get through the withdrawal period. Stay strong.

    • Matthew Webb

      My friend left some in my bong and I though it was weed so I smoked it thought I was going to die and its been about a month and I still feel its made my life miserable I hate being awake its made me feel like I’m losing my mind to I even had a schizophrenic episode and I hear a constant ringing in my ear can anyone please tell me how to fix this

  • Rocker

    Dont touch this stuff….a whole group of friends of mine almost bought the damn farm smoking it…it broke up our band….it sucked the life out of them, sunken eyes, red faces terrible coughs and mood swings, would whip out the pipe in public like it was normal…out of touch with reality…before I witnessed this I tried two hits and thought I was going to die. Paralyzed in my own body and couldnt move, mind racing, eyeballs flickering back and forth, full blown panic attack, thought I would have to call an ambulance…the only relief I got was when I threw up all over the place…never again would I ever put that crap in my body…my friends have since gotten off of it and for that I am thankful…no telling what damage it has done…one of them was coughing up blood and losing sight in one eye….NO THANK YOU…its a shame they even asscoiate this stuff to weed. Weed DO NOT do this.

  • Sam

    A friend of mine died from this crap a month ago from ONE hit..

    • Micah Carey

      Bull sh*t he did!

      • dilly dally

        all this is is a wantas be clever anti marijuana commercial presented to you by corporate Americas elite
        don’t forget to spam my e mail account

  • C

    I tried this stuff yesterday at a party and I had a terrible trip. I am now questioning reality. FML! I hope I am really lucky and my worries and anxiety go away. I don’t intend to ever touch this stuff again. I took like 4 HUGE hits of that stuff…how long will it take for the effects to wear off? :(

    • Britbrat

      The effects should be worn off by now! I would never suggest huge hits!

    • Gaio

      I did the same last night. Will never ever do it again the worst feeling in life. My heart its going fast or thats what i think, and feel bugs over my legs mainly stills. 2 big hints only made me like crap. And now its 24 hrs after …

  • Britbrat

    So. I have tried many different types and kinds of fake. To me, they all have their own intensities and highs! When I first tried “Mr. Smiley” in 2009, I had a good trip. I laughed till I pissed myself, and then laughed some more! Didn’t try it again until 2011. My best girl friend and I would get some from her boyfriend’s dad, who bought and sprayed with his own chemicals. That stuff was TRIPPY. I do mot recall any personally bad trips. One day, the same friend (we will call her B) and I were staying at my place and we invited another friend over (she will be T). Well me and B wanted to smoke but didn’t think we had enough so we excused ourselves to the bathroom, where her and I both took a hit. ONE HIT. We laughed so hard. We kust looked in the mirror at ourselves and each other and laugh. Finally, once we get ourselves together, we realize we have more than enough to smoke with our other friend. We get her high and apparently she lied to us and said she’s smoked it before but she hasn’t. This poor girl (T) gets fucked up out of her mind.T just sits in my bed with a dazed look on her face. T keeps just repeating herself and then vomits. Really wasn’t all that bad, just scary for her. Now B and I we stay smoking this stuff for a couple months. At least every weekend and a day or so during the week, and I’d go smoke before school with different friends. I do not remember having bad trips off of the stuff then but what I do remember is everything seemed off even if I wasn’t “high” at that moment. Things were dream like and just life “grossed” me out. At least my skewed views on life from Spice had me grossed out. Even thinking about how our bodies work and the beginnings of the universe grossed me out or things as simple as school or the pair of shoes I was wearing. Well B’s boyfriend ends up moving away so there was the end of that! …So I thought. *To be continued

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

    So I’m just reading all these stories and am happy to say that nothing like what ya have been through haz happened to me. Yeah I’ve smoked, but the main reason I goggled thia is because my boyfriend is addicted to thia bs (k2) and idk what to do or how to stop him. Its becoming so bad that he wants to be doing it all day everyday, he now neglects me and our child. I’ve tried talking to him about it, I’ve cried, I’ve showen him anger. I don’t know what to do to help him, I feel so lost. If anyonee has tips or advice i’d be happy to read em.

    • Pam

      Please get him help! Tell his family..whatever you have to do..but do not stop until he gets help!

    • Deanne

      Jennifer. Please seek help…my son was smoking spice…spice had a fatal ending for my son…one month shy from his 21st birthday ..he went into his brothers gun safe …went outside and sometime in the early morning hours he shot himself in his head…leaving his family with unanswered questions is to why?..we now are on a very painful journey…it’s been 2 years since wr lost my youngest son…the pain of saying goodbye will always be with us…

    • just another face

      the only thing you can do is just be there for him. there are places you can go to get un addicted to this stuff i know a couple that went threw this same thing expect the girl was still pregnant. he went to rehab and in 3 to 4 months was a completely different person, he was the person i knew again. now him and his wife have a beautiful baby boy and live right down the road from my house. But the main thing is he has to want to change and be better or else rehab wont help.

    • TT

      You really need to get him help. When you are smoking it all day everyday it is really hard to come off the withdrawal can possibly kill you alone. My husband was so sick and throwing up blood it is bad a few of his friends were hospitalized because of withdraws. Bud will help him with his withdrawals.

    • shawna

      I’m sad to say I’m in same boat .My husband is so hooked . I just don’t know how to help him

    • Jamie

      Hey I was real bad on it at one time actin the same way well honestly I pray for your man because I was lucky it will eventually catch him the only reason I quit it once u smoke that shit so long you will start throwing up and eating everything eventually he will get tired of getting up throwing up so on so forth it just takes time he is a guy I am too we are hard headed me and my baby momma still together after me having to bing on this stuff I was stealing everything doing everything to get it but eventually k2 will get old the side affects and shit idk really how long he been doing it let me just say last year tax money I remember everyday 10 gas 20 on a bag everyday let me just say I don’t really remember much of that and don’t have nothing to show that shot will grab him just give it time I use to be really bad I mean still 100 dollars of my babe b day money bad like still her moms wedding ring and sell Em just for it like I said I will catch up as far as talking to him keep reminding him u want him to quit when he tells u of the side affects be supportive right now u can hope and pray something catches his attention before it’s too late all it took for me was 3 days withdrawal will start to ease those are his worst days if he doesn’t want to quit getting high find some good loud that gets him good I can still get high off reg but I have been off the shit for a min thank god

    • Noelle

      Same with my boyfriend and we have 2 kids. I need to stop him . This stuff needs to be ban forever!

  • religulous420 .

    If you’re having mental issues due to smoking ANY herbal incenses, quit smoking immediately and stay completely sober for a year. Workout, eat right, and think positive. You’ll recover fully. I’m a neurologist and I’ve personally dealt with long-term addicts.

    • GreenbayPackers

      I took it once and felt fine. The second time I freaked out. My heart raced really fast and i blacked out. It been 3 days and i feel like dazed or in a tunnel vision. What do i do to stop this? How long will it last?

      • religulous420 .

        Its just your nervous system in a slight ‘shock.’ If you take in the correct vitamins/minerals and exercise, your body and mind could recover fully within three months.

        • Golie

          Which are the correct mineral and vitamins? Please im feeling the same. First use. 2 hints

  • teajay

    I have just now, in this moment, came to what should have been the simplest and plainest revelation. Spice caused my depression.

  • Max123

    To religious420 I have a son and he smoked that k2 now he can’t move correctly and talk correctly he was normal and now he is just spaceing out stands still and looking just to the floor won’t answer like the time won’t pass ..help please I need help with my some. He was living with the mother and he was fin now that he came from that state to this state when I picked him up totally difrent person nothing like my sone can you help me wat steps can I take is there ant medicine cure?????

    • TT

      Is he coming off spice?

  • mykebeatz

    Everyone that doubts this.. I am a musician a california born kid.. im 23 now. I used to love life, skateboarding to shows to everything in life that makes life life.. especially love… I smoke this stuff in la.. I was in college.. 19 years old.. it has totally changed me. I go to sleep nowadays wondering what side effects will come tomorrow.. while being so pressured.. I seem to have gave up morals that meant so much to me just to feel some type of normal.. I love everyone though still. But please seek help.. things will not be clear.. especially when your angry trust me.. but just cry.. and you will be ok. Im sorry if youve lost someone. Im lucky enough to still be here half alive I would describe it as.. to tell you all n warn. Seek help n help others. Be positive and do what makes you love life. -mychael, chino, ca

  • TT

    I really thought spice was gone. :( I am really sorry to hear about all of your tragedies. I was never a addict myself however my husband was lucky he won his fight with this crap he has been clean for a little over a year. He was a addict for three years. Now that he is clean his nose is bleeding everyday and having sinus problems we don’t have insurance so we can find out what is wrong. Does anyone have any ideas?

  • G

    I just want to know when can I smoke regular weed again it’s been 6 months since I smoked I try smoking regular weed 2 weeks later the same shit happen to me again heart rate

    • Justin

      Man I smoked spice everyday for a year. Changed my life entirely, I can’t even enjoy pot like I used too although I smoke pot everyday, since spice I get a terribly high heart rate. Had a heart attack and severe anxiety attack. I didn’t smoke spice for the high, I did it to trip the fuck out than one day I completely froze time while high on spice. Coulda been for 10 min, coulda been an hour, idk but I was never scared of anything and now my biggest fear in the universe is SPICE. I just tell myself when I’m smoking pot that this won’t kill me unlike spice. It always works for me too. Marijuana saved my life, after what I had experienced on spice i could have easily killed myself to stop reliving that ungodly fear everyday for 3 years now. I think of it constantly but Mary jane was there for me when all else was lost.

  • lauren

    Hi my name is lauren I just smoked k2/spice for the first time. It was just this past weekend and right now, I still feel like today I cant really breathe normally. And I just dont feel myself. Is there anyway that it is still in my system , and is it possible for me to still be feeling something.

    • johnny 6

      Very possible. I’ve smoked spice about 10 times and regret every time I did. I’ve done numerous hardcore drugs just experimenting and none have had the same effects. I haven’t smoked spice in about a week also and I still feel disoriented. Let all family and friends know if you constantly smoke spice you will cut your life short.

  • Matthew

    Names Matthew when you smoke spice it’s not just getting high and feeling all tripped out I’ve had some a now every time I smoke it gets worse and worse per say one called Diablo.. I didn’t know what that was but when I smoked it it felt like I was going to hell. I felt hot from within. Like fire, other feelings like can’t breathe then realizing I forget to breathe, you know you breath naturally but when smoking this it’s like cutting off your brain and the things that helps you breath automatic you know have to remember to breathe or else one second you be gasping for air like you forget to breath. It’s a trippy yet your thoughts what you think it alters your mind and the perspective you look at life.. It’s brought me to a spiritual experience for me. Now it’s just like your messing with the Devils candy and you have no control or power over what happens except for a higher power God I would say having mercy on your soul and letting you go through these things to help you relize this ain’t something to keep doing.. Yet I’m still having problems with this.. I’m still trying to understand the feeling like I analyze it and see what happens.. Not cool but Gods dealing with me on that.

    • 7H

      im right there currently. People this is hands down gonna seal your fate if you get hooked. Im 29 and going through it worse than ever. I work in construction and am almost about to lose my job. I cant function with or without it. And if you go to many hours w/out smoking get ready to have a freaking adrnaline rush and heart rate out of this universe on your first toke. My lips feel numb this 7H

  • Cj

    Ive smoke this stuff like 5 times in my life…like 3 years ago i and a few friends smoked a blunt of it an i was driving an a few mins after we finished smokin it felt like my throat was closing up and my mouth was soooo dry i actually stooped an drank out of a creek… After i went to hospital after hospital noone could ever figure out what was wrong with me i couldnt even swallow food… Its been a few years some days i can eat good some days i cant… My mouth still stays really dry ecspecialy when i wake up an my tongues all numb it really sux i wish this shit was never made..but thank god everyday to be alive

  • Em

    The past 4ish years that I have been smoking weed my dealer has never given me anything that is laced or synthetic or whatever… but recently I started to notice that my bud didn’t have the same effects on me as it always does. Instead, I felt extreme paranoia, my heart felt like it was going to come out of my fucking chest, I was concentrating really hard not to die, loss of consciousness, I was walking hella weird,and I was basically tripping balls. At the time I didn’t know that spice/k2 existed so I was very confused on why this high was much more different then any of the other times…. Until 2 days ago when my dealer’s friend smoked me up and half way through the blunt he told me it was k2 ( I started to get the same weird effects).. so looked it up right away and then I realized why my “weed”( that I have recently been getting) had such different effects on me…. please stay away from that shit, I’m lucky enough to still be alive.

  • stay clean

    this stuff is not good for anyone, I am a professional male and have to give meetings at work, I have been using for about 7 or 8 monthsafter appear at a time I found myself not being able to really conduct myself and express myself in my meetings, it became quite embarrassing and my wife had mentioned to me that you have changed and you are not the same person what’s going on,I have come to my senses and left that crap alone, this stuff is not worth your life and your mental health, take a look at the side effects vomiting, sweats, coughing,is this really worth it no it isn’t I have been clean for two months nowreturning back to normal I do a lot more reading to exercise my mind to get myself back in the right state of mind I will never touch this crap again

    • Noelle

      Thats good for you! Stick with it! Its not worth it. Its changed my boyfriend too, He just doesnt realize it :/

  • rae

    I’ve been smoking the “get real” for about 3 or 4 months now. I loved it, I started smoking it every day. about 3 weeks ago I slipped into a grand mal seizure. my body has not been the same since. I keep puking, shakes, body tremors, Ugh! it’s just as bad as heroin withdrawls! How long does this last?

    • bamboo

      Like a week or so. Try to drink water and at least keep some food down.

  • Bamboo

    I literally smoke spice everyday. I’ve lived in my apartment for like 5 months. And omg its been the worst months of my life. That’s all I do. All day !! I hate it so much bit when Isee it there iI just want to use it. I can’t say no to a hit. Ever. I already spent a night in county for stealing she. I was high. Its horrible

  • Noelle

    My boyfriend is addicted to this stuff. Mind trip, joker, bob marley. Those are just some of the names that they are under. I hate it. It is taking a toll on our relationship. We have two kids and all he does is smoke all day and buy a new bag the next day. Lately hes been buying 10 gram bags. idk what to do. This stuff makes him slow, makes him have very rude remarks, pays no attention to me or his kids. Constantly makes him pass out.Makes him so messy. And think differently. And hes so addicted he wont stop. Hes blowing all of our money. How do we get these places shut down? I know of 2 places around me that has gotten shut down but what can we do to shut down other stores. Ive heard they only sell to a select amount of customers. This is just insane. :/ I really had to vent somewhere.

    • shanta

      Im sorry youre going thru this also.

    • Beenthere

      As someone who put his wife through this shit for two years, I am so sorry, I know what you are going through. :(

  • Shanta

    Im 28 and my husband turns 27 next month. I have a 2yr old with him and i have a 8yr old also. This crap is destroying our marriage and ive already stated i want a divorce, whats the point of being married if im always alone. He doesn’t help around the house anymore, he’s high at dinner, 5am before work, on his lunch breaks, after work.he smokes at least 5 blunts. I have never smoked in my life ANYTHING, and this shit is depressing me. The worst smell ever! I.told him if he continued to smoke i’d leave him, which is my plan but he gets so agressive plus hes Hispanic and im black. He has cheated before and blamed spice now hes controlling as hell. we barely talk and he doesn’t even care anymore. Hes gotten to the point that his nose bleeds and sweats like crazy and lies about the nose bleeding. He smokes it so much that its in his pores. My parents even know about his addiction and its embarrassing. Hes prior military, so am i and says he got on it in Africa. But ive had enough. He passes out in his car in the parking lot, his car is full of wrapping cigar paper and ashes. I have only rode in his car once cause its filthy. He has gotten to the point where he blows his check on this stufg and went broke and stole money out the kids piggy bank and my bank card without asking several times. He has completely changed, crazy munchies and just neglects his family. He requests for sex right after he smokes and fets really angry when i say no. But thanks to this crap my marriage will be no more, ill loose my dignity trying to wait on him to change, but he rather sit around and scratch like a junky needing a fix.

    Im sorry for those who are going thru this as well. But no point in being miserable, its time to reclaim our happiness. You are all in my prayers

    -Miserable in Alabama

    • jkat

      I’m so sorry you have to go through this. Your story sounds all too familiar. My ex boyfriend of 3 and a half years sounds like a replica of your husband. Previous military with a 3 year addiction that has made him aggressive, delusional, unmotivated junkie. It is a real problem because this drug takes over a once good, solid responsible person. I’m grateful I didn’t have any children with him but none the less realizing that a person you once knew and cared so much for, has gone down this horrible path. Again I’m so sorry but for your own mental state and the safety of you and your children you have to leave.The crazy behavior will not stop as the drug has modified their way of being and the way they think. You may get glimpses here and there of what he used to be but it may just be to manipulate you to stay.

    • PleaseCallSecurity


  • Jake

    Not sure where to start. I have been using Spice for about 4 plus years now. It is indeed what you all say it is – a terrible fucking drug. I am here to give you guys some info on the drug, the real deal on it.

    It can cripple you mentally and physically, make you feel depressed, and just make you feel like an overall piece of shit. It is nothing like Marijuana, it’s more of a crack type high, it only lasts around 20-40 minutes tops, and with every ban or year the chemicals get worse and the highs get more intense and strange. One of the main highs or feelings of the spice product the past year or so has been a nod feeling, and the thing is you don’t see it coming, you may take 2-4 hits and feel buzzed and irie, but if you take 8 hits you might just “nod out” as we call it, that is pretty much just blacking out and waking up 20 minutes later saying WTF Happened? This is common for anyone with experience with Spice. It’s not a fun feeling.

    Doesn’t matter if you buy this online, at a store, make it yourself or whatever, it is bad news. Don’t trust someone just because they say it has legal chemicals or is deemed safe by them.

    Most of the highs that this stuff produces are very toxic and poisonous, it does provide instant euphoria but the high is a panicky high and just not an overall good feeling. And the high is so short lived, you are fiending to re-up every 30 mins to an hour. Also, if you smoke this stuff every day, by about a week of full use your tolerance will be so high you will not be getting high anymore at all and need a break. Let’s not get started on the munchies, it’s insane.

    Another problem is that if you want to go back to real weed, it just doesn’t seem to work very well, like you are smoking a cig. And that feels pretty painful when you drop 120 on a Q. I have taken several month breaks in the past and the marijuana buzz has not returned. I will not be going back to it once I quit the Spice. Just not worth it and replacing one drug with another is fucking stupid.

    This is just a warning to anyone who wants to use Spice – Be careful – It is not what people think it is. It is not Synthetic Pot. It’s Research Chemicals.

    I have quit lately and have not slept in weeks, it’s starting to really worry me. I just lay in bed all night tossing and turning. Will be headed to a doctor soon if I don’t get some good sleep. I feel like its been weeks. The funny thing is I’m not tired and jacked up all day and I haven’t slept in a week or two.

    That is scaring me.

    Goodnight and good luck to anyone using this stuff.

    • tristan…

      Im 4 days clean off this shyyyt nd the withdrawals suck yo, what should i do for them some one plz help..i just want to stay clean for my daughter nd it hurts me daily not b n able to take care of hur,,i just wana cry nd die guys…everythings so intense…

      • kurtis

        Trust me it lasts like 2 weeks max I was addicted for like 2 years and I quit the shit. ya withdraws are fucking horrible I know just hang in there it will all be better in time I promise you that

    • a sad dude

      heckkkk no man i smoked and it has lasted exactly 24 hours. i smoked and my heart went up very fast and i thought it was laced with coke so i eneded up in the emergncy room and all that. i still aint come down from this high and im a REGULAR DAILY smoker.

  • Shanta

    I meant he turns 28 next month and i turn 29 later in the year.

    But please let this drug go its not worth your life or health.

    Ive seen my husband suffer from and be the following:

    Crazy coughing
    Bloody nose
    Passing out
    Scratching like a crack head
    Will roll it up in school paper or anything that can be lit.
    I swear he is crazy now…. This is not the man i married nor the man who i want to help raise my kids. He will jump on me as well and very agressive.

    -Miserable in Alabama

    • Bad drug

      That’s what I’m going threw with my husband we lost our home because of this stuff I don’t know how to get him to realize he needs help before I loose him to this drug :(

  • serina

    Well I know this may sound a bit stupid but I tried spice about 5 to 6 times the first few times just made me feel horrible but for some reason I kept going back to it because the intensity of it was so strangely addicting, even though I felt like shit while doing it I kept doing it. Anyway, the very last time I smoked it I was on the bus (I know, stupid) but I had the same feeling I had every other time but much much worse. It was so bad I can’t even explain the feeling. It was like I was seeing the same thing happen over and over and over again. It was like a déjà vu you could not turn off.I felt like I wanted to pass out right when I got off the bus. I have no idea how I made it home but I did. I came into the house so panicked I didn’t even know what to do. Thank god my sister was there. She came running to my room asking what was wrong and I didn’t even know what to say because I was panicking do much. She said my lips were blue and my face was pale. I don’t remember much I do remember knowing I was gonna die because I couldn’t breath I felt like I was having a minni heart attack. I remember saying to my sister to tell my mom I’m do sorry and I love her. She called the ambulance and they can and I was just laying on my bed crying but still unconscious in a way. They got me up and I soon as I SaT up I threw up. A lot! They put me in the ambulance and I don’t even remember the ride. I just know they put a oxygen mask on me so I can breath better as soon I as got there they were taking blood and putting iv’s in me, they couldn’t even find my vein because of how far in they were from my blood thinning, so they had to but it in my hand. I remember when I started coming down from it, people came to see me but I was so drained I couldn’t even move or talk because I felt like I had no strength left in me. My older sister came to see me and she started crying because she said it looked like I was just dying on the bed. Anyway the hospital told me that if it weren’t for my sister staying home I would have probably died because my blood pressure was sooooooo high and if it weren’t for the iv’s giving me fluids.it was a horrible experience and still its been one year and I still have problems with my heart because of it. There are times where my heart just starts racing and I feel like I’m gonna pass out. I would say to anyone who reads this please please don’t take the risk its not worth it. Even if you smoke it and you feel fine you’re still causing damage to you’re body that could very much be fatal.

  • Qwerty

    My cousin recently got out of jail and started smoking it, It caused him to have a massive heart attack he passed away last night at 2:30 in the morning its very sad what designer drugs are being pushed towards people especially the youth

  • Qwerty

    He was only 30 he still had his entire life ahead of him my dad took him some pants Tuesday because he didn’t have any pair without holes in them my dad told him to quit doing it, that it would kill him but I guess he just wasn’t listening

    • Jae

      Im so sorry for your loss. I know this comment is a month old but it still pangs my heart. May he rest in peace.

  • nichole

    I smoke spice for the first and last time today. Immediately I got a warm tingle that started at my head and continued down my body. The intensity of the tingle exploded in my mind and body. I felt like I was on fire. Then my heart began to race and my lungs began to feel as if they were shutting down and I couldn’t breathe. I started begging for someone to call an ambulance because I knew I was fixing to die from it. My body started to seize and I passed out. When I came too I had an oxygen mask on that was forcing air into my lungs. I immediately behind to feel better. This whole little episode lasted maybe 5-10 minutes but it felt like hours. It took me over an hour to begin to feel normal. My chest still feels like I’m forcing air into my lungs 11 hours later. My heart rate on a normal day is around 65 beats per minute with an average blood pressure. All day my heart rate has been at a 100 beats per minute with an extremely low blood pressure. This drug is the gateway to a early grave. It is NOTHING like marijuana!!!! I caution anyone thinking of trying this to stay away from it!!!

  • jamesd

    Yeah this sht is truly killing us. It might react with CB’s in the brain but I know its screwing with other crap. Formaldehyde gives the body and head a big high. But its not meant for that. And being illegal let’s black market spray or add other shit. Just cause it makes u high don’t make it a good drug. I’ll spray raid on it and get u high if u want. Ur essentially smoking chemicals. It’s worse burning it because adding flame or heat to the chemicals ur essentially making a different one with different effects then the originals. Im taking chemistry and have takin my baby mama’s spice to test it. I’m scared shtless about how my kids gonna turn out. I have found formaldehyde but very little, cement binders and nail polish remover. Whether these are binders for the chemicals themselves or added after by the next dealer u can’t smoke this sht.

  • PleaseCallSecurity

    If you have high blood pressure, using this will effect you. Your blood pressure will be through the roof, your body will swell and your eyes will build pressure. The drug also makes you smoke it alot, which isn’t good. You will often find yourself in pain while smoking..crazy as shit. It does mess with your bowels too, yes your bowels. Some of this stuff, as soon as you hit it, will make you want to go shit. It has crack head like symptoms too. People on this shit stay up all times of night, will come calling for it all times of night..will search for it in the car at night time if they have none, will smoke dubbies they find and scraps and flakes they come across. People will steal to get it, seriously. People putting this shit before food. The high doesn’t last long, which makes this shit high as hell and even worse, you smoking so much of it. BUD or don’t.

    • Sassy

      I’m with lovebugg… this has destroyed my husband. If he can’t find anywhere to buy it he will put a sock over the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire house and trucks and smoke whatever comes out. It’s so sad but I don’t know what to do. If I try to intervene or say anything he gets angry and will disappear for days and come on high on whatever he can find. It is destroying all of his relationships but I stay patient because I love him and I want to see him get help, but until he realizes what it’s doing to him, I just have to be patient.

      • PleaseCallSecurity

        Valium helps take the edge off..but I must be honest, weeing yourself off of it works best, but he has to want to do it. You can be patient with an addict from a distance. You do not have to suffer as if you are on the drug too. Maybe loosing you might make him realize he needs help.

      • Beenthere

        As someone who was addicted to this in the worst way for two years, try to stand by him as long as you can. My wife went through hell and back and I feel like the luckiest person alive that she was strong enough to stick it out. Going on one year clean, it is possible to get away from this. It’s so frustrating from the addicts POV, because they can understand that they are freaking out irrationally for no reason but still get enraged for the silliest stuff. Be strong, I know what shit storm you are going through now emotionally, financially and physically.

  • Julie

    My friend smokes K2 almost everyday for 4 or more years now. between once and a while he gives me a pack and i role a joint for myself, this happened twice. at the first time he gave me a pack it was so fun i smoked for 3 constant days and everything was magical! and now in the second time weird things started to happen. i feel like shit!!!!!!!!!! and the feeling of being numb comes back once and a while. its been 3 days and im scared! my heart hurts it pumps weirdly! i cant sleep! i cant eat! im really scared AND I dont know what to do. if i told my parents theyre gna kill me and if i told my friends theyre gna leave me!

    • Mindy

      Julie sweetie PLEASE talk to your parents… They are the only ones that can stand by you and get you the help that you need. My son was hooked on this stuff and was put on a ventilator in the hospital for a week due to him having seizures… He is no longer doing this but he is still experiencing some episodes of seizure like symptoms and he is going to go to the doctor. You may think your parents are going to kill you but you need to realize that even though they may be upset or hurt or even a little disappointed in you they will see that you really are in need of some help and they WILL help you. I do not know what kind of family life you have but I am hoping that they are loving parents that will be there for you. But hunny if for some reason they are not who you can confide in FIND someone not a friend but an adult that can help get you the help you need. This stuff is so dangerous in so many ways and can lead up to death… PLEASE PLEASE I urge you to reach out to someone a teacher, principal, friends parent, preacher or priest, another family member somebody is out there that is going to care and that love’s you enough to help you through this do not give up and most importantly PRAY, God will help you and see you through this but remember you have to help yourself as well. I will keep you in my prayers and if you EVER need someone to talk with you are more than welcomed to contact me.
      Take care, Mindy

  • Jae

    I have done it twice, exactly. The first time, it was something called ‘Legal Funk’. It lasted about ten minutes, and I spent those minutes swinging on a swing and feeling like God. The second time, it almost made me throw up, gave me a panic attack, and I couldn’t eat or breathe right for days. Just dont do it. My boyfriends mom and her boyfriend do it everyday and they’re so messed up in the head, I don’t think they’ll ever recover. I give them less than five years to live because of how much they smoke. Also, legals smell like hamster bedding and wet vag when its burnt. Disgusting. Throw it away before you kill yourself.

  • josh

    My experience with this drug was due to finding a job that drug tested. I had a friend that did it and told me it was magical, so I tried it. I loved it, it gave me a sensation that I really can’t explain. I inevitably Became a habitual user smoking everyday, I’d get up smoke come down smoke got to work “never smoked at work ” come home smoke until I went to bed, I eventually decided that a gravity bong was the best way to get the best high so that’s all I would use. The side effects would get progressively worse, depression, horrible depression, I couldn’t get to sleep on it, but wouldn’t be able to sleep w/o hitting it. All of my money went to it, sometimes when I would get a really good hit , my skin, “this is the only way I really no how to explain it” would feel fuzzy, kinda like I was rubbing fiberglass but without the pain, and all over.one time I did it, “I always hid it in my closet because I lived at home w/ my mother” I had pulled out my gravity, hit it and was waiting for the ride so I decided I would I would put it all away. When I woke up my mother “who never curses ” was standing over top of me yelling what the fu** are you on what the fu** are you on!! As I came to I remember my pants feeling wet, I had passed out and dumped the gravity bucket all over me, I was laying in my closet unaware of what just happened, I still really don’t know all the details.
    That was the second to last time I ever did it, after I got rid of all my paraphernalia, my friend had some and offered me a hit outta his pipe, I hit it and attempted to drive home being unsuccessful and almost getting in a reck I pulled of to the side of the road and waited about half an hour before a was able to soberly drive home

  • Coty

    I thought I had quit… I thought I had no motivation to start again, too.

    But low and behold, here I am less than 2 months after I quit addicted again. Realizing that all of the horrible physical and mental things going on with me are caused by spice is not something new to me, but it seems that when I’m addicted the spice makes me think of ALL OTHER possibilities, and doesn’t allow me to admit that it’s spice until I come back to websites like this and have clear evidence..

    I had literally convinced myself that I’m crazy, and completely alone (despite a loving girlfriend and family). I self isolate myself, I’m starving but not hungry 20 pounds lighter than normal, hunger pains register as horrible horrible nausea, bad insomnia, when I do sleep I have bizarre and sometimes terrifying dreams, headaches, I feel a lot of anger and anxiety about little things that don’t matter, which makes me feel worse because I don’t want to be anxious or mad about these things. (Things as simple as my girlfriend wearing makeup to school can make me flip my lid, it’s ridiculous.)

    It’s now at a point where I have to announce a second persona when I start to feel it coming on (His name is Fred) so that my girlfriend knows to brace herself and not to take it personally. I feel very seriously out of control. (Not violent, though, just VERY VERY VERY VERY emotional. A lot of crying, a lot of feeling so scared my chest might explode, a lot of punching hard surfaces and whining. But, the biggest thing that gives me anxiety and makes me angry and scared is the thought of my girlfriend leaving me because I’m too unstable for her…

    And eventually, it doesn’t give you an emotional lift anymore. You’re still horribly depressed, you just feel disoriented and very sick when high. First hits make me feel like I’m going to puke quite often. Yet I am still drawn to buy the next bag. It’s horrible.

    But, I’m going to quit. Soon. I’ve done it once before, I can do it again. It’s very difficult to begin to quit, once you quit though it’s done. Unless you’re stupid like me and smoke it again. Once an addict, always an addict. Wish me luck.
    Crossed fingers for no relapse this time!

    Stay away from this drug! It’s a very big bad kind of drug! No anything like weed at all, I would say more of a LSD and Methamphetamine mix. You will have a bad trip on it and feel like you experienced death, even if you didn’t die. You can’t avoid those bad highs, they’re inevitable.


    • Beenthere

      One year here. I will *never* touch it again after using for two years straight. It caused permanent panic attacks and almost ripped my marriage apart and devastated us financially. Good luck man! Please give it your best to quit, I know you know how bad it is first hand, it’s just so damn hard but you have to have the will power! Remember the first 3-4 days are the worst, it starts getting better!

  • PleaseCallSecurity

    I hope very much that your husband can get through this addiction. It can be very horrible and cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, depending on the smoker. It can also cause holes in the brain, stroke, holes in the heart, enlarged heart, heart attacks, seizures, etc, etc…you never know what is being smoked. If they must smoke, encourage them to find real herbal, natural products that are made for smoking. They can be found on the internet

  • numb

    I first want to say that i fuckn hate this drug it has destroyed my husband he cant stop and every single time he tries to stop its jst gets worst he goes to one bag a day to 3 bags a day now its crazy how this little poison powder could do to you he starts figths for no reason when he has no money to get it he will get the next bag no matter what it takes to get it i wish this drug will disappear for ever!!!!!! it has change the person i fell in love with completely always mad yelling not wanting to do anything specialy when he has nothing to smoke!!! Not for human consumption!!!!

    • Itcangetbetter

      My wife had to deal with almost the exact same thing for two years. She was even writing bad checks just to get me a bag to get me to calm down because the rage and/or sadness when I had none was insane, not to mention I was going through incredible amounts. Please, as long as he is not being physical try to hang in there with him! I know what both of you are going through and trust me, it’s no park in his head right now! He needs you more then ever right now, I know first hand. I am so sorry you are both going through this, it almost ripped my marriage apart. I have been clean for going on a year now and while I still get enraged easily and am still more distant than I used to be, things are slowly returning to normal, however it will be a while before we recovery financially.

    • sadgirl15

      I understand what you are going through I’m dealing with the same thing with my boyfriend. He doesn’t realize how bad it is

  • 15 year old girl

    I’m 15 and I was in Canterbury town last night and a guy offerd me normal looking fag , me and my mate contiued to smoke this , after a while I feel strange &hand felt a numbness rising from my feet upwards , I had dry mouth my neck was cramping, my eyes went funny I was being sick, felt heavy on my feet&I my whole body was twitch I was hospitalised for a night with a increased heart rate

  • Daimon

    I am 18 about to be 19 in may when i was 16 me and my cousin had run out of weed but she had some spice and was like it just like marijuana. little did i know i was about to make the worst mistake of my life. We loaded an entire bowl (a tobacco pipe bowl to be precise) it hit me almost instantly. I felt my electricity was running through my body and i was panicking severely. The main problem is that the panicking and emotional disconnection still follow me to this day and i just feel numb most of the time unless i am having a panic attack. so i plead anyone out there who wants to try this drug, please please don’t do it. i just want my normal life back and now i cannot have it. all because of one bowl

    • Jamie H

      Hi Daimon, I had similar experiences and got my life back using a book called Thrive changing limiting beliefs. Thought you might want to save some time and check it out. Best of Luck

      • Donald Berry

        You are dorks. I been smoking spicr 4 years with no. Crazy crap like this happening. Drugs effect different people, different ways. Ive smoked over 50 different brands w/ no problems! Kids and light weight drug users should stay away. If one bowl messed up your life or kills you, there was most likely some other cause NOT the spice!

        • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

          And you’re an insensitive, ignorant asshole, Donald, for posting something like this on an addiction support site.

          I say “ignorant” because:

          Have you read the 300+ stories posted on this site?

          Have you listened to the thousands of emergency calls made to poison control in 2014, about bad side effects from using spice/k2?

          Have you talked with the families of the dozen young people who died last year due to bad side effects of using spice? many of them first time users? (reported in the news / by authorities)

          Usually, we delete troll posts like yours, because they aren’t constructive and only make suffering people feel worse about themselves.

          But sometimes, the arrogance and stupidity needs to be addressed.

          So, thanks for the opportunity.

  • sadgirl15

    My boyfriend smokes this spice crap and I can’t get him to stop. He’s the most amazing man when he is not smoking but as soon as he does he is distant and doesn’t want to do anything then his eye roll in his head he falls asleep anywhere in any positition. He talks to himself drools on himself it is so scary and I don’t know what to do. It is pushing me away I don’t want to watch him do this to himself anymore

  • blah

    I’ve smoked spice before but I’m reading the comments and ppl are going through bags a day. It takes me about a week to smoke a bag because when I smoke it I only smoke a pinch at a time and I can go months in between smoking it

  • Soufwess Blacc

    Broke my heart today to see my homie who smokes this shit.,, he is a completely different person. He says he reads minds, thinks people are watching and following him. He says he hears voices, and he says the devil told him me and the other homies want to kill him. His dad and grandma sent him to the crazy house, but he left after a few days. I know my bro needs help, but idk what to do for em…