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Over the last 6 years, I have personally witnessed the drug “Spice” (also called synthetic marijuana, synthetic weed, herbal incense, K2, fake weed, synthetic pot, synth and fweed) go from obscurity to being sold at newspaper stands, head shops and convenience stores all around the world. I have seen it affect thousands of lives, including mine.

I was a heavy Spice user for over 4 years. I let it control every moment of my life. I had no idea what it was doing to me until I started reading other people’s stories about their experiences with synthetic marijuana around the web. That was when I realized there were thousands of people out there just like me.

That’s why I decided to start this community of people helping one another overcome their addiction to Spice.

My number one goal is to help inform people about the dangers of Spice. I have been working tirelessly to put together the largest collection of information about synthetic marijuana and finding treatment for Spice addiction. You can browse this site to learn all about overcoming addiction to synthetic weed, how to tell when you’re addicted, warning signs that you’re addicted, and most importantly the steps you can take to get help for yourself.

I created this support group to help remind people that they’re not alone in the battle to overcome synthetic marijuana addiction. People all around the world have been sharing their own unique stories, and countless more have simply browsed the site to gain a new perspective about recovery and the resources that are out there to help. If I was able to help just one person, all of this work would have been worthwhile. After helping tens of thousands of people who have come here looking for information about synthetic marijuana, I’m absolutely blown away by the responses I’ve gotten.

Not only does this site aim to provide useful and life-changing resources for users of Spice, but we also want to help the families, friends and coworkers of Spice addicts to find help for the people they care about.

I want to personally thank you for being here, welcome, and I truly hope that you find everything you’re looking for.

If you have firsthand experience with synthetic marijuana and you are willing to share your story, it can be really healthy to write things down. By submitting your own story, you’re also helping other people to gain new insights into their own lives.

If a loved one of yours has struggled with Spice addiction, we’re interested in your point of view as well so please write in and share your story.

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  • Tammy 6748

    My son is on day 5 of sobriety from spice…he was very sick …..but is today doing better…..just trying to pray and be there for him ….sending my love and prayers to all of you still on day one. Tammy st. Marys georgia

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      Thank you, Tammy. I wish your son the best. We will keep him in our thoughts. Please, let us know how he is progressing.

      • r

        Tammy that is great. I too have watched a child struggle with this but yet choose a path TOWARD sobriety. While Spice appears to be off the table at this time- addiction and use of alcohol is an issue but this too is something he is willingly addressing. While it hasn’t been easy a lot of hope has been restored as I have seen his desire to quit and passion for life reemerge. One statement of advice if you don’t mind. If there is a relapse just remember that it doesn’t mean that his desire to quit is over. It is difficult but stay supportive. Having been there (still in some respects) I have needed to do a lot of searching on how to take care of myself so that I could be there for him. Having this struggle and seeing him regain his life has led me to personal exploration and growth trying to make sure I’m leading my life healthy and a good model in many other ways. I truly believe that the him seeing my personal growth in this time has helped him as he made these choices to rebuild his life and see that I too am willing to make changes at my stage in life. It hasn’t always been easy. I know this is just one perspective. God Bless you. That may not have been something I would have chosen to say mo.nths ago but is now part of my journey. Thank you. I sincerely will be looking for future posts

  • KellyS

    My daughter was on this junk and I had no idea at all until I found all of this information here. I got her into a drug rehab and she is much, much better now.

    Thank you so much for making this site.

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