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Over the last 6 years, I have personally witnessed the drug “Spice” (also called synthetic marijuana, synthetic weed, herbal incense, herbal potpourri, K2, fake weed, synthetic pot, synth and fweed) go from obscurity to being sold at newspaper stands, head shops and convenience stores all around the world. I have seen it affect thousands of lives, including mine.

I was a heavy Spice user for over 4 years. I let it control every moment of my life. I had no idea what it was doing to me. One day, I decided to read other people’s stories about their experiences with synthetic marijuana around the web. That was when I realized there were thousands of people out there just like me.

That’s why I decided to start this community of people helping one another overcome their addiction to Spice.

My number one goal is to help inform people about the dangers of Spice. I have been working tirelessly to put together the largest collection of information about synthetic marijuana and finding treatment for Spice addiction. You can browse this site to learn all about overcoming addiction to synthetic weed, how to tell when you’re addicted, warning signs that you’re addicted, and most importantly the steps you can take to get help for yourself.

I created this support group to help remind people that they’re not alone in the battle to overcome synthetic marijuana addiction. People all around the world have been sharing their own unique stories, and countless more have simply browsed the site to gain a new perspective about recovery and the resources that are out there to help. If I was able to help just one person, all of this work would have been worthwhile. After helping tens of thousands of people who have come here looking for information about synthetic marijuana, I’m absolutely blown away by the responses I’ve gotten.

Not only does this site aim to provide useful and life-changing resources for users of Spice, but we also want to help the families, friends and coworkers of Spice addicts to find help for the people they care about.

I want to personally thank you for being here, welcome, and I truly hope that you find everything you’re looking for.

If you have firsthand experience with synthetic marijuana and you are willing to share your story, it can be really healthy to write things down. By submitting your own story, you’re also helping other people to gain new insights into their own lives.

If a loved one of yours has struggled with Spice addiction, we’re interested in your point of view as well so please write in and share your story.

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  • Tammy 6748

    My son is on day 5 of sobriety from spice…he was very sick …..but is today doing better…..just trying to pray and be there for him ….sending my love and prayers to all of you still on day one. Tammy st. Marys georgia

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      Thank you, Tammy. I wish your son the best. We will keep him in our thoughts. Please, let us know how he is progressing.

      • r

        Tammy that is great. I too have watched a child struggle with this but yet choose a path TOWARD sobriety. While Spice appears to be off the table at this time- addiction and use of alcohol is an issue but this too is something he is willingly addressing. While it hasn’t been easy a lot of hope has been restored as I have seen his desire to quit and passion for life reemerge. One statement of advice if you don’t mind. If there is a relapse just remember that it doesn’t mean that his desire to quit is over. It is difficult but stay supportive. Having been there (still in some respects) I have needed to do a lot of searching on how to take care of myself so that I could be there for him. Having this struggle and seeing him regain his life has led me to personal exploration and growth trying to make sure I’m leading my life healthy and a good model in many other ways. I truly believe that the him seeing my personal growth in this time has helped him as he made these choices to rebuild his life and see that I too am willing to make changes at my stage in life. It hasn’t always been easy. I know this is just one perspective. God Bless you. That may not have been something I would have chosen to say mo.nths ago but is now part of my journey. Thank you. I sincerely will be looking for future posts

  • KellyS

    My daughter was on this junk and I had no idea at all until I found all of this information here. I got her into a drug rehab and she is much, much better now.

    Thank you so much for making this site.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      That is awesome! I’m glad we could be of some help for her!

  • 4 years of my life

    I’m having a terrible time with this stuff. I can’t kick it. I don’t have insurance for rehab but I need help. Bad.

    • http://spiceaddictionsupport.org/ SpiceAddictionSupport

      There are a lot of free programs like NA and AA that can help you with your addiction if you don’t have insurance or money to pay for rehab. Check them out. We wish you the best!

    • r

      God bless.

  • ness

    my boyfriend is on day 2 of being sober and he cant eat or really drink anything i’ve been giving him water and pedialite is there anything else that he could possibly put in his stomach?

    • F* Synthetic

      Sorry for the late reply, Ness. I found that very simple fruits and vegetables would stay down. Bananas, apples, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, ect. to name a few.

      The first four or five days are the worst. I have been clean since the 27th of March and I can tell you that HE CAN AND MUST DO IT! Do not let him relapse! If he relapses all of that agonizing pain will have been for nothing at all! I know that a lot of people think this is a bad thing to suggest but, I smoked marijuana for a few days after I stopped the synthetic. Helped me cope with not having my long addicted synth weed. I was able to sleep a little too but, still not a lot. :/

      He will wake up every hour for a good 4-5 days and will be covered in sweat. I swear, man. That stuff was worse than kicking my Oxy habit from four years ago.

      I was addicted to a very nasty blend called “Mr. Kosh” and there were DEFINITELY more compounds in that blend other than synthetic cannabinoids. I assure you that. It is the same for many other blends… I think that’s why the withdrawals very from blend to blend and person to person so much.

      • ness

        Thanks for the reply…the day after I posted I ended up taking him to the ER he kept shaking and and dry heaving I was afraid of him passing out I really wouldn’t have been able to help him if he did(he’s 6 foot 7 and I’m only 5 foot) they gave him medicine for the nausea so he was able to eat and he’s starting to become the person I fell in love with again but its still a struggle for him. He started smoking this crap because he was put on probation and couldn’t smoke weed anymore or I would have tried that. The doctor in the ER even said marijuana was way better but he was not condoning it. Thanks again for the reply.

        • him

          Hiw long was he sick I’m in day three and still puking

          • ness

            He was sick for about a month but the medicine the doctor gave him helped a little with the nausea so he could eat

          • dre

            How Long Was He In The Hospital?

          • Annie Reily

            It just depends on your body mine lasted bout five days.

    • Annie Reily

      I could only eat chicken broth and soup . That is good with the water and pedialite cause he needs to stay hydrated.

  • Shanna

    My husband is on day three of cold turkey quit. What should I expect? I just found out he’s had this problem for the last 2 years

    • Annie Reily

      Everyone is different but withdrawls will come if he has been doin it for over 2 years. Vomiting, diarrhea , and mood swings are the most common. Just make sure he stays hydrated and eats even though he may not want to.

  • charlie

    Man I don’t know what to say. I’m a mother a wife a Sunday school teacher..and secret spice addict. I feel ridiculous and I’m lying to my husband..im smoking at least 5 grams a day for the last three years. I’m on day two of stopping I feel like I’m going to die. Never even did drugs thank god! But this has got me feeling like a crack head..i feel horrible any suggestions?

    • michael

      get a grade weed for 5 days straight smoke it nonstop until the end of the 5th day. ( I mean nonstop don’t quit unless your sleeping) that’s how I did it with a grade weed and god

    • Stubine314 .

      I am very very similar to you, though a man. There’s no shortcut through the withdraw, though real Marijuana can help. Also, Xanax or other benzos can help deal with the worst of the symptoms. In the end, though, you have to consign yourself to dealing with about three days of pure torture.

    • Tracy

      Hi “charlie” yes I am just like you, a hard working mom, I have a degree in computer science and work for a fortune 500 company. I unfortunately got hooked after the passing of my father 4 years ago, and it just kept on going. Stress after stress of my life I have turned to this stuff. I’m starting to feel the effects of this drug. Just about a month ago I started to just BINGE smoke the stuff due to a huge relationship break up and found myself losing weight because I could hardly eat due to the sickness I felt in my stomach, nausea would accompany me all day but mostly in the mornings and I threw up a few times just out of the blue. Did I stop? NO of course not, I just found another excuse for the nausea and started to smoke some again, now I just feel like crap, I have had nightmares, sleep problems, and one weekend I felt i was going to die because I started throwing up (nothing in my stomach) and just KEPT throwing up for 14 hours straight! I still bought ONE more batch. So stupid!
      Now I’m done!!! I just can’t do it anymore. After this last bag – almost about several hours after, I felt even WORSE, migraines, excessive (I mean excessive) sweating during the night, loss of appetite, hungry but when I start to eat I get turned off by the smell of the food or just my stomach starts to do flips.
      I do not want to feel this way any longer – and the smell!! That awful smell of that shit, it just lingers in my bedroom now and its making me feel even more awful about all of this. Why did I have to start on that stuff? I am sick to think of how much money I’ve wasted on the stuff for the past 4 years. I’ve been through a lot of hell in my personal life the past four years and I guess I thought it would be the thing that just keeps me “together” calm and not flip out on everyone due to the stress. I do NOT feel the use of other drugs weather they be prescription, over the counter or weed would be a good idea and I know I’ve gone through the sickness feeling before its just going to take a week or so. I can get through this. YOU can get through this. If you need someone to talk to , just reply on here and I will send you my contact information. Its a horrible thing to get through ALONE. I have someone here for me during this – ITS NOT completely horrible but I sure do feel like crap! Whats a few days of feeling ill when it will help your health in the long run. Especially if you have children, I have three daughters! The pain they would endure if they would lose their mother to this thing would be LONGER and GREATER for them. So a WEEK? That’s nothing! You GOT THIS. – I know this was a post from four months ago but like I said if you want to talk let me know.

      For everyone else I’m hoping this story helps you. I also hope I never go back to that drug (cocktail of chemicals we have NO idea about)


    I was on the same sh*t! Mr Kosh those f**king a**holes. I never had withdrawal symptoms until I switched to their product. They are putting amphetamines in their product! I know this because I had to be hospitalized when I ran out last week. Went through the same thing everyone else is. Almost died from dehydration! I couldnt believe it when the Dr came in and told me i had amphetamines in my system. I’m not that kind of person. I just wanted to find an alternative to marijuana. This company has to be stoppped!

  • Stay-C

    Can anyone help me please. I’m struggling big time with this stuff. I’m laying here in bed crying. I’m so sick of this stuff. It controls me and my Life. My loved ones hate it and hate me on it But I still continue to do it even when I really don’t want to. It’s just become my way of Life now for the last year and now going into year two. This affects my Life with my husband and my kids. I hate that I’m addicted to such chemical bullsh*t. Please what can I do to make this easier on myself and my family? And How can I stay @ work thru this withdrawal??

    • Hector

      Smoke grade A Marijuana. it helps relieve the nausea n sleep at night.. 100% organic

  • Nancy

    My boyfriend stopped smoking k2 after he started throwing up constantly. He threw up a lot for about a week, & now he can’t be In the sun because he starts feeling bad and getting dizzy. He constantly has migraines, and he just feels terrible. He keeps getting such negative thoughts. I just don’t know what to do ! Any advice ? Should I take him to the hospital ? Will he get in trouble for smoking it since it’s illegal ??

    • Billybob

      I was throwing up too when I finally quit. Probably get an anti depressant from dr during the withdrawals? You wouldnt get in trouble for going to a hospital, but im not a lawyer.

    • Sydneygoesrawr

      I just stopped myself and went through the same things IT WILL PASS HE WILL BE FINE JUST STAY STRONG AND PUSH THROUGH GUYS!!!

  • RandomGuy099

    It took me about three days attached to a couch and some nyquil for about three days before I was able to finally get through this. Also, I was way better off smoking the real thing.

  • Kman

    Thanks for this site. This is not easy and most folks do not understand the addiction. Even addicts. New bad drugs. Fully capable of ruining your life.

  • jen

    I’m looking for advice on how to help my son with his addiction to synthetic marijuana. He has been to rehab and has stopped and started on and off for the past couple of years. the longest he has been clean from it has been 3 months. He is a total zombie when he smokes and has passed out and his hands get really rigid and curl up. He becomes easily agitated and very angry. He says he wants to stop but doesn’t seem to be putting forth the effort. He has a support system that cares for him deeply we just have not a clue on how too. I have thrown away pipes and dumped bag after bag of it when I have found him passed out with it laying out, I have also taking it right out of his hand we have had argument after argument. I have tried tough love it doesn’t seem to work. We lost my oldest sonbrother to a heroin od last year and I feel that I’m going to loose him to this. So if anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hector r

      Mam I was an addic for 4 yrs smoking all day every day even at work. Until I finally told my parents I was addicted I suggested to them to lock me inside the house with locks n take away my cash fones. Wallet. N to let me a smoke s little marijuana to help with the the withdrawals… After 3 days I came down like a touched down to earth… N I promised I will never touch it again I’ve been sober for 7 month now n never again… hope I can help u

  • Joe

    I really want to stop it’s really f**king with my financial stature, but it is difficult, with the withdrawal symptoms being extra hell and taking a puff can make that go away . Does anyone have remedies or
    Medicines to heal/mimic the spice cbs
    Im really worried I may have perminant damage started smoking about 4-5 years ago. Thank you everyone we can all overcome this sh*t.

    • Annie Reily

      Always no matter what stay off it I know the withdrawls are bad but just han in there. Staying hydrated and eating what you can will help I promise and they will go away and joe stay on here and talk to us we all know what you aer going thru.

  • John – let me suffer for you..

    I am what we call an extra careless individual…..I felt invincible, like I know what I’m doing and would never be stupid enough to get into trouble…Wrong, after 13 years of regular pot smoking I decided to try 5 grams of the pure synthetic synthetic cannabinoid: AB- Chminaca. Within 2 weeks this substance nearly destroyed my life, my mind was blown at how potent it was and my body kept smoking it compulsively to the point where I consumed the 5 grams in under 2 weeks. Keep in mind 1 mg was enough to get me beyond stoned. While I had some troubling times smoking the chemical; comatose, feelings of psychosis paranoia, voices, extreme hallucinations that my hair was electrical and would shock me. Needless to say I was falling into delirium nightly, well the troubles REALLY started when I ran out of all the grams; starting with a migraine, a migraine to end all migraines, I was vomiting at and sight or sound. This persisted for 2 days all the while I began losing fluids and could not replace them, no desire to eat and my body flooded with sweat or shivering cold, depending on the situation. I felt as if I was going insane, deign, and I did this all alone without anyone helping me, I DO NOT SUGGEST THIS, I battled with extreme psychotic episodes, I thought of cutting myself just to see what would happen, I would hear people plotting against me and all I could do was pray, cry, and try and keep my mind occupied so time would pass. 3-4 days passed and the withdrawals finally began to subside, I cried for joy and thanked God, yet my troubles were far from over…. I have had a slew of after problems nearly 4 weeks since the incident; the most notable being what seems to be a damaged or frazzled Central Nervous System, I feel weak trying to use my arms and legs and I feel as if I did something to my CNS to cause this. My legs have progressively gotten weaker and feel as if muscle is almost dead inside. I am also suffering from coordination and balance issues, simple word recall, panic attacks that I didn’t get before, high blood pressure which is typically not the case for me. I feel it’s f**ked my hormones causing me to be overly emotional and weep and not be able to control myself….This is just a small sample of the new problems I’ve had to endure and for God’s sake if you value. respect or enjoy your body IN THE SLIGHTEST, don’t put this vile trash inside yourself and pay money to harm yourself. You may read this and go “Not me man, i’m not stupid, I can never get hurt, I know what I’m doing,” But I promise, Sometimes this spice sh*t lets you get two feet in the grave before you even know you’re there. Be safe everyone, I pray for everyone attempting to win the battle, Much love and Fight on!

    • Hal

      I have not smoked K2 for going on 3 years now. Unfortunately, I have suffered major muscle damage, most notably in my abdomen and legs. I went to Johns Hopkins at the first onset of problems and the neuro-muscular specialist there were perplexed. I had multiple EMG’s which were dirty…meaning abnormalities all over my body. I had a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) which was normal. I also had a spinal angiogram which was also normal. The last test I had was a nerve and muscle biopsy which showed denervated fibers (weakness/atrophy). I had told my neuroligist about my K-2 consumption that lasted for about 2 years and he told me that there was not enough info on the use of the drug and he could not verify that the drug was the culprit. Every single day for the last 3 years, I experience muscle spasms to also include full blown Charlie Horses and the muscle relaxers that my docs have prescribed have 0 effect on me. I take Vicodin and Gabbapentin which help control the muscle burn and that is helping some. I have seen 10 doctors and none have any answers.

      • John

        I am so sorry Hal, I had shorter exposure overall to the synthetics and hope that it’s reversible I truly sympathize and pray that you recover; albeit not as quickly as you would like. The girl who was supposedly paralyzed from a stroke/seizure from spice has began to move again. This seems hopeful and I pray you will experience a full recovery. If you need someone to talk to let me know, I am happy to discuss it further.

        P.s I suffer from a nervous disorder naturally; an un diagnosable form of demylinating neuropathy, so I’ve suffered with this kind of thing most my life ( really week legs and arms and extreme atrophy, I am 30 and been compared physically to an 80 year olds body….in short I’m here if you need someone who understands to talk to, much love, prayers and positive energy your way. Keep your chin up and take it one day at a time.

      • Terra

        I got an answer for ya… Pray to JESUS!! I know that’s the only way that u won’t have to go through this ever again.. Read Mark 11:22-25

        • Annie Reily

          Amen terra!!!!!!!!!!!! I just recently became a Christian and it has worked wonders for me.

  • Kiettas29

    My boyfriend has been addicted to spice for 3 1/2 years. I’m so tired of it. At one time he was spending hundreds of dollars a month on it. I have tried being nice, firm, intolerant , and indifferent… None of those work… This sucks and I’m fed up. We are supposed to get married but I won’t do it if he continues. He’s lied about how many times he was going to quit. We’ve been together for 8 yrs but I don’t want to go on like this. He zones out, forgets conversations he’s currently having, he laughs for no reason, nobody likes him on spice. He sleeps all day… Please help

    • Anonymous

      OMG…I could’ve written this myself. I knew something was not right with my bf and I gave him every opportunity to come clean. I finally got fed up and went to his car. All I had to do was open the door and there were empty spice packets all over the floor. I knew it. He was behaving the same way you described. I tried to kick him out he wouldn’t leave. He wound up passing out and I called his family for help. We have him under house arrest right now. No car, no wallet, no keys. But bc he is over 18, he cannot be committed against his will. He is out of control. We have no idea how to help him. I feel like I betrayed him by calling his mom. But after looking into what this drug can do to a person, I would rather have him hate me than watch him kill himself. This was so hard for me to do. But I have to keep reminding myself that I did not do this to him, I did it FOR him.

      • Annie Reily

        Good for you to stand your ground and ofcourse he is going to think you betrayed him I thought the same thing when it was done to me but after the smoke cleared I realize there were a lot of ppl that careda bout me. You are right you did it for him and if he reacts in anger just know it is the drugs and not really him.

    • Annie Reily

      Girl there is no reason why you should hve to put up with it and I know you love him but you may want to think about leavin I know that sounds harsh butttt you have your own life to live and. trust me there is no life with a drug addict it will nev.er change. Be firm and tell him you are leavin who knows he may wake up and realize that he is losing a great person and quit if not well then atleast you tried and can o on with your life.

  • Ty

    Holy f*ck. What plague is this? Been addicted since early 2011, a few months on and off, I figured I was in control of it but apparently I wasn’t. This continued up to February 2014, and I have been a daily user from February-July, in what I have noticed is the longest synthetic binge I’ve ever had the displeasure of going through. So now I am at breaking point, at the end of every bag I tell myself no more, that’s the last one, and f*ck me the last one really was. I’m tired of wasting hard earned money on the s**t. I’m tired of the fatigue, mood swings, and irritability. So I am in morning of day 4, and I haven’t eaten anything in these 4 days. I have has severe nausea, morning sickness, vomiting (which is impressive considering I have no sustenance inside me) severe lack of appetite, extreme fatigue, excessive sweating, fever and chills, shortness of breath with the most simplest of physical activity. I’ve gone to the doctor and they drew blood waiting to hear back, I told her I wanted my kidneys and liver checked for any kind of failure, I’ll update once I hear back on results. This is so awful, my family is concerned about my health problems and what is so sh*tty is that I literally have not one soul I can run to for help. I’ve been doing this behind closed doors and in secret for years, my girlfriend knows something is wrong, she knew when I was high, but I would just brush it off and tell her I just wasn’t feeling well. She doesn’t suspect I am secretly struggling with this powerful addiction.

    So I just had to take a break from typing to vomit again. Anyways, I’m going to try and eat some apples and bananas, fruits are probably the easiest thing to stomach. I hope I remember this blog so I may continue to update, hopefully I can find some peace. Just a quick question, how long will withdrawal symptoms keep going?

    • desperate mom

      I m SO sorry to read what ur going thru. PLS hang in there and DO NOT GO BACK. My 20 yr old son has been on a binge and i m terrified for him. He s had the horrible symptoms u des ribe and keeps goig back to smoking. He began stealing to support his habit and landed in jail for.4 months then was sent to a state run behavior modification run by the prison system. He s only 20 and used to be a basketball star … never even had a drink in his life but at 18 he My email: [email protected]. Thanks. GREAT talking to u. Have a nice weekend. :)got addicted to this poison. Upon release, they sent him toa halfway house and everyone therew as smoking k2. He stayed away from it for 2 months and then relapsed. Began smoking again and ended up in emergency room which he left. I found him several days later walking down a street very disoriented and looking like a homeless a person. Now he s home and destroying our home again with his smoking and. Stealing from me to buy the poison. He smokes 24 hrs day and no hospitaL or EMS will take him if he doesnt want help. What can i do to make him stop? I ve never even smoked pot so I m at a loss at to how to help him. I can only give him shelter and watch him and feed him when he will eat. He has no friends left. He s all alone except for me. His father doesnt care and we ve been divorced for 16 yrs. I m desperate. Desperate mom…

      • Chris Gentry

        my best advice for you is to keep telling him he is addicted and if he continues it’ll only get worse i’m on day 2 of detoxication and i can say this your son is being taken over by it it controls your mind to the point you can hardly function he is the 1 who has to make that choice cause you can’t just stop cause it makes you think your body and mind need it i hope i was helpful

    • Terra

      Tell ur girlfriend!! I did the same thing and tried to hide it but guess what I got caught and I am at day 3 and I am going through everything u are anf some but man I’m so glad I told my husband the truth and addmitted I stole and everything but I tell u what if I didn’t have him I would be alone and that would suck

    • Annie Reily

      Just keep staying off it I know the withdrawls are terrible but they will stop belive me!!!!!

  • Rt

    Quitting was the best thing I ever did. The detox is so hard but it is WORTH IT. I have my life back! I have been addicted for several years smoking every single day constantly. Please be strong and quit. I promise you will feel amazing once the detox is over (which I know is complete hell) Please please please just stop, throw it all away and try to have a sober friend that you trust help you. This stuff destroys your mind and body. Drink lots and lots of water if you are detoxing try to stay hydrated and go to the hospital if you have to. I cant stress enough how much it destroys you and you cant even realize until you stop. The horrible fear depression and anxiety will go away, your memory will come back, you will have motivation to do things again! Food tastes better (when your appitie finally comes back) everything is better and clear again. Get out of the fog, I know its hard. I know how it hold you, it makes you think you NEED it but you are so much more than this drug. Be strong <3

    • Swheat Betty

      I smoked every day for a couple of years and I have been off of it for about 5 monts now… When will I feel normal again and when will I not want it any more?

      • Annie Reily

        I had someone tell me that spice is just as addictive as meth although I have never tried meth I do belive it. The sad part is you may never not want it but that doesn’t mean you should start back and bravo for the 5 months that is great. Just keep it up!!!!

  • Hal

    I have been clean for 3 years. The damage done to my body is still with me. I have severe muscle atrophy in my left abdomen and have muscle weakness in my legs and to a lesser degree, in my arms. I have seen 10 doctors between Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland School of Medicine. None of my doctors can give me an affirmative diagnosis, as they have told me that there just simply is not enough research on the use of K2. I failed an EMG test, but passed the nerve conduction portion. I also had a nerve and muscle biopsy that showed denervated fibers (muscle weakness) and have passed all other test. I have been subjected to more needles than I care to talk about, some of which were up to 5 inches long.
    If my story is similar to anyone please post. I have not been seen by any Hopkins docs in almost 2 years and I am not having any luck finding many stories like mine. Most stories I have read, usually involve death and heart attacks from smoking K2. The only thing close to my situation that I have read are people suffering muscle twitched, which I wish were the case for me, as I experience full blown Charlie Horses every day and muscle burn and spasms.

    • Chris Gentry

      i’m experiencing this right now as we speak my elbows turn bright red and i feel my muscles in my forearms become stiff

    • kickinthisshizz

      I’m not sure if its the smoke that’s making my muscles tense up, lock up, throb, and just straight go into a twitching fit, but I’m assuming it is. I started smoking the fweed 2 years ago and probably about a month after starting till this very day ive had pain in my left hip and thigh muscle I can barely walk some days and sitting isn’t an option on other days. Running? Ha only in my dreams, and after coming off this, u don’t sleep much. I know I probably wasn’t much help but I honestly believe that the smoke is what has caused my muscles and what feels like my bones to just give up on me. Just wanted u to know u are not alone.

    • Terra

      Wow I didn’t even realise this but I get full blown charlie horses in my calves everyday to.. I was doing this stuff called H7 and I am at day 3 of withdrawls I can’t stop shaking or throughing up my nerves are all out wake I get sharp pains in my arms and all over then everytime I through up my whole body cringes up to the point u can’t even move its like my body can’t function at all

  • weedwacker

    Hy guys

    I’ve been smoking this stuff daily for about 4 years. I was off 2 times for about 2 months in that time, and I thought it was fairly easy to quit, and I haven’t noticed any negative effects on my body, so I just kept on doing it. Last month I bought the new stuff AB- Chminaca, which turned out to be pure hell. No joy, just paranoia, anxiety and stuff like that. When I finished the 10g powder in 2 weeks, the withdrawals ware a nightmare. Vomiting, sweat, insomnia, depression. This lasts about 5-6 days, and if you go through it, it starts to get better. Yes, your muscles feel funny, you have no power, and no mood, but these are temporary. I write this to give hope and strength to people. Don’t worry, after the right amount of time you will be ok, without any long term issues. Right now I’m off for 2 weeks, I have about 3g of AKB-48 in my in my drawer, and I’m not throwing it away, just to know that I’m strong and I’m not going to smoke it. I feel getting better every day, and I think I’ll go back to smoking weed occasionally in a month or so. I’ll smoke in the weekends, like I did before getting hooked on this Spice sh*t 4 years ago. Also in my opinion, it is easier to quit if you have a weeks supply of weed, that makes the withdrawal a lot easier.
    So if you want to quit, don’t be afraid, it’s just one week of pain, and after that you’ll feel like a new man. Be strong!

    • Terra

      Oh my gosh.. I am 3 days into withdrawl.. I quit because my husband video taped me and showed me how out of it I was and I have a 5 yr old son who depeneds on me.. I can’t eat, cant hardly sleep, can’t even drink water without throughing up or Sh*t my pants when I cough or piss myself I have only been doing it for about a month and I stole to get more I have almost lost my family because of that stuff.. I was doing this stuff called H7 which is no joke that stuff makes u like a zombie but u don’t realize it at all u loose time by passing out.. I cant stop shaking, confussion.. I feel like I’m dying so what should I do now? Should I go to the hospital..

  • blu

    Ive decoded so many times from this drug and it keeps bringing me back…ive spent so much money and time wasted on the delusion that this ”high” was just what I needed. But its destroyed me. I suffered a terrible concussion about two years ago…. not to long after I started smoking spice. Ive had every reaction including terrible trips that put me in the worst place. Today I’ve decided to change my direction, god I hope I can finally get the support and love needed to make it through such an experience. It is never too late to turn back….

    • Robin Wright

      Would you please be more specific about what you are going through. My ex fiance, also suffered from a concussion and started smoking this stuff AGAIN, prior to the concussion he would smoke just about every day. He stopped smoking for about two months later. Now he is accusing me of having sex with the guy who cuts my hair as well as the doctors I work for. I just couldn’t take it anymore, so I left. Please go more into details so that I may understand what going on in his head. Thanks

    • Terra

      Well let me tell u about myself I started doing this stuff called Twilight 3 weeks ago which wasnt as bad but u still get sick from it u don’t realize what it does to u.. it makes u think u just got the flue or something then I got some stuff called H7 about a week ago almost it was stronger, too strong because u loose time u pass out on it and I left my 5 year old son at school all day so my husband ended up having to pick him up at 6pm because I was out of it.. That was like last week.. I got caught by my husband and he dumped out the new bag then I was like super sick throwing up all day & night crapping or pissing myself everytime I would cough.. I had to go steal money out of our bank to get more the next day it was horrible I then smoked some and felt better… So anyway that only lasted about 1 1/2 days $20 I still didnt know it was making me sick.. I just got my brother on it too now friday my last day smoking was a few days ago.. Sat early morning that was like one bowl that I got my brother to buy just so i could do some of it too.. Anyway what drew me to u blu was that u asked GOD could help u with loved ones and support well let me tell u something there is no way I could get through this without GOD because He is with me.. I was so sick I can’t eat I can hardly function.. today is day 3.. The first day was super hard that was like non stop all day & night long throwing up, sweating, not eating not keeping even water down, yesterday/today is a lot easyer except I cant sleep all day now because I’ve been praying non stop yesterday for the LORD JESUS to forgive me and take away this pain and u know what I’m way way way better yeah I still throw up a few times today like the most 5 but I can get up move around did some laundry and u know I couldn’t get out of bed at all… Just gotta believe that He will take it away and u will be better no joke okay!! BLU ur going get through this with me!! We can do this together okay u just gotta ask the LORD JESUS CHRIST who died on the cross and came back to life on the 3rd day and He is alive forever more.. U don’t happen to have a bible do ya? Read Mark 11:22-26 okay now what that says is u gotta believe without a doubt that whatever u ask for in pray believing that the LORD will give it to u.. Now if u pray and u believe with ur heart that he will give it to u then u will have it… Now I know this sounds weird to most folks but I am walking proof right here I feel like 10xs better now then I did.. THANK YOU JESUS this nightmare is over and I am back to my self again.. So PRAY RIGHT NOW!! Ask for forgiveness and u will be healed when u pray okay. Listen the devil is going to try to lie to u and tell u that ur to gone that u got given to many chances that’s a lie as soon as u feel that in ur mind u say ,”I rebuke u Satan in the name of JESUS CHRIST!!! If u got to scream it out.. U just keep praying all day and I am telling u cry to Him.. He will be there… GOD Bless Blu!! Love u!!

  • Kerry


    I am not a spice addict. But I enjoyed JWH-018 for a while a few years ago. And nostalgically researched for the latest research chemicals.

    I read how potent AB-Chiminaca was. 12 days later I had to quit. And I did 1 gram of powder over 2 weeks not 10 grams like weedwacker.

    – quote –
    Vomiting, sweat, insomnia, depression. This lasts about 5-6 days, and if you go through it, it starts to get better. Yes, your muscles feel funny, you have no power, and no mood, but these are temporary.

    I went through all this. And loss of appetite. I am on day 8. I feel for you man, 10 grams. 1 gram and I am still in withdrawal.

    I am not addicted however, because I have no desire to ever touch this or any other synthetic cannabinoid again. EVER.

  • Tyler12345

    I’ve smoked k3 homemade for about 1 year. My friends puke blood and have bleeding ulcers. It’s horrible. I didn’t like it at first I tripped so bad I was scared. But I’m a young teen stupid an dumb. Didn’t a couple more times till I got used to it. Then started puking sweating getting withdrawals. Smoke like 4 5 grams a day. Today I am quitting. I promised my mom and grandma an friends I won’t do it anymore. Please don’t try k2 k3 or whatever. It’s like heroine! It takes your life away slowly.

  • Tyler12345

    I’m telling you people this now. If you can’t eat. Eat fruit. Whenever I ate food I puked it up fruit is the only option.

  • Kerry


    Just want everyone to know. I made a full recovery from AB-CHIMINACA.

    I don’t believe heroin could be any harder to quit. I am so happy that I am healthy again. I though, at the time, that continued consumption would kill me.

  • [email protected]

    I used for a long time, I havent used fweed in almost a year… I have a very long story, I almost lostvthe live of my life… my home my car… and my money, the worst of it all is i hurt those closest to me, my addiction to fweed knew no boundaries. ..

  • John

    After more than two months from my crisis I am finally getting back to normal. I have regained my strength, sanity/mental clarity and the incident has inspired me to quit natural weed; It has also made quitting weed a lot easier. When I start having cravings or feeling down I just think back to how horrible my 5 gram pure AB-Chminca experience was and the cravings for natural weed feels so small and trivial in comparison. I’m practicing mindfull awareness and cognitive behavioral therapy, utilizing better eating, exercising and using my newfound sobriety to be productive. There almost always is a silver lining to horrible experiences, find yours and embrace it! I wanted everyone suffering through this hell to know that I am thinking about you; I pray you can get through it and find your peace and happiness. If you press on it WILL get better and remember you’re not alone in your suffering.

    • Joaquin

      Thank you for that, especially the God and prayer part! I feel ashamed to be a Christian doing this. I don’t go to any church, it would probably be a worse feeling if I did. I hate that I felt I needed this more than God at times. I found a roach of it yesterday and smoked it. I have to travel far to get it, so it’s been a week since buying it. Apart of me still wants it badly but I’ve had a lot of bad side effects from it, lost a job, the nausea and sweating is killing me right now. I’m getting better since I quit a week ago, feeling is coming back to me slowly. I felt like shell of my former self before using, life had lost a lot of zest and now it’s time I learn from my mistakes and turn back to “:The Most High”. Thanks for all the prayer people out there. God please help us!

  • hopeful

    I have been addicted to spice for almost a year now. It is horrible I spend $30 a day and have lost everything to get it. I can’t go more than twenty minutes without smoking. I am currently trying to stop and I am so moody tired and just plain hateful. It is the worst feeling ever! I wish I would have never started. Everyone I know who does it is the same they just can’t stop. What is it that hasthe hold over us?

  • shawn

    I’ve been sober for a month now and still have major attacks I refuse to brag about how much I did but it has taken its toll on me I get really depressed because it seems like the symptoms are haunting me it’s just not fair I quit I’m done why can’t it just stop I have trouble at work its disrupting my whole life it seems I was doing 20x better on spice but if I see it or smell it I puke and shake really hard instantly horrid withdrawals that last all day when I went to the hospital they put binds on my hands and we’re trying to send me to a mental hospital I’m 22 I cry every night because I feel so trapped my family is scarred of me they think I’m still on it I have no one but my girlfriend to talk to or comfort me I just found this website just looking for some emotional support hospitals want to lock me up parents are scarred to be in a room with me friends all left from before because I was a zombie just need some help

    • Darcy

      Your story really touched me. Just stay strong. Your mine and boby will connect if you know what i mean. I am a recovering addict from other stuff. Time will heal all.

    • wife

      this is what i was looking for. my husband was addicted hes on his third day quitting and i woke him up tonight ” hey wheres the phone…hey! i neede the phone!where is it. ” shaking him to wake up. he wakes up ,eyes real big , veins from his neck popping out , face real red,holding on to the bed,,screaming” NOOOO! pleaes e dont . IM SORRY IM SORRY! ” like if hes in a dream he was having this big panic attack like if he were high on that stuff . he was praying” please God please help me! . ” it was so scary he told me “please help me just hold me i feel like im dying! ” then after that terror stage he was real happy jumping ” i can walk! i can walk see!” then he was smiling laughing ( like if he were high, not real lol but just a gentle laugh) .
      i dont think he smoked it but i was just wondering if there was side effects after u quit that include hallucinating like that. and i guess there is. because i smelt his breath and it didnt smell like that ugly stuff.. which normally it would …

      hope this was helpful. i think only God can help you when your dealing with this devil drug.

  • Worried

    I am a very worried mother… please could anyone tell me what the physical signs are if you are smoking ‘legal high’.

    • jhizzle

      The smell. The smoke has a very distinct smell and you can check by smelling breathe or clothes. It also lingers.

  • Joaquin

    Wow, I have been stuck here for hours reading. One point that really frightens me is the stories of health issues. I think it has to do with the intense body high you feel. I’ve tried a few things in my day but never anything as strong as spice, nothing really seems even close to describing how it makes you feel. Instantly straight to the moon in a hot air balloon. Maybe I can say it feels kind of like your so drunk, enough to pass out almost without feeling sick, but even that doesn’t do it justice.
    The instantness of it hits you like a ton of bricks, feeling as though you’ve been smoking good pot for an hour or something. It’s the intensity that gives me the rush, it allows me to instantly escape reality when life gets hard. That being said I’m not trying glorifying it but just so people can understand this drug. A lot of the entries are people who don’t understand it but would like to help those they love who are addicted. Let’s admit it we are using to escape reality not recreation or any other lie we tell ourselves. The problem is that this drug is very self destructive and forces you to face reality, If this drug was safe many of us would never even consider letting go. As a drug user sometimes we just wanna be stoned out of our mind and let everything else be, to let the cares of this life care about itself for awhile, while I’m over here thinking I’m taking a much needed break. Problem is the problems are still there, they just got even bigger while I was over there getting stoned.
    Lastly back to my first point of the health issues. The intense high MUST be frying our brain and whole body. Only God knows at this point. There is NO WAY a drug can get you as high as spice without taking a very heavy toll on you. I quickly realized that, many of the health problems and side effects described here I have shown symptoms of myself and it sucks. I work construction and need all the strength I can get too. I put myself through hell and for what, a cheap bag thrills leading to an early grave? It boggles my mind the prices I’ve paid so far for, I don’t even wanna make the grocery list of things I’ve paid thus far. I really needed to read this stuff to convince me that this isn’t over yet and I will be victorious.

  • Cindi

    I can’t believe I found this site. What a godsend. I have been searching for this for almost a year. My husband was introduced to Spice in 2008 and it has slowly developed into a serious addiction and I sent him this link. I am considering divorce. I can’t stand the thought of him tearing our family apart but I can’t live with this craziness.

    • Joaquin

      It is crazy sista, I felt like I was about to go to hell the 1st time I took this drug. It was weird, my hands felt like they we’re on fire almost. I had pray just to get the panic attack off me. Why I kept doing it is beyond me? The Devil like man made drugs they destroy so quickly. Pray about it, it’s serious, it’s your life!

  • denoned1010

    i have been using spice since 2008, regularly everyday. as of 2 days ago my wife made me leave our home. i do not blame her. the rage, the lack of being aware of whats really going on while youre on it. the pawning the stealing and putting my family second. spice has consumed all priorities.i have been through all of the symptoms that people have described. the longest ive gone without it has been 3 days ( a very very hard 3 days). the sweats, anger, depression, shakes, not being able to eat and vomiting.im attempting to quit again. its day 2. tomorrow i will take a 26 hr bus ride to a state where it is not sold. i am dreading the ride but i have to get my family back. if it isnt too late. you will lose everything with this stuff, mainly your sanity and health.i get to where i cant articulate sentences. i feel very depressed right now but i have a very patient sister to help me. i hope i can mend my past mistakes. please dont let this stuff ruin your life . dont do it.

    • wife

      my husbands brother is going through the same thing . i hope u were able to quit. its a big deal . pray!

  • relieved95

    Wow! I’m so happy I found this website. Its been 2days sence I last smoked n I’ve been smoking for about a year now. I started because I got on probation for position of weed. I still wanted to get high so I started smoking spice so it wouldn’t come out in my drug test. I was on probation for 9months n now that I’m off of it I can’t stop smoking spice. Now that I see alot of ppl dealing with the same problem as me it kinda makes me feel like this wrld is nothing but sh*t. I lost everything I had n I got kicked out of two of my homes because of it. The way to get rid of the addiction is by detoxing urself. Right now its about to be 3am n i can’t sleep because I need to smoke. But how long does spice stay in ur system? The only thing I have in mind is going out to buy a detox now since I found out how to get rid of the addiction. Thank this website it has helped me get some shit outta my mind. U all take care n god bless

  • sugerbugger07

    OI I am in the floor with my husband.I herd him laughing from our bed room and he slid off the couch in to the floor and curled up and was just laughing. I’m so terrified….. I finally go him calm. He’s sleeping with me sitting watching him right next to him. I asked him to never do it again after almost hitting me last year…….update hes moving around and he was able to say uh huh when I asked if he was okay.

  • Quitnow

    I have been a user of synthetic Marijuana now for just over 4 years now, I quit 2 and half weeks ago and am still struggling with sleep and anxiety, eating etc…. I’m am so happy that I made the decision to quit when I did, I had no idea how badly this drug was effecting me until I had stopped, constantly vomiting and struggling to even keep down water, food was definitely out of the picture for the first week due to withdrawals, I am still having a difficult time now 2 and half weeks in, all I know the amount of pain I been in and have put my family and friends through I never want to touch that sh*t ever again. Make the change sooner than later people the longer you leave it the harder this becomes to quit, it is an incredibly hard decision to make and there is a difficult road ahead of you however you’ll thank your self for doing so, good luck!

  • Thought I was over it.

    I started smoking spice about 3 years ago, my was boyfriend on probation and couldn’t smoke real marijuana, So I suggested it to him. when we started living together our addictions collided, and we couldn’t stop. It is all we thought, dreamed, wanted, or cared about. We had tried to quit numerous times because we knew it was taking all of our money, and we couldn’t promise ourselves a future if we continued. But we didn’t stop. My boyfriend drives a trash truck for a living and on Nov 5th 2013 I got a call from his brother at home saying he was in the hospital and had had a seizure. His thrower was with him that day and there was a nurse that lived at the house he had it in front of or he wouldn’t be with us, he was two steps away from getting back in the truck to go to another stop when he had the seizure if he had gotten back in the truck, the 13 ton truck and him would have ended up in a middle school. That incident didn’t even stop us, well not for a couple of weeks. You see when he had the seizure we had been out of it for 3 days so we concluded that it was caused from withdraw. My boyfriend had two grandma seizures that day and his heart stopped, and we still didn’t stop. Any way we did end up quitting because I was pregnant, quitting the k2 so abruptly caused me to loose 38 pounds my first 4 months of pregnancy mostly because I was on and off of it, on it because I couldn’t handle the withdraw, off of it because the guilt.

  • help

    My fiancee of 2 yrs just started smoking a month ago. He started out slow enough that I was unaware to smoking all day and just staring at the walls. He won’t eat or drink anything unless I force him to. I just found out I’m pregnant and it’s not good for me to stress like this. I want him in our lives but can’t handle this addiction much longer. I need help asap. :(

  • Cindi

    We live in Texas can anybody help me find a detox for my husband. I found him at 6am parked in the drive way asleep at the wheel of his truck with the engine still running. Most places say he doesn’t qualify for inpatient treatment. if that doesn’t qualify as a danger to himself or others I don’t know what will, do we have to wait until he actually hurts someone?

  • kman31

    I caught a seizure from smoking fake pot and I stop and I was asking if this happen to anybody and did you caught another one even after stopping for a long period of time

  • kman31

    Has anyone had a seizure during the times you smoke and if u quit like I did, did u have another seizure or was seizure free sense

  • europe93

    Start smoking weed when you stop fakeweed. It greatly helps you with the withdrawals. Its my experience.

  • ocdbrownie

    Does this stuff make you feel cold and have all over body aches and ear aches 12 hours after smoking it…? I’m honestly a true blue pot smoker but I am currently having to deal with DHS and can’t enjoy my favorite plant because they swear up and down “dope puts you completely out of it and there is no way you can care for your child”. Pot (I actually hate that word for it, put I can’t spell right now…) actually makes me want to get up and cook, clean house, and have fun with the baby. It calms my nerves, helps my depression and back pain. I took a hit of spice last night and it made me go over to my Bro in laws sink and clean one plate, the sink itself and the drain out. I didn’t know who the f*ck I was, where I was at, or what I was doing. I know that crap is addictive because even after I told him no more, I still ended up smoking three joints of it with him and rolled the roaches up and smoked them this morning… over 12 hours later, I’m feeling like total crap. I can’t get warm even sitting here directly in front of the heater with it on high and the vent to the central between my legs… every muscle in my body hurts, my throat and chest hurt, I have a pounding headache and both my ears hurt like crazy… this crap sucks, and even tho I have said before I never want to smoke the spice again… I realise how addictive it is… I have smoked it here and there throughout the years since it first came out and I’ve noticed how much worse it has gotten. I’m mnot sure what to do about my situation … I have antidepressants but I hate feeling like a zombie… I’m tired of taking pain pills for my back. I’m more for anything organic because of side effects of anything man made. However, they have not made medical ingestion legal in my state… anyway, I think I have completely trailed off my main point here… but any help would be appreciated …

  • John Henry

    Hey Ocdbrownie, I have to give you the honest truth if you don’t stop spice; its going to kill you or reduce your entire life to a smoldering wreck. My wife and I quit smoking this crap over a month ago and it feels like we are new people reborn. You are right the first few years were fun but the new stuff is an ugly powerful addictive beast. You must stop completely! Be aware you will have to commit yourself to the fact you will go thru Hell! You will suffer but you will not die. Winston Churchill stated once, “when you find yourself walking thru hell, keep going!” An amazing light is waiting at the end. My wife and I took two weeks off work and disappeared from the world. The violent convulsions, heart racing, vomiting, cold and hot flashes were never-ending. We both lost more weight from days of not eating, had intense heart beats, no sleep and fear of never being the same again. You cant “wean” yourself off this crap and you have to accept that you will be uncomfortable but that’s a part of detoxing. In reality, you are actually healing and your heart will thank you the rest of your life for quitting. After four days we slowly began to eat but everything in the world was dizzy and foggy. It felt heavy like heavy metal chemicals were in my body when I walked. I couldn’t even open my eyes outside or drive. I was off balanced. I was irritated, angry and crying for no reasons but don’t worry the disease is in its death throes. Just stay indoors and rest. If you work, you have to take time off for at least a week or go to rehab. A few days later it passed and believe me, once you accept the fact you are done and remove it from your system; you will have no more cravings! My wife nor I have no desire to ever smoke that crap again. Its so hard to believe because I use to look everywhere when I was out just to take another hit. We couldn’t even enjoy a movie without thinking about stepping outside to hit a puff in the car. I was such an idiot! I promise if you detox this crap from your system, you will not want to go back down that road. You will become involved in important things. I like the gym again and look/feel great. I have the sanity to take online school now. I never thought my appetite would come back but I eat at least six times a day now with a fierce hunger and enjoy eating again. I can now go to bed and sleep the entire night without waking to smoke, I know the drill. Trust me it can be done but you have to say enough is enough! You will stop wasting so much money and you will get that ugly cloud from around your essence. Trust me people see it even though you try to hide it. People will interact with you more positive because you look and feel better. I just recently stop beating myself up wishing I would have stopped sooner. This addiction put me in a choke hold and it was hard to break free. It hurts your entire family and people you love. But more good news! Don’t dwell on the past when you start this journey. Nobody cares about the past, its all about today and realize there may be no tomorrow if you keep smoking this stuff. I had to apologize to certain love ones for my actions because I was in denial and wasn’t bonding with anyone anymore. Guess what…people will think more positive about you, forgive you and respect you more because you had the strength to face it, confess your weakness, and beat this disease. You will be an inspiration for others. I feel sorry for people still on spice and wanted to share my experience because other stories helped me. My wife and I read other people stories on these sites to get the courage and strength to finally stop this self-destruction. We realized we were not the only ones going thru the spice experience. The seller and his sons at the smoke shop were buying new high end cars while we smokers were lined up every morning to shell out outrageous money for his luxurious lifestyle from hurting others. I would see people filling out personal “I owe you notes” just to get this stuff. Let this failure in life not be your ultimate downfall but one of your greatest achievements. Trust me, a former daily spice smoker…”Quit this stuff today and be a better man or woman tomorrow when you wake up, regardless of how you feel you will survive and you will be that amazing person again!”

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