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Re: “It was horrible detoxing” – The Tyde

That shit is THE WORST. I did drugs pretty heavily for most of my youth, from 14 to 35 I been hardly sober. I was even shootin' smack. Now I'm off tall drugs since fall 2009. And I can say that spice shit is worse than heroin according to what I saw it do to some old pals.

Author: Berserker
Posted: Tuesday 07:21 PM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

I've smoked weed 1000000x and I smoked this stuff. They felt the same to me personally, everyone is different tho

Author: Cody Riley
Posted: Monday 10:20 PM

Re: “People in my shoes would have committed suicide” – Max

I definitely became suicidal and that is one of the main reasons that I will not go back to it. I am becoming convinced that they put stryknine (sp) in it which is rat poison and heavy metals. These things will kill you, or at best, cause seizures. I had seizures from it, a few times.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Monday 05:50 PM

Re: “The withdrawals are so bad, I seriously feel like I’m going to die.” – Callie

I would smoke on my back porch. When I saw the tar on the floor from this stuff, I realized that was what was going into my lungs. I pray to God that I haven't done permanent damage.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Monday 05:42 PM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

Think alcohol is what your thinking of by the way wish that was illegal hey but if you can find me where you got your information from a credible sorcerer that can be verified I'll kiss you assume literally not saying people should use but I think alcohol what you mean I'm sure there's some deaths like that but there's a lot when people haven't had anything at all in their system if you can prove I would truly like to know not being smart assume really would like to know I'm not perfect nor do I know everything and am always open to listen and learn

Author: Brian Delle
Posted: Monday 04:45 PM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

It in no way gives a high anything like weed wish people would stop associating it with weed and giving weed a bad name that suit is horrible and smells horrendous

Author: Brian Delle
Posted: Monday 04:38 PM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

Why would you say that it's a horrible drug I've seen Crack addicts that stopped doing Crack because they got addicted to this and it's addiction over powered the Crack addiction I used to be a heroine addict so I know addiction your comment makes me believe you are a spice smoker or just have no real experience with it its brain damage in a pretty package most of the time your not even conscious I've seen people go into full blown alternative realitie hallucinations , seen people take there close of and chase city busses down the street and watched friends behaviours diminish like they slowly just got laziest about grooming started not taking care of there hygen garbage laying all around them where ever they went cause the just drop everything around them not bath or change there close one would smoke and be unconscious sitting up or standing with out falling over pipe and bag in hand or dropped and another addict take it and go smoke they do that to each other over and over your not even continously to enjoy any high from what I've seen and it only lasts about 10 15 minutes like not a slow wear off but abruptly stops then they want more all day every day same cycle and the potency varys I know of a young girl in a wheel chair now because of a complication from it seen people fall down and start violently convulsions from seizures and every one supposed friends take off and I've had to make sure they don't Crack open their head or hurt them self many many many times stopped calling the ambulance cause it usually where's of like I said 10 to 15 minutes so they'd get up and leave or refuse help by then and not that I blame them but the paramedics hated coming for it and they and the doctor's at the hospital could do nothing cause like it says no human research has been done on humans there's no treatment except run its course so they usually treat the addicts like shit , someone tells their story to help other people or try to and some either unexpected or plain dumb assume like you makes a comment like that funken passes me off if you don't like it tuff shit if your not gonna try and help the problem get the funk out of the way and shut the fuck up

Author: Brian Delle
Posted: Monday 04:35 PM

Re: Welcome To Spice Addiction Support

Know how you feel it has destroyed my family my baby has no daddy here now as we just can't cope with him here the way he is.

Author: Jenny Tonkin
Posted: Sunday 08:44 AM

Re: Welcome To Spice Addiction Support

CAn I ask how much a day would people spend, me and my partner have split up a she was stealing lots of money out the bank selling stuff etc. Looked hurrendous and had all these symptoms. He has admitted to having a spice addiction. But the amount of money he has spent I'm wondering if it's something more? Tia

Author: Jenny Tonkin
Posted: Sunday 08:42 AM

Re: “I ‘m sick of using. I’m moving on.” – Bunks

Congratulations! I'm off it 3-1/2 months and have no intentions of looking back.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 05:16 AM

Re: “Experience Of Very Unpleasant Overwhelming Heavy Feeling” – Michelle

Interesting you mentioned being thirsty. I thought this drug came around in 2010. But, some of what I have read indicates that it was around sooner than that. My first job when I worked as a physician assistant was in 2005 in a jail. One day I was called to one of the cell blocks because an inmate was acting in a bizarre manner. While I was attempting to examine him, he suddenly jumped up and ran to the water fountain as if he couldn't get enough water. Looking back, now, I am pretty sure that was my first experience of seeing someone on spice. I just had no idea what I was dealing with at the time. I just thought the guy was psychotic. The guards and visitors were slipping all kinds of things into the inmates. They probably figured this wouldn't show in a drug test.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 05:14 AM

Re: “I get mad even when I hear someone mention it to me” – Katina Gunn

Can the administrators of this site please take that picture of spice above off the site? Those of us recovering do not need to see that. It is really in bad form.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 02:06 AM

Re: “My brain had taken the most damage from the addiction” – Anto

You make me think maybe the anxiety that I experience is a residual of this drug. I am a little over 3 months clean. I know that when I was using it, the intense anxiety when I came down made me desperate for more. I did the scavenging also when I was out and couldn't afford to get more. I believe Diablo was what landed me in a 7-day coma in 2015. I couldn't imagine doing this drug for as long as some people have. A little over a year was enough for me. I am in my 50's. When I would end up in the ER from passing out, nurses couldn't believe I was doing it at my age. If I went any longer, if I didn't die by suicide from this crap, my health would have given out.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 02:02 AM

Re: “I gave him an ultimatum, and he chose the spice over me” 🙁 – Maria Vasquez

Thank God I didn't have a car when I was using it. I've had blackouts on this crap. I'd have surely died in an accident.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 01:53 AM

Re: “I gave him an ultimatum, and he chose the spice over me” 🙁 – Maria Vasquez

This drug is nearly impossible to quit. I think the only reason I was able to stop was because I had experience in the past with quitting other drugs and staying clean for a period of time. Rehabs need to take this more seriously. As I had stated in another comment, people who do not understand this drug laugh about it and think it is just insence that you use to freshen your house. It's anything but! No two batches are the same and you never know what you are going to get. For me, after a while I was just chasing. I only felt the high for 10 minutes and it wasn't even getting me that high anymore. It was a waste of my money and my health. It also places you around seedy people. When an addict is choosing a drug over friends and family, it is only because a drug's hold on the brain is deeper than anything. This drug really hijacks the brain because of all of the different crap laced in it. I have done a number of drugs in my time, but this one is a real son of a gun. All I can say is that now that I am miraculously off of it, by the grace of God, I don't ever want to go near it again. If God forbid, have mercy, I were to ever touch it again, shoot me dead immediately!

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 01:51 AM

Re: “I was very com bative and ended up in the ambulance” – Jamie

Wow! Thank God you are alive. I have passed out a few times from this stuff and ended up in the ER. I was also in a coma for 7 days from it. People that don't understand laugh about this stuff and think it's just insence. These people do not realize that it is laced with God knows whatever they want to put in it. I think my coma probably resulted from rat poisoning or heavy metals put in it because I was having seizures resulting in the medically induced coma. I am just glad I am off of it. There are people who would like to lure me back so that I can provide them the money to feed their habit. I stay with a recovering support group. Just keep reading posts here if you feel like using again. It really helps to turn you away from it.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 01:36 AM

Re: “I Could Feel The Fear, Uncertainty, And Desperation” – Marissa Ramos

I am clean 3-1/2 months now. That's a miracle. It is not easy getting off this crap. When I would try, the level of anxiety would drive me back. I finally reached a point that no matter how much I did, I couldn't get high anymore. I read someone describe it as herbal crack. I'd smoke and 10 minutes later the high was gone and I could never get as high as I wanted to. I finally decided enough was enough and found this site. I spent 4 days in my room and come hell or high water refused to use. I go to 12-step Support meetings. I have thoughts of using when I am stressed out but I immediately remember what this crap made me feel like. I fear if I use it again, I will never be able to stop this time, and it will definitely kill me. I have come too far along in my life to go back to this insanity.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 01:27 AM

Re: “It Was Like Dream Communication” – Bev

Most likely he smoked it. He may have thought it was regular marijuana. You never know what you are getting with this stuff. It can be weak and not unlike strong marijuana or it can be quite potent and result in what your son has gone through. I was in a coma for 7 days after smoking one particular kind. By the time I quit smoking it, I was up to 5 packs a day and no matter how potent, I wasn't even feeling it anymore. As far as I am concerned, it is the devil's drug because it is totally unpredictable. With marijuana, whether weak or strong, you have an idea what to expect. With this, they put anything in it and every pack is a crap shoot. I am totally clean from everything, including alcohol, now.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Saturday 01:18 AM

Re: “I get mad even when I hear someone mention it to me” – Katina Gunn

Stop blaming others..that denial will kill everyone involved. ...also 15 and 17 aren't "little men"

Author: jamey
Posted: Thursday 05:21 AM

Re: “I am a parent of a synthetic addict. Spice destroys everyone in comes in contact with.” – Tammy

The 12 step program is so outdated and thats why it looses more people then it helps

Author: jamey
Posted: Thursday 04:33 AM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

what about alcohol I notice you scream and shout about Maryjane I use all the time it does not control the pain I'm in but it does stop me from caring about it, I would rather see alcohol banned that screws your liver, brain, stomach, and with driving kills many more people this includes children , Maryjane does none of these things.

Author: maxamillion power
Posted: Monday 08:44 PM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

"she has had her kids taken away from her" ... "her kids live this with her"

Something about your tale just does not ring true.

Author: roddy
Posted: Monday 03:43 PM

Re: “I am a parent of a synthetic addict. Spice destroys everyone in comes in contact with.” – Tammy

You seem to not care that your husband "beat the tar" out of your son? If that is the sort of upbringing he had no wonder he sought to escape from the abuse...and please, don't invoke the Lord after implicitly condoning this sort of thing. God is a loving God.

Help yourself if you want to help your son. Be someone he can turn to, not someone he fears.

Author: Sienna C
Posted: Monday 08:20 AM

Re: What Is Spice / K2? The Facts On Synthetic Marijuana

WTF are you saying ? You contradicted yourself multiple times in this thread, I don't believe you're actually documented on the subject.
It DOES contain synthetic cannabinoids, it's written in your second message, which you copied-pasted from wikipedia ...

Author: Rick Hapstley
Posted: Sunday 10:33 AM

Re: Tell Us About Your Experience With Synthetic Marijuana

Exactly. I love NA. I couldn't do it without it.

Author: Marlene
Posted: Sunday 03:16 AM

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  • baked daily

    This stuff is just pure evil Stay away you’ve been warned.I wasted 1000 s of $$ on this garbage row past 3 years. I have been clean now for 3 months.Mary Jane will work or you again! Gl

  • acf

    Atarax or valerian root for anxiety. I have been off it for 12 days or so. Smoked it many years. I am paranoid schizophrenic.